Last Time

"We can do all of that tomorrow, just sleep for now, it's getting late."

"Not even midnight." Max complained.

"We're parents now, anything past ten at night is late." Nasta argued.

Harry just blocked them out and inhaled deeply, shuffling a little in Draco's arms, and then nothing. He was fast asleep in just five minutes, and he only woke up when Taren started crying through the night, but it was Blaise's job to sort the baby out tonight, so he easily rolled over and went back to sleep.

Chapter One Hundred-Thirty-One – Fatigue

Just eight days after Kimberly's birthday, and two days after their trip to the garden centre, they were over at Idris' house, for Sanex's forty-second birthday.

"Harry, how are you feeling, Cariad aur?"

"Good." Harry said, smiling.

"Bore da!" Regan greeted happily from Harry's arms.

"Ah, prynhawn da, machgen i." Idris greeted, taking Regan from Harry and tossing him in the air.

Farren came running over, and pulled on Idris' leg, and Harry laughed.

"Prynhawn da, bwlyn." Idris greeted Farren.

"Did you just call my child fat?" Nasta demanded, narrowing his eyes on his uncle.

"You know it means plump little boy."

"It means little ball, or door knob."

"You'll give him a complex." Harry insisted, picking up Farren and cuddling him.

"It wasn't malicious, I love these little babies." Idris said, putting Regan down and reaching out to take Farren from him.

"Take care when using such terms as endearment, hen ddwylo."

"Who are you calling old?" Idris demanded with a grin.

Harry rolled his eyes at the both of them and ducked out of their conversation. He hugged Aneirin as he found him, and got a smile for his trouble.

"Harry, are you okay?"

"Yeah, a bit tired, but Taren didn't really let any of us sleep last night. He was awake every few hours, sometimes for no reason other than he wanted to be in someone's arms. Max was on duty last night, and he said he was sat up in bed for half the night, just cradling Taren and trying not to fall asleep. In the end he took him downstairs at five a.m. and Nasta found him in the morning sleeping on the settee, with Taren asleep on his chest."

"Your family are here if you need a break, even if it's just overnight. In fact, in two days I'm going to Australia, and it's a completely different time zone, so I'll be awake all night if you want me to look after him."

"Won't he distract you from your work?" Harry asked.

Aneirin laughed and gave him a squeeze. "Harry, I raised three children like that. Taren isn't going to be any more distracting than Angharad complaining about her homework while I'm trying to conduct a meeting, Sanex having a meltdown because he wanted to be outside, and Nasta asking a million questions and demanding to be taught the language of whatever country we happened to be in at the time."

"Are you talking me down to Harry at my own birthday party?" Sanex asked, coming over smiling. "Hey, Harry."

"Hi, Sanex. Happy birthday." Harry said.

"I'm not talking you down, I'm just explaining that Taren won't be any trouble for me, or my work, if Harry allows me to take him overnight."

"Oh, then in that case I say let him do it, Harry. Seriously, he managed three of us and his work, and he took us to meetings with him as well. He was trying to have a serious conversation and barter terms, and we were using the office chair as a toy, pressing our dirty hands and noses to the windows, or going through desk drawers. Nasta peed himself on the carpet once."

Harry burst out laughing, and Sanex grinned at him.

"What did you tell him?" Nasta asked warily as he came over to join them.

"Nothing." Sanex insisted innocently. "Just that time in Prague when you peed on that businessman's office carpet."

"I was three!" Nasta burst out indignantly.

"Four." Aneirin corrected with a fond smile. "You thought you were being a good, big boy holding yourself for so long, but that accident was inevitable. You should have just asked for the toilet, calon bach."

Nasta groaned and turned away, making his father and brother laugh at him.

Harry grinned and slipped an arm around Nasta's hips. "We could always put plastic on the mattress if you need it."

Sanex laughed louder, and Nasta turned to him with a playful growl.

"I'll remind you that the only one who has ever peed the bed is you." Nasta said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

"Yeah, after a heat period. That just means you and the others didn't see to my needs fast enough." Harry harrumphed.

"He has you there, Nasta." Aneirin said, though he was smiling.

"If you called out the moment you woke up, we could get to you faster."

"It's cosy in bed, though. I don't really get uncomfortable until I start moving, and by then it's usually too late."

"We might have to make use of the baby monitors." Nasta teased.

"Oh, you mean like when me and Blaise made use of them to…"

"No!" Nasta said quickly. "No, not like that."

"What did you and Blaise do with baby monitors?" Sanex asked curiously.

Harry just grinned mischievously, and Nasta groaned.

"Don't ask, Nex. Seriously, don't ask."

Harry chuckled.

"Sanex, happy birthday." Max greeted, coming over to join them, Taren tucked in his one arm, fast asleep and looking as peaceful as a little angel. In direct contrast to poor Max who looked like hell.

"Damn, Max, a few sleepless nights there, buddy?" Sanex asked him.

"Just the one, though obviously with a newborn in the house none of us are getting much sleep at the moment."

"I was just trying to convince Harry to allow me to take Taren for the night. I'm going to Australia in two days, so I'll have to be awake all night anyway. I managed with my own children, and he isn't going to be any trouble."

"Oh, thank Merlin!" Max said. "Here, take him. I beg you."

Max carefully handed Taren over and Harry snorted and shook his head.

"He said in two days, Max. Not now."

"I'd take this little angel any day." Aneirin insisted.

"Wait until he starts crying out all night because he wants to be continuously held. Harry, my dearest love, we are not having any more of them soon, are we?" Max pretended to plead.

"I fucking hope not." Harry said seriously.

Max laughed and came to hug him, wrapping his arms around him and keeping them there. Harry smiled up at him, and got a kiss to the forehead for it. He ignored Aneirin's disapproving look because of his language.

"Sanex, I…please help."

Harry smiled at Crista, Sanex's girlfriend, especially as he saw Tegan latching onto her.

"What's wrong?" Sanex asked.

"I think it might be because my daughter is latched around her leg, Nex." Nasta pointed out.

"She likes showing solidarity with other women." Harry nodded. "She scouts out any other women or girls and latches onto them. I think your aunt Nerys had something to do with that." Harry added, speaking to Nasta.

"More than likely." Nasta agreed.

"I…what do I do with her?" Crista asked.

"Well, you can leave her where she is, or you can just pick her up, whatever you want." Harry said, shrugging.

"You'd let me?" Crista asked.

"Well, sure." Harry said, pretending to be obtuse about the fact that she was a werewolf. He had never cared about such things.

Crista watched them for a moment, and when neither of his mates made any noise of disagreement against it, she bent down and then gently lifted Tegan into her arms.

Tegan immediately started playing with the necklace that Crista was wearing.

"Tegan, be careful with that." Harry said firmly.

"Yuh." Tegan answered, and gentled her touch.

"She's beautiful." Crista told them with dewy eyes.

"Well, she's my brother's kid, so our child could look like her too." Sanex said.

Crista laughed. "I wouldn't mind if she was like Tegan."

"Oh, you can keep her, we have seven others." Max told her.

"Max, please stop giving our children away to other people." Harry sighed.

"I will when we're not quite so overrun." Max replied.

"It's only going to get worse from here on out." Harry warned.

Max smiled at him, and squeezed him again.

"I'm only kidding." He said. "I love all of our babies, and I can't wait to have some more with you. I particularly enjoy making them. I just want some sleep."

