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A Gundam Crusade

Part 1

The artificial sun was shining brightly as Kira typed away furiously on her computer. She had been working non-stop since breakfast without a break and she looked like she would keep going.

She was wearing a black sleeveless dress shirt and brown slacks and black sneakers.

But her peace was interrupted as Mir and Tolle and Sai and Kuzzy showed up telling her that the Professor wanted to talk to her. So, getting in a car, they drove to the school's laboratory only to find the man out doing something and a guy in a trench coat and hat obscuring his face leaning against a wall. Apparently he had been waiting for the Professor to show him something.

Meanwhile, five Coordinators were making their way toward the mobile suits that were being built in the colony. Three of them were in transport vehicles being sent to the Archangel which was a prototype attack ship. With the help of a GINN they were able to easily overpower the pathetic security methods used by the Naturals.

The day had only just begun however, and the bloodshed to follow would leave scars on the minds.

Explosions could be heard across the colony as the recently docked warship exploded. Panic ensued, and people started rushing toward the escape pods.

Sai, Mir, Kuzzy, and Tolle all got outside but the ceiling collapsed before Kira could get away, covering the entrance.

Looking around, she saw the guy from before running down a hallway and rushed after him. She had just about caught up when an explosion rocked the compound, sending the two to the floor. The guys hat flew off, revealing a head of blond hair and a very NOT-masculine face.

"Yo-you're a girl," Kira stuttered.

The girl snorted, "Yeah, so are you. What did you think I was?"

Another explosion rocks the building. The blond leapt to her feet and raced down the hallway toward a door, which she promptly threw open. Kira ran after her. When she entered what appeared to be a hangar, she saw the blond standing by the railing.

Suddenly she started to cry, "Father, I knew it, you betrayed us all!"

She slumped to the floor, hands, still on the rails.

When Kira came over to the railing, she saw what she was talking about. Before her were three giant machines that looked like mobile suits, but nothing that she had ever seen before. In the reports there had talks about Zakus and GINNs and DINNS but these three looked nothing like them, in fact, the third one looked something akin to a templar from the medieval period of Anno Domini.

She looked around and saw a woman and some others who she assumed were mechanics talking and then the giant doors blew up, debris flying everywhere. Kira looked over at the blond girl and pulled her to her feet.

"Come on, we have to get to a shelter. "

They started running as fast as they could. The first one they came to was sealed shut as a blast had brought the ceiling down.

The second one was open however, and Kira had to forcibly push the girl into it, despite her protests as there was only one seat available. Running off, she tried to find another shelter but ended up back in the hangar, there was gunfire and the platform she was standing on gave way, throwing her off toward one of the three suits. She twisted in midair and somehow landed on her feet, although she quickly lost her balance and fell to her knees.

The woman from before was on top of the suit as well and appeared to have an injured shoulder.

A man in a red suit raised a gun toward the woman and Kira cried, "Look out!"

The woman rolled out of the way, lifted her pistol and fired, taking the red coat down.

Another red coat was rushing towards them gun blazing, and leapt up onto the suit. The woman was reloading. The reddie threw away his gun when it ran out of bullets and pulled out a knife. Kira was closer to him and she put up her arms in a weak attempt to shield herself. When the red coat got close enough, she was in for the surprise of her life as she recognized her childhood crush.


Said boy was shocked, here, not five feet away, was his childhood friend, who he hadn't seen in years.


The moment was ruined when the woman finished loading and started firing, forcing Athrun to leap backwards. The woman pulled Kira into the cockpit.

"ATHRUN!" She cried before the woman leapt in and closed the cockpit.

Athrun cursed and ran to the second suit. As he was getting into the cockpit, he noticed the other suit and frowned. There wasn't any mention of another suit.

Starting up the Aegis, Athrun brought it to its feet and radioed the others, "Hey guys, we have a problem. There's a sixth suit."

"What!" Yzak cried, "But the report didn't say anything about that!"

"Apparently the Natural's outsmarted us. They got Rusty as well. And it appears they are holding a hostage inside the suit we do know about."

"Is it a Natural?"

"The hostage? No, she's a Coordinator."

Nicol sighed, "That's just great, now we another thing to worry about."

"What do you mean Nicol?" Dearka asked.

"Another suit just showed up on my sensors, and it's closing in fast."

"Shit! I can see it too. Come on guys, we have to get these suits back to the Vesalius."

With that the communication cut off and Yzak, Nicol, and Dearka left the colony.

