Author: StarLight Massacre

Title: The Rise of the Drackens

Rating: R

Warning: Slash, violence, moresome, language, blood, Mpreg, creature fic.

Pairing: Originally Draco/Harry/Blaise is now Draco/Harry/Blaise/OMC/OMC

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This chapter was adopted from Beautiful Kaos on Fanfiction. Net and was originally called Dragon Kind. The Dracken concept is hers, not mine; I've just fiddled about with it. This first chapter is made up of bits and pieces of the first chapter she wrote before putting her story up for adoption, I have tweaked it and added a lot to it, but the underlying plot for this one chapter is hers.

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The Rise of the Drackens

Chapter One – Welcome to Dracken Life

Harry James Potter woke up slowly, languidly, in the early hours of the morning on his sixteenth birthday, not knowing what had woken him up, but he found out soon as he realised some very surprising, unexpected and, quite frankly, shocking changes.

The first thing his groggy mind, that was still clinging to the last remnants of sleep, made him aware of was his changed eyesight. Everything was so perfectly clear, even in the near darkness of the early morning. He had never seen with such startling clarity before, even with his glasses on and now the dim box bedroom of number four Privet Drive was like a whole new experience to the young wizard.

The tiny dust motes floating in the air, the individual strokes of paint on the bedroom walls, the specks of dirt on the carpet, he could see it all. Colours, he noticed, were more vibrant and there was so much more to everything, every colour, every shape, every pattern. He never knew there were so many shades of white before. His eyesight was better than any human could hope to achieve.

After staring for twenty minutes at the pattern the wood grain made in his battered, second hand, dresser Harry figured he had better see what other changes he might have gained whilst he had been sleeping. Hopefully they were as wonderful as his new found eyesight.

After listening for a few silent minutes to check to make sure that the Dursleys were still asleep, he tip-toed down the hall to the bathroom. Upon entering the cool, tiled room he could only stare in shock at the reflection staring back at him in the mirror. The boy in the mirror was about five foot five, a little taller than he'd been when he'd gone to sleep. His face was not as round any more, but thinner. He had high cheekbones, a thin nose that was placed neatly over full lips. His eyes were a deep emerald green framed by long, sooty lashes. His hair was pure silk, cascading down to the middle of his back like an inky black waterfall, which was also very new, there was no way the Dursleys wouldn't notice that his hair had grown several inches overnight.

His body was still slender, but he was a little more shapely than he'd been. His waist was pulled in under his rib cage and his hips were bigger and more rounded than they had been before. He had strong, long legs, and a pert bum. His skin was perfectly smooth and unblemished. Not a freckle or scar marred the ivory flesh and that was new too. Every scar he'd had when he'd gone to sleep the night before was gone…all of them bar one, the lightning bolt on his forehead, and there'd been quite a few of them too. But now, with them all gone, with all of the other changes, he was beautiful and that wasn't a word that he would have every picked to refer to himself before.

After stripping off his clothes to get a better look at himself, Harry peered once more into the mirror. He could hardly believe the reflection in the mirror was actually him. He twirled around before a glint of something caught his eye. He looked closer; trying to see what it was that had caught his attention. He gasped loudly partly in shock, partly in horror as he caught sight of what had caught the overhead light. Scales! He had hundreds of tiny scales on his skin!

They were small, white scales, so perfectly blended in with his pale skin that he could barely tell that they were there at all. After looking closer he saw that the scales were all over his body. They started at the top of his neck and went down his shoulders and back. They continued on down his bum and his legs. They glittered on his chest and stomach as well, reflecting the harsh bathroom light.

The scales did not cover every inch of him, but were in some sort of intricate, random design. Looking at his face he saw that there were scales there as well, but they were so much smaller than the others that they were easily missed or over looked unless you knew that they were there. They were on his forehead, circling the lightning bolt scar but not actually going near it, and they speckled over his cheekbones, flowing over the bridge of his nose like a masquerade mask. Looking closer Harry also spotted the scales on his chin, neck and they were even on his ears! He couldn't believe it; this had to be some sort of weird, realistic dream.

