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Last Time

Max hummed and Nasta heard him exhale heavily. He breathed out himself. He had been so tired for so long. Ever since Taren had been born and had developed an attachment to being held at night. It was about time that they got a full night of sleep. They damn well needed it.

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Two – Giftbox

Harry sat on the settee, a burbling Taren being held between his hands as he pulled faces and made silly noises to the, almost, four month old baby.

It was the end of May, and their little planned trip to the zoo was in less than three weeks. Harry was so excited about it, he wanted a nice memory of the zoo, and not the memories of the only time he'd ever been to a zoo before. The Dursleys being forced to take him on Dudley's eleventh birthday, being a punching bag for Dudley and Piers in the back of the car, being given a cheap lemon lolly only because the vendor had asked him what he wanted before Vernon could hustle him away, not being fed all day but being allowed to have the remains of Dudley's knickerbocker glory in the restaurant. Then came the revelation that he could speak to snakes, vanishing the glass of the exhibit…the punishment that came after.

No, Harry wanted to cover those bad memories, that bad experience, with good ones. Memories of his own family having a good time, his sweet babies enjoying the zoo.

He broke free of his thoughts and blew a raspberry at Taren, who giggled. Harry pulled the baby towards him and pretended to bite along Taren's neck, face and belly, and Taren giggled so hard that it made Harry laugh.

"How are you feeling, love?" Max asked, placing a hand on his forehead consideringly.

"It's weird, I feel completely fine now." Harry said with a frown.

He had woken up feeling sick, and he had just managed to make it to the bathroom in time to vomit. Over breakfast he had felt really bad, enough so that he was considering going back to bed, but now he felt completely fine, as if it had never happened.

"You seem fine too." Max said, an edge of confusion to his voice. "Did you eat anything other than something I made yesterday?"

Harry went to shake his head, then groaned. "Damn it, I had a sausage roll at the retail park!" He cursed. "I bet that's what it was!"

Max actually relaxed a bit at hearing that, because now he had a cause for his little bout of vomiting.

"Do you want to see a healer, just in case?" Nasta asked him.

It was a ridiculous thought, seeing a healer because he'd maybe eaten a dodgy sausage roll, and Nasta wouldn't have even asked if not for one thing. Their Faerie baby. If Harry was actually carrying a bug, then he couldn't go anywhere near Leolin. If it was just food poisoning then it would be fine, and Leolin was already screaming in the next room because Harry hadn't been able to hug or kiss him this morning and their jealous Faerie hated it.

A quick trip to a healer would erase any and all doubt of him carrying a bug, and he could come home and hug his own baby. It was a lot of fuss for what could be a dodgy sausage roll and mild food poisoning, but he was not willing to take the chance with Leolin's health, or his life.

"Yeah, I want to be absolutely sure." He said with a sigh. "Actually, make it at the Dracken Halls, Nas?" He asked. "They can check that scent anomaly that's been bothering us for the last month."

"That's a good idea." Max nodded.

"I'll go and sort it now, they might be able to see you immediately, Harry, are you ready?"

Harry looked at Taren, waiting for his next funny face or raspberry, and it broke his heart to nod to Nasta and hand Taren over to Max. His baby whimpered at being passed off, but Max blew the biggest raspberry on Taren's cheek and suddenly the game easily transferred from Harry to Max and Taren was once again screeching with laughter.

Harry went into the smaller living room, through the double doors so that Leolin, who was with Draco in the kitchen, didn't see him and cry so hard that he made himself sick when Harry would inevitably have to refuse to hold him.

Nasta was already in the fire, talking, and Harry tried not to feel so nervous. Thinking on it now, it probably was that sausage roll, he had felt bad shortly after finishing it. It was the change in his scent that was bothering them, because it was getting stronger and there didn't seem to be any explanation for it.

Nasta pulled back, but didn't end the call. It seemed that the healers could see him right now.

"They're very grateful for your call, as they haven't had anything to do for two full weeks." Nasta chuckled.

"I'm going to be mobbed, aren't I?" He asked, sighing.

"Yeah, I'd say so. Do you want me to come with you?"

Harry considered it, but shook his head. "No. With Blaise getting a headache, and those kids due to wake up from their naps any minute now, you're more use here. I will come straight back, I swear."

Nasta nodded and kissed his cheek.

"If it's bad news, or you feel you want some support, let out a distress call and I'll be by your side as soon as possible."

"Okay." Harry said, reaching up to kiss Nasta's lips, before turning to the fireplace and stepping through.

He didn't even need to speak to the receptionist, as Healer Jackson Moore was there waiting for him.

"Harry, it's a pleasure to see you again, but I wish it was with better news. I missed you at the gathering, Alexander said you'd already been and left."

"Oh, we were so tired that day we just couldn't stay. We'd have fallen asleep otherwise."

"Your newborn, who I did have the pleasure of meeting, I presume?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. He likes sleeping while being held, we can hardly put him down."

"He was perfectly content up on Myron's shoulders." Jackson chuckled, even as he stopped at a door and ushered Harry through to see ancient Healer Alfred Grant waiting for them.

"Harry, dear one, your mate has said that you've undergone a scent change?"

Harry nodded. "We thought it meant my breeding cycle was starting up after Taren was born, but it never did. Then I've been feeling a little off, a little dizzy or nauseous, then I was sick this morning, but it could be a dodgy sausage roll I ate yesterday."

"We'll get to the bottom of this." Jackson assured him. "Sit on the bed for us and we'll do some basic diagnostic charms and see where that leads us."

Harry loved the beds here, they were bigger than double beds, though not quite king-sized, enough to fit fully grown Drackens. The beds were soft and clean and the entire room was light, bright, airy and gave him a feeling of peace.

"Right, you do not have any sort of bug or disease." Jackson told him, and Harry eased down immensely, just being given the reassurance that he hadn't been putting Leolin at risk by being in the house with him. Though that begged the question of why he had been sick that morning if it wasn't a bug or food poisoning.

"Jackson, I've found the issue." Alfred said, tapping his wand on a piece of parchment attached to a clipboard then handing it over.

"Oh, well yes, that would do it."

"Can I know what's wrong with me?" Harry demanded impatiently.

"Of course. It's actually nothing bad, Harry. You're pregnant."

Harry felt his stomach drop and he blanked out. Pregnant? Without a heat period…again?! He scanned his memories critically, he'd only had sex a handful of times since Taren had been born. His mind immediately went to his make-up meal with Draco…of course, they had had sex in front of the damn fire, his wings had been out, his scales absorbing the heat to raise his core body temperature.

