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Chapter 1

(Emily's POV)

There comes a point when you have to make the ultimate decision of your life and how you are going to live with that choice you made. Well not everyone is perfect I'm mean look at me. A twenty-one year old woman who wants something more but can't put her finger on it. I had blood red hair, forest green eyes, and raven black tips in my hair. I had cream silk skin that I didn't have to use make-up to make myself look beautiful. Oh I haven't introduced myself. My name is Emily Luna Rose and I am an X-Man.

But before I get ahead of myself I think I should tell you at the beginning before I became an X-Man...Before I met the guy who changed my life. First I am a mutant…a class 7 mutant but a mutant nonetheless. You see I always wanted to be what I wanted to be when I was just a kid living with my younger brothers. Jaden he was kind of a wild child and Cody well he's a bit shy with girls but I gave him the confidence to talk to them.

My mother Maria Rose she's passed away but she was murdered right in front of my eyes when I was fourteen years old…when my powers activated. My father, Alexander Rose, he was raising all of us until a man named Charles Xavier took my younger brothers to his school but I told him that I could control my powers just fine. Xavier understood my request and left with my brothers, so my father and I live in Northern Alberta, Canada.

I help him with his research in Egyptology and I get into bar fights every now and then because of drunks and perverts who wanna get fresh with me or any young girls.

But that one night I didn't know that my life was going to change and change for the better. I was wearing black jeans with a black tank top along with a jean jacket with bronze buttons. I was wearing my brown leather boots and my light brown leather gloves. I walked into my father's study, where it was a mess with nothing but notes and textbooks stacked high to the sky.

I could tell he was focused and I said with a smile as I tapped his left shoulder, "Dad…" He got startled and he bumped into the stack of textbooks as they fall to the ground. I use my telekinesis as I stacked the books where they were. My father chuckled and said with a smile and looked at me, "Thanks Emily."

I lightly laughed and said with a smile as I used my telekinesis to stack the books lower so he wouldn't kill himself, "You can thank me by taking a break with your studies, Dad." My father said with a smile as he stacked the books slowly, "Honey, you know I can't do that I have a deadline I need to keep at the university at New York." I said worried as I put the books back on the bookshelves with my telekinesis, "Dad, I know I just worry that you'll have a meltdown if they reject you again because of…well…"

My father sighed and said seriously after he finished putting some of his textbooks away, "Honey if they reject me because I have a mutant family then that's their problem not ours." I sighed and said with relief and smile, "Okay. Just wanted to make sure." I then headed out of the study and before I left my father said with a smile and amusement, "Smack a few skulls for me honey." I lightly laughed and went into my truck to head out to the barn bar I go to. Where bets are made and fight to be played.

I went into smell the beer and alcohol was ripe. I couldn't stand that smell but it was better than watching TV on the couch waiting for my old man to fall asleep. I sensed a girl with my telepathy and she was wearing a hood to cover her face. I don't know why but something was telling me that she was in trouble of some kind. I then noticed she was watching the cage match going on. I asked curiously as I walked up from behind her, "So you like watching this?"

She gasped and turned around to see me. I then said with a smile as I rest my hand on her shoulder, "Relax, I won't tell your folks about you." She just nodded her head and it looked like there was going to be another fight and I looked at the corner over to where a guy who was built with nothing but jeans. I then looked at the other guy and I said seriously as I crossed my arms, "Shirtless is gonna win." The mystery girl asked with her Cajun accent, "How do ya know?"

I made a slight smile and said with amusement as we both wait for the fight to begin, "Let's just say I know what's gonna happen when it comes to a fight." This was going to get good and when this human try to give him his best shot of taking him down. I chuckled and the ringmaster heard me as he asked curiously, "Why are you laughing?" I said quietly with a smirk, "'Cause baldy is gonna get his ass kicked." He didn't understand and I tilted my head up to show that Shirtless over there was kicking the crap out of this guy with just two punches and a headbutt.