'What the hell am I?' He wondered in slight panic. 'Maybe I'm some sort of snake or lizard, perhaps a dragon? Do I actually have wings or anything?'

No sooner he had finished that particular thought when he felt an agonising, searing pain in his back. He fell to his knees and gasped as quietly as he could, so that he didn't wake his relatives, as he felt a strange weight upon his shoulders after a ripping sensation and a warm liquid gushed down his bare back.

Glancing fearfully up into the mirror he saw there were indeed wings sprouting from his back, they were attached to him by thin, but solid protruding bones that started at the base of his neck joined up with his shoulder blades and merged with the middle of his rib cage to support the huge wings on his back. He was bleeding heavily and the wings were covered thickly in blood and a mucous like membrane.

The patches of the leathery white wings that were clean of blood were covered in the same white scales as the rest of his body, only they were larger, more easily seen and had ridges that could be felt where the scales on his face and his body were completely smooth to the touch. Harry stared in awe at the beautiful appendages he had just gained. They were almost as tall as he was. He flexed them carefully, experimentally, wanting to get used to the feel of them. He stretched them out as wide as they would go, being mindful of the bathroom appliances and the light fixture above him. He made a rough estimate that his wing span was probably about eleven or twelve feet.

'I wonder if I can fly with these. It would be so much better than flying on a broom. I wonder if I can get them to go away as easily as they come.'

The wings immediately receded into his back with just a thought and a slight twitch to his back muscles. Thankfully without as much pain as calling them out had caused him.

'I'd better get back to my room before the Dursleys get up. I really don't want to deal with them right now. I just want to get my things ready.' Harry thought to himself as he redressed and padded back to his bedroom. 'Thank Merlin I don't have to spend another night in this house. I don't know why I was sent back here in the first place. Voldemort is gone now and the Death Eaters are all in Azkaban. Well, most of them anyway and I would be just as safe in the Leaky Cauldron.'

Back in his room, dressed once more in his too large clothing, Harry decided to do some self-research. He wanted to know what sort of creature he had become. So getting out all of his books on magical creatures he flipped through them all until finally in the last and the thickest of the books, one that Hagrid had given him the year previous as a birthday present, he found a short excerpt that could possibly explain his creature inheritance to him.

Drackens (Or Dragon Kind.)

Drackens are a rare breed of magical creature. They are believed to be nearly extinct with the number of the creatures' population dropping significantly as more Drackens choose to breed with humans to avoid detection, causing the bloodline to dilute and eventually die out.

The drop in Dracken populace can also be accounted to wizards, who hunt Drackens for their blood, organs and scales which are useful for certain potions, rituals and spells.

Drackens have been classed as dark creatures since the eighteen-forties by the British, American, Asian and European Ministries of Magic and have consequently been deemed as a dangerous threat to civilised society.

There are rumoured to be less than a hundred living Drackens worldwide, though it is unclear if this number is accurate as Drackens have become adept at hiding their defining characteristics making it easier for them to blend in with human beings.

'Interesting. I wonder if there are any Drackens at Hogwarts. Surely I'm not the only one. But then again if there are so few worldwide...' Harry shook off those morbid thoughts and turned back to the book.

There are two kinds of Drackens. The dominant Dracken and the submissive Dracken. Or the Alpha Dracken and Beta Dracken.

Dominant Drackens, or the Alpha Dracken as some cultures have come to know them as, are ninety-eight percent of the time males. There have been only two reported and proven cases of a dominant female Dracken. Dominants are always much larger and more vicious than their submissive counterparts. This is to protect their submissive and any offspring they might have.

Dominant Drackens are very possessive of what they deem is theirs and are very territorial, most likely due to the dragon blood in their veins. A dominant Dracken will be at his most vicious and dangerous when his submissive is in heat, is pregnant or is nesting. Any threat to his submissive or his young will be removed as quickly as he is able to do so.