Meanwhile Kira was pushed behind the seat and the woman mechanic started the suit up. The words Strike and Gundam appeared on the screen.

The suit slowly got to its feet and made its way out of the burning building.

A GINN saw the machine as it walked out and started beating the crap out of it, but because of the Phase-Shift armor they were rendered useless. Back in the hangar a very pissed off pilot stalked his way toward his suit as the building fell apart all around him. He got in and started it up, the panoramic view showing everything. The words Templar and Gundam appeared on the screen in front of him as he started up the suit and walked out the building, he noticed his partner trying to contact him.

Opening a channel, he said gruffly, "Ahmed is something the matter?"

Ahmed growled, "What have I told you about using my first name, Jeremias?"

Jeremias rolled his eyes, "Alright, David, what's going on?"

"ZAFT soldiers have claimed the three Gundams in the transports and escaped before I could stop them How're things at your end?"

"They got the red one, but the FA managed to get the general-purpose suit, at least, that's what I think happened as the GINN is attacking the thing. Pilot's not very good though."

David spat, "Just great, another thing to worry about."

"How's the Saracen holding?"

"She is doing beautifully, truly Allah blessed me when this suit was made," the Muslim said in what could be interpreted as a dreamy voice.

"The Templar is running green, so I say we leave this place and head over to the rendezvous. They aren't exactly the patient type when it comes to these things."

"You've got that right, the Strike should be well enough on its own."

With that the two suits leapt into the air and flew toward the nearest airlock.

Back with Kira, her kidnapper had managed to accidently hit a vital on the GINN, causing it to explode, however it used up all the Vulcans ammo to do it. The battle over, the woman steered the suit toward a building and had it kneel. She then opened the cockpit and forced Kira out at gunpoint.

On the ground, Kira was forced to watch as the woman bandaged her arm. Then the mechanic spoke.

"My name is Murrue Ramius. I am a Lt. with the Atlantic Federation and because you have seen this suit I can't let you go. Regulations require me to keep you in my sights at all times."

"What!" Kira cried, "But I don't even know what's going on!"

"Regardless, I can't let you go. Now, you are going to…"

She was cut off as a voice called out, "Kira!"

Whirling around, she saw Flay running towards her. The two hugged and started checking each other over for wounds.

But unfortunately, Ramius was not to be deterred, "This is all well and good, but you have to stay as well."

Kira whirled on the Lt., "I should think not! We are leaving to try and find a shelter. You have no right to keep us here."

Ramius narrowed her eyes, "Yes, I do. Civilian or not, this is a warzone, and as an officer I have duties to uphold and you are not going to keep me from them," She leveled her gun at Flay, "Now get in the suit, Kira, unless you want me to shoot your friend."

Kira was shaking, "W-why? I'm no pilot. I don't have any experience with that type of thing."

"Pilot or no, you will get in that cockpit. I saw the way you jumped down from balcony in the hangar and only a trained soldier, or a Coordinator, could have pulled it off. Now unless you want your friend to die you will pilot that suit. I have a tight schedule and I need everything loaded onto the Archangel before the colony goes."

Flay stared at Kira in shock, "You're a Coordinator? Why didn't you tell us?"

Kira bowed her head sadly, "I didn't want any trouble. I just want to live a normal life. Is that bad? I hate violence. And besides, I am a first-generation Coordinator so I have no part in this war."

Flay nodded in acknowledgement, although inwardly she was seething, How dare she walk around all high and mighty, lording her intelligence over us! No wonder she always got what she wanted. And here she is, acting all humble and playing the pity card, well, she won't be getting any from me.

When Ramius merely motioned with the gun toward the Strike, Kira wearily moved toward it and went inside the cockpit. She then received instructions regarding weapons packs and where they were located. So off she went leaving her former (although she didn't know that) friend behind with the rude Lt. Ramius. She found the truck with the packs and picked up with little trouble, although she was hiccuping the entire time.

When she returned, she was placed it on the ground.

It was at this moment that Athrun reappeared in his Aegis along with a couple GINNs.

They looked around until they found the Strike.

"There it is," Miguel said smugly, "If this is anything like last time, this is going to be easy."

"She killed Al, remember?"

Miguel waved it off, "That was dumb luck. No Natural could hold against us in a mobile suit."

Sighing, Athrun dove toward the Strike Gundam standing on the ground.

With the Strike, Ramius wasted no time pointing her gun at Flay's head, "Fight or she dies. And take the Aile Strike Pack."

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