New story time. This story has to do with terrible murders which is why the rating should be M. If this is not your thing then turn back now. If it is your thing, continue. You have been warned. Hope you guys like this chapter.

Outside in the cold dead of the night stood a person with a purpose. The shadowed figure turned, seeing the Palm Woods in full view. They had a mission, not a hired mission but a self-want mission.

The person couldn't help but smirk when they remembered what they were about to do. They had acctually been an occupent at the palmwoods for a while now, they would be mocked, laughed at, they couldn't take it much longer.

The figure glanced at their wrist watch and saw that it was about 2 in the morning, everyone including bitters would be asleep, perfect.

"Lets do this helmet" the figure stated pating the helmet atop their head and getting a smile on their face before going towards the entrance of the Palm Woods.

The figure quietly entered the building, looking properly if anyone was in view, no one in sight. Good.

They quickly made their way over to the elevator and pressed the button, the elevator opening and the figure quickly steping inside and pressing the second floor button making the doors close again.

The elevator stopped on the second floor and the figure stepped out, the elevator closing again.

They quickly made their way to 2J and stopped infront of the door.

They were about to end the lives of people they knew for a long time, they still couldn't believe they were going to do this.

They reached out their hand and turned the nob, making sure not to make a sound. They quickly stepped inside and closed the door again.

The killer knew exactly where everyone's rooms were, this would be easy.

They walked past the orange couch and past the bar, going right to the hall where mama Knight's room was. The killer knew that if they attacked Mrs. Knight first that their friends would come running, making their evil plan much easier.

They opened the door and stepped inside, closing the door behind them.

They saw that she was covered with a blanket wearing a sleep mask and snoring peacefully.

They smirked, taking out the hand gun they brought along with them, pointing it to her face.

"Goodbye Mama Knight" the killer whispered before pulling the trigger.


Kendall groaned, where were those sounds coming form? He knew the source had to be near, he could hear them like they were in his room.

He sat up in his bed a looked across to James, he was still asleep.

James could sleep through almost anything, that is part of the reason they were roommates.

Kendall lazily got out of bed and trugged over to James, shaking him slightly.


The sounds got louder and he shook James even more.

"James, wake up" he said loud enough for the boy to hear, still no movement.

Kendall shook him again and he finally jolted to life.

"What do you want?" he asked groggily.

"Didn't you hear that?" Kendall asked his roommate.

"Hear what?" James asked.


"That" Kendall said refering to the noise.

"Where is it coming from?" James asked.

"I think it's coming from my mom's room" Kendall responded.

"Should we check it out?" James asked

"Yep" Kendall responded throwing James a flashlight.

"Lets go" Kendall said.

They found themselves infront of Mama Knight's room door, shaking at what they might find.

James reached out to the knob, turning it and opening the door, he and Kendall stepping inside and turning on the lights.

"Oh my god" Kendall said as he looked to his mother's body. Her face had an obvious bullit wound with blood coming from it and covering her face. There was a shot to her heart and her hands and feet.

"What happened to her?" James asked as he and Kendall moved towards the bed.

"I have no idea" Kendall said and then the bedroom door shut behind them causing both boys to turn.

What they saw was the killer, gun in hand and covered in blood.

"Who are you?" James asked taking a slight step back.

Kendall didn't move. He couldn't, he just found his mother's dead body and now there was a man in full black in a room with him and James. He also noticed something else that shocked him, he noticed the person had on a black helmet which he knew was Carlos', he it was his bacause he could make out his name hidden under some blood. This couldn't be Carlos, right?

"Did you boys have a nice life?" the figure questioned.

Neither James nor Kendall could tell if it was a male or female voice, the killer must of masked it so no one could tell.

Kendall really did have a feeling that this was Carlos, he did do maniac things at times without actually knowing it so there was a possibility.

James was just frozen, he had no clue as to who this guy was or why he was trying to kill them. What did they ever do to anyone?

"Why are you doing this?" James asked his voice coming out as a whisper.

"Because I want to" The figure stated.