Dominant Drackens appear to be outwardly cold and cruel. It is only with his submissive and his young that he will show any tenderness. But even then the dark side of the Dracken will show through as a dominant Dracken will still be rough, unknowing of his own strength.

A dominant Dracken will punish his submissive if he feels the submissive has done wrong, though he will never cause his submissive any permanent harm as a Dracken, like their dragon counterparts, is a very vain and prideful creature and having a beautiful, flawless submissive will be a source of great pride for a dominant.

The dominant counterpart is the submissive Dracken, or Beta Dracken, who are typically female, though there have been several reported submissive male Drackens; none have been verified as their dominant partners have always hidden them away before verification can take place.

Submissive male Drackens, like dominant females are exceptionally rare. It is a rumoured belief that submissive male Drackens are perfectly capable of carrying and giving birth to young, but it is assumed that this is only possible if the submissive Dracken breeds with a dominant Dracken as it has been tested and verified that copulating with a human male blocks a submissive Drackens natural breeding cycle, resulting in the Dracken becoming barren and unable to conceive a child. This is not true however of the dominant Dracken, who is fully able to impregnate a human woman, or man, if he so chooses. The male submissive and the female dominant are anomalies and without further proof we are unable to separate fact from fiction on whether or not submissive males can impregnate humans like their dominant male counter parts or if dominant females turn barren when breeding with a human like their submissive female counterparts.

Though submissive Drackens are smaller than their dominant counterparts, they can be just as dangerous if provoked, nearly ninety percent of documented deaths caused by a submissive Dracken were over the Dracken's offspring being threatened or harmed. A submissive will rarely kill for their dominant as, exactly like their dragon ancestors, the dominant male is expected to take care of himself and his family, it is a submissives job to protect the young and not her dominant.

A submissive may, in some cases, have more than one dominant mate. A powerful submissive Dracken requires more than one dominant to impregnate her for the conception to take up; it is unclear as to why, as the Drackens are so few in number that nearly all of them hide themselves away as a safety precaution.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens are extremely durable, adaptable and notoriously hard to kill. Because of their tough skin most spells will not affect a Dracken and their scales are highly reflective, allowing spells to just bounce right off of them. The only exception is the killing curse, Avada Kedavra.

Drackens are also reported to be allergic to salt water, which with prolonged exposure can cause the skin of a Dracken to become irritated and inflamed. Though the allergy is not deadly, it can cause serious harm including; itching, burning, boils and if in contact with the eyes of a Dracken for any extended period of time can cause blindness.

The characteristics and features of a Dracken include:


Dominant Drackens have scales covering approximately fifty to sixty percent of their body, excluding their wings which are covered entirely with scales just one inch apart from one another. The dominant will have darker, coloured scales ranging from black to dark reds, blues, greens and purples etcetera.

Submissive Drackens have scales covering approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of their body. A submissive Dracken's wings are also entirely covered with scales an inch apart from one another, but the submissive Dracken differs from the dominant because a submissive Dracken's scales will start out solidly white and will, with time, change to reflect the colour(s) of their dominant(s).


A dominant Dracken's wings are large and powerful, much like the dominant Dracken is himself, spanning up to twenty-five feet in length depending on how old, how tall, how heavy (and/or) powerful the Dracken is. Dominants will display their wings for a potential mate. The larger the wings, the more impressive they'll be to a submissive.

A submissive Dracken's wings are not as large as their dominant counterpart, spanning out at approximately thirteen or fourteen feet at most. This is most probably because the submissive Dracken is smaller and lighter than a dominant and also because the submissive does not need her wings to entice a dominant mate to her.

Both dominant and submissive Drackens can use their wings for flight and can travel for long distances and at great heights without the need to stop for rest or without the worry of altitude sickness.