Harry laughed, joined by Sanex. Crista went red, Nasta rolled his eyes and gave a warning of 'Max' and Aneirin narrowed his eyes on them.

Blaise wandered over, Leolin in his arms, and he broke the mood immediately, as Aneirin smiled at his little Faerie grandson, who had been given a small, sprouting daffodil bulb to cuddle.

"How has he been since you planted your garden?"

"Much more stable, and less angry." Harry nodded, tickling Leolin's chin with two fingers. "We're hoping that his mood will improve further when we sort out his nursery too. The plants will be arriving either tomorrow, or the day after. I can't believe we never thought of it before now."

"We were a little distracted with five other kids at the time, and then along came Eva and Ave, now Taren as well. Don't beat yourself up about not thinking of it sooner, we've sorted it now." Max told him.

Harry nodded and smiled up at him. "I love you." He declared.

Max grinned down at him and bent for another kiss, a proper kiss this time, and Harry lifted an arm to wrap it around his neck to keep him there a moment longer.

"Have you had any of your promised dinners yet?" Sanex asked him.

Harry shook his head. "No, not yet, but I've been promised that it will be soon."

"It will be." Nasta assured him.

"Good." Harry said. "I'm getting hyped up about it."

"Very soon." Max told him.

Harry tipped his head back and smiled. "I honestly can't wait. We need to do more date nights through the year. I know we always celebrate our individual anniversaries, and a group one too, but we need more date nights just because, and not for any special reason."

"We'll do anything you want, Bello." Blaise assured him.

Harry inhaled deeply, and settled himself. Despite their ups and downs, he had chosen his mates right. They might fight and argue at times, the last year had been a bit of a horrendous rollercoaster, but they were doing better, and he was hopeful for the future. He couldn't imagine his life without all four of them now, and definitely not without all nine of his precious babies.

Sanex's party had been wonderful, and they'd stayed much later than they had planned, but it was nice to catch up with family. In the end they'd all been sitting on the settees, the kids sleeping on the floor, on laps, or in Taren's case, in the pram they had brought with them. They'd had tea, and several nice conversations, and then Max had flooed the kids back home one by one, along with Blaise who had started developing a headache and needed some space and quiet.

The following day they had a delivery right around midday, while the kids were eating their lunch, and about to go down for their naps.

"Harry, it's Leolin's nursery garden." Draco told him, coming back into the kitchen. "Where do you want it all?"

Harry was standing immediately and hurrying down the hallway to see all the potted plants and trees he'd ordered for Leolin being removed carefully from the back of a lorry.

He screeched excitedly, and bounced in place, waiting for the two deliverymen to bring the items up to the house.

Harry might have felt guilty, as they had a very long driveway, but both men had a trolley to wheel the plants up to the house.

"Hey, where do you want this?" One asked him.

"Right here is fine, thank you." Harry said, indicating the area in front of the door.

"You sure? Some of this is heavy."

"That's okay, I have my own heavy lifters here." Harry said with a grin.

"We're basically grunts." Max said, coming up behind him. He looked at the plants, some of them full grown mini trees in heavy pots. "I can move all of this, no problem."

The men looked a little sceptical, but then shrugged, and went back for more stuff. The truth was that Harry could move it all himself if he was so inclined, all it would take was a wave of his wand.

"I have everything planned out perfectly, so I want to lay out the nursery, but if you could get it all upstairs for me, Max."

"Sure thing." Max told him. "What do you want first?"

"That one." Harry said, pointing to the biggest tree currently there in a beautiful blue and gold pot.

"You go on up, and I'll levitate it up to you."

Harry nodded and he all but ran up the stairs. Then he had been feeling better in recent days, and he was recovering well from birthing Taren.

He had already moved all of Leolin's furniture in preparation for this make-over, and he knew exactly where he wanted everything.

Max came in, the tree floating behind him, and Harry pointed to where he wanted it.

"Right there, Max."

"Sure thing, gorgeous."

Harry watched as the tree was placed down in one of the corners, and Harry looked at it happily.

"Shall I bring everything up, or do you want to pick?"

"No, bring it up, but leave it in the hallway. I'll sort it from there."

"You're so cute when you're all excited."

Harry grinned. "I could use that as an innuendo, but I want this sorted."

Max winked at him, then went down to start getting more stuff brought up for him.

Harry had ordered a lot and it became obvious that he had when he saw it all taking over the passageway, but as he used a sticking charm to put hanging baskets on the ceiling, over Leolin's cot, and arranged little potted succulents on his dresser and changing table, Harry couldn't bring himself to care. Leolin needed this for his health, so it was going to be done.

"This isn't all going in this room is it?" Max asked him. "We'll lose Leolin in that jungle."

Harry snorted. "No, I've got some plants that can go in the kids' rooms too. I thought maybe all of them might like a bit of greenery in their rooms."

"Right, can I do that for you? Or do you want to do it all by yourself? You know we don't want you doing too much still."

"Hold on." Harry said, finishing what he was doing, before going out into the hallway. "Right, that one there is for Braiden's room."

Max picked up the spiky plant that Harry had pointed out.

"Just put it on his dresser, Max." Harry called out, before levitating another plant into Leolin's nursery.

With the help of magic it didn't take very long to place the plants and flowers, and once done, Harry stood with his hands on his hips, looking at the changed nursery proudly.

"Well done, Harry, it looks amazing. Leolin will definitely sleep better in here." Max told him.

Harry wrapped his mate in a hug, and pulled Max down into a kiss.

"Don't start things you can't finish, love." Max growled.

"I'm over my six week sex ban. I can do more than just finish, Max." Harry said with a wink, and then left his mate standing there as he headed back downstairs.

"All done?" Draco asked him.

Harry nodded with a smile. "It looks great too."

"Good, because he really needs a Faerie moment." Blaise answered, cuddling Leolin in his arms. A Leolin who was squirming and fighting him as much as he could.

Harry sighed. "Take him up to his new room then, and show him some of his new plants. He'll like that."

Blaise nodded, and carried Leolin upstairs. Harry sat down, and picked up Ave and settled her onto his lap, and he started playing with her hair.

"Do you want tea?" Nasta asked him.

Harry nodded. "Please, Nas."

"Take a rest now, Harry."

He nodded yet again. "I will. I'm getting better, and fitter, I want to get back to normal now, but I do understand that it'll take time."

Nasta kissed him on his way past, and Harry sunk back into his seat. This was nice. This was how he wanted them to be, always. Not to say that he didn't understand that they wouldn't argue from time to time, he did, but he really hoped that they never had another fight. Not to the calibre of the one that had almost torn them apart.

He would keep going for his therapy sessions, and he would continue to learn and implement all that he was taught, but he would not live in a house that put him, or his children, in danger. If there ever was a next time, then he was gone, no matter how much it would break his heart to leave his own mates, and he would be taking his children with him. There was never going to be another chance for them.

Two weeks, and now into April, Harry had been treated to two of his make-up meals, from Nasta and Max, already, and today was his meal from Draco.

He had had a bath ready, and he was getting dressed. It was a little late, as it was already getting on for seven, but Draco had assured him that it didn't matter.

The kids were already sleeping, Taren was with Nasta, Max, and Blaise, and Harry was excited to see where they would be going.

He hurried down the stairs, and he went into the kitchen to find Draco ready and waiting for him.

"You always look so handsome all dressed up in a suit." Draco told him, looking at him appreciatively.