The two boys were so frozen that they didn't noticed when the killer took out a knife from their pocket.

"I would like to stand around and chat but you are begining to bore me" the killer stated before launching the knife and making it cut into James' neck making him stumble and land on Mrs. Knights bed.

"You monster" Kendall stated before he felt a bullit hit his leg and making him drop to the floor.

"James are you okay?" Kendall managed to ask and he heard a gurgled no.

The killer then proceded to go over to the bed looking at James with an evil smirk.

"Hey pretty boy" they stated before putting a gun to James' heart and releasing the trigger. James' eyes went to the back of his head instantly.

The killer then took the knife from James' neck and sent it back into it, repeating the process about seven more times until his head was off his body. The killer then threw the head into the bin next to Kendall.

Kendall stared at the head, tears now running down his face. He was losing blood fast and his friend and mom were just killed.

The figure then made it's way over to Kendall pointing the gun directly at him.

"P-please don't k-kill m-me" Kendall stutered out.

"Oh my child" the killer said.

In Kendall's head he was going to die anyway, might as well stall.

"Who are you?" Kendall asked, the feeling that this was Carlos coming back in his head.

"You need not know my true identity." The figure angrily stated.

"But why are you doing this?" Kendall asked still trying to stall.

"Like I said, I want to" the figure said still pointing the gun to Kendall.

"But what did we ever do to you?" Kendall asked.

"You will soon see, now enough with the stalling" The figure stated and Kendall began to cry again.

"Goodbye Kendall" The murderer said before releasing the trigger and launcing a bullit near Kendall's heart, Kendall pretending that it struck his heart and fell over on his face.

The killer smiled before they heard footsteps coming and they quickly turned of the lights and went to hide.

Katie rolled over in her bed, unable to sleep because of the constant noise she was hearing.


"Jesus" the 13 year old said as she looked up at the ceiling.

"What is that?" she asked herself.


"I'm done with this" Katie said as she removed the covers from her body and then stood from the bed.

She took out the flashlight in her bedside table and headed out her bedroom door.

While walking she bounced into someone, someone tall and skinny.

"Logan?" she asked making the flashlight shine in his direction.

"Yea, what are you doing out of bed at two thirty in the morning?" he qustioned the younger teenager.

"I heard these noises and I thought I should check them out" Katie replied.

"Well lets go then" Logan said.

They countinued to walk until they reached the hall where Mama Knights room was, noticing the lights were on.

"My mom's lights are still on" Katie stated.

"Why are they still on? Logan questioned.

"I don't know, lets check it out" Katie said continuing down the hall with Logan.

They opened the door and they just about fainted at what they saw. Mrs. Knight was covered in blood, her sheets a crimson red, Kendall was face down on the ground with some shots in his back but the most sickening thing was James' headless body releasing blood everywhere.

"Where is his head?" Logan managed to say without stutering.

"O-over there" Katie said pointing to the trash can where James' head was situated.

"Who did this?" Logan asked the qusetion not directed to Katie.

"I did" Logan and Katie turned to see the murderer at the door.

"Who are you?" Katie said in a panic.

"None of your business" the killer said before firing a shot into Logan's chest making him drop to the ground and clutch at it.

"Logan!" Katie exclaimed.

"Now your turn girly" he said releasing the trigger on his gun again this time nothing came out.

"Curses" the killer exclaimed.

"I still have my knives" the figure said before taking out a Knife and sending it into Logan's right arm making the boy hiss in pain.

"Stop it" Katie said and the killer sent another knife into Logan this time into his thigh and causing him to black out.

"Now your turn girl" the murderous figure said coming closer to Katie and jabbing a knife close to her neck making her also black out.

"Now they will all die, my work is done" the figure stated before leaving the room and then leaving the apartment.

Well that was, crazy. I am very evil, right? Anyway Logan, Katie and Kendall weren't dead before the killer left so they should be fighting for their lives and there is the apparant question, what about Carlos? Who do you think the killer is? I have been working on this story since January so please tell me what you think. Read and review please. Bye.