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Chapter 3

(Emily's POV)

I couldn't sleep because I could hear the noises coming from Logan's room and I was starting to get worried. I sighed and said as I got up from my bed, "I better go check on him." As I opened the door, I could see Logan mumbling in his sleep and he was moving about. I said quietly as I try to wake him up, "Logan." Logan was really breathing hard and I could tell the nightmare had begun. I said quietly with worry as I shook him for a bit, "Logan. Logan, wake up." Logan looked like he was going to die as I could see the sweat and fear coming off him.

Logan woke up snarling and yelling as I screamed in fright and panicked. I heard Logan's adamantium claws unsheathed and I felt intense pain in my body. I looked down to see Logan's adamantium claws piercing through my shoulder and I gasped and nearly choked in pain. I could see Logan's face filled with terror and worry. Logan sheathed his adamantium claws and I choked a bit out of the pain that inflicted upon me.

(Logan's POV)

I could see she was fading fast and that she was slowly dying as she gasped for air. I yelled panicked and worried seeing if someone would help her, "Help me." I could see she was choking for air and I could hear her heartbeat was beating slowly. I could see the terror on her face as I yelled louder, "Somebody help!"

She stumbled for a bit and I saw an aura dragon coming out of her body. The dragon was purple and it was a fiery beast with aqua and green flames circling its body. The dragon roared and pierces her with its claws to heal her. But when I looked to see her face, her eyes were not green. They were dark purple with diamond pupils and when she was done heal she gasped and choked for air.

She then fell to the floor as the students came by to see what happened. I saw Cyclops turned on the lights as she was shaking. Storm looked at her and as Emily got up slowly and she looked at me with the terror she still had on her face. Emily said quietly as she walked off, "I'm sorry." The students stepped away from her and they looked frighten of her.

(Emily's POV)

I just went into my room and closed the door behind me. I took off my bloody pajamas and put on a white long sleeve T-shirt with blue jeans and leather brown boots. I just sat on the bed wondering what the hell happen to me. All I could remember was Logan calling for help and that was it. I sighed and I looked at the picture of my mother wither face smiling. "Why are you so lonely little moon?" Mother asked with a smile. I said with a smile as I hugged her, "Because I miss my Wolverine." I remember the story my mother told me and I asked for that story because it meant a lot to me.

I then heard a knock on the door and I said as I put the picture of my mother down, "Come in." My door opened and it was Scott Summers and he asked with concern as he walked towards me, "How are you feeling?" I said after I sighed and looked at the picture of my mother, "I'm fine. Nothing I can't handle." Scott asked curiously and concerned, "Are you sure? Because I can ask Jean to…" I said seriously as I stared at him, "No doctors. I hate doctors." Scott asked curiously as sat down, "Why? Why do you hate doctors so much?"

I sighed and said seriously and annoyed as I got up from my bed, "I just don't wanna talk about it right now." Scott sighed and asked annoyed as he got up, "How come you don't trust us? We saved your life." I said seriously as I tapped his chest, "You may have save my life but that doesn't mean you've earn my trust." Scott asked seriously and annoyed as he got into my face, "Then why do you trust Logan?" I said seriously as glared at him, "Because he earned it." Scott sighed and said pissed off as he left, "I don't know why I'm doing this."

I sighed and just stayed up for the rest of the day. In the morning, I had eggs and bacon for breakfast; I just mostly avoided Logan all day and just wondered around the school. I didn't know what to make of that power I had and part of me even liked it. Maybe a bit too much and that would mean I would be a danger to everyone including Logan. I packed some clothes and money into a backpack and headed out of the Institute. I figure I catch a train and head back to Canada.


(Logan's POV)

I couldn't find Emily anywhere and I needed to talk to her after what happened last night. I then bumped into Rouge and asked gruffly, "You've seen Emily?" Rouge said honestly as she remembered, "I think she was somewhat leaving for something important she said." I then talked to Ororo about this and we both went into the subbasement.

I asked seriously and gruffly as I walked towards Scott and the Professor, "Where is she?" Scott asked curiously and concerned, "Who?" The Professor said concerned and seriously as it looked he knew Emily was gone, "Emily. She's gone."

The Professor led us to a room and he and I went into a kid of a dome room with a machine attached to it. The Professor said as I follow behind him, "Welcome to Cerebro." I said as I looked at the place, "This certainly is a big, round room." The Professor explained as he was setting up the machine, "The brain waves of mutants are different from average human beings. This device allows me to amplify my power to locate mutants across great distances. That's how I intend to find Emily."

