The morning after the wedding Ariel watched the water from Eric's window. She was wrapped in a sheet leaning on the doorframe of his balcony, deep in thought. She didn't regret anything. He made her happier than she had ever been, but I was hard not to miss things about the life she had completely left behind.

Eric's hand swept her fire red hair to the side and kissed her neck. Gently she laid her hands on his bare chest. The Prince always felt sad when he saw then now. She had saved his life, but the electric force holding her back scalded her arms. They now bore the scars from the burn up to her elbows. Lifting her hands he kissed them softly.

"I feel really bad every time I see these." His voice was deep and sad.

She laughed, "Are you kidding? You would have died! I'd do it again."

Pulling her into his arms he rested his chin on her head. "I don't know what I would have done if she-"

"Shhh," Ariel whispered, "I'm here. Everything is alright."

Tilting her head back she kissed him again. Grabbing each of her legs Eric bent down and lifted her until she had wrapped them around his torso. Giggling he covered her with kisses and walked back to the bed.

For the rest of their lives Eric and Ariel stayed side by side. He could be a little nervous at times and she could be incredibly stubborn, but no one could deny how much they loved one another. When her children and grandchildren traced the phantom injuries on her arms she told them the story of the Prince and the Little Mermaid who had risked everything to be together. She told them the scars were left behind because everything worth having comes at a price. As long as they lived the queen never hid them. She bore her hands with pride, as a symbol of her sacrifice and the life that had been worth it all.