The news was bittersweet…on the one hand he hadn't wanted to be pregnant again so fucking soon, Taren was less than four months old. On the other hand though, this was going to be Draco's first child.

"Did I conceive on the fourteenth of April, by any chance?" He asked, sounding a little hollow.

"Spot on." Alfred nodded. "I assume you recall the situation that put you here?"

Harry nodded. He sighed heavily. "Yeah. Damn it, how could I forget about rising my own body heat?"

"Well, I've found that when this happens the Drackens in question weren't actually thinking about consequences or pregnancies." Jackson told him, smiling.

Harry groaned, because that is exactly what had happened. He and Draco had been so caught up in one another they hadn't thought about any sort of consequence from fucking in front of the fire.

"Right, have you gotten over the shock now?" Alfred asked him.

Harry nodded. "Yeah. I didn't want another baby so soon, but…" He shrugged. "What can I do now that I'm actually pregnant? I'll get used to it."

"We are very happy to look after you if you need it, we're here for support as well, you know."

Harry smiled then. "Oh, I'll have all the support I need at home. Two babies in one year." He shook his head and then frozen. "Is it just the one baby? Is it multiples?" He demanded frantically, feeling a bit of panic set in.

"No, it is just the one baby." Alfred assured him, and Harry blew out a relieved breath.

"So I'm due in November?"

Jackson nodded, even as he was writing on the clipboard. "I'm going to give you some anti-sickness potions, Harry, I know you usually suffer morning sickness quite badly in the first trimester."

Harry nodded and he knew he would have to go to the little clinic in Diagon Alley to pick up the potions, so he was going to have to break his promise to Nasta about going straight back home.

An idea was forming in his head though. It would mean keeping his mates in the dark about the pregnancy for two weeks, but he'd done that before. He'd done it with Taren to enjoy a bit of peace, but this time it was going to be for a certain someone's birthday. Draco was going to be twenty in just two weeks, and Harry could think of no better gift than to announce that he was finally going to get his long awaited biological child.

"You're overtired and stressed as well, Harry, which isn't going to help your condition." Jackson told him. "Try to get a bit more sleep, relax a little more or just take some time out to look after yourself. A bit of stress relief will go a long way to helping you too, if you catch my meaning."

Harry did catch the underlying meaning and he nodded, but honestly there was no way his damn mates were coming anywhere near him for the next ten years at least.

Harry took the little prescription slip and thanked the two men for seeing him and he went to the fireplace in the reception room almost on autopilot. He waved to the receptionist, then instead of flooing home as he'd promised, he flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. He had some things to pick up.

The shopping district was not overly busy, and Harry was grateful as he wrapped his arms around himself, definitely not afraid to use his rather bony, pointy elbows, aware that Dracken pregnancies were rather delicate in the first trimester. He was already a month pregnant.

He went to the little clinic first, getting the anti-sickness potions, shrinking the paper bag down and slipping it into his pocket. Then he went back to the Leaky Cauldron, out into the muggle world, and he went looking through the little baby boutiques of London.

It was actually fun now that he had an idea in his head to announce the baby as Draco's birthday present. Especially after how he had presented Taren to Nasta on his birthday too. He chuckled to himself as he found the tiniest pair of white booties in an expensive, exclusive shop. He knew Draco's tastes ran to the expensive, so he bought a full outfit, laying it over the counter for the smiling saleswoman to ring up.

"This outfit is so cute, I was wondering when someone would finally buy it!" She said excitedly. "When is the baby due, may I ask?"

"Not until November, but I really couldn't resist." Harry said, smiling back and handing over the debit card linked to his Gringotts account.

"You have very good taste." She nodded approvingly.

"Thanks. I know my partner will approve too."

"For that amount of money, I hope so!" The woman laughed, handing him over the bag with the receipt.

Harry laughed politely and waved goodbye, his plan coming together as he found a card shop, spending perhaps more time than needed trying to find the perfect one, along with a gift box. He was having some fun, but he knew he couldn't be too long, lest Nasta get impatient or worried and go to the Dracken Halls to find him.

He bought a few more pieces, a little bib that said 'Best Daddy in the World' across it among them. He wondered how long it would take for his mates to put the pieces together. Nasta would likely get it right away, the show off, but it was Draco's reaction that he most wanted to see. He could hardly wait the two weeks until the fifth of June.

He made it back to the Leaky Cauldron, and he shrunk all of his bags down to fit in his pocket. A quick charm to cleanse his scent, and then he was flooing home.

Nasta was waiting anxiously, stood behind the settee, his arms braced on the back of it. He moved the moment Harry flooed through and pulled him into a tight hug.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked him.

"You've been hours. I was so worried." Nasta told him. "Are you okay? Is everything…? You're not sick?"

Harry shook his head. "No, Healer Grant and Healer Moore did every test they could think of. I'm completely fine and they think the vomiting this morning was just a stress reaction. I mentioned about how stressed I've been because Taren won't sleep, and they think that's why my scent has changed too. Overtiredness and stress. That's all."

Nasta heaved out a relieved breath and hugged him tighter, giving him a kiss.

"We'll take you back off of Taren's night routine. If you need more sleep, you'll get it."

"We're all in the same boat, though." Harry said, frowning.

"None of the rest of us are getting ill from it, Harry. Would you like tea?"

Harry knew a distraction when he heard one, but considering he was lying about the real reason he was being sick, he allowed Nasta to distract him with tea, and he nodded easily.

At least he knew that he could spend time with Leolin now, without worry that he was going to make his Faerie baby sick.

He went straight to the red cheeked, frustrated baby who was clutching his 'ma' doll with a crushing force.

"Leolin, hi baby." He cooed.

"Ma!" Leolin all but screamed, kicking and shoving at Max and reaching out for him.

"I take it everything is fine?" Draco asked him, as Max handed Leolin over to him.

Harry nodded, even as Leolin's claw like nails bit into the skin of his neck, gripping fistfuls of him, almost drawing blood.

"Yeah, nothing a bit of sleep won't fix. It's mostly stress related." He said, sitting down and trying to ignore the stinging pain of Leolin raking little nails over him.

"Is it because of Taren?" Draco asked him. He was cradling their newborn in big arms and as he was being held their baby was sleeping peacefully. Harry almost went misty eyed at seeing Draco cradling the baby, knowing that in November he would be holding his blood child.

Max snorted a laugh. "Of course it's because of Taren. None of us have slept properly since he was born."