With baldy on the ground and the bell ringing mystery girl and I knew that this fight was over. The ringmaster said into his mic, "Ladies and Gentlemen tonight's winner and sill king of the Cage, the Wolverine!" My eyes widen in shock as I froze wondering that if this was the same Wolverine from seven years ago. The mystery girl shook me and asked curiously and worried, "You okay?"

I shook my head and I said with a slight smile, "Yeah, I'm fine." I looked at the bar and I asked with a smile, "You want a soda?" The mystery girl smiled and I said as I laid a hand on her right shoulder and brought her to the bar, "Come on, soda is on me and the food too." I saw my old friend Benjy working at the bar today. I asked with a smile as the mystery girl sat next to me, "Benjy, how about two colas and some hot wings for us?" Benjy looked at me with a smile and asked curiously as she looked at the mystery girl, "Who is she?"

I said with a smirk as she looked up at me in shocked, "A friend of mine, I'm just showing her around town is all." Benjy chuckled and said with a smile as he handed her a cola glass bottle, "Alright any friend on Emi is a friend of mine." The mystery girl asked curiously at my name with a raised eyebrow, "Emi?" I explained with a smile as Benjy severed another cola and hot wings, "Short for Emily but I'm known here as Goddess."


After a few colas and hot wings, the mystery girl was stuffed. I asked concerned as the mystery girl drank her ninth bottle of cola, "Benjy what's going on out there?" Benjy sighed and said seriously as he cleaned the bar, "Ah, come on Emi. You and I both know that there's gonna be a war brewing between Mutants and Humans. It's only a matter of time."

I sighed and said worried as I stirred my glass, "That's gonna be a problem for my family and for my memories." Benjy scoffed and said concerned and seriously as he put away the glasses, "Still trying to pry your own brain I see. It's not healthy for you Emi. If this keeps up you'll lose yourself over to madness." I sighed and said seriously after I drank the rest of my soda, "I have to keep trying Benjy. It's the only way."

Benjy sighed and said as he poured himself a drink, "Stubborn like your mother. God bless her soul. It's been what seven years?" I nodded seriously and those flashes of my mother's murder kept popping more and more everyday now. I then heard someone coming over and it seemed it was Wolverine. That crazy son of a bitch hasn't aged one day since I last saw him in the Weapon X facility. Wolverine said gruffly as he sat down, "I'll have a beer."

Wolverine put the cigar in his mouth and I saw the mystery girl glanced at him briefly as he did. I knew at the point something was about to change in my life. As the news started, I felt pain inside my head as I grabbed two handfuls of hair on each side of my head. The mystery girl asked concerned as she looked at me worried, "You okay?" I knew something was wrong but I could see the flashes of my mother's murder as I groaned out in pain. Then things got from bad to worse. Looks like baldy wanted some of Wolverine's cash from the fight.

I read his mind and baldy's name was Stu. Stu then tapped on Wolverine's shoulder and said annoyed and angrily as Wolverine turned around to look at him and his buddy, "You owe me some money." His buddy said worried and seriously as he tried to convinced his friend, "Come on, Stu. Let's not do this." I said seriously and annoyed as the pain went away and remain composure, "You better take his advice, Stu. Otherwise you'll just be asking for a foot shoved up your ass."

Stu looked at me and asked angrily as he walked towards me, "What'd you say, doll?" I sighed and said coyly with a smirk and got off the barstool, "I mean come on Stu. No one likes a sore loser." Stu yelled angrily as he drew a knife on me but I quickly disarmed him with by using my martial arts. He yelled in pain and he tried to take a punch at me but I caught it with my right hand. He gasped and I asked with a smile as I hid my anger beneath, "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to hit girls?"

I then elbowed him in the stomach as he groaned in pain. I said seriously and angrily into his before I flipped him on his back, "Word of advice: Don't ever call me Doll." His buddy helped him up and I heard a rifle cocking at the back of my head. It was the bar owner, Sam, who hated me for what I am. A Mutant. Sam yelled angrily as he put the rifle to my head, "Get out of my bar, freak!"

