Last Time

He was yawning widely as he dressed for bed, just barely managing to brush his teeth. His eyes were already half closed. The exhaustion was catching up with him but the moment he slipped into bed and snuggled up to Max, his body sagged and he felt so tired that he didn't even want to move.

He'd had such a good day. He couldn't wait to do more of these experiences in the future. His eyes had barely closed before he was deeply asleep.

Chapter One Hundred-Thirty-Four – Anniversary Dinner

Harry woke up feeling groggy and sore. He moaned softly as he rolled in the bed, but he was the only one left in it, so he had all the room to move and make as many noises as he wanted. He stretched out like a starfish, straining all of his limbs at once, feeling, and hearing, several joints crack, which made him moan louder and sink back into the mattress.

For a moment he had no idea what had happened or why he felt so terrible, but then the trip to the zoo started filtering back into his memories and he smiled to himself. He was seriously paying for all that walking around, though, he was certainly not feeling his best.

He let out a soft, almost questioning call to his mates. He was pretty much begging for some attention because he didn't think he'd be able to get up by himself, but it was far from a distress call, so they'd know to come and see him, but he wouldn't cause all four of them to drop what they were doing and run to him in a panic. He had clearly overdone it yesterday, but he would never regret going to the zoo. The memories he had made more than made up for his sore body, he just wanted some help and maybe a little bit of fuss.

It was Blaise who came to him and Harry just held an arm out for him.

"Do you want to get up or just a cuddle?" Blaise asked him, sitting on the side of the bed.

"Both, but I want a cuddle first. My body hurts."

"Like you need to see a healer or you just overdid it?"

"I overdid it." Harry admitted, even as Blaise moved to lay on the bed with him and pulled Harry into his arms, onto his chest, wrapping his arms around him. "But I don't care. I don't regret a minute of it, I loved it. I'm just paying for all of the movement now. I wanted company, though, and then maybe some help getting up."

"That's okay. Nasta's at work and Max has gone to the supermarket, but I'm free to see you."

"You left Draco alone with the kids?"

"He's capable." Blaise told him.

"I know, but even I get overwhelmed when left alone with all of the kids and Taren is so little still and he needs immediate attention when he cries." Harry said worriedly.

"Well, it helps that nearly all of them are napping right now. Only Taren and Farren are awake at the moment, Bello." Blaise told him.

Harry frowned at hearing that. "What time is it?" He asked curiously.

Blaise chuckled, clearly anticipating Harry's reaction to his answer. "It's gone one in the afternoon."

"It isn't!" Harry burst out.

Blaise laughed at him then and he cuddled him tighter. "It is, but we left you asleep so that you could recover, Harry. None of us mind. In fact, Nasta's orders were to keep checking in on you, but to leave you to sleep for as long as you wanted."

Harry sighed, but he considered that this was the longest he'd ever slept before. He must have had more than fifteen hours of sleep. It was no wonder that he was feeling so sore after how long he'd spent in bed.

"I need to get up and move." Harry sighed. "I won't feel better until I do."

"Come on then, Amante."

Blaise pulled Harry upright and shuffled off of the bed and pulled Harry with him. Harry was still feeling sore and a little hollow, which he hoped a bit of food would sort out.

Harry used the bathroom and then he got Blaise to help him dress.

"I prefer undressing you." Blaise commented, even as he crouched in front of him and slipped on Harry's socks.

Harry snorted. "I bet you do. If you had your way then I'd be naked all day."

Blaise grinned at him, unashamed and not offering a denial.

Once dressed, his mate carried him down the stairs as Harry didn't feel confident enough to manage it by himself and he didn't want to risk his baby. He laid a hand over his hollow-feeling belly, patting the small lump gently, promising the unborn baby that they'd get food very soon.

There was a commotion in the kitchen, so Blaise carried him in through there, to find that Max was home and their kitchen was filled with bags that Max was in the process of putting away.

"Oh, there you are!" Max greeted. "How are you feeling, love?"

Harry hummed. "Hungry."

"And what does my love fancy?" Max asked him.

"I will eat anything you're willing to make as long as it doesn't include eggs of any kind."

Max smiled at him and nodded his agreement. "Everyone else has had lunch, so you can have what you want. Late breakfast? Brunch? Late lunch? Early dinner?"

Harry grinned at how playful Max could be.

"I want something sweet." Harry decided. "Pancakes?"

"Crepes or thick, buttermilk ones?"

"The thick ones, with syrup."

"Oh, Nasta is going to be miserable!" Max teased.

"When is he back?" Harry asked, trying to remember if Nasta was on a half-day or a full day today.

"Much later." Max told him. "We'll have to stuff you full of fruit so he doesn't notice."

"Can stuff me with something." Harry muttered almost to himself, but he was looking up at Max coyly.