"I'm going to be fine." Harry reiterated firmly. "We can get through this, together."

Nasta placed the tea tray on the coffee table and kissed him, handing over the cup of honey tea.

"We're going to look after you."

Harry smiled softly. "You always do." He purred softly.

"Oh, I know that tone. You want a bit more intimate looking after." Max waggled his eyebrows and Harry snorted a laugh and gave him a wink.

"The healers did say a bit more…physical release would help my stress levels."

"Now that sort of medical advice I will be only too happy to follow." Max said lecherously.

Harry took a deep drink of tea, being careful not to drip on Leolin, who was settling against him.

"Later, lovers. If we're not too tired."

"I don't care if I'm drop dead exhausted, I'm not passing that offer up." Max told him and Harry grinned. "If you're too tired, I'll do all of the work even."

Harry laughed. "Oh, Max. I really love you, you know?"

Max couldn't ignore that, as he moved and came to sit beside him, throwing an arm around both of Harry's shoulders. He pressed a kiss to Harry's cheek and settled with a happy sigh.

"So, your scent change, everything, it's just stress and overtiredness?" Draco asked worriedly.

Harry nodded. "I have to go back in a few weeks to confirm, but I'm already feeling better."

Truly just being told that he didn't have a bug or anything infectious helped, knowing that he could hold his precious Faerie baby in his own arms without fear of making him sick, or killing him.

He was pregnant again, and he would have another baby this year. Two bloody millennium babies. He snorted soundlessly to himself and took another drink of tea. He would deal with it. Now that he knew what was wrong, he could sort it. He had anti-sickness potions, he had a plan and a gift for Draco. Everything else would fall into place. He knew it.

The anti-sickness potions were heaven sent, truly. They eased the immediate urge in the mornings to spend an hour or more vomiting, and he was able to eat breakfast, and keep his little secret from his mates.

As he became visibly happier, and more vibrant because of the extra sleep…and the extra sex he was getting, his mates all settled too.

Taren was now taking more milk and he was sleeping for longer as a result, which helped immensely. Everything was falling into place, except it was getting harder to hide his secret now, as his 'off' scent was getting stronger still.

"Maybe you should go back a little early. You've been sleeping more, and you're less stressed, but this scent is getting stronger." Max fretted.

"It's the day before Draco's birthday." Harry argued. "Can we get through that first?"

"I think it might be best to do it now, Harry." Max argued.

Harry was going to argue back, but then realised this could fall perfectly in line for him.

He made a show of heaving out an aggravated sigh. "Okay. They did say they wanted to see me a few weeks after. I'm going alone, though."

"As long as you go." Max said, sounding relieved.

Harry nodded and he stood and went to the other room, flooing immediately to the Dracken Halls without giving his mates any reason to stop him or come with him.

He did actually go to the Healing Halls and smiled at the receptionist, Jo.

"Hi, Jo."

"Harry, are you okay? Do you need a healer?"

"My mates are being overprotective prats. Is anyone here today who isn't busy and won't mind wasting a bit of time?"

"Georgio and Aelia, they're in the staff room doing some training." Jo said. "Neither of them are busy, in fact we haven't been busy for over a month now. It's a good thing, of course, but very boring."

Harry laughed and waved goodbye, before heading all the way down the corridor to the end room, which was a staff room, and he knocked.

"What is it, Jo?" Georgio's deep voice asked.

"Please say we have a patient." Aelia's young voice pleaded.

Harry peeked his head around the door. "Only if you're willing to do a check-up." He teased.

"Harry?!" Georgio leapt to his feet and came striding towards him, hands hovering, eyes already assessing him. "Are you okay?"

Harry scoffed. "Pregnant again." He groused. "A month along. I just want to be sure everything is progressing smoothly, especially after that injury I took last year."

"Of course, come through to room three."

Georgio escorted him to a numbered room, Aelia following, glad to be doing something other than training.

Harry hopped onto the bed and allowed Georgio to cast spells, poke and prod, all the while talking to him, and to Aelia as well who was watching everything that Georgio did with a close scrutiny that came from her eagerness to learn.

"Everything seems to be perfectly fine, Harry."

Harry heaved out a relieved sigh.

"Was there a reason you thought otherwise?"

Harry shook his head "No. I came by a few weeks ago, to see Alfred and Jackson, and they said I was sleep deprived and stressed. So I wanted to be sure that hasn't affected the baby."

"I'd say no." Georgio told him, casting a few more spells, tapping his clipboard, then shaking his head. "No, no ill effects from anything like that, Harry. I assume you and your mates worked to deal with the stress and lack of sleep?"

Harry nodded. "Taren is only four months old, and he's very clingy. He won't sleep unless he's in our arms, and he definitely favours Max. So we have been getting very little sleep, and that has stressed all of us out."

"There have been no fall outs from that?" Georgio asked seriously.

Harry shook his head. "We've been a bit more snappy about the insignificant things. Mugs left on counters, washing left undone too long, hair left in the bathroom sink, but absolutely nothing to make me feel unsafe or distressed. Now that Taren is eating more he's sleeping longer too, so it's actually started getting better in the last week."

Georgio nodded. "I'm very happy to hear that, Harry."

Harry gave a soft smile.

"I really hope this little baby is better behaved though." He laughed.

"No two babies are the same." Aelia said. "You'll probably find this next one is an absolute dream."

"Oh, I hope so." Harry chuckled.

After his check-up Harry stayed and chatted to Georgio and Aelia for a little longer, before he started missing his babies and he said his goodbyes.

He flooed back home and Nasta was waiting for him again. Harry gave him a look and slumped onto the settee.

"Harry?" Nasta asked, swooping onto him and giving him a cuddle. "Is everything okay?"

Harry nodded, shook his head, then he shrugged.

"What did the healers say?"

"It's just a shock."

"What is?" Nasta asked, practically thrumming with tension.

"Nothing bad…hopefully."

"Harry, please tell me. I can't look after you if I don't know what it is."

"Let me…let me just come to terms with it first. Please."

Nasta had been about to pester him again, but then he backed off.

"Okay, but promise me it's nothing bad."

"Nothing bad. Not for me anyway." Harry echoed. "Just surprising."

Harry threw a hand through his hair.

"I need some time alone. I'll be upstairs."

Harry slipped away and he chuckled to himself as he went to their bedroom and made sure that Draco's present for tomorrow was ready. He had two. One was the original present he'd bought for Draco, a handsome dragonhide portfolio because his mate had been complaining about the one they used for their joint finances was getting overcrowded and full, so Harry had bought him a nice new one. Then the second present, which none of his mates knew about, the little silver gift box with the boutique baby outfit, the daddy bib, and the teeny tiny booties.

