Hi everyone! I apologize for the nature of this update, as I should have done it long ago. My muse for this story has gone on permanent vacation, as well as losing the designs I made for the Templar and Saracen suits, so I find myself unable to continue this story. My planning was also deplorable, as I had not watched the show in a while when I started this and while I still like it, it's not enough to continue with a story where I had absolutely NO idea where I was going with. Seriously, I just got the idea to put two cool (in my head) suits in and write a sweet summary, but that's about as far as I got, plus making it a Fem!Kira that I wasn't equipped at the time to write means it was just an accident waiting to happen, and it happened after the third chapter ended. Anyone interested in continuing this can do so to their hearts content, I place no restrictions on it. Same with story concept or suits, although I would appreciate being credited with the suits seeing as they are my brainchilds after all. :)

Wishing you all the best,