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Chapter 5

(Logan's POV)

I could hear screams and sense that she was in fear and agony. I knew I had to get her out of there. Jean said seriously as Magneto tried to call for his back-up, "I've seen Senator Kelly." Magneto said with a smile as he walked towards Jean, "So, the good senator survived his fall…and the swim to shore. He's even more powerful than I could have imagined." Jean said seriously, "He's dead." Ororo said seriously as Magento walked towards her, "It's true. I saw him die. Like those people down there will die."

Magneto looked close and asked with a twisted smile, "Are you sure saw what you saw?"


(Emily's POV)

I tried to kick down the door again as I cried and praying hope I would get out. I yelled as I continued to cry and being afraid for my life, "SOMBODY! LOGAN! HELP!" I thought that this was going to be my last day…the day I would die.


(Logan's POV)

Magneto asked as if he was concerned, "Why do none of you understand what I'm trying to do?" Magneto said angrily and furious as his voice echoed, "Those people down there, they control our fate, and fate of every other mutant." Magneto calmed down and said with a smile, "Well, soon our fate will theirs." I heard Emily's voice echoed and she was scared as hell and I could hear her crying, "Help! Somebody please help me! Logan!"

I said gruffly and angrily, "You're so full of shit." Magneto turned around to look at me and I said gruffly, "If you were really righteous, it'd be you in that thing." I heard Emily screaming and crying as she tried to get out, "Help! Somebody help me!" Magneto went through the hole and I growled in frustration.


(Emily's POV)

I could hear Magneto's footsteps and I yelled as I finally kicked down the door and managed to get out. I saw Magneto and he asked with a smile as I backed up, "Aren't you going to stay for the celebration? Your mother loved fireworks when I first met her." I looked back to see that there was nothing but the hard concrete pavement to cushion my landing. Magneto binds me down with his magnetism making the metal bent to hold me down. I growled in frustration as I tried to use my magnetism to break free but Magneto's power was stronger and said seriously with a frown, "Like your mother…stubborn as hell and didn't know when to stop."

Magneto forced me to the machine with his power and I said angrily, "I hope there's a special place for you in hell, Magneto. Cause one day I'll make sure you'll see it." Magneto forced my hands on the machine and I could my power going through it…as did my life fading slowly. I gasped and choked in pain as it hit my heart over and over. Magneto said apologetically, "I'm sorry, my dear." I screamed in pain as I yelled angrily trying to stop my power, "No you're not!"

I screamed in pain and I closed my eyes trying to resist that power again and Magneto said as he stepped outside, "It's for the better of our kind." The machine started and part of me knew…this maybe the end.


(Logan's POV)

After freeing myself and managed to get my dogtags back from Sabertooth, I heard Emily screaming in pain and I looked up to see that the machine was starting. Thought to myself, 'Damnit, I need to finish this fast.' As I used my adamantium claws, threw off the overgrown furball and manged to free the rest of the X-Men. I asked gruffly and seriously looking at Emily, "We gotta get her outta there. Cyclops, can you hit?"

Summers explained seriously as the whole team saw the rings on the machine spinning fast, "The rings are moving too fast." I said gruffly and seriously out of frustration, "Just shoot it!" Summers said seriously as he looked at me, "I'll kill her!"Summers looked at the Ororo chick and asked, "Storm, can you get me up there?" Storm said worried as she looked to see if Emily was alright, "I can't control it like that. You could fly right over the torch."

I then had a crazy and maybe stupid idea and I said gruffly and seriously, "Then let me go." Summers looked at me if I was crazy and I somewhat joked, "If I don't make it, then at least you can still blast the damn thing." Summers looked at Jean and said seriously as he looked at his girl, "Alright. Do it. Jean, use your power. Try to steady him."

Storm said as he whole eyes turned white, "Hold onto to something." Strom then used her wind powers to give me a lift and for Jean to steady me. I then flew up and grabbed onto the machine I looked at it and Emily was about to go off. I flipped down to where she was and unsheathed my adamantium claws but something was pulling me back and looked to see it was Magneto holding me back with his damn power.

I saw Emily getting some black streaks in her red hair and her crying screaming in pain. I didn't think she was going to take much more. Emily yelled in pain as her eyes turned purple, "Help! Logan!" I couldn't do anything even if I wanted to not till if this damn team helps me out and as I saw Summers's eye blast, I yelled as I sliced the machine and it was destroyed.


(Emily's POV)

I opened my eyes and it was a white room with nothing in here. I asked myself, "What is this place?" The voice said seriously but with comfort, "You are in our mind." I turned around to see it was a dragon of both colors of dark purple and dark aqua. I asked curiously and worried as I walked towards the dragon, "Who are you?" The dragon said seriously and nobly, "I am Draco. I am the one who helps you to control your powers and keeps them in check."

I asked worried, "Will I go into…?" Draco answered seriously, "No. You will not lose yourself because I am a part of you." I thought to myself I have another mid to share with and helps me with my powers. Draco said nobly as he shined in a bright light, "Go. He is waiting…" The light was bright and I asked curiously as the light engulfs me, "Logan…?"


(Logan's POV)

I freed her with my adamantium claws and sheathed them as I caught her unconscious. I asked worried as I tried to look for a sign she was alive, "Emi?" She didn't move and I kept thinking about her smile. I remember the promise I made to her…

Emily slightly smiled and I said quietly and with care in my gruffly voice, "Come on. I'll take care of you." She then looked down and Emily asked with a playful smile with her green forest eyes lit up, "You promise?" I kissed her and she kissed back to me with care and compassion. I said after I broke the kiss and stroked her cheek with my right thumb as I cupped her left cheek, "Yeah. I promise."