He stayed upstairs for an hour, before sneaking back down and making sure that Max caught him floo calling Molly Weasley. Harry said a hasty goodbye to the woman and looked at Max.

"How much did you hear?" He asked.

"Nothing, Harry. I swear. Are you okay?" Max asked worriedly.

Harry nodded. "I'm feeling better now I've had some time to myself. I was just getting Molly to get me some last minute things for Draco's birthday."

Max frowned as if he knew he was lying, but didn't want to upset him by calling him out on it.

"You know you can talk to us about anything, right? If there were complications from your injury last year, we can deal with it. It's not going to put us back to square one."

Harry knew then that his mates had been talking together, and they had jumped to the worst case scenario while he'd been upstairs. They thought he had complications from the massive fight, and that that was why he didn't want to mention it. From the look on Max's worried face, they hadn't even considered the possibility of pregnancy. That played right into Harry's hands.

"It's nothing bad, Maxie. I swear." He shook his head and went to hug his biggest mate, who clamped him in his arms tightly. "I love you."

"I love you too." Max assured him. "Come on, the kids have missed you. Do you want tea? Should I sneak you a chocolate fudge bar?"

Harry laughed at that. "Do you think Nasta would notice?"

"Oh, I'm sure he will, but he wouldn't dare say anything. Not right now."

Harry smiled widely.

"Is that a yes to the chocolate?"

Harry nodded eagerly.

"Come on then." Max threw an arm around him and escorted him to the other room.

"Mummy!" Calix cried out, coming running, and Harry hunched down and embraced him, kissing him.

"What are we playing, baby?" He asked.

Calix led him over to a little toy garage and thrust a wooden car to him, and Harry sat, playing with him, trying to ignore how the worried looks his mates threw at him were making him feel guilty. At this rate Draco would be getting an early birthday present because Harry wouldn't be able to keep it from them.

The afternoon passed as usual, just with his mates fluttering around him more. He went upstairs, grabbed his gift box, and snuck it downstairs, then waited until he knew he would be caught to sneak it back out of the smaller living room.

"What's that?" Blaise asked curiously.

"Just something I asked Molly to get for me for Draco's birthday." He said, trying to hide the box and looking shifty.

Blaise narrowed indigo eyes on him.

"Blaise, please don't tell him. I want it to be a surprise."

"Max said you had been talking to Molly to get you some things. He didn't believe you."

"Well I was telling the truth." Harry said indignantly. "It's a last minute gift, and I want it to be a surprise."

"Are you okay? You're acting very strange, Bello."

Harry nodded. "I'm getting more used to the news. I hope the rest of you do too."

"We might be able to if you told us what it was."

Harry gave a wry smile to Blaise's snark.

"I will. I just need some time to process it."

"It's nothing bad? You're not ill?"

Harry shook his head. "It's a matter of opinion, but it's terrible timing, that's all."

"Take care of yourself, Harry. Anything you need, we'll provide for you, always."

Harry went and kissed Blaise then, before shaking the box at him.

"I'm going to go and sort this out, don't tell Draco and keep him distracted!"

Blaise snorted. "He's more than distracted. He's happily combing Eva's hair after her bath."

Harry snorted. "Those poor girls are never going to be allowed to cut their hair because Daddy Draco will cry."

Blaise laughed with him, kissed him again, and then went to report to Nasta and Max that Harry had collected a gift box from Molly. He knew Blaise wouldn't tell Draco about the surprise, but he would tell Max and Nasta, who had apparently believed him to be lying. He had been of course, he'd just been chatting and catching up with Molly, not asking her for anything, but they didn't know that.

All the subterfuge was exhausting though. He was glad it would be coming to an end tomorrow morning. He wondered how his mates would react to another baby this year. It was Draco's reaction he wanted to see the most though and he smiled happily, laying a hand over his slightly pouched belly that was mostly left over from Taren's birth. He was finally going to give Draco his first blood child. He couldn't wait to see his face.

The next morning and Harry was visibly walking on silver clouds. He was so happy, and so exuberant that his mates almost got whiplash. His mood made them happy as well though, as if it had leached into them via osmosis as he touched and kissed them.

Max had done croissants for breakfast, and Harry had spooned his with liberal amounts of the posh Manuka honey that Blaise had given him. That he had eaten four of them had surprised his mates, and pleased them in equal measure, but the anti-sickness potions were working wondrously well, and his appetite had started picking up.

"Do you want some fruit?" Nasta asked him, probably internally grimacing at how much honey Harry was consuming at once.

Harry considered it, but he stood and dropped off his plate and took an apple and a banana.

"You're hungrier than usual today." Blaise observed.

Harry shrugged. "I feel good today. Really good."

"Any reason or…?"

"I think it's because it's Draco's birthday. I know I'm getting cake later." He joked.

His mates all snorted or laughed, and just like that Harry was left alone to eat his fruit, while supervising his babies eating their own cut up, plain croissants.

They moved to the family room, and set the kids free on their toys, opening the double doors to the smaller living room and Harry turned on the TV and switched it to cartoons to distract them as Draco sat among his gifts. The silver gift box was conspicuously missing and Harry felt Blaise's gaze locked on him, but Harry had put the box behind the TV. He wanted it opened last.

"Harry, thank you." Draco said, thumbing through the dragonhide portfolio. "This is just what I needed."

Harry smiled at him. "I know how much you enjoy slaving over the family finances, I thought you'd appreciate a nicer portfolio for it."

"I definitely do." Draco assured him, placing the portfolio to the side and opening up more gifts.

The wrapping paper was cleared away, the cards put up on the sideboard, and Draco's gifts were placed into a box to keep them safe from sticky hands.

"Thank you, all of you. I love your gifts." Draco said graciously once he was done, and Max rolled his eyes at how formal Draco was.

Max went and slung an arm around Draco, and pulled him into a kiss. "You're our mate, of course we're going to shower you with love and gifts on your birthday. Now, who wants more tea?"

"Not yet." Harry said. "There's one more gift I have to give."

Harry went to the TV, dodging around Regan, and he picked up the silver gift box.

"This…this one is special." He said nervously. "I just. It's a last minute thing…I…"

"Harry, I'm sure I'll love whatever it is." Draco assured him as Harry looked visibly anxious.

"It's your gift, but it affects all of us, so…" Harry groaned and threw a hand through his already messy hair, before holding the box out to Draco.