"It's a little tight." Harry complained, pulling at the collar. "I could have used a size bigger."

"If you're uncomfortable then go and change." Max told him. "Or undo a few buttons."

"I want to look nice." Harry said.

"You always look nice." Draco told him. "Max is right, you could have come down in your pyjamas and it would have been fine."

"But, we're going out." Harry frowned.

Draco smiled. "No, we're not. We're having our meal still, but I had an idea, so if you want to change to be more comfortable you can."

"I don't understand."

"Follow me."

Harry had no other choice really, as Draco grabbed his hand and pulled him to the smaller living room, the lights were dimmed, the double doors closed, the fire was roaring, and there was a table set for two.

He was so surprised that he laughed.

"I thought that maybe you'd like to have a meal at home, just us, to break up the monotony. Truthfully I just didn't want to do the same as the others."

Harry smiled and kissed Draco's cheek. "It's brilliant." He insisted, even as he reached up and yanked off his tie and undid the collar button on his shirt.

"You can take off your belt too." Draco told him. "I should have explained what smart casual meant for tonight."

Draco himself was wearing formal trousers and a shirt, but the top buttons were open, the sleeves were rolled back, and it was untucked. Harry definitely liked the careless look. He immediately copied Draco's look, and undid a few more buttons and took off his belt.

"Better?" Draco asked him, smiling.

He nodded. "Much. So we're having dinner here?"

"Yes, come and sit down."

"Did you make our food, or did Max?" Harry asked, even as he allowed Draco to sit him at the table and tuck him under.

"Neither of us." Draco replied, scandalised. "I didn't want to poison you, and it's hardly a proper meal if I had Max cook it. I ordered from a restaurant, but had the food delivered here."

"Ooo, where from?" Harry asked interestedly.

"A new place called The Shining Garden. My mother was telling me about it when I last went to see her. She insists that it's the next hot spot of fine dining, following the almost ruin of The Garnet Swan after their treatment of you."

Harry blinked as the name stirred memories of a jealous hostess hitting on Max, and having a bottle of wine tipped over his head, and a burning anger that had almost brought out his Dracken side. That had been the same night they had all gotten completely pissed and gone to that awful muggle hotel and woken up very sore, from too much sex and too much alcohol.

"I didn't realise that that incident had ruined them."

Draco gave him a smile, as if he were just adorable, and Harry scowled at him.

"You're still hailed as a celebrity and a hero, Harry. It wasn't so much anything that you'd done, but people started boycotting it after that incident in solidarity with you, and how you'd been treated. Their reputation never recovered."

"Oh." Harry said, having nothing else to say about it.

"But still, this isn't why we're here. I want to make amends for what happened on Valentine's Day. You more than deserve it, I'm just sorry that we…that I keep messing up."

"I don't want us to keep being this way." Harry said sadly.

"I don't either. I want us to learn, to become better, and we will. I swear it."

That made Harry smile, and he picked up the wine glass, of what he assumed was grape juice, to toast Draco, who clinked their glasses together gently.

Harry coughed and his eyes widened as he tasted actual wine. He gave a smirk to Draco, who smirked back.

"Compliments of the restaurant. I guess I forgot to tell them to miss out the wine. Oops."

"What Nasta doesn't know." Harry teased, and Draco winked, despite the both of them knowing that Nasta would absolutely be able to taste the wine on them later. Harry was sure he wouldn't begrudge them a bottle of wine anyway, he'd be a hypocrite if he did, because they'd had two glasses of wine each with their own meal.

Draco went to the coffee table, where there were charmed containers that were labelled. He picked up two that were labelled as starters, and Draco served Harry first, removing the lid with a flourish, before putting his own plate down.

"I did order for you, I know you like ordering for yourself, but if you don't like it, we can swap."

"Can't we trade bites anyway?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Draco insisted, offering Harry the first bite of his own starter.

"Mmm…I like it." Harry said, before taking a bite of his own food. "I like this too."

"That makes me really happy to hear." Draco assured him. "You're getting much better with your food."

Harry forced a smile, trying not to think on just why he wasn't good with trying new things. Instead he focused on the positive…he was much more healthy these days, and he was eating better.

"I think all these pregnancies are helping. Some of the cravings have been weird." Harry said with a grin. "It makes me more willing to try new, but more normal foods."

"It's a wonderful side effect of getting more children." Draco told him.

Harry smiled. "A bit of needed weight gain."

"You know we all find it a turn on that you're becoming healthier."

Harry gave Draco a wink, and washed his mouthful down with some wine.

"I'm definitely past the sex ban now, all of that is behind us."

Draco snorted. "As if the last week hadn't proven that. The racket that you and Max made two nights ago could have woken the dead."

Harry laughed as he remembered him and Max stumbling home from their own meal, a little bit tipsy, very giggly, and rather loud as they had sex on the stairs, thinking that they wouldn't disturb their mates or children. They had been wrong, and their mates had been sat up in bed waiting for them when they arrived in the bedroom some twenty minutes later, all three of them wearing similar expressions of incredulity.

"Well, I could start my breeding cycle any day now. I don't really want to, I don't want another heat period…" Harry chuckled. "Taren is enough for now, he's only two months old, so no more babies for at least a year. Longer if I can wrangle it." He grinned.

"We'll try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible, you know that we will." Draco told him.

Harry sighed. "I wish my Dracken thought that way, and that he would accommodate my wishes. Knowing my luck I'll have a heat period next month and have a baby for fucking Christmas."

Draco chuckled then. "Try not to borrow trouble, Harry."

"I'll try." Harry replied sarcastically, and Draco laughed again.

"I love you." Draco told him. "We keep saying it, then we keep letting you down, but I can only speak for myself really, when I tell you that I am going to work so hard, and go through all the therapy and anger management needed, to ensure that this never happens again. I love you, and I will prove it to you, Harry."

"That's all I wanted." He said softly. "I want the large, loving family. I don't want us to be at each other's throats all the time. I…I had enough of that in my childhood, Draco. I can't live like that as an adult, with my own children. I refuse."

Draco looked at him seriously, and bent over the table to kiss his cheek.

"Never again, Harry. I will never put you in this position again."

That made Harry smile. "Enough of this now, I want a nice meal, and my plate happens to be empty."

Draco stood as if electrocuted, and Harry laughed at him, watching as Draco went a little pink cheeked for his enthusiasm, but he took both of their empty plates away, and went back to the coffee table to pick up the covered plates labelled as mains.

"Do you want beef or pork, Harry?"

"Ooo, choices, choices…I think I want pork, is that okay?"

"Of course." Draco told him, bringing the plates over and crossing his arms to place the one in his left hand in front of Harry. "We can share as well if you like, or even switch if you don't like it."

Harry smiled at Draco for that, he didn't so much mind others ordering for him, especially not his mates who knew him so well, but he liked having the option of having something else if he wanted it.

The pork loin was cooked perfectly, and Harry hummed in appreciation upon his first bite. Draco had steak, and Harry was not ashamed of how quickly he asked for a bite, and he ignored Draco's soft look as Harry took the large bite from his fork.

There was a tension building between them as they ate, it wasn't a bad tension, quite the opposite, as Harry found himself getting aroused and shifty in his seat. He smiled to himself. He and Nasta hadn't had sex after their meal, Taren had made it pretty much impossible as he had a bad night and refused to sleep, so Harry had held him for most of the night, but he and Max had definitely had sex after their meal…drunk and on the stairs of all places.

