Mixed Plate Lunch

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Summary: A collection of short oneshots/drabbles/ficlets – unconnected to any current work in progress or each other. Mostly just writing exercises to get my muse going again. Featuring mostly – you guessed it – Steve/Kono.

Spoilers: S1:Ep1 – Pilot, S2:Ep5 – Ma'ema'e, S2:Ep19 – Kalele
A/N: Yes, I know it's been a while .:sheepish grin:. Meh. I've been obsessed with one G Callen lately, so yeah. Blame him. I'm trying to work my way back to Five-0. I've got some of these random ideas hanging around and will most likely post them here and hopefully along they way, they'll help me get back to Fear, Not Love. P.S., I reserve the right to rework any of the ideas here, into a story later.

Mixed Plate Lunch – (via Wikipedia) Many local (in Hawaii) restaurants serve the ubiquitous plate lunch featuring an Asian staple, two scoops of rice, a simplified version of American macaroni salad (consisting of macaroni noodles and mayonnaise), and a variety of different toppings ranging from the hamburger patty, a fried egg, and gravy of a Loco Moco, Japanese style tonkatsu or the traditional lu'au favorite, Kalua pig.

The Five Senses

# # #

The first time Steve McGarrett sees Kono Kalakaua is on the beach.

He's got his aviator sunglasses on, to help diffuse the brightness of the Hawaiian sun beating down on them at Lanikai Beach Park. It's a good thing too, because for all intents and purposes, he can't help but acknowledge that Kono's kind of attractive.

Beautiful really, as she's gliding towards shore on her surfboard.

Steve's thankful that his new partner, Danny Williams can't keep his mouth shut because the way he voices his opinion about Kono's 'talent' gives Steve a bit of reprieve. He vaguely registers how his throat suddenly goes dry and he clenches his jaw slightly at the realization that inviting her to join them on their undercover op could change things. He asks Chin Ho Kelly, Kono's cousin and his father's former partner, if he's sure about her. Especially because she's barely out of the Police Academy, graduation ceremony aside.

Plus, he's already distracted – as she's emerging gracefully from the water, glistening, tan and athletic – he can't help but take note of the bikini she's wearing.

And then she does something that causes him to see her in a completely different light. She decks the poor, unlucky bastard that dropped in on her wave.

It's then that he knows. Things are definitely going to change.


Steve's been doing this – this thing, a lot lately. With Kono.

Well, not too much.

At least that's what he likes to tell himself. Because, it happens so naturally most of the time that he doesn't even realize he's doing it.

Mostly, he thinks he's just doing it as a way to reassure himself. A hand on her shoulder, a gentle guiding hand on her upper back, a nudge on her upper arm. It's one thing to look across the SMART table and ask Kono something when they're working a case and an entirely different thing to squeeze her shoulder in support for how tough the case is emotionally or to signify thanks for how hard she's working.

It's not like it means anything. He just finds that even though he knows how much of an incredibly capable cop Kono is, it oddly comforts him to physically feel her there. He figures he's just coming across as a gentleman, because he is. He doesn't even think she notices and Steve's just looking out for his team.

He doesn't miss the smirks from Danny though or the curious glances from Chin.


Technically, you could say they were arguing.

Well, more like Steve was yelling and Kono was just glaring.

Capt. Vincent Fryer and Chin have just left the interrogation room and Steve finds himself automatically reaching out to grab Kono by the elbow, pulling her back in as she's trying to leave. He's pissed at himself for letting her down. Though she didn't really say so in so many words. But he can tell. He really should have called more during her suspension and maybe even dropped by. He had no idea it would get this bad for her.

But he can see the determination in her features when she finally speaks her mind. Kono doesn't hold back when she tells him off about how she felt abandoned and alone. He's impressed that she knows so many colorful ways to say 'you fucked up' and he gets that she still feels so hurt by his lack of action. He doesn't have any clue what kind of answer he could possibly give her when she bluntly asks where he was the whole time and why she only heard from Chin and Danny and never him.