Draco took the box and placed it on his legs, he lifted the lid off, brushed aside the white tissue paper, then froze as the first thing he saw was the bib, proudly emblazoned with 'Best Daddy in the World' across it.

"Harry…what…?" Draco breathed, taking out the bib and just holding it.

"Are you?" Max demanded in a whisper, looking at his belly. "Is that why you were off yesterday?"

Harry nodded. "A month gone. I'm due in November."

"How do you know it's my baby?" Draco asked, hardly daring to hope, not even able to lift his eyes from the bib.

"Because I conceived on the fourteenth of April and you were the only one I slept with on that day. We really shouldn't have had sex in front of that fire, Draco."

Draco actually started crying, and Harry took a step back, fearing that maybe he'd done this wrong. Maybe he should have just told them instead of making it into a gift.

Nasta noticed his anxiety and fear and immediately came to hug him, reassuring him with a gentle kiss.

"Well this is surprising." He said, then he chuckled. "No wonder your scent was changing."

Harry nodded. "It wasn't stress or tiredness, or at least, not entirely. I was bloody pregnant."

"We'll support you, as always." Nasta assured him, giving him another soft kiss. "Draco, are you okay?"

Draco nodded, but he was still crying, holding the little bib.

Harry went to him and wormed in beside him, and Draco turned to hug him tightly.

"This is the best gift I could have ever received." Draco told him and Harry reached up to stroke baby fine, silky blonde hair.

"Baby will be here in November." Harry told him. "It is just the one baby too." He assured his mates. "The healers gave me anti-sickness potions to take."

"So that sausage roll wasn't dodgy a few weeks back?" Max chuckled. "Do you know how difficult it is to walk past that bakery and not nip in for something? I can stop avoiding it now, yes?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. They thought it was stress, but it was morning sickness. I've got potions if I need them."

"We'll prepare now for baby number ten. Double digits in three years, lovers." Max cheered.

Harry laughed and he was more settled and reassured now that they all seemed to be taking it so well. There was no anger, bitterness, or resentment at least, which was more than he had been expecting.

"This baby better bloody sleep though!" Max added.

They all snorted and looked to baby Taren, in a little bouncer, reclined backwards and content for all of five minutes. He was usually good throughout the day, but it was the nights where he terrorised them.

Draco managed to pull himself together, enough so that he could look through the rest of the box, finding the full, unisex, boutique outfit, and the teeny booties, all in white.

"Harry, thank you."

"Oh, don't downplay your part in this!" Harry said, jabbing a finger into Draco's chest. "It takes two to make a baby after all."

"Or five." Max added with a grin.

Harry laughed. "I do very much enjoy making babies with the five of us."

Max purred and came to nuzzle into him.

"I remember you saying something about tea?" Harry teased.

Max groaned. "We've just found out that we have a new baby on the way! Now you want me to go and make tea?"

"Of course. Baby wants tea." Harry teased.

Max scoffed a laugh. "Well, alright then, if baby wants tea baby gets tea."

"Can we tell people?" Blaise asked.

Harry nodded. "Go right ahead."

Harry was well loved on by his mates for the rest of the morning, even though Harry spent most of it in the kitchen. They had lunch with the kids, and Harry again ate more than usual, but of course now everyone knew why he was eating a little more.

He was being kissed and cuddled, he was well plied with tea, but on the downside he'd already been told to take things easy and was encouraged to sit down and rest.

After lunch, when the kids had gone down for their naps, they started getting guests over. They weren't having an official party, as Draco had insisted that it was childish, but apparently they were having afternoon tea instead, which was much more sophisticated. Harry rolled his eyes but said nothing as he cut the cake he'd baked that morning into tiny little wedges. He'd made scones, fairy cakes and little shortcake biscuits too, all in teeny finger food portions that wouldn't have satisfied Farren, but it was what Draco wanted.

"I'm going to starve." Max complained as he looked at the posh, three tiers stands that Harry was layering up with cakes.

"Thankfully we've already had lunch. Do you have those baby sandwiches?" Harry asked.

Max showed him the plate of weeny little sandwich fingers that he'd made and Harry snorted a laugh, as he took some and started laying them on the decorative plates.

"Make yourself a proper sandwich, Max." Harry told him. "Do me a favour and make me one too." He laughed.

Max nodded. "Of course. Do you want little cucumber sandwiches, or do you want half a chicken between two pieces of bread?"

"Chicken." Harry laughed.

Max gave him a kiss, a hand just barely brushing over his belly. All of his mates had been doing the same, especially Draco. He'd only told them that morning, only four hours ago really, and already they couldn't keep their hands off him.

Harry finished making up the dozen little three-tiered plates, making sure he remembered that sandwiches were on the bottom, the scones, jam and cream were in the middle, and the little cakes and biscuits were on top.

He heard Narcissa's gentle laugh even as Max snuck him a big sandwich, and they stayed in the kitchen eating them with giggles.

"I should have known."

Nasta had found them, and he looked amused. "We've just had lunch."

"But we were hungry, Nas! Look at this…" Harry pointed to the tiny sandwiches and cakes. "This wouldn't fill our babies, this is supposed to be for us! Actual adults."

Nasta chuckled and came to kiss him. Of course his hand brushed across his belly.

"We're going to let you tell everyone once they're here."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Why?"

"Because we thought it would be fairer if we told everyone together and it's your news to share."

"It's our news to share." Harry replied stubbornly.

"And we're going to let you tell it." Nasta told him just as stubbornly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Fine, I'll announce it over high tea."

"Finish your sandwich first, everyone is here, we're waiting on you finishing the plates."

"I'll get the tea and coffee started." Max grumbled.

Harry jammed another big bite of sandwich into his mouth, watching as Max set up teapots and cafetieres, placing china teacups onto saucers, onto a silver serving tray.

"I feel like a servant." Max chuckled.

"We're all servants to Draco's whims today." Harry told him.

"Don't carry those plates in mind!" Max warned.

Harry rolled his eyes. "They're not even heavy."

"I don't care, let me do it. Just finish your sandwich and go and greet everyone. You were in here when most of them arrived."

Harry nodded, and quickly finished his sandwich before hurrying to the bigger family room. High tea was going to be outside, as it was a nice day, if a little cold, but the tables had already been set up out there.

"Ah, there you are, Harry. How are you?"

Harry smiled at Alexander and went to hug the man.

"I'm fine, thank you."

"I'm glad to hear that. Your own twentieth birthday will be next month, are you excited?"

Harry grinned. "I'm honestly more excited for our zoo trip in five days. I can't wait!"