Taren was kept well in hand, he was with the others, and being at home for their meal, well, Harry could have Draco on the settee, or on the rug, he wasn't that fussy. He liked this set up of a formal dinner, but at home. He was more relaxed and comfortable, and he still got restaurant quality food. He still thought that Max was the better cook, of course, but sometimes different was good, if only to remind him of how much he appreciated Max and his cooking skills, and all that he did for them and their family.

Harry chose the chocolate cheesecake for his desert, leaving Draco with the strawberry and cream pudding, but considering Harry ate his own dessert, and half of Draco's too, it didn't really matter which he had chosen, but he would always choose the chocolate option if it was there.

"I really enjoyed our date night, Draco." Harry said, smiling at his mate once they were both done.

"I'm glad that you gave me the chance."

"I was always going to." Harry said, then turned teasing. "You know how much I like good food, and flouting Nasta's limit on wine."

"We polished off the entire bottle." Draco said, smirking. "Do you think he'll just lecture? Or are we in for a spanking."

"Hmm…" Harry pretended to consider it. "I'm sure I could entice him into spanking."

Draco laughed, and Harry shot him a bright grin.

"Really though, thank you for dinner, it was really nice. We should go to this restaurant when we have the meal with all five of us in June."

"I'll make sure Nasta knows." Draco told him. "Do you want to go and join the others?"

Harry considered it, then shook his head. "No, not just yet. Let's just stay here for a little longer, just the both of us."

Draco couldn't hide how pleased that made him, and Harry smiled too, knowing that he had made the right decision. He stood, and went to the settee, and beckoned Draco to follow him. They sat together and Harry curled into his mate, and turned a little flirty, running a hand over Draco's shirt, over his chest, playing with his buttons.

"You know, they're not going to miss us for a while yet." Harry purred softly, and he had the pleasure of seeing Draco's eyes widen, then darken with lust.

Draco pulled him into a kiss, but it was Harry who slipped onto his lover's lap, straddling him. They kissed for a while, touching, just enjoying one another. It was nice, but it became not enough all too soon. Harry wanted, needed, more and he made a frustrated, eager noise.

Draco stood with him, and carried him over to the roaring fire, laying him down on the fluffy rug. Harry stretched out, and wriggled himself enticingly, and Draco just looked down at him, in that smug, male way that made Harry squirm and reach out for his mate, feeling loved and desired, despite his baby weight.

"You are so beautiful." Draco told him, looking at him up and down, his expression showing just how lucky he was, and Harry felt sexy. Sexy and powerful.

It was slightly too hot by the fire, it being April, but it set the mood, and it got Harry out of his clothes quicker, as he stripped completely.

Draco laid over him, and even his skin was slightly too hot to touch while lying in front of the fire, but it also had the effect of enflaming their passions. Harry felt desperate, he wanted Draco, and he wanted him now. He was so happy to reunite with his mates in such a way. To be physically intimate with them once again after birthing Taren. He was ready, and he was getting all the sex he could possibly want, going one-on-one with all of his mates, working his way back up to taking all four of them as a group again. He couldn't wait for that moment, when all five of them were in bed together, hands and mouths everywhere, and he experienced such a rush of lust that his Dracken side burst out, and he reached up for Draco to drag him into a kiss, even as he folded down his wings to cushion them behind his back.

"Going a little feral on me?" Draco teased, even as he unfurled his own wings.

"Just a little." Harry said, slightly embarrassed about his momentary loss of control.

Draco kissed his cheek, before moving over to kiss his mouth, and Harry latched onto him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close and tight. This was exactly what he wanted, what he needed, even if the fire was too hot, he didn't care. He wanted Draco, and he would have him.

Harry was smiling wide enough to hurt as he entered the kitchen to get a cup of tea, and Max took one look at him and whistled.

"Harry, looks like you had some fun, my love." He ribbed.

Harry laughed, and went to hug him tightly.

"Ooo, smells like you had fun too." Max added, giving him a gentle squeeze, but dipping his nose to his neck and inhaling deeply.

"I had a lot of fun." Harry assured him. "I ache pleasantly, my belly is full, but I've been too long without a cup of tea."

"Draco in a coma?" Blaise asked him, smiling at Harry's rosy cheeks.

"Something like that." Harry laughed. "I left him on the rug in front of the fire."

"Did you enjoy his idea of having a meal at home?" Nasta asked him.

"Considering it meant we didn't even have to move to have sex afterwards, I'm going to say it was a brilliant idea." Harry said, sitting down while Max boiled the kettle for him.

"Was the food nice?" Blaise asked.

Harry nodded. "It was perfect!" Harry said. "Draco let me choose what I wanted out of what he'd ordered, and I tried what he had anyway."

"Did you steal his dessert?" Max asked him, teasingly.

Harry had the grace to blush, and his three mates laughed.

"Only half of it." Harry told them.

"You have such a sweet tooth." Max said, grinning, even as he added a spoonful of honey to Harry's tea, stirring it vigorously.

"I do like sweet things." Harry said softly, but his mind had gone to why he liked sweet things. He thought of the Dursleys for the first time in a while, and how they had denied him food, including everything and anything sweet. No. It wasn't any wonder that he now had a sweet tooth, especially after months of keeping chocolate from Hogwarts under the loose floorboard in his bedroom, hoarding sweets like a squirrel just so he wouldn't starve to death.

Max dropping a kiss to his face startled him, and broke him from his thoughts.

"Don't think about it, Harry." He was told, as Max placed the cup of tea in front of him.

Harry smiled and picked up the cup, taking a deep sip. He sighed happily.

"Perfect, as always, Max."

"I have all of your preferences down to a fine art form by now." Max told him, ruffling his hair.

"I don't know, Nasta has the better technique when it comes to hip rolling." Blaise put in, and Harry snorted out a mouthful of tea, laughing, cursing too as he sprayed the table.

"You're just angling for sex tonight, aren't you?" Max asked with a smirk.

"Well Harry and Draco have had some fun. You and Harry had fun, you and Nasta had fun. I feel rather left out."

"Then allow me to rectify this." Max purred, leaving Harry and going to wrap Blaise in his arms, kissing over his neck.

Harry grinned at them both, watching as Max started getting rather amorous with Blaise, and he sat right where he was, drinking his tea, as Nasta wiped off the table for him.

"Where's Taren?" He asked Nasta, who seemed a little distracted watching the other two.

"Hmm? Oh, he's in his cot upstairs. He's being a good boy tonight."

Harry nodded, pleased that Taren was at least sleeping. He didn't like that their baby was waking up through the night to cry because he wanted company.

"How are you feeling?"

"A little tired." Harry answered. "Maybe a little sore too, but then me and Draco really went at it, but mostly I'm just really happy."

"You know that makes us happy to hear too."

Harry nodded. He turned to watch as Max flirted with Blaise, and he took another drink of tea, watching them with a smile.

"Wanna take this upstairs?" Max purred to Blaise, who nodded happily.

Harry chuckled and watched as Max picked up Blaise in a princess hold and hurried him away to the bedroom.

"You can go with them, Nas." Harry told him. "You know I don't mind. I might go back and snuggle with Draco."

Nasta shook his head. "No. I'll play with them soon, but not now."

Harry looked at him, wondering why Nasta didn't want to go and have sex, but he figured that maybe he was just tired, or not in the mood, and he instead stood up to go back into the living room with the sleeping Draco, and he pulled Nasta with him.

