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Chapter One: Prolouge

3rd POV

Their names are Alexandria Garcia, Jovanna Rodriguez, and Aliceon Ibanez. Aliceon is the oldest of the three; she's 14, Jovanna is 13, and so is Alexandria. Their stories are similar in someways and different in most. They each ran away because they felt like they didn't belong where they were anymore.

Their names are Leo Valdez, Clovis Garret, and Will Solace. They're all the same age, 15. Their lives completely different... in someway.

They all met in L.A on a quest. So I guess you can call it "destiny". Although Alex wouldn't since she doesn't believe in that stuff, or at least she didn't. Two of them are a part of this Great Prophecy that's happening now. The prophecy goes like this:

"Seven demigods shall answer the call.

To storm or fire the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

An foes bear arms to the doors of death."

Did that help you guess what raise of demigod the girls are? No, well you'll find out...sooner or later.

A/N: ok so I hope you guys liked it. Yeah I didn't know clovis's last name so I just made that up. Again sorry it's SO short, but it's my first Fanfic and I have writers block. Sorry if I take a long time to post the second chapter. Bye. :)