Alexander's smile softened. "I hope you enjoy yourself, Harry."

"I'm sure I will. It definitely can't go as badly as the first time, eight babies in tow or not."

"Only eight?" Alexander asked, then he had an 'aha' moment. "Ah, of course, you won't be taking Leolin."

"No, he's going for a Faerie play date with Ezrah and Lathen, who are honestly terrified of the thought of looking after our child for the day, despite how much they want to do it. I've had to write down every possible instruction for every situation, just in case."

"I would have thought you'd give him to Dain and Kailen."

Harry sobered a little, and he shook his head. "Things in the city are…frankly terrible. Dain and Kailen are doing their all just to keep from being killed in their beds. They can't leave the city at the moment, and Leolin is definitely not going there."

Alexander nodded seriously. "Of course Leolin and his safety have to come first."

Harry nodded and pushed away the fear he felt for his Faerie friends and family. Their last correspondence, which had been with Eitri, still had Sindri clinging to life, but the tone of the message had been rather dire.

He tried not to think about it, as Blaise came over and handed him Taren. He didn't want to spoil Draco's birthday by being morose over the situation in the Faerie city.

"Hi, sweetie." Harry cooed to Taren, who still had milk around his mouth. "Oh, did Daddy Blaise not wipe your mouth? Naughty Daddy Blaise."

Harry headed to the coffee table and swiped a wipe from the open pack, gently wiping the residue milk from a tiny, pouted mouth.

"Taren is coming on so well." Narcissa praised.

Harry gave her a soft smile, before looking back down at his baby.

"He is. I couldn't be happier." Harry said, hiding a secret smile.

"May I?"

"Oh, of course. Nana Narcissa has to have a cuddle."

Harry gently passed Taren over, then he went to Myron, who was always visible in any room because he was head and shoulders above everyone else.

"Harry, are you feeling better?" He asked straight away. "Max said that you were overtired and stressed."

"You really were a lifesaver taking Taren for the night." Harry chuckled. "I'm doing much better now."

"We're really glad to hear that." Richard added, giving him a soft touch. "Anything you need, we're here for you, always. What else are we supposed to do with ourselves?"

Harry snorted. "You wouldn't think that either of you had high-powered careers."

"Careers are second to family." Myron said immediately, and so firmly that it made Harry feel, even more than ever, that he had mated into the right family.

"Tea is ready." Max called out.

"Care bear, come and say hello!" Richard demanded, and Harry snorted a laugh as Max's shoulders slumped with a sigh, and he picked his way over, even as their family started moving towards the kitchen, and then out into the garden.

"How are you?" Richard asked, opening his arms for a hug that Max readily gave.

"Fine. Taren has been sleeping more in the last week, so we've been getting more sleep too." Max reported, moving from Richard to hug Myron, accepting the kiss to the forehead, before he came to throw an arm around Harry.

"The newborn months don't last too long." Myron said soothingly. "As fussy as Taren is, he'll soon need to sleep more because he'll need it for the growth spurts."

Max led them out into the garden, to the tables dressed in crisp white linen. It did truly look like a restaurant, and they'd done all of it for Draco.

"I love all of the flowers out here." Narcissa was saying, even as she held Taren still.

"We planted them all for Leolin." Draco replied. "He loves being out here with them."

Harry smiled to see his babies running around, all wearing sunhats on their heads. Even Leolin had a sunhat, and Harry knew Nasta had been at them with sun cream as well.

Leolin was with Blaise, who was showing him all the flowers, letting Leolin touch as much as he wanted. Harry smiled, even as he moved to sit himself down. He nabbed a biscuit for himself, and happily munched it. He knew his mates wouldn't say anything about him stealing nibbles, as not only was he pregnant, but he had baked them all in the first place.

Farren came hurrying over to him with Regan, and Farren pointed to the little plates.

"Mama, want."

Harry bent down and kissed his face, moved to kiss Regan, then snapped a shortcake biscuit in half for them.

"Here you go, babies." He said with a smile, handing half a biscuit to each of them.

The two boys clutched their biscuits and ran off and Harry laughed.

Harry was joined quickly by Myron and Richard, and Harry poured them both tea.

"Are we even allowed to eat and drink yet?" Richard asked him with a smirk, even as he picked up the delicate little teacup.

Harry shrugged. "I baked all of the cakes and biscuits, and made the scones too, so I dare any of them to complain about me eating or drinking."

"We wouldn't." Blaise assured him, wrapping his arms around his neck and bending to kiss his cheek.

Harry hummed happily, and tipped his head back for a proper kiss.

"Love you." He declared.

"Ti amo." Blaise replied, before sitting on his other side.

Thankfully there wasn't some sort of etiquette set out about this rather formal birthday tea, as everyone just chose a seat and sat down, and started serving themselves.

Of course the babies came over to ask for food from the table, which was readily given, but having only just eaten their rather large lunches, they didn't want much, it was mostly just curiosity.

Taren was sleeping in a pram by Nasta, and Leolin had migrated over to Draco, who happened to be sitting by a pretty patch of bluebell that Leolin kept reaching out to touch.

It was a good afternoon, despite how formal it seemed, it was relaxed and joyful. They stayed in the garden, even after they'd drank tea and coffee and eaten their little nibbles, and the weather stayed with them too.

"I believe Harry has an announcement to make." Draco called out loudly.

"I believe that my mate has a death wish." Harry replied sweetly, making the other Drackens around him laugh.

"Don't be like that." Draco said, though he was grinning. "You gave me the best present, now I want you to share it with everyone."

Harry rolled his eyes but dutifully stood up.

"Fine, but shut up and let me say it."

"Did you propose?" Narcissa asked Harry, looking back and forth between him and her son.

"I'm already mated to them, why would I want to be married to them as well?" Harry scoffed.

People laughed, his mates heckled.

"You want us to propose to you, that's what it is!" Max called out.

Harry rolled his eyes. "None of you could ever decide on a single ring, you all have different styles, and I refuse to wear four rings and honestly? Mateship is all I've ever wanted. Marriage seems redundant on top of that, and seriously, can you imagine a wedding with these damn kids? We can't even sleep."

His mates snorted and shook their heads, and Harry chuckled.

"We got off track. For some reason I've been deemed the one to announce this, truthfully I think I've been thrown under the bus."

"Thrown under a bus? What does this mean?" Narcissa asked. "Like the knight bus?"

"Ah, muggle euphemism." Harry said. "I've basically been set up to take the fall because these idiots didn't want to do it themselves."