"We'll give them an hour to themselves, and then head up ourselves." He said, sipping on his tea and sitting on the settee, turning to snuggle into Nasta when his mate sat with him.

"Are you really feeling alright, Harry?" Nasta asked him, looking him over.

Harry hummed, and considered it. "Yeah, I really am, Nas. Today was a good day, and I'm a little tired, I think we can all say that though, can't we? We have a newborn in the house, so tiredness goes hand in hand with Taren."

"We'll go to sleep soon." Nasta assured him. "Though Draco has a head start on us."

Harry smirked over at the naked Draco, sleeping peacefully in front of the fire.

"It just means he'll be fully rested tomorrow, when he's on Taren duty overnight." Harry grinned.

Nasta chucked and pulled Harry in tighter to himself, adjusting his hold on him so that they were both more comfortable.

"I see you had some wine." Nasta said with a smirk.

Harry smirked right back. "What are you going to do about it?" He purred softly.

Nasta grinned, and pulled Harry into a soft kiss. "Nothing." He said against Harry's lips. "We all deserve a bit of alcohol to mellow us out."

Harry narrowed his eyes on his mate. "Who are you and where is my actual mate?" He demanded.

Nasta rolled his eyes at the painfully clichéd line. "As if you don't know me by scent by now."

Harry laughed. "Give me more credit than that, I know you by touch as well, and just by listening to you all. I even know your resting heartrates and what they sound like."

Harry laid his head over Nasta's chest, and smiled as he heard the strong, rhythmic thumping of his heart that he recognised immediately as being Nasta's. Nasta dropped a kiss to his head and that made Harry's smile widen, especially when Nasta started stroking his back, slightly to the side, just as Harry liked it.

He hummed happily in appreciation of the touch and wrapped his arms more firmly around Nasta. He really enjoyed cwtching with his mates, sometimes a nice, long, squeezy cuddle was the best thing in the world, and honestly, he'd been fed to his limit, he'd already had earth-shattering sex, and he'd had tea, so a good, long cuddle was all he was missing.

Nasta held him for so long that Harry was starting to doze off. The room was still overly-warm because of the burning fire, and Harry was tired. His eyes had drifted shut, his breathing was evening out, and then Draco woke himself up with a groan, and Harry's eyes fluttered open to look at him.

"What time is it?" Draco asked Nasta.

"A little after ten." Nasta replied quietly.

Draco blinked and looked around. "Where are Max and Blaise?"

"They felt a little left out after Harry came into the kitchen looking and smelling of sex, so they went to play with one another for a bit."

Harry chuckled sleepily at that.

"Oh, you are awake. I wasn't sure." Nasta said, his arms flexing around Harry and shifting him deeper into his mate's lap.

"I was dropping off a little, then I heard Draco waking up." Harry said, before trying and failing to smother a yawn.

"I'm still tired." Draco insisted. "But the fire is getting way too hot."

"Helped set the mood perfectly though." Harry said with a grin.

"Now that you're awake, we can go up. I'm sure Max and Blaise would be finished by now, they've had over an hour."

Harry refused to let go of Nasta, however, and just wrapped around him, even as their top dominant started locking down the house and switching off lights.

When he was eventually carried upstairs, Blaise and Max were sparked out, both naked and cuddling in the middle of the bed, barely covered by the messed up duvet.

Nasta sighed and settled Harry down behind Max, letting him snuggle in, even as he sorted out the duvet, getting it back to rights, and covering them all over.

Draco crawled in behind Harry, and threw an arm around him, kissing his shoulder. Harry turned to face him, so that he could cuddle in properly with him, kissing his lips before tucking his head under Draco's chin.

Nasta was on baby duty tonight, so he climbed in behind Blaise after getting himself into his pyjamas. Max muttered in his sleep, and Nasta let out a soft growl of reassurance, which immediately settled all of them down and made them relax. Their top dominant was here, and he was watching over them.

Harry smiled and snuggled further into Draco, feeling Max just behind him. He inhaled deeply and allowed himself to just drift off…nice and slowly…nice and peacefully.

Time was slipping away from them all a little, as May started and Harry had no idea where April had even gone. They'd gone to Caesar's thirty-second birthday on the tenth, and then Teddy's second birthday on the twentieth, and that was a disaster waiting to happen, as Teddy had made his own little friends, and adding all of Harry's brood to the little cottage was…tight. Not to mention chaotic. They had only stayed for a few hours, it had just been too much, but Harry had greeted Teddy and handed over his gift, and he'd spoken to Remus and Tonks a little, the Weasleys had all been there, which hadn't helped the feelings of claustrophobia, but Harry had enjoyed talking to them anyway.

It was also a complete delight to see Fleur and Bill's five month old daughter, Victoire. She was as beautiful as a little doll, with her mother's silver-blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Harry had definitely fawned over her, in her tiny, frilly little white dress that had been accented in a delicate baby blue and matching socks.

Now the Dracken meeting was that evening, and Harry didn't want to go. He didn't want to dress his babies up, and drag them to the council halls, it was hard enough to keep track of all of them in their house, let alone in a room teeming with strangers.

"We'll have family to help us." Max assured him, taking note of Harry's worried frown.

"I know, I just…I don't really like it. I've been feeling off lately."

"Off how?" Blaise asked him, looking at him critically, sounding worried himself.

"Like your breeding cycle has started?" Nasta asked him.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe, but I just feel…off."

"How long have you felt like this?" Max asked him.

Harry shrugged again. "I can't really pinpoint it, but a few days at least, though breakfast this morning was the worst."

"So it's getting worse, not better?"

Harry sighed. "It's not unbearable, I'm not sick, feverish, or anything like that. I'm just…not myself, or not one hundred percent."

Nasta came to him and held his arms out, leaving the decision up to him. Harry embraced him and knowing what was coming next, he cocked his head to the side and allowed Nasta to inhale his scent deeply from the crux of his neck. He was happy that he and his mates had progressed to asking permission for this little ritual, instead of just lifting him from his feet and sniffing him regardless, often while he kicked, squirmed and fought them every step of the way. They really were learning and coming on much better.

"There's definitely something to your scent." Nasta said consideringly. "You don't smell overwhelmingly sick, but your scent has changed very slightly. It could be an indication that you're preparing to go into your breeding cycle, so we'll keep an eye on you, just don't try to fight it, Harry. If your diet changes because of your cycle, fighting against it is harmful."

Harry nodded sadly. He wasn't ready for another child just yet. Taren was so bloody needy, and he liked to be held at nearly all times. Draco was currently walking him up and down the hallway, trying to get him to take his afternoon nap, and Taren was fighting him every step of the way. If Draco dared stop walking, or tried putting him down, Taren would burst their eardrums with the shrillest screeching imaginable.

"Do you want to rest? Maybe some tea?" Max asked him.

"I'd like tea." Harry said with a smile.

"Well at least it's not serious enough to affect your tea belly." Max teased.

Harry blew a raspberry at him before turning back to his babies. Many of them were napping, but Farren wasn't, and neither was Leolin, who had only just woken up from a nap.

"Farren, sweetie, come here." Harry called out softly.

Farren looked up, put down the toy he'd been holding, and hurried over to him. He was getting so much better at walking, and running, and Harry smiled at him.

"Do you want to read a book with me?" Harry asked.

"Yuh. Want story."