His only response is that he knows how much he screwed things up and that saying 'sorry' doesn't cut it, but he hopes she understands that it's a start. When Kono says she's already over it because she doesn't dwell on these things, Steve is very much overcome with surprise. That doesn't mean he's going to give up trying to somehow convey his remorse and make it up to her.

Then she does something that floors him.

Kono turns and hugs him. And he's caught off-guard because he can smell her and her hair as he wraps his arms around her in further apology. She smells like the sun and the beach, sweet and fragrant, like tropical fruit and flowers, warm and clean and comforting. She smells like the islands. Like, home.

Steve wonders why he never noticed it before.


Steve is a little embarrassed.

After the 'salty' grenade cake, he didn't think his team would go this far for his birthday. But they did and it's why they're at Ala Moana Beach Park, under a very large Monkey Pod tree. Danny's goofy grin doesn't escape notice and Steve's got a fairly good idea why his partner is so obviously happy. Steve's pretty certain that the giant, pineapple-shaped piñata hanging at an odd angle just begging to be smacked is the reason why. And Steve swears he can see Danny salivating at the prospect of taking the first whack. Never mind that the honor should be given to himself, because hey, it is his birthday after all.

Danny smirks and appears to gloat as he walks over to Steve to hand him a baseball bat. But it becomes clear quickly that Steve's not going to have at it that easily. He sees Kono and the mischievous smile she's blatantly giving him as she dangles a cloth blindfold from her hands and he can't help the roll of his eyes that he throws Chin's way. The older man just laughs.

Kono walks up to Steve and steps behind him to secure the blindfold over his eyes and finds himself thinking that it's true what they say about the senses. When one goes missing, the other four seem more heightened. He can still feel Kono's presence behind him, smell her scent, uniquely floral and clean and feel her firm grasp of his shoulders as she's guiding him forward.

It's not till he hears the soft intake of her breath and her throaty giggle against his ear that he concludes that she's got a really melodic voice. Kono's telling him to walk forward slightly and her smoky tone and inflection inadvertently cause a minute tremor within him and he kind of likes it. He figures he's going to find more reasons to call and talk to her over the phone – for work related things, of course.


It's funny how it happened so naturally, almost designed by Fate to occur after a simple acceptance of truths and facts.

Truth: Steve was attracted to Kono from day one.

Fact: she's incredibly beautiful.

Truth: her boldness impresses and scares the hell out of him.

Fact: he can't imagine a life without her in it.

Truth: he's been wanting to kiss her for some time now.

Fact: his relationship with Catherine was in the way, but after finally ending it a few months ago, he's finally found the nerve to act on his attraction to Kono.

So now Steve is here at this juncture, with his arms wrapped around Kono's thin frame as he's leaning in to capture her lips for the first time and he finds that she tastes like beer. Or is that coming from him? Could be both he decides, since they both had a little something to drink earlier in the evening. But there's something else that he tastes – honey and – vanilla? Yeah, that's it. Her lipgloss maybe? He hears how Kono moans softly as as he slips his tongue past her lips to brush against hers and all coherent thought is gone. The feel of her in his arms, the smell and taste of her and the sight of her sparkling brown pools and her swollen, red lips after he pulls away and he knows, he's a goner. And really, Steve wouldn't have it any other way.


# # #

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tonkatsu (pronounced: tone-khat-suu) – pork cutlet, breaded in Japanese bread crumbs and fried.
Lu'au (pronounced: loo-ow) – a Hawaiian party or celebration, often featuring lots of food, drink and entertainment in the form of the hula (pronounced: hoo-lah – ancient form of dance that is accompanied by music or chanting, visually illustrating a story) or Hawaiian music
kalua pig (pronounced: kah-loo-aah) – whole pig that has been cooked in an underground oven, otherwise known as an imu (pronounced: eee-moo).