I just held onto her not wanting to let go of her and for the first as I can remember I started to cry. I then heard her weak voice, "Logan…" I looked down at her to she was barely opening her eyes and weakly smiled at me. Emily said weakly as she rested her head on my chest, "Let's go home." I chuckled and held onto this woman and said gruffly as I held onto her, "Yeah, we're going home." The Blackbird picked up and we flew to the Institute.

As soon as we landed, Chuck asked with a smile as he saw carrying her bridal style, "How did we do?" Emily slowly turned her head and smiled at the Professor. Emily joked as she looked at Jean, "I'll take that exam now." Jean lightly laughed and said seriously, "I'll need to she looks bad." Summers took her off my hands and headed with Jean to the medical room.


(Emily's POV)

Morning broke and I groaned out of my sleep. I looked up to see that I was rigged to a heart monitor and some UV bag. I looked to my left that Logan was sleeping on the chair with his uniform still on. I smiled and I was happy. For the first time and in a long time, I was happy. Logan groaned as he got up and I said with a smile, "Morning." Logan walked over to me and I asked worried, "L-Logan?"

The heart monitor was beeping a little faster as Logan sat beside me and he then grabbed both of my cheeks and kissed me hard. I was shocked and happy at the same time and he then parted my lips. But before he could continue and he said with a smirk, "You know…we didn't finish what we started…" I remembered that night after I read his mind for his memories and I could tell I was trembling both excitement and nervousness.

Warning: For those who are not 18+ may want to skim this section

Logan then kissed my lips again and said with a smirk, "Eveyone's still asleep." Logan then bit my neck as I hold onto him and my heart monitor went beeping a little faster. My cheeks were flushed with a tinted pink as Logan touched my body. He was on top and I was on the bottom and he then took off my nightgown. Logan then took off his black leather gloves and his rough hands were on my breasts.

I almost yelped as he then played with my breasts as I slightly moaned. He didn't waste time as he took off the leather suit and I was a bit nervous but excited. He thrusted inside of me as I bit his shoulder to stuff the loud moan I was going to wake up with everyone. Logan thrusted hard and fast and I gasped and scratched his upper back with my nail as he groaned from the scratches.

I then gasped as I could feel myself getting close I said quietly as I held onto Logan, "L-Logan…I-I'm…" Logan growled and he pulled out spilling his seed on my breast as I pant out of breath. I sensed someone was coming and I said worried and seriously, "Someone's coming. Quick the suit." I used my telekinesis and handed him the suit and he quickly changed back into his suit as I changed into my hospital nightgown.

Jean came in and asked with a smile in her white lab coat with an extra set of clothes for us, "How you feeling? I brought the two of you clothes but you'll have to dress separately." I said with a smile as she put the clothes down, "Thanks, Jean." Jean smiled and said as she left, "You can dress now that you're better Emily. Also the Professor would want to speak to the two of you."

We both changed at the same time and he was wearing when we met and Jean gave me her hand-me downs. I wore a long sleeve blue shirt with jeans and my dark brown boots with my jean jacket. I then notice, my mother's necklace was in my clothes. I put it on and it was in a shape of a dragon. I said with a smile as I wrapped my right around his waist as we walked towards to Charles was at.

Charles said seriously as he showed the picture of where Logan and I were found, "There's an abandoned military compound at Alkali Lake at the Canadian Rockies, close to where we found you. There's not much left, but you might find some answers." Logan said gruffly, "Thank you." Charles looked at me and asked curiously and concerned, "Are you going to say goodbye to them?"

I sighed and looked at Logan as he looked at me. I packed my things in a military carrying bag and Logan and I were about to set off to Canada again maybe my father will stop worrying about me. But before I opened the door to follow Logan, I saw Marie happy and playing with other kids who understand her, what's she's going through. I opened the door all the way and I heard Marie's voice saying, "Hey."

I turned around to see she had almost the same white streaks as I have on my red hair. Marie asked curiously and worried, "You running again?" I sighed and said with a smile, "Not really, just I have to help him get some stuff done. Just some things to take care of up north." I smiled at her and played with her white stranded hair and Marie said with a smile, "I kind of like it." I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "Me too."

Marie then looked at me and said seriously, "I don't want you to go." I looked back at Logan and look back at Marie. I looked at my necklace and took it off. I grabbed her gloved hand and place my mother's necklace in her hand. I said quietly with a smile as I closed her hand, "I'll be back for this." Marie said with a smile as she looked at Logan, "You'd better take care of her."

Logan said gruffly as he rested his left arm around my neck, "I will." As we left the Institute, my cell started to ring and Logan asked annoyed and gruffly, "Who the hell is call ya?" I picked it up and it was Johnny Blaze. I answered and asked worried, "Johnny? You okay?" Johnny said on the other end of the cell, "Listen Em, could ya get yourself over here to Europe and help an old friend out? I…might need your help bring anyone who might help."

Johnny hanged up and I asked with a smirk, "Hey Logan, how do you feel about taking a trip to Europe?" Logan asked with his arms crossed and with a wolfish grin as he sat down on his motorcycle, "Is there danger? Excitement? A little bit of flirting now and then?" I said with a grin as Logan started the motorcycle, "Let's ride."

Logan and I took off to Europe to help and old friend of mine but what I didn't know that he was almost carrying the same burden as us…

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