Both dominant and submissive Drackens have fangs and claws, though these will be considerably bigger on the dominant Dracken. The fangs and claws are usually kept sheathed until needed for killing, hunting or protecting. Both are large and deadly, but a submissive Dracken's claws are very acidic. This acid is secreted in the nail beds and can coat the claws in seconds; the acid is so corrosive just a few swipes can burn a medium sized hole through a human body.

Breeding Cycles:

Submissive Drackens go into heat several times a year, but despite this it is believed that there are only two periods of time in a single year in which a Dracken can be impregnated.

Breeding cycles vary with each submissive, but the most common time for a Dracken to become pregnant is in the winter. The average range of days for a submissive Dracken to be in heat is ten days in which a dominant Dracken will breed his submissive almost continually to ensure the largest possible number of offspring. Neither the dominant nor submissive will feed during this time of continuous mating.


The gestation period of a submissive Dracken is approximately seven months, during this time the dominant Dracken will be so severely protective of his submissive that he will rarely let her out of his sight and he will not let anyone near her, not even family members, the only exception to this is if the submissive Dracken has more than one dominant mate, in which case, only the other Dracken will be allowed near her.

It is believed that in order to keep the offspring healthy and growing strongly the dominant Dracken will need to share his fluids with his submissive. He will do this by kissing his mate to share his saliva, touching to share his sweat, ejaculating into his mate to give his semen and feeding his blood to his mate and child.

Symptoms of Dracken pregnancy include; Nausea, irritability, dizziness, sensitivity to cold, craving raw meat and accidental magical outbursts. When close to birthing the submissive Dracken will feel a need for high, dark places. Once the submissive finds/makes a suitable 'nest' they will stay there until after the birth.


A submissive Dracken will give birth alone. The dominant(s) will not be permitted entry to the nest until after the birthing is over. A submissive will give birth to between one and seven or eight young or 'chicks' as they have been labelled by the Ministry. Once the birth is over and the new mother has nursed the chicks, the Father(s) will be allowed to enter the nest. The chicks will nurse for twelve weeks before becoming mature enough to be weaned if the Mother so wishes it.

Harry closed the book, having read the small section through several times. He swallowed heavily and placed the book down with his quivering hands. He now had so many questions and absolutely no way to find out the answers and no one that he could ask about it.

'I'm a submissive Dracken.' He thought detachedly, willing his hands to keep still as they shook continually. 'I'm going to have a dominant Dracken as a mate; I'll be expected to give birth to Dracken young.'

Harry breathed evenly and deeply to dispel the raising bout of panic that was causing him to hyperventilate. He had gone to sleep as a human; he had woken up as a submissive Dracken. A male submissive Dracken, which were thought to be mere legends and not actually real.

'It's okay. I can handle this. It's not completely horrible.' He coached himself, trying not to make any noise as he walked to his window to watch the world in the early morning light.

'I think I could enjoy being a Dracken. Of course, I'll never be able to tell anyone what I am. There's no one I'd trust with something as life altering as this. Except maybe Remus. Do Drackens and werewolves get along with each other or are they like werewolves and vampires. They must do, after all Remus was friends with Mum and Dad and they had to have been Drackens to have made me. I wonder if anyone knew about them being Drackens. Probably not. Well if my parents didn't tell Remus then maybe I shouldn't either.'

Harry sighed at the prospect of keeping this from Remus, the man who had been his rock these past few months following Sirius' death. Thinking of Sirius made Harry wonder if his Godfather had known about his Mum and Dad being Drackens. Sirius was his Godfather for fuck sake! He had been his Dad's best friend and the Dracken transformation had to have happened when his parents were sixteen as well, surely someone as close to his Dad as Sirius would have noticed the changes? That made him think about his parents getting together; they hadn't done so until they were seventeen, but if the Dracken genes came out at sixteen, what had happened during that gap year? They had been in school together; Sirius had said his Dad had fallen in love with his Mum from the moment he had laid eyes upon her, so why had it taken a year for them to get together after their inheritances. He doubted that he would ever find out now.