Harry snuggled him onto his lap and dragged a book towards him. Max left his tea on the coffee table, and when Harry finished reading he released Farren and bent forward for his tea.

Farren crawled off, got himself to his feet, and went to beg Max for a biscuit.

"Daddy, usk!"

"You're not having a rusk, Farren." Max told him.

"Want usk!"

Harry watched Max try to deny Farren a biscuit with an amused grin, taking a sip of tea as Max groaned as Farren asked again for a rusk.

Max swept their son up and threw him over his shoulder, holding him in place and tickling him.

"You are biscuit mad!" He declared. "No biscuits, you'll ruin your dinner!"

"Want usk, Daddy!"

"No." Max said, putting Farren back on the floor.

Farren started crying then, but Max still held firm. Harry got a taste of his own medicine when Farren turned those tear-filled teal eyes to him.

"Mummy, want usk!"

"No, sweetie." Harry said, "Daddy Max has already said no."

Farren dramatically fell to the floor and started full out crying.

Harry sighed and allowed Max to comfort their little boy.

"Do you want some cucumber instead?" Max asked him.

Farren, still crying, nodded his head. "Yeah."

"Come on then. You can't have biscuits, but I can give you some cucumber sticks. They won't spoil your dinner."

Max carried Farren into the kitchen and Harry snorted and turned back to his tea. He checked on Leolin, but he was perfectly happy with his light up ball.

Draco came in with a sleeping Taren, looking exhausted.

"Oh, well done." Harry praised.

"He's a complete terror." Draco complained. "Why is he so fussy?"

Harry shrugged. "He's just a different baby to the others. You can put him down now that he's sleeping."

Draco did just that, easing Taren carefully, ever so gently, into a bassinet. His arm was red from where Taren had been lying for the last hour.

He stretched his arm out and rubbed at it.

"I'm tagging out." He insisted. "Blaise, it's your turn next."

Blaise nodded, and moved to sit next to the bassinet where their three month old baby was laying.

"Did you find out what was wrong with you?" Draco asked Harry.

Harry merely shrugged. "I'm fine, I think, I'm just a little off. Nasta thinks it might be a sign of my breeding cycle starting up, though I hope he's wrong."

"Nasta's never wrong." Blaise pointed out.

"Well I'm hoping that for once he is." Harry said.

"Whatever the reason for you feeling a little off, we'll deal with it." Nasta said. "You don't feel sick, so that reasons that it's hormonal."

Harry rolled his eyes at Nasta's logic. It did make sense, but damn, he really didn't want to start his breeding cycle and have another baby. If he fell pregnant now he'd have a December baby if he carried to term. Knowing his luck he'd give birth on Christmas day, just to one up having Taren on Nasta's birthday.

"You could have a string of a dozen infertile heat periods before a fertile one." Nasta pointed out, and that did actually make Harry feel better, and he smiled at his mate.

"I hope that's what happens. I really don't want another baby this year."

"We'll deal with everything, now are you up for a shower?" Nasta asked him.

Harry considered it, then shook his head. "Not yet. I want to be comfortable as long as I can. So I'll do it last minute."

His mates all gave him smiles, though Draco looked a little horrified that Harry would leave getting ready for a party until the last minute.

"Don't leave it too late, Harry." Draco said, but he didn't cause any other fuss.

"I don't want the kids out for too long." Harry told them. "Truthfully we don't need to be out for too long either, Taren is so demanding we haven't had any decent sleep since he was born."

"I second that!" Max said empathetically as he escorted Farren back in, who was chewing on his last little stick of cucumber. "I really need some sleep. Aneirin needs to take Taren more often."

"I can ask if he'd be willing." Nasta said.

"I'll ask my dads' as well." Max said, throwing a hand through his hair. "We just really need a few days uninterrupted sleep."

"I don't really like the thought of handing our baby over to all and sundry." Harry said, before frowning. "But some decent sleep would be nice. They're all so demanding now that they're toddlers, and we can't really keep up with them while we're so tired."

"It won't be indefinitely, Harry." Draco assured him. "Just so we can have some more sleep, and it's not like they won't bring him back in the mornings. We'll have the days with him."

Harry sucked up his Dracken side's immediate dismissal, and he nodded. He already wasn't feeling well, so he could use some uninterrupted sleep.

"We could ask them at the gathering?" Harry suggested.

His mates all agreed, and Harry stood to go and hold his three month old baby. It wouldn't have been so bad if Taren only woke for feeds and dirty nappies through the night, but he didn't. He woke up randomly, sometimes only twenty minutes after a feed, because he wanted to be continuously held. He truly preferred Max to do this, as Taren liked being held on those big, broad shoulders, and sometimes when he cried, it was because he wanted to be held by Max and no one else. As a result, Max was probably suffering the worst out of all of them from sleep deprivation

His mates all got ready while Harry had a cuddle with a sleeping Taren. Max started their dinners, because of the gathering they were going to eat early, with the kids. Harry was going to shower and get ready after he'd eaten.

It was a hectic rush, as always, but the arrival times were guidelines for the most part, so they couldn't be late, per se, but they had told the family when they expected to arrive, and they were definitely late for that, but he was sure no one would hold it against them as he arrived at the halls, Taren and Leolin in his arms, even as he elbowed his way through to where the family usually stood, though there were so many of them that they were hard to miss.

"Finally, someone attractive to talk to!"

"Fuck off, Nicodemus, I am NOT in the mood for your teasing tonight." Harry growled, even as he tried to settle the grizzling Taren.

"What has happened, sweet one?" Elder Trintus, who had been stood by Alexander, asked him fretfully.

"I'm tired." Harry said, moving to immediately put himself under Richard's arm.

Richard wrapped him up in a hug and squeezed him. Myron, on the other side of him, laid a hand on his head and kept it there.

"We're here any time you need us." He assured him.

Harry shook his head lightly, to convey denial, and not that he wanted Myron's hand off, because he didn't.

"It's Taren. He's so fussy, he likes to be continually held, and poor Max."

"Poor Max?" Richard asked in confusion.

"Taren loves his shoulders. To the point where he's now started crying if anyone else picks him up. Max hasn't slept in three weeks because, at night especially, Taren only wants him. Hear him grizzling? This is because he wants Max, and no one else."

They all listened for a moment, to the almost constant grizzle coming from Taren, who was whining against Harry's neck.

"Pass him here. Maybe my shoulders will do." Myron said, taking the three month old baby from Harry and placing him over his own shoulder.

Harry watched, hoping, praying, that Taren settled. The tiny baby spread himself out, both arms hooking over both of Myron's broad shoulders, and then his head dropped down to rest on the considerable shoulder he had been placed on, and like magic the grizzling stopped as the baby nuzzled in to Myron's thick neck.

"He just likes big shoulders." Richard laughed.

"Please take him for the night." Harry begged. "We all look like the walking dead. We need some sleep."

"Of course we will, honey, don't sound so fretful, you know we're always willing to help." Richard told him.

"Thank you." Harry said, actually feeling tearful.

"Damn, if you're at this point then you should have asked us a week ago." Richard said softly, swiping under Harry's eyes with gentle thumbs, knocking the tears away.

Max wandered over with Calix being held, squirming and fighting, with one large arm across his little middle. He was dressed nice, he was freshly showered and he had his favourite cologne on, but it couldn't disguise the fact that he looked like he hadn't had any decent sleep in the three months since Taren was born.

"Why is your head red?" Richard asked him, spying the red spot on his forehead.