There were options in my head and none of them were going to work. I looked at the mystery girl worried and I knew that I had to get her out of here. I then heard a metallic sound as I turned around to see Wolverine with his adamantium claws out his left hand at his throat and his right hand downward to the ground. Benjy said worried and concerned, "Emi…" I sighed and said seriously as the mystery girl rushed to me, "He's not worth it. None of them are." I asked worried and concerned, "You okay?" She nodded her head and I then remembered his name…his name was Logan.

I said with a smile as I left with her to my truck, "I'll see you around…Logan." I didn't know that he was shocked for someone to call him by that name. To him it was like he never told anyone by that name. I said with a smile as the mystery girl went into my glove compartment and I started the truck, "There are some chocolate bars in there if you want some."

She then asked curiously as we drove off, "How did you know what his name was?" I chuckled and said with a smile, "An old memory came to me I know him…" I then sighed and said sadly as I remembered the gun shot in the distance, "But I bet he doesn't remember me…" The mystery girl said as she ate some chocolate, "I'm Rouge." I shrugged my shoulders and I said with a smirk, "That's kind of mystifying. But I bet you have another name besides Rouge."

She laughed and smiled at me as she said as she took off the gloves, "It's Marie." I said with a smile as I turn on the heater, "Now that's a pretty name." Marie said with a slight smile as she placed her bare hands on the heater, "But you're pretty and that Logan looked at you with a puppy eyed look." Before I could touch her hand to place on the heater, she wince her hand away from me. I said concerned as she put the gloves back on, "I'm not gonna hurt you, Marie."

Marie explained seriously as finished putting her gloves back on, "It's that every time I touched someone I give them pain." I sighed and said with a concern, "Okay." I then realized as I bang my head on the steering wheel. I said worried and seriously as I looked for my cell, "Damn I forgot to call my father." I then said seriously and angrily as I held tightly to the steering wheel, "Damnit it must've fallen out of my jacket at the bar."

I then saw a truck with somewhat of an RV blocked our way. I stopped the car and I said annoyed as I honked the horn, "Come on." The man came out of the car and it was none other than Logan. Logan then pulled out my cell out of his pocket and I said in shock, "That son of a bitch." Marie asked curiously and wondered, "What are gonna do Emily?" I said annoyed as I get out of the truck, "Gonna give him a piece of my mind. Stay here."

I asked annoyed as walked towards Logan, "What are you doing here, Logan?" Logan asked gruffly as he walked towards me, "How do ya know my name?" I said annoyed and angrily as I took my cell off his hand, "I'm asking questions here, Logan." I then turned around to head back but Logan caught my wrists and asked gruffly and seriously with a bit of anger as he stared at me, "How do ya know my name?"

I couldn't help but stared back at those steel blue eyes of his. Logan sniffed the air and I asked quietly with worry, "What's wrong?" Logan said gruffly as he unsheathed his adamantium claws from both of his hands, "We got company." I then said quietly with worry as I look back at Marie, "Marie…" A long blonde haired man jumped in between us as he snarled and growled at Logan and me. I looked at Marie's horrid face and I rushed towards her but the blonde haired man caught me and pinned me to the ground.

He then leaned in close to my ear and said gruffly with a smirk, "Just like old times eh, Emi?" I then used focused on electricity on my hands as I placed my hands on his chest. The man snarled as he felt the volts go through him and got off. Logan joked with a wiseass comment as he charged at him, "Ex-boyfriend?"

I said annoyed as fire formed around my hands, "Oh, please blondes are not my type." The wild man avoided Logan's adamantium claws and he also avoided my fire hands. But the wild man threw me against my truck as I yelled in pain. Marie got out of the truck and yelled worried as she saw the blood running down on the windshield, "She needs help!"

I opened my eyes barely but my vision was starting to get blurry. I saw the wild man closing in on us with a snarl and a smirk. I groaned out of pain and said under my breath as my vision was getting blurrier, "Damnit." Logan lunged at the wild man but he got pushed aside by knocking him out. I felt the snow and wind slapping across my face as I saw a bright red beam hitting the wild man. Marie looked at the two shadow figures and pleaded with worry, "They need help! She's bleeding!"

I try to get a good look but my eyelids were growing heavy and I hoped that things don't go from bad to worse.

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