Thinking about his parents, got him to thinking about himself. He didn't like anyone, he hadn't fallen in love with anyone at first sight, he hadn't even had time to sexually explore anything, let alone practice like he knew his year mates had. What if his dominant didn't like him? The section he had read hadn't said anything about that, but it did explain why he couldn't force himself to ogle girls like Ron and it probably explained why he didn't drool over Fleur in forth year like all the other boys.

'I guess it does explain why I have no interest in women at all, I'm not meant to be with one. A man would be able to protect me better anyway. And if he's strong and powerful he can help me to protect our children. My mate will have to be powerful and handsome. A strong mate will give me stronger children.'

The thought made him purr deeply in delight before Harry came to his sense and bolted away from the window. Where the hell did that train of thought come from? Babies at sixteen?! His mind had to be playing tricks on him.

'Relax. Relax and calm down.' Harry soothed himself, wrapping his arms around himself for comfort. 'This is your natural instinct. The Dracken populace is dwindling; your instincts are going to be screaming at you to have children to boost numbers. You'd better get used to it. Fighting will only bring more pain and I've had enough pain to last a lifetime. Try to let yourself be happy. This could turn out to be all right in the end, just wait and see.'

Harry sighed again. He was tired of fighting, he was sick of the pain. He wanted to be happy. He wanted a strong, powerful man to call his own and he definitely wanted children to love, protect and care for. He'd have a family, a real family of his own. Children to rely on him, who would depend on him and love him and he'd also have a mate to protect him, to love and care for him. He needed this and he thanked his parents for being Drackens so that he could have this chance at happiness.

Harry turned from the window and put the book back into his trunk before he sat down on the bed. He couldn't let anyone but his mate see him in his true form; he would have to practice at controlling his appearance.

First he stripped off his shirt again and willed his wings to appear. The process was less painful this time around, but the wings were still accompanied by blood and Harry took the time to clean his wings and to stroke his scales, he shivered and let go, just touching his wings was a thousand times more pleasurable than stroking himself the few times that he had masturbated.

Calming down and deciding not to touch his wings again like that, Harry concentrated on getting his claws and fangs to appear. It took a bit more concentration and will power to get them both to come at the same time, but they did. His claws were an inch long and razor sharp. He wondered how much acid he could produce, but no amount of willing made the acid come, Harry reasoned that he must be in danger before the acid was secreted. Just running his claws lightly over his bedspread, slashed it into ribbons, his claws would be able tear through flesh like a hot knife through butter.

His fangs were equally sharp, though not quite as long as his claws, there were four of them, two on the top, two on the bottom. The upper fangs rested comfortably on his bottom lip without piercing it when his mouth was closed.

Next Harry concentrated on willing them away. First his fangs and his claws, then the beautiful white wings, then finally he used all of his concentration to hide his scales away; this had the unforeseen reaction of his hair receding rapidly into his scalp until it was its usual messy mop. Once it was over Harry looked at himself in the reflection of the window, everything was exactly the same as it was when he had gone to sleep the night before.

The only thing Harry didn't concentrate on removing was his new eyesight, he had been blind for so many years that now that he had the freedom of not wearing glasses, he wasn't going to. If anyone asked him about it he'd simply tell them that he had gotten laser eye surgery during the summer, but he doubted anyone would notice let alone comment on it, no one ever saw past the scar anyway. Not even Ron or Hermione apparently.

He had had no word from anyone the entire summer he had been here in number four. Not that he had really been expecting any, not after his fall out with Ron during the last term of school. Hermione, not wanting to jeopardise her shiny new, budding relationship with the redhead, had not made contact with Harry either. He was sure that they would get over their idiocy eventually, but he was not so sure that he would be willing to forgive them this time. Hermione maybe, because this was the first time that she had ever turned her back on him, but Ron? How could he possibly stay friends with someone who had proven that he would turn on him time and time again?