"Walked into the door." Max grunted, before he smothered a wide yawn.

The adults all looked at one another, and sighed almost as a collective whole.

"We're taking Taren for the night." Myron told him.

"Has he actually settled?" Max asked, spying the baby on his father's shoulder.

"Yes, he just likes broad shoulders." Myron said, patting the baby's back gently.

"Keep him." Max grunted.

Harry pushed back his furious Dracken, knowing that it was the sleep deprivation talking. Instead he held Leolin tighter, stroking his silky black hair.

"You'll feel better tomorrow, when you've had a solid night of sleep." Alexander assured them both.

"We're not planning to be here for very long." Harry said. "We want an early night."

"I'll bet you do."

His other mates made their way over, each with armfuls of kids. Harry noticed that while they all looked good, it couldn't mask that they were pretty much the walking dead.

The kids were all passed around, allowing them to have a small break, though Max kept hold of Calix, who was getting frustrated and was lashing out.

"Go and put him in the crèche, put all of them in the crèche and have a drink." Alexander encouraged.

His mates all looked to him, and he shrugged. It was Nasta and Draco who took the kids, and while Braiden walked, or rather toddled on quick legs, to where Nasta pointed, Harry kept Leolin in his arms.

Draco came back to them with drinks, but Nasta had stayed in the crèche to look after the kids. Harry took a small sip of the champagne, but the fizzy bubbles made him feel sick, so he handed his glass to Max.

"Are you still feeling off?" He asked, getting the attention of every single family member.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Alexander asked worriedly.

Harry shook his head. "Nothing. I haven't been sick or anything like that, but…well we think I might have started my breeding cycle. I've been feeling a little off and Nasta could smell something on me. Not sickness, but something, so we think it's hormonal."

"Your heat period could be infertile, remember that." Kimberly told him gently.

"Even if it's not, we'll help you." Max assured him.

Harry nodded. "I just really wanted a break from it all."

"We know, but whatever happens, we'll look after you and deal with it as best we can. Remember that we love you."

"Love you too." Harry said, but damn he really hoped he wasn't starting his breeding cycle.

It was nice to catch up with family, Harry thought. He'd exchanged his champagne for apple juice, which made Nasta happy at least, as he and Blaise switched out, and he came to have a bit of adult interaction.

Leolin got passed to Aneirin when he arrived, and with his arms free, Harry cuddled fully into Richard, almost to the point where he was falling asleep on him.

Max had already conjured a chair to sit in, and he looked dead on his feet after barely an hour. It looked comfortable too, so Harry abandoned Richard and went to climb into his mate's lap.

"Oh, had a better offer, have you?" Richard teased.

Harry managed a tired smile. "We're just all so tired." Harry said, flumping onto Max, who wrapped big arms around him and held Harry close.

"We probably shouldn't have come." Max chuckled.

Harry shrugged. "It's nice to meet with family."

"You have a large house, all you need to do is invite us around more often."

"You have an open invitation." Harry waved off. "If you find you have a spare hour, just pop in for a coffee. You'll probably leave with a headache, sticky fingerprints all over you, and half a soggy biscuit in your pocket, but…"

Max covered his mouth gently, grinning. "Don't talk them out of it, love." He joked.

Harry snorted. "As if they don't already know what they're getting themselves in for."

"That's not the point, lover, don't refresh their memories."

"We'll come despite all of that, you know we will." Alexander said, smiling.

"Anytime you want." Harry insisted.

"Feel free to take an armful of kids with you when you go." Max added.

Harry laughed and gave him an off-hand whack.

Max kissed his neck and gave him a squeeze, before snuggling his face into his neck and keeping it there.

"That scent has gotten stronger." He said worriedly.

Nasta was moving before anyone else could react, and he looked to Harry for permission, who nodded.

Nasta bent down and inhaled deeply, and he frowned.

"It has gotten stronger. Are you sure you feel alright, Harry?"

Harry nodded. "I feel fine. The champagne made me feel a little sick, but as soon as I switched to apple juice, I felt better."

Nasta checked for a fever or anything, and then he sighed. "Maybe it is lack of sleep and hormonal changes. We'll see soon enough, but if you start feeling at all unwell, Harry, let us know."

Harry nodded. "I will, you know I will. The days where I'd suffer and struggle through in silence are long gone."

That made his mates smile at least, and Harry settled back against Max. He was worried though. Was it just his breeding cycle starting, or was it something else? He didn't want to be sick. He really hoped that whatever it was, that he wasn't ill.

Harry was left sitting in the chair when Max went to relieve Blaise of his post in the crèche, and he actually felt better being sat down. Blaise climbed onto the chair beside him, and the two of them wrapped around one another easily.

"Do either of you want anything to drink?" Nasta asked them.

Harry shook his head.

"I need a coffee" Blaise sighed heavily.

"Of course you do." Richard laughed. "You're all going to be asleep in five minutes flat at this rate."

Blaise eyed Nasta, who sighed, but went off to the bar, which pretty much meant that Blaise was going to get his coffee.

The two of the giggled to one another in the chair.

"You have that poor boy wrapped around your little fingers." Alexander said with a twinkle.

"He likes indulging us." Harry nodded.

"You two especially." Draco said with a smirk.

Harry stuck his tongue out, but then beckoned Draco over, and pulled him into a kiss.

"Come join us in our chair." Harry insisted.

Draco laughed. "No, I think I'll stand and just watch you try to mould yourselves into one person."

"We'd look stunning if we were one person." Harry said consideringly, looking at Blaise.

"You only need to look at Braiden to know that." Blaise said with a grin.

"He is a very handsome little man, just like his daddy." Harry purred.

"Damn it, Harry, tone it back a little." Sanex laughed. "You and Blaise will be having a bit of fun later."

"The best thing they can do for me at the moment is tuck me into bed and leave me there for nine or ten hours." Harry said.

"Same." Blaise nodded. "I never thought I'd ever say this, at least not while so young, but I will definitely take some sleep over sex right now."

"That's what parenthood turns you into." Richard commiserated sadly, before perking up and grinning. "Then they grow up, you get rid of them, and sexy times come flooding back."

Harry laughed, even as Myron gave Richard a withering stare.

Nasta wandered back over, holding a cup of coffee and a glass of water. Blaise pulled Nasta into a kiss for the coffee, and he looked so happy that Harry knew that Nasta wouldn't hold this cup against him.

Soon enough it was Harry's turn to leave the comfy chair and go to watch over the kids in the crèche.

"I'm here to relieve you, Maxie." He called out, as he climbed over the mesh fence and walked towards his mate.

Max was sat in a large ball pit with Eva and Ave, the others were just everywhere, as he spied Braiden carefully climbing a padded platform ladder to get to a higher area. He smiled as he kissed Max and sent him back to the family.

"Come here, sweetheart." Harry said, pulling Ave towards him and playing with her a little while keeping an eye on the others as well. Calix was of course being a complete terror, but at least he would sleep tonight.

Harry laughed, and he willing helped other babies who needed it, regardless that they weren't even his. A little boy handed him a dribble covered blue ball, and Harry smiled as he took it.

"Thank you." He said kindly.

The little boy grinned back and went to fetch another ball from the pit that they were all sitting in. Harry wriggled his legs a little, feeling the balls move around them, and it made him smile wider. He'd never been to a ball pit before, though he remembered Dudley's joy after being told he had been invited to a classmate's birthday party at a ball pit. Harry, despite the fact that he had likely been invited too, was always sent over to Mrs Figg.