I asked gruffly and seriously, "Why don't you just use it to find Magneto?" The Professor explained as he put the helmet on, "I've been trying but he seems to find himself someway to shield himself from it." I asked suspiciously, "How would he know how to do that?" The Professor sighed and explained seriously, "Because he helped me build it. Now if you'll excuse me." I left the room waiting for when he was going to tell me where she is. There was something about this woman that made me let my guard down and that she knew me somehow. And that kiss for last night, I had to find her and talk to her about last night.

The Professor came out of the room and said seriously, "She's at the train station." I asked gruffly and seriously, "Where is it?" The Professor said as he looked at me, "A few miles west of here." I knew what I had to do and I started to walk away from them. The Professor said seriously, "Logan you can't leave the mansion. It's just the opportunity Magneto needs."

I explained seriously and concerned, "Listen, I'm the reason she took off." The Professor reminded seriously, "We had a deal." Ororo said calmly and concerned as she looked at the both of us, "She's alright. She's just upset." The Professor said seriously, "Storm, Cyclops, find her. See if you can talk to her." The two left and I knew I had to talk to her even if I had to risk it. I 'borrowed' Cyclops's motorcycle and headed for the train station.


(Emily's POV)

I got on the train waiting for it to go. I looked to see a mother and her daughter talking and loving each other. I sighed and I looked out at the window to just ponder at my thoughts. I then heard Logan's voice said, "Hey, Emi." I look to see it was Logan and he sat down with me. He then looked at me and I looked down. Logan apologized and I was shocked to hear this, "I'm sorry about last night." I asked with a slight smile and worried as I moved my hair back a bit, "The kissing or the stabbing?"

Logan sighed and said gruffly and seriously, "The stabbing." I was relieved to hear that and Logan asked concerned and gruffly, "Why are you leaving?" I sighed and said worried and seriously, "Because that power I felt last night, part of me liked it. Maybe a bit too much and if I get drowned in that power…I might hurt someone I care about, someone like you Logan and Marie too." I said with a frown as I figured out why Logan was here, "You think I should go back."

Logan said gruffly and quietly as he placed his hand on mine, "No I think you should follow your instincts." I sighed and said sadly, "When my powers first activated, my mother was murdered…right in front of me. I blamed myself because I wasn't strong enough. And now…I blame myself for hiding this from you." I quietly cried and gasped in between and Logan then placed his arm around my shoulders. And I leaned onto his side crying as he held onto me tightly.

Logan then said gruffly and seriously as held me, "There's not many people that'll understand what you're going through, but I think this guy Xavier is one of them. He seems to genuinely want to help you and that's a rare thing…for people like us." I then embraced Logan as the train started to move. Logan said gruffly with a smile as I pulled away slowly but not to break the embrace, "Okay. So what do you say? Give these geeks one more shot?"

I slightly smiled and Logan said quietly and with care in his gruffly voice, "Come on. I'll take care of you." I then looked down and I asked with a playful smile with my green forest eyes lit up, "You promise?" Logan kissed me and I kissed back to him with care and compassion. Logan said after he broke the kiss and stroked my cheek with his right thumb as he cupped my left cheek, "Yeah. I promise."

We both felt the train stopped into a complete halt and I asked worried as we got up, "Logan?" We then saw the light flicker on and off but then the train was being torn apart magnetically as the people screamed in fear and terror. We both saw Magneto for the first time. Part of me was afraid of him and part of told me to be strong. Logan then unsheathed his adamantium claws as Magneto said with a smile as he walked towards us, "You must be Wolverine."

Logan walked towards him but was stopped by Magneto with his magnetism. Magneto asked with a coy smile, "That remarkable metal doesn't run through your entire body does it?" Magneto lifted him in midair and I could almost hear him trying to twist those metal bones inside of him. I yelled seriously and frightened, "Stop! You're killing him!" Logan asked strenuously and gruffly, "What the hell do you want with me?"

Magneto lightly laughed and asked with a coy smile before he looked at me, "You? My dear boy, whoever said I wanted you?" I then figured it out, Magneto wanted me and I knew I had to save Logan and get the hell out of here. Logan looked at me with worry and concern when he figured it out too. I then tried to use my telekinesis on Magneto but almost everything here was metal as he blocked my telekinesis with his magnetism. Magneto then used his magnetism to throw Logan over to the other side of the train.

I yelled worried and concern as I rushed towards Logan, who was knocked out cold, "Logan!" I was too concern with Logan that I felt a needle hit my neck at fast speed to make me fall to the ground. I tried to get up but I was growing tired. Magneto said annoyed as I fell unconscious slowly, "Young love." I said weakly as I tried to reach for Logan but fell asleep, "Logan…help…me."

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