"That's not true." Max told him. "We just thought that it's your news so you should be the one to share it."

"It's our news!" Harry replied stubbornly.

"Are you going to argue all day, or actually tell us the news?" Richard teased.

Harry heaved out a sigh. Then he smiled.

"I'm pregnant." He said. "A month along."

"Dear Merlin, you boys do not wait around." Richard chuckled. "What happened to not wanting any more for a while after Taren?"

"You haven't even had a heat period." Myron said seriously.

Harry shook his head. "No. I never. It's completely Draco's fault of course."

"I swear, I wasn't even thinking of children or pregnancy." Draco assured him.

"Is this child Draco's?" Lucius asked.

Harry gave him a look, then he nodded. "Yeah, it is."

"How can you be sure?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Believe me, I'm sure."

"How can you be?" Lucius persisted.

Harry heaved out an aggravated sigh.

"Look, I can count on one hand how many times I've had sex since I had Taren, and all times were one on one, we haven't done any group activities since before Taren. I conceived on the fourteenth of April and the only person I'd had sex with was Draco, okay? We're one hundred percent sure it's his baby."

"How did you get your temperature up?" Richard asked with a grin.

"We decided it would be a wonderful idea to have sex in front of a fireplace in April. It was after our make-up meal, we weren't even thinking of babies or that the fire would be too hot. It just happened."

Richard laughed. "Oh, you boys are certainly something else."

"Is there just one baby, sweetie?" Kimberly asked gently.

Harry nodded. "Yeah. Completely assured that we have just one baby, and that they're Draco's."

"When did you find out?" Alexander asked.

"Yesterday. Then once I calmed down and got used to the news myself I had the idea to make the news into a little gift for Draco, and I told them this morning."

"He gave me a gift box with a little outfit inside it, with booties and a bib and left us to interpret what it meant." Draco added.

Harry flapped a hand at him. "You got it in the end."

"So you're due in November?" Alexander asked him, smiling.

Harry nodded. "We get two millennium babies." He chuckled.

"This is wonderful news." Narcissa said, and she turned to kiss Draco's cheek. "Your first child, Draco."

"Tenth, Mother." Draco said firmly, and just those two small words gave Harry all the reassurance he needed. "This child might be my first one by blood, but never forget that the previous nine are all mine as well. I will not have them left out."

"I would never exclude them." Narcissa told him. "I adore them all, of course, but it is exciting to have a little baby of your own blood."

Draco snorted and nodded his head, conceding the conversation now that his point had been made. Harry knew he was definitely excited to be getting a biological child at last.

"He's more pleased than he's letting on." Blaise whispered to him, and Harry nodded, smiling.

"I know, but I'm happy that he sees the others as his too."

"We all do. I am just as prepared to tend to any of the other's needs as much as I am Braiden's. I love them all and I am a father to them all."

"You're their soft touch Daddy Blaise." Harry teased.

Blaise flushed a little. "I just look at their little faces, their wet eyes, and I can't punish them. They're so young."

"Oh, Blaise, sweet son, let me tell you, now is definitely the age you want to start implementing discipline." Richard told him. "By the time your quintuplets reach three, they and Braiden are going to be walking all over you like a door mat. They are so bloody intelligent at that age, and they will know that you're the weak link, the chink in the armour, and they'll exploit that with a mercilessness you'll have never experienced before."

Harry laughed. "I've already told him this, and they've already started turning to him to get out of punishments. I mean, didn't Eva try to crawl on your lap just yesterday to get out of a punishment for hitting Ave?"

Blaise huffed, but didn't deny it.

Harry picked up another tiny cake and popped it in his mouth whole while watching his babies run around the very large garden. He inhaled deeply, and he could scent them all and that relaxed him. His babies were all here, they were all safe, that's all he wanted.

He laid a hand over his belly and smiled to himself. He was having his tenth baby, and they had told the extended family. Of course there were still more people to tell, like Max's uncles, Blaise's grandparents, their Faerie friends, but their immediate family had now all been told. His smile widened and he took a sip of his honey tea, still watching his babies charge around the garden. He hadn't wanted another child so soon, but maybe now, after this baby, they could have that sorely needed break. There would be no more sex in front of fireplaces, on hot summer days, or at any time other than when he was stone cold and it was the middle of winter with snow on the ground. He needed a nice long pregnancy break, as long as he could wrangle, but as he stroked a hand over his belly he knew that he could never hate this child, nor resent it. He would love and adore this child as he did all of his others regardless that he'd wanted a break from pregnancy.

He selected another cake and calmed himself. He and his mates would deal with everything coming their way, he trusted them, even more so now that they were all going through therapy. They were becoming better people because of it and he couldn't be happier, or prouder, of his little family. If they could even be called a 'little' family now that was, considering they were going to be welcoming in their tenth child.

High tea had gone wonderfully well, and now everything was all cleaned up, the kids had been bathed and put to bed, all except Leolin and Taren. The former because he had had a three hour nap that afternoon in the garden and Taren because he was currently drowning in Max's massive arms, having a feed.

Harry melted at the sight of Max feeding such a tiny baby. He hadn't even realised that such a thing was one of his turn-ons, but dear fucking Merlin it was. It really, really was.

He flicked his tongue out to wet his lip, just staring at Max feeding Taren.

"Nas?!" Blaise called out, breaking Harry's fixation on Max as he turned to his first mate.

"What?" Nasta called back from the kitchen.

"Bring in a tea towel for us?"

"Why?" Nasta called back, sounding confused.

"Harry's drooling over Max again. He needs to wipe his chin."

"Piss off." Harry snapped.

Max chuckled. "What is your fascination, lover? You know we love and care for all of our babies, of course we're going to feed them."

Harry shrugged. "I think it's a submissive thing, or maybe an 'I didn't have a caring family' thing, but I just…seeing any of you caring for our babies melts me."

"Sounds like a submissive thing." Nasta said, coming to him and leaning over the settee to hug him, giving him a kiss. "So…do you actually need this tea towel or not?"

Harry snorted and gently shoved at Nasta.

"I can lick up my own drool thanks." He teased.

"I can help if you need it." Max growled.

Harry gave a playful little growl back. "I'm already pregnant, you can fuck off."

"But, Harry, my love, this is the perfect time to have sex, because you're already pregnant and can't get pregnant again!" Max stressed.

"Ooo." Harry said, considering that. "You're right, quick, wind Taren so I can carry on getting in the mood."

Max laughed, his voice noticeably deeper, even as he carefully placed Taren up onto his massive shoulder and started winding him.

