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Carlos, Lucy and Camille stood silently infront of Mrs. Knights room. The air silent, the only sound was the trio taking in air. It was rather crazy to look at how long they had been standing there. It was about 31 minutes since they had entered the apartment and made it to the hallway just standing around like no one's business.

Lucy and Camille said they could handle whatever was inside, yet they were scared out of there minds at what was behind the door. They were even more discouraged when they saw the look Carlos wore on his face, it was a mix of suspence, fear , drama, hate and need. He had actually seen some of what was behind but he still didn't want to see it, to Carlos it was disgusting in there although he barely looked anywhere.

"Do you guys still feel confident?" Carlos asked. He could read his friends expressions, he knew they were scared so he had to ask. He could tell they could read his face too, so he was trying not to show his emotions even though it was hard as can be, this wasn't easy for him, it couldn't be for anyone.

"No not really" Camille replied. Carlos could tell she was the most scared of the trio.

"Not as much as when I first heard" Lucy commented.

"Yea, I was guessing that" Carlos stated. He really was guessing about his friends feelings, wondering and pondering in guesses.

"Guys, why are we still standing out here? We are going inside eventually so lets just get it over with. Someone open the door cause I am not doing it" Camille stated and looked at her friends.

Carlos and Lucy were eyeing the door handle, Camille was right, they had to enter but they weren't ready. Who would be ready to look at their friends bloodied and possibially dead? Certainly not Camille, Carlos or Lucy. That was for sure. Yet they were still very curious, curious beyond imagination.

"Okay, I will do it for the love of Pete" Lucy said putting her hand onto the nob.

She was getting sick of all this waiting around, she was scared, yes, yet she was still curious. She always enjoyed murderous things though she would be scared out of her mind. It was just her judgement that anything sad was right, wasn't exactly sane jdgement but whatever.

She was about to turn the knob but she couldn't. Just couldn't.

"Carlos you do it" Lucy said as she pulled her hand away.

Carlos barely heard her. He was in a vacant state where the world was dead to him.

"Fine, I will do it yuh cry babies" Carlos said in an angry mocking tone.

He slowly opened the door, opening it to the fullest and they all stepped inside, Camille and Lucy letting out shocked gasps. The room was covered in blood, the first noticable thing was the headless body of James and the bullit riddled body of Mrs. Knight.

The next thing was Katie on the floor with a knife near her neck. Then you could she Logan covered with blood, his right hand on his leg and his left hand put to his chest. And finally Kendall was faced down on the floor, blood surrounding his body. In the basket next to him there was James head, his eyes still open which looked so wrong. The sights were so wrong, who would do this?

"This is horrible" Camille said.

She had never seen anything this horrific, even though she has been in horror films. It was sad and would make anyone want to throw up. She had to put her hand to her mouth and she began to cry.

"It certainly is" Lucy commented in a calm voice.

Inside Lucy was exploading with anger. No one does this to her friends and gets away with it.

Carlos was no aware of everything in the room, the bullits and the knives, the blood and lifeless bodies.

"I swear, when I get my hands on whoever did this they are going to die" Carlos seethed.

Suddenly everyone could see Logan slightly shift. Was he still alive?

"Logan?" Camille asked with a glimmer of hope in her voice.

"Argh" Logan groaned confirming he is still alive.

They all ran to his side, lifting his head to look at them, him managing to open his eyes.

"Logie, can you talk?" Camille asked cupping his cheeks.

"Yes" he said in a hoarse voice.

"That's good" She said.

Bubbling noises started to come from Kendall's direction, everyone looked over to him and he was trying to lift his hands.

Carlos ran to his side, getting him out of the blood. Kendall looked at him for a second before whimpering. Carlos was puzzled, was Kendall scared of him.

"Buddy, what's wrong?" Carlos asked.

"Stay away from me you monster" Kendall said and Carlos dropped him back onto the floor.

Monster? What the hell was that about?

"Katie's still alive" Lucy announced.

"Great" Carlos said.

Everyone was surprised at what happened next. They didn't expect it.

"L.A.P.D, stop what you're doing" A male police officer said as he entered the room.

They all were pushed to a corner of the room and two of the officers went to look at the survivors.

"Mister Stetson" A female officer called and Jett came in on cue.

Jett, what are you doinf here?" Lucy asked.

"Silence, who is it?" The officer asked.

Jett smirked an evil smirk and pointed at Carlos.

The officer walked over to Carlos and put hand cuffs on his hands.

You are being put under arrest for suspicion of murder" She said and pushed Carlos out the door.

"I didn't fucking do anything" Carlos said before being pushed out the apartment.

"Okay Garcia, how did you do it?" A male officer asked when he and Carlos entered the questioning room.

"I didn't do anything" Carlos replied.

"Right, then how were you the only one unharmed?" The officer asked.

"I don't know" Carlos said blankly. The officer looked at him with irritation in his eyes.

"Why don't you start telling me the truth" The officer commanded.

"I am telling you the truth" Carlos said.

The officer reached over and grabbed Carlos' shirt pulling him closer to him

"Look, kid, this is a serious case and if you did it you better speak up" the officer growled.

"I didn't do it" The police officer threw him onto the ground.

"I will come and ask you about this again later" the officer said before leaving Carlos alone in the room.

Suddenly Carlos felt something rise within him, he felt this weird vibe and suddenly everything went dark.

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