Hi ya people this is my first fan fic ever so don't give me mean comments also tell me if you like it or not if you don't tell me your ideas for a story and if you do like it ill keep going with my stories kay.

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Angels vs. devils

Chapter one


One day there was a girl named Momo and her twin brother Soul. They live in hell because they're devils! Well most people won't think of Momo as a devils since she so kind right, but you're wrong she is a high class number one devil then come her twin brother soul the 2nd best devil in hell. Well right now they are running and fighting for their lives because they did something to piss off the demon lord Aizen. So right now they are near the edge of hell until Tousen, one of Aizen henchman and started to attack the twins and got blocked by Soul's scythe, then attacked with his shadows. Then pulled Momo to get out of hell and goes to the world of the living.


"God you called us"? Said Toshiro. "Yes I have, I called you to tell you there are two high class demons that you will look out for and you huys are in the job scince you both are in the same level"? Said God. " Yes we will my Lord"said in unison with Toshiro and Tsubaki. Then Tsubaki and Toshiro left for world of the living.

World of the living in Karakura town

Hey So-can said Momo where are we going to live? im not sure Mo-chan lets just get a job and buy an apartment with our gold since you know how greedy demons can be. So then that point on they did what they said they were going to do the bought a apartment and got a job at soul eater café part time after school like at 5. They are also going to school to called Tenshi akuma high (angels,demon high)!

Next day later


So-chan get up we need to go to school now we only have 3 minutes said Momo. Alright Mo-chan ill be there said So-chan. After soul(aka so-chan) got dressed they took off to school.


Well all they did was get dressed and ate then left for school.


Hello children we have new 4 new transfer students! Said the teacher. Then the teacher said to the new kids introduce your selves. Im toshiro , Well im Tsubaki Hitsugaya twin sister of toshiro's. Hi ya guys im Momo and this is my twin brother soul nice meeting you guys.