He had been whisked away to Grimmauld Place, the one place that Harry had never wanted to see again. The memories and the pain were so acute that he found he had no appetite for Mrs Weasley's cooking, which made her worry and fuss over him even more, and he found that he couldn't sleep at night. Though that might have been because of the fact that he was still sharing a room with Ron, who hadn't spoken a word to him all summer and hadn't even looked at him past a few withering glares and sneers.

Harry kept mostly to himself as Ron and Hermione whispered together and snogged in the corners of the rooms to Grimmauld Place.

He heard the adults worry over him, some less than polite comments that he was deranged and unhinged after Sirius' death, some saying that he had never been right in the head to begin with, that he was being antisocial, moody and sullen. He always smiled when Remus and the elder Weasleys defended him viciously and often violently and one Order member had even fled the house with a saucepan over his head after pushing Mrs Weasley too far.

He assured everyone who asked that he was fine, and really he was. He didn't too much like being in Grimmauld Place again, but he was mostly beating himself up with his own thoughts on being a Dracken. He worried about everyone he met being dominant Drackens, he had nightmares about getting pregnant as a male and he sometimes had little panic fits over becoming a creature, but he was truly fine, he felt liberated, free. Harry supposed that that had something to do with the wings attached to his back, he loved flying, the wonderful, freeing sensation of the wind through his hair, to know that he could up and fly away whenever he wanted to, it relaxed him, eased the tension in his shoulders, calmed him, but no one believed him.

Ginny stayed close to him and so did Fred and George, making him laugh and smile and peek out of his shell a bit, which eased a few of the adults worries over him as they watched him play a game of tag with Ginny around the kitchen, ducking under the table, weaving around chairs and knocking people over. Fred and George joined in and even Charlie forgot he was an adult as he was tagged by Fred, which was more of a head slap. Though Charlie did only go for Fred, so Harry reasoned that maybe he wasn't actually playing with them but attempting to murder his brother instead. The game was only called to a stop when dinner was ready and Harry ate minimally, but nonetheless more than he had had so far at Grimmauld Place which made Mrs Weasley much happier.

August was really uneventful as Harry caught up with the homework that he hadn't been able to do at the Dursleys with the help of Remus and Bill. He moped about a bit, played silly games with Ginny and helped Fred and George with their joke shop creations whilst avoiding Ron and Hermione like the plague, several times Hermione had made to come and talk to him, but Ron either recaptured her interest or Harry darted away before she could open her mouth. He didn't want to speak to them.

When the morning of September first rolled around Harry was sitting in the kitchen waiting for everyone to be ready so they could set off for Kings Cross Station and then on to Hogwarts. He had been packed and ready for days as he hadn't seen the point in emptying his trunk just to pack it back up a few weeks later.

"How are you feeling, Harry?" Remus asked him softly as he sat with him in the kitchen listening to the herd of elephants charging up and down the stairs, Walburga Black screaming with all her might about Mudbloods and traitors.

"Fine. A bit excited, but nothing like how I was when I was younger." Harry answered calmly.

Remus looked at him strangely. "You seem to have simultaneously gotten more childish and more mature this summer. You played those childish games with Ginny to keep her from being bored, yet you seem to have become an adult before your time."

Harry smiled as he looked to Remus, his sole surviving Father figure. Several times over the month he had wanted to tell Remus about his Dracken inheritance, but every time he bottled out. What was he supposed to say? What if Remus reacted badly and told everyone else and he became an outlaw? Where would he go then? What would he do? He couldn't take the risk.

"HARRY! REMUS! WE NEED TO GO!" Mrs Weasley shouted from the hall, her voice just a smidge louder than Walburga Black.

Harry jumped up and hugged Remus tightly, not that it made a blind bit of difference to the werewolf, who held him back.

"Come on, cub. Are you sure you're all ready to go?"

Harry nodded his head. "Everything's packed, I have my new books and school supplies and I made doubly sure that I packed my socks and boxers, let's go. I can't wait to get out of here."

