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The next morning Carlos awoke to the bright sun light coming in through his window. He groaned getting out of bed, sitting up and putting his feet to the ground, rubbing the rest of the sleep out of his eyes.

He didn't understand why he was feeling so sleepy, he went to bed at 9 P.M. last night and it was now 10:16 in the morning, it didn't make sense that he was still sleepy.

He let out another groan, he didn't really want to get up today, there was something telling him not to get out of bed but he tried to ignore it as he stood up and scratched his neck and rubbed his face.

"I just wanna sleep all day" Carlos said going into the bathroom to start his day.

He got dressed and left his room and went down to the kitchen where he prepared himself breakfast and then quickly finshed it and then put the plate into the sink.

He then herad a faint voice that said," Help".

He just shrugged it off, he must be hearing things.

He finally sat down on the orange coloured couch and watched the tv without sound.

"Help me please" He heard someone gurgle. He turned his head and he herad it again.

He managed to move his feet and went in the direction the whispers were coming from which led him to the hall of Mrs. Knight's room.

He found himself infront of the door, not wanting to open the door but curious as to what lies behind.

He put his hand on the knob, turning it and peering inside to the horror of his almost or dead friends.

Carlos immediatly closed the door and ran back to the livingroom trying to process what he had just saw.

Did he really see that or was he still dreaming? Carlos couldn't tell which was the answer but he knew he was scared out of his mind.

If what he saw was real then this was not going to go good with the police, they couldn't know about it , not until he could prove himself inoccent because if he was the only one not harmed then something must have happened.

Carlos knew he couldn't have been so heartless to kill everyone else but the cops would be a little suspicious eitherway.

Carlos thought about telling someone, who could he tell without them blabbing about it to everyone?

Almost none of the people that lived at the Palmwoods could keep a secret, that's why nobody really talks to another.

Camille was the only friend he had left that wasn't injured, might aswell tell her.

Carlos got up and left through the front door.

Carlos ran down the halls of the second floor, bouning into Jett along the way.

"Hey, watch where yuh going" Jett snapped at the boy.

"Sorry" Carlos replied. Jett decided to see what made him run up the stair like that since it wasn't like he was going a stunt.

Carlos burst through the door of Camille's apartment seeing her and Lucy sitting on the couch, he quickly looked the door again, Jett now coming up and putting his ear to the door.

"Hi Carlos" Lucy and Camille said in union.

"Hi, I need to tell you something" Carlos blurrted out.

"What is it?" Lucy asked looking at the boy with a questioning look.

"Well, this morning when I got up and ate breakfast I herad a voice say 'Help me'. When I followed it I ended up at Mama Knights room and when I looked inside there was boold everywhere and I think they got murdered" Carlos said in one short breath.

"Wait, ther was blood everywhere? Cool" Lucy commented.

"Not cool" Carlos and Camille said to the crazy rocker.

"Well how come nothing happened to you?" Lucy asked looking at Carlos as if he had commited the murder.

"I don't know, I got lucky" Carlos aid.

"Right" Lucy said.

All the while Jett was listening to the conversation,surprised that everyone might be dead but glad he could put Carlos in prison,good thing he turned 18 one month ago.

Jett smiled knowing that he most likely could get Carlos arrested, he left not wanting to know what else was said.

"Hey, I didn't do it" Carlos protested.

"Carlos, we know" Camille said.

"Good" Carlos breathed.

"I just don't know why someone would kill everyone else in the apartment and leave you" Lucy said.

"That's because they want someone to balme it on" Camille said.

"Yep, that's probally it" Carlos said nodding to Camille's words.

"So how did the room look?" Lucy asked.

"Like I said blood was everywhere, I could see some guts but I closed the door before actually looking everywhere" Carlos responded.

"That would be a great place to record a rock video" Lucy said.

"Lucy!" both Camille and Carlos said.

"Sorry" Lucy said.

"Anyway, Carlos, how about you show us the room" Camille said clasping her hands together.

"Okay, but it might make you vommit" Carlos said and they all stood up.

"We can take it" they both reassured.

"Then come children, come along" Carlos gestured and they all left Camille's appartment.

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