Another little ball handed to him broke him from his thoughts, and he smiled again.

"Thank you."

"Making friends?" Draco asked him, coming over to relieve him.

They were having twenty minute 'shifts' so that they all helped out, and had some adult interaction too. Harry hadn't realised twenty minutes had passed so quickly.

"They're all adorable. Though keep an eye on Calix, he's going to hurt himself if he's not careful."

Draco nodded, and his eyes found Calix, and watched him as he went charging across the top platform. Harry watched his mate smile at their son, before Draco turned back to him. "Go and rest, you look tired."

"We all look tried." Harry grumbled, but stood, kissed Draco, and moved to exit the crèche.

He diverted to the bar area, and picked up a drink for himself. Apple juice again, and he took a healthy gulp of it before he wandered back over to his mates.

Max was back on the squashy chair, Blaise on one side of him, and Harry happily dumped himself on Max's lap.

"Comfy?" Max asked, giving him a gentle pat and pulling him in tighter.

Harry nodded and snuggled in. He relaxed fully and tried to actually stay awake.

"You still with us, love?" Max asked.

Harry hummed, and tipped his head back to smile tiredly up at him.

"Still with you." Harry replied softly. "Maybe won't last another hour, but right now I am still awake. I don't know how I am, but I am."

"I don't think I'll last another hour either, but at least the kids are having fun."

"They'll sleep tonight." Blaise said from Max's other side.

"We will too." Harry laughed.

"Oh, without a doubt." Max agreed.

"Have any strange illnesses started?" Richard asked him worriedly.

Harry shook his head. "No. Nothing of the sort. I'm tired, but otherwise feeling perfectly fine."

Harry drank some more juice, but despite that this was supposed to be a gathering, or a party, he and his mates were just way too tired to socialise. Harry always loved getting together with the family, because he'd never had one before he'd gotten his mates, but they probably shouldn't have come tonight, regardless that this gathering was only held once a year.

"You boys are exhausted." Myron said sternly. "Just collect the kids and go home."

"Yeah, I'm definitely going to call it a night." Max said, taking control of the situation and easing himself from between Harry and Blaise. "I'm going to tell Nasta and Draco."

Harry stayed where he was. He was much too tired. He smiled up at Myron though.

"It was a mistake coming." He said, trying not to yawn through a sentence.

"You boys are taking on too much. We're going to keep Taren for you, your others are probably so worn out they'll fall straight to sleep when you get home." Myron told him. "Just please go home, bed your kids down, then bed yourselves down. Have a lie in, and get a full eight hours sleep."

Harry smiled. "That sounds like heaven right now."

"Max says you're ready to leave?" Draco asked, carrying Eva and Ave. The former was already asleep, and the latter was still awake, but she was still and blinking slowly. She wasn't long from sleep herself.

"More than ready." Harry said, holding his arms out for his baby girls.

Draco carefully slipped the twins into his arms and Harry smiled softly at them both.

"Mama." Ave murmured. Harry nuzzled her face with a careful nose, before kissing her rosy cheek.

"Let me go and wrangle in the others. Max is already trying to chase down Calix. That boy is fast when he wants to be."

"Doesn't help that Max probably doesn't fit down any of the tunnels." Harry chuckled.

"Max has a long reach, his whole arm can reach down those tunnels. He just needs to be a little faster."

Draco went back to help Max and Nasta, and Harry cuddled with his little girls. It could possibly take another half an hour to get the kids all rounded up and ready to leave. He just wanted to get into bed and sleep.

It took forty minutes, because true to form no one could catch Calix. Their wild little boy was getting much too clever and even trying to trap him between Max and Nasta hadn't worked, as Calix had diverted away from both of them.

Max did eventually get his hands on Calix, striking quick to grab a tiny arm with a sound of utter triumph.

Calix was tired himself by this point, and he just giggled when he was caught, instead of throwing a tantrum.

Max carried him back to where the rest of them were waiting, after flagging down Nasta.

"You are a terror, little Calix." Nasta declared.

"Daddy Nas." Calix giggled, but now that he wasn't running around, his eyes were dropping.

"If you had come to us sooner you wouldn't be this tired." Nasta explained.

Calix just laughed.

Harry was already asleep, snoring softly as he was propped up in the conjured armchair. He growled every time someone tried to take the twins from him and his arms would tighten around them.

Blaise was drifting, his body swaying as he tried to stay awake, but he was five minutes from sleep. Braiden was still awake, chatting in his lap.

"I'm going to help you boys get everyone home safely." Aneirin said. "One of you will definitely have to carry Harry and the girls."

"I've got him." Nasta said, slipping gentle arms around Harry, whose arms tightened around the twins and he growled softly. Nasta rumbled back to him, and Harry relaxed.

Richard, who had Regan in his arms, followed behind them, also helping them to get the kids home safe. Blaise was a little less graceful than usual, but he was carrying a sleepy Braiden. It wouldn't take long at all to get the kids changed into pyjamas and then into bed.

Harry woke up during the trip home, he had never liked floo travel, and groggy and bad tempered, he'd gone to put the girls to bed, changing their party dresses for nightdresses. He went around all of his children, kissing them goodnight, inhaling their scents to reassure himself that they were safe.

He had to calm his Dracken when it sounded an alarm in his head that one child was missing, but Harry knew that Myron had Taren. Myron would willingly die before he let anything happen to Taren, Harry knew that. It helped to calm him down and settle his Dracken, which was feeling more unsettled than usual. He wondered if that was anything to do with his scent change as well.

There was a cup of tea waiting for him downstairs, and Harry slumped into a chair and sipped on it.

"How are you feeling?" Draco asked him.

"Tired." Harry grunted.

"Same." Blaise added, drinking a glass of water, head in his hand.

"Go on, bed, all of you." Richard chided. "Taren is going to be completely fine. Your babies are all in bed, take advantage while you can."

"You need a bag for Taren." Harry said.

"I've done it, Harry." Max told him. "Let's just go up to bed. I can't keep my eyes open."

Harry nodded and he hugged Richard, hugged Aneirin, then held his arms up to Max who chuckled and picked him up.

"Me too." Blaise insisted.

Max rolled his eyes, but he picked up Blaise too.

Draco followed them up and Nasta saw everyone out and cleaned up the kitchen a little, before joining them.

Harry had just stripped off and crawled straight into bed, claiming the middle spot. Blaise snuggled up behind him, spooning him, and Draco claimed Harry's other side.

Max came out of the bathroom in just a pair of boxers and he fell into the bed behind Draco. Nasta went to the bathroom and stripped off himself, washing his face and brushing his teeth.

The others were already asleep, all but Max who was barely clinging to consciousness to wait for him.

"Get some sleep, Max." Nasta said soothingly, stroking Max's shoulder and head, before heading around the bed to slip behind Blaise.

"Sorry if I sleep in tomorrow."

"Why are you sorry?" Nasta whispered back, trying not to disturb the three people between them.

"Won't be making breakfast."

Nasta snorted. "We'll eat cereal and the kids can have toast. It'll be fine, Caru, just get some rest and don't think about tomorrow's jobs."

Max hummed and Nasta heard him exhale heavily. He breathed out himself. He had been so tired for so long. Ever since Taren had been born and had developed an attachment to being held at night. It was about time that they got a full night of sleep. They damn well needed it.

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