Remus looked at him sadly, knowing what he meant; it was hard for him to be here too, where he had fond memories of an adult Sirius before he had been taken once again from his life. He had stayed mainly for Harry, to a lesser extent to say goodbye to his old friend, because he hadn't had the chance to before he died.

"Is Hedwig on her way to Hogwarts?" He asked as he saw Harry carting around an empty owl cage.

"Yes, I let her go yesterday so she'd be there waiting for me."

"Alright then, let's get going before Molly shouts again."

Harry grinned as he claimed one more hug before heading into the hallway with a flustered Mrs Weasley and a troupe of people and trunks.

"How are we getting to the platform?" He asked curiously.

"Ministry cars again." Mr Weasley told him as he caught Harry's question over the din of noise.

Harry sighed but climbed into the car that didn't have Ron and Hermione in it as he reached the curb and the dark green cars on the road, even if he did end up in the 'adult' car, at least it meant he had a bit more time with Remus.

Eleven hours later found a sleepy and very hungry Harry taking a seat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. He sat down at the end, having no wish to sit near his friends. Ex-friends, he reminded himself bitterly. He got a few curious looks from his classmates but ignored them. It was none of their business anyway.

The hall went quiet when Professor McGonagall brought out the sorting hat. The tattered old hat sung its usual song of the houses, but also gave a cheerfully cryptic message about the rival houses soon being united. The new first years were sorted into their houses, the last student, a tiny blond boy, took a seat at the Ravenclaw table and finally, after the Headmaster had made his usual announcements, they were free to eat.

Harry had to be very careful not to pile his plate solely with meat as in the past he had eaten mainly fruits and vegetables due to his almost non-existent diet at the Dursleys, he had found that fruits and vegetables had lined his stomach better than meat and stopped the hunger pains for longer, but lately he had been craving meat more and more, ever since his birthday and subsequent inheritance actually, it must have been part of being a Dracken.

The bloodier the meat the better in his opinion, so he placed a large piece of blue rare steak on his plate along with his vegetables and chips. Once or twice Harry had caught himself thinking of how delicious it would taste to find something fresh to sink his teeth into. The thought made him shudder and it was not with disgust.

As he was about to take a bite of his steak he was suddenly aware of a pair of eyes drilling into him. Discreetly looking around for the source he found no one until he glanced up at the head table. It was Snape. Of course it was Snape. The Potions Professor's black eyes bore into him. Harry could not discern what that look was nor what he had done to gain himself such a look. He'd only been here for an hour.

Harry met the man's eyes for a moment before he quickly lowered them, his new found instincts telling him that without a dominant mate to protect him it was unwise to pick a fight with someone who could harm him. Glancing cautiously at the man from beneath his lashes he saw Snape's eyes narrow in suspicion at him.

Harry looked away from the man and kept his head down for the rest of dinner. He couldn't afford anyone, least of all Snape, finding out about his secret.

A delicate scent reached his nose and all at once his body started quivering and he tingled, as if his scales were trying to make an unwanted appearance. He pushed the feeling back ruthlessly. He couldn't afford to let them appear, not now, not in front of the entire student body. It would only spell utter disaster for him…and if he'd read that excerpt right, then it might even spell his death.

Dessert had come and gone and the Headmaster finally sent the children off to bed. Harry waited until the hall emptied out a bit before heading up to Gryffindor tower. Once he entered his dorm room he ignored Ron, said goodnight to Seamus, Dean and Neville, before he tugged closed his bed hangings and stripped off his clothes and climbed into bed. Despite being worried that Snape would find out about his secret, he fell asleep almost instantly.

It was two weeks into term and that light scent was driving him crazy! It was constantly around him, as if the actual castle was the one making it. It was driving him to the brink of destruction and he had hourly battles with himself to force his Dracken side down. No one else noticed of course, but Harry counted this as a blessing, the last thing he needed right now was another round of newspaper articles on how crazy and unstable he was after he'd defeated Voldemort several months ago.