Harry allowed himself to relax and go all misty eyed again, more so when Taren actually burped and Max lowered him into his arms to rock him to sleep.

Harry watched until Taren was fast asleep and Max stood to place him carefully into his bassinet, covering him over with a light blanket.

"Are you suitably aroused?" Max purred.

"Why don't you come and check for yourself?" Harry asked, all smirk and pride.

Max came to sit beside him, an arm wrapping around him gently, protectively. His other hand rested on Harry's chest, then slowly, teasingly, slid down to his lap. Harry was aroused and he smirked at Max.

His mate turned to face him, then nuzzled into his neck, kissing and sucking.

"Will you two calm down a little? Leolin is still awake." Draco told them, holding said Faerie baby.

Harry was breathing a little faster. He'd wanted this, needed it, more than he thought he had. He licked his lips and turned back to Max.

"Take me to bed?" He asked softly.

"With pleasure." Max answered, surging to his feet and picking Harry up gently, cradling him in his arms almost as if he were one of their babies, but Harry understood his caution, his care. He was newly pregnant and none of them wanted that sort of loss in their lives.

Harry already knew he was going to be getting the tender, slow, drawn out kind of loving, and he was honestly looking forward to it.

"Join us when you can." He called out to his remaining mates, who would no doubt settle Leolin down, put him and Taren to bed, and then join them as soon as humanly possible.

Max carried him upstairs, and to their bedroom. He kicked the door shut, just to prevent any noises that might come forth from disturbing sleeping toddlers in the rooms opposite.

Harry was laid oh so gently onto the bed and Max stood over him, just looking down proudly.

"You look like you've just won an award." Harry sniggered.

"Maybe I have. Maybe getting you all to myself for a bit is reward enough."

Harry smiled softly then, and reached up a hand to Max, who took it, kissed his knuckles, and then allowed Harry to pull him down, on top of himself.

They kissed and this time it was more passionate, a little more forceful, and Harry hummed happily in appreciation.

"I love you."

Max pulled back from him and grinned. "I love you too. You're in a strange mood today."

Harry hummed in acknowledgement. He was in a strange mood. He didn't know why, if it was just the high of having a celebration, whether it was a sugar rush from too much cake, or even just pregnancy hormones, but he felt soft and mellow. He wanted all of his mates with him. He hoped that the others didn't take too much longer.

He and Max were decidedly unhurried. They kissed, touched, but didn't go any further. It was as if they had an unspoken agreement that they would wait for all of them tonight.

It was Blaise who was next into the room, and he raised an unimpressed eyebrow at seeing how little progress they'd made towards anything.

"I thought I had given you enough time together." He said. "It seems you need some help to move things along."

Max chuckled, his voice so deep it made Harry's dick throb.

"We're waiting for the rest of you to get up here."

Blaise smirked as he approached the bed. "It won't be long. Draco go Leolin to sleep and is putting him to bed now, and Nasta is just making sure everything is locked up and the lights are off before bringing up Taren."

Blaise slipped onto the bed and bent to kiss Harry, stroking his face and then moving a piece of hair back from his forehead so that he could kiss the lightning bolt scar.

Harry smiled up at him, then watched as Blaise and Max shared a much rougher, more demanding kiss. He could never tire of watching his mates together. He loved them, but there was no jealousy between any of them, and he loved that most of all. He could never have dealt with a mateship that contained jealousy and lovelessness between his chosen dominants. He was glad that they loved one another as much as they loved him.

Harry didn't notice Draco come into the bedroom, but he felt him as soon as those hands touched him, and he craned his head back to look at him, to arch his neck back to get a kiss that was readily given.

Lust and passion had taken over by the time that Nasta joined them, placing Taren gently into his bassinet and casting a careful ward over it to stop any of their noises from waking him.

Harry called out to his missing mate, wanting, needing, all four of them in the bed with him. He couldn't explain the desire, only that it had been so very long since the last time all five of them had been together in this way. He needed the reassurance, he wanted their love, their touch, their everything. He needed his mates and he voiced all of this to them in lustful babbles, in half-finished or cut off sentences and they responded to his words immediately, as hands cupped more firmly, as kisses became breathless and slowly clothes started being removed.

With four mates it was sometimes difficult to pick out who was where, or doing what, but Harry had gotten used to them over time, and he knew them by touch, by smell, even by how they touched him. He knew them, and he loved them.

Missing Scene

He was aware that he was coming down from his desperate high, that he could feel touches to his body, hear snatches of conversation, but he felt floaty still. His body didn't want to cooperate, his eyes didn't want to open and his tongue couldn't form words.

"Just rest, my love." A voice encouraged him, sounding as if it were a very long way away despite that the words had been said into his ear.

He felt drunk, or like he had been knocked stupid. His chest was still heaving, as he took ragged breaths to try and calm his racing heart. There were more hands on him, touching, but it was a different sort of touch this time. His mates were aiming to comfort him, and reassure him that they were still there with him.

Harry didn't really know how his plans to have all of them together had gone so wrong, but damn he felt amazing, and relaxed too. Maybe that was why. Maybe he'd really needed the stress relief after all.

A kiss disturbed the hair at his temple, and he turned his face to where he knew a mate was, almost as if he were a flower seeking the sun. He heard a soft chuckle and he was pulled in close and tight to a strong, warm body. From sheer size alone he knew that it was Max. Another kiss was pressed to his cheek this time, then to his mouth.

"Go to sleep, Harry." A loving voice chided him.

"Cold." He managed to say.

Immediately warm arms were wrapped tightly around him, and someone rolled to put their burning chest to his cold back.

The snapping of fabric came to him distantly, but he still couldn't open his eyes. He was reassured when the duvet was draped over him, and he realised that someone had gotten up to fix it, so that they could sleep.

The soothing, comforting rumble of their top dominant almost instantly eased him into sleep and finally something in the back of his brain switched off. His body relaxed and he sunk into the mattress, into the bodies surrounding him, holding him. This hadn't been exactly what he'd wanted, but it had been what he'd needed and now he was relaxed enough to sleep and rest. He would need it for their zoo visit in four days.

- X

A/N: Poor Harry, he really didn't want another baby so soon, but seriously that's what he gets for having sex in front of a fire.

A lot of you readers guessed right away what was happening, but then I was rather unsubtle in mentioning how hot that fire was :D That isn't the surprise this time around, and neither is the paternity. It's going to be the sex of this baby that's the heavily guarded secret, so be prepared to not know until the birth, lovelies.

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