Fairy tales cliché sleeping beauty chapter 3

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Ok, this is the 'drama filled chapter'. Maybe. It depends on how it turns out.

Telepathic conversation key: M'gann, artemis, robin, wally.


Artemis groaned in pain. She could take it. She could definitely take it. Just maybe not that one hole too close to her lung. She shifted in M'gann's arms. It was worse now, because the boys were also hooked up.

Stupid dad.

Artemis…it's ok… we can find a doctor… or I could heal you! With my mind. Somehow.

It's ok, M'gann. I'm total- I mean fine.

If ok means half- dead, then you are better than fine. Wally butted in the conversation. Cant we at least see your condition?

Look on the bed! It's my body, isn't it?

Yes, but you are more…. Hurt than your body itself.

And that means…

The artemis I am holding is more injured than the artemis on the bed.

I'm confused.

Of course YOU'D be wally…

Well how did that happen anyways?

Mysterious person…..

"this is taking forever!" a voice complained. "good thing only 60 more minutes left, before the process is complete."

Back to the team…

After M'gann had argued with Artemis, and finally showed the boys how she was, the boys were horrified.

There was already a one-inch rut where wally was speed pacing, thinking.

Robin was on his wrist computer trying to track the villainess, so he could beat the answer of how to heal artemis out of her.

So far, so nothing.

M'gann kept trying to piece Artemis together, but it wouldn't work. She sniffled.

"What can we do?" she asked, with a small voice.

Wally just mumbled to himself.

"Well, as soon as I can find who did this to her, we can get the answers the easy way- or the hard way." Robin replied, still concentrated on the wrist computer.

Wally then suddenly stopped.

"YES! That might work!" he smiled and turned to the rest of them, though his shout disrupted everyone.

"What might work?" M'gann asked.

"Well…" he leaned forward, and explained his plan.

After the plan…

"-so it could work for the better, or the worse." Wally finished explain, putting his hands down after all his erratic hand motions.

"We'd be taking a really big risk." Robin said seriously.

"It's worth the try. You heard Wally. We'll rush her straight to the medical room." M'gann said, looking back at Artemis.

"Alright. Let's start." Wally breathed in, and then looked at M'gann.

She nodded, and then shut her eyes.


No…im just kidding. I'm not that evil….

Keep on enjoying!

Her eyes began to glow through her eyelids, and she stuck out her hands, pointing to something invisible.

Actually, if M'gann let you into the mind link, you'd be seeing artemis being lifted out of M'ganns embrace.

Artemis was placed onto the bed, and into a body.

If you didn't know what was going on before, and just read that little tid-bit, you'd most likely feel disturbed.

Unfortunately, that is how Wally and robin also felt, and Wally had thought up of the plan!

Suddenly, there was a gasp coming from the bed.

Wally rushed over, and saw Artemis trying very hard to open her eyes.

"shhh…." he whispered, as he picked her up bridal style, and super-sped to the medical room.

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