Snape was also watching him relentlessly. The man was absolutely unshakeable. No matter how much Harry tried to act invisible or divert his attention to something else those eyes were always there, watching him closely. Snape thought that he was up to something unsavoury and until Harry stopped being so jumpy and nervous, he was unlikely to stop, but Harry was just so worried that Snape would figure out that he was a Dracken that he couldn't control it, he needed a dominant, he couldn't face off against Snape on his own, not now that he had come into a submissive inheritance, not when he was concentrating so much on making sure his scales and wings wouldn't just appear one day in class for everyone to see.

It was Halloween night and Harry had no interest in attending the feast. Instead he was taking full advantage of everyone else being at the feast to let his Dracken side out for the first time in two months.

He was deep in the forbidden forest, the moon, though not quite full as it was waning, was very bright tonight and lit the way for the young Dracken as he weaved his way through the undergrowth. Not that he needed the light, as a Dracken he had excellent night vision, but the moon was so big and beautiful tonight, Harry was glad that it was there to light up the sky.

After walking steadily for over thirty minutes, Harry deduced that he was far enough away from the school and called his Dracken features forward. It had been so long since he'd been able to and now that he could finally do so he felt the instantaneous bliss of letting go. His hair, his scales, his wings, his claws and his fangs all made their appearance. The white scales that covered his wings and grew in patches on his face, neck and hands glowed dimly in the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight to see, not that anyone was there to appreciate it other than himself.

Now that the liquid relief of letting his Dracken appearance out had diminished, there was something else that he had been wanting to take care of for the past three months, tasting raw meat.

Opening his new enhanced senses wide he listened for a specific movement. He could hear squirrels in their nests, owls hunting for their breakfasts, rabbits nibbling on clovers, mice scurrying along in the underbrush and then he heard what he'd been listening for, hoof falls on the leafy ground.

About thirty yards ahead of him were four deer. In an instant Harry was off, running with lightning speed and before anything else registered he had sunk his fangs into the jugular vein of a small doe. He wasn't strong, or experienced enough to go for a buck; he'd leave that to his dominant mate.

The three remaining deer had scarpered, bounding off into the forest. The deer that Harry had latched onto kicked in an effort to free itself and he swiftly sliced through its neck with his claws, silencing it for good.

The taste of blood was intoxicating and Harry could hardly keep himself from moaning aloud. Using his claws and fangs he tore off chunks of the still warm flesh and devoured it. It was the most delicious thing he had ever eaten and he couldn't get enough. He crouched down and dug in, tearing away at the hide with his fangs and claws to reach the tender meat underneath.

Halfway through his meal though, Harry stilled instinctively. He cocked he head, listening, ignoring the rivulets of blood pouring down his neck from his chin as he tried to puzzle out what had disturbed him. There was something out there. His head snapped itself to the left and he growled menacingly.

The growl that answered him was a deep, earth rumbling growl that shook him to his core. Harry shrank back. The figure that stepped out from behind the group of trees at the edge of the clearing he had chosen to eat in was tall and slender, but that wasn't what troubled Harry. No. He was a dominant Dracken. The first thing that Harry noticed about the Dominant was his wings. They spanned at least twenty feet and they easily dwarfed his own, which he pulled in tighter to cocoon himself, to protect himself.

The next thing that Harry noticed was the man himself. He was tall at approximately six foot three and was very muscled for such a slender body; he was not wearing a shirt. Scales done in bottomless obsidian and a deep dark amethyst were scattered over the man's wings, olive scales picked out over his bare, tanned skin that Harry could barely make out. His hair was as black as his scales and was chopped into layers that just covered his ears. His face was smooth and strong, angular and exotic looking. His slanted indigo eyes were cold and hard, but filled with warming lust as they devoured as much of Harry's skin as they could, lingering on his face and especially at his neck.

This man took the breath from Harry's lungs, took the oxygen from the very air around him and as Harry took a deep, shuddering breath, the Dracken opposite him made his move.

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