"You really are in a mood." Blaise chuckled as Max seemed stunned silent. "Max, go and make Harry pancakes, I'm taking him away from you."

Blaise carried Harry into the family room, where Draco was sitting reading a book with a sleeping Taren on his chest. His blonde mate was rhythmically stroking over the baby's back with gentle fingers and humming lightly.

Blaise settled Harry next to Draco, who looked up but didn't have a chance to greet him before Harry gently kissed him.

"Are you okay?" Draco asked once his lips were free.

Harry nodded. "Yes. I was feeling a little sore and I knew I wouldn't be able to manage the stairs by myself, which is why I called out. Max is home now and he's going to make me pancakes, so I'm sure I'll feel better soon."

Draco put his book down and lifted an arm, inviting Harry underneath to snuggle and Harry took that invitation immediately, hovering his hand over the sleeping Taren.

"Where is Farren?" Harry asked curiously, not seeing, or hearing, his little boy.

"Harry, Max has just been shopping." Blaise told him. "He's in the kitchen, ransacking the bags, of course."

Harry laughed gently. "Of course he is. I remember that he found the fresh veg and Max found bites out of the peppers, carrots, and the broccoli."

"He's just curious." Draco said. "He wants to try everything. It's a good thing."

"It really is. Then, all of our babies are good eaters."

Blaise hummed. "Our worst eater is actually Calix, but that's only because he doesn't want to sit still long enough to eat."

"He does better with small snacks and not a full plate." Draco agreed.

"I worry that he doesn't get enough to eat." Harry admitted.

"He would let us know if he was hungry. They all would." Draco assured him. "We offer them enough through the day and he drinks fine. He just doesn't like sitting at the table."

"He'll learn." Blaise insisted. "He's young yet. They're only two."

They were distracted by a soft grunt over one of the baby monitors on the coffee table. They were colour coded, so they knew which nursery to go to.

"That's our Faerie baby waking up." Harry said. "Will you go and get him, Blaise?"

"Sure thing." Blaise agreed.

Blaise was only gone for a moment before Max came in, carrying a plate of thick, fluffy pancakes smothered in syrup and Farren tucked under his other arm.

"Here, eat these, quick." Max said with a grin.

"Does Farren want some?" Harry asked, accepting the plate.

"He does, but he has biscuits." Max said, distracting the toddler with some rusks. "But you know as soon as Leolin is done, he'll want some quality time with you and I want you to eat first. I've told Blaise to stall a bit, checking Leolin's nappy and such, and I'm going to get him a bottle made up too. If you're done eating then he can have it in here, if not, I'll feed him in the kitchen so that he doesn't see you."

Harry nodded and he started eating. Leolin had progressed to a point where he didn't call for Harry the moment he woke up. He instead let out a wordless cry to alert them that he was awake and he would accept whoever came to collect him from his cot. Harry believed that this was due to his bedroom plants making him calmer and more relaxed. Leolin would call them to cuddle and comfort him, change him, feed him, but the moment he saw Harry once he was awake, that was when he clamoured for him. It was small progress, but it was progress nonetheless and it was proof that what they were doing was working. It was hard to suffer through Leolin's cries and his rather violent outbursts, but he was learning and they were slowly teaching him that home was safe. That his family was safe, not just his ma.

Harry hadn't finished eating by the time that Blaise came down, so Leolin was fed in the kitchen while Harry finished his meal.

"Are you ready?" Blaise asked him several minutes later.

Harry chuckled. "Yeah, let me have him."

At the sound of his voice, Leolin started calling out for him and he was squirming in Blaise's hold, trying to break his grip and get away from him.

"I swear, he's all limbs when he does this." Blaise complained, holding Leolin out for Harry, who took his Faerie baby and snuggled him in close.

Leolin's cries trailed off the moment that Harry had him in his arms and against his chest, and he dug his little fingernails into Harry's neck to hang onto him.

"Ow, baby, not so tight. You can stay, you're not going anywhere." Harry assured him, gently pulling those tiny hands away from his neck and placing them down to his shirt.

Leolin clutched at the shirt instead and Harry rubbed and patted him gently, cuddling him close and giving him comfort.

It didn't take long before Leolin settled himself, realising that he wasn't going to be taken from his beloved ma. Harry felt his tiny body relax and his baby sunk into him, his fingers no longer clawing, but just holding him gently as Leolin snuggled his face into Harry's chest.

"Did you give him that orchid after?"

"No, that's your gift to him, Harry."

Harry sighed and looked down at Leolin. He was wide awake, but he was just cuddling in.


His baby whined and clenched his hands as if he thought that Harry speaking to him might mean he was going to be moved.

"No, you can stay on me, sweetheart." Harry assured him. "But me and your daddies have brought you a gift and we'd like you to have it."

Leolin picked his head up, but his hands clenched further on Harry's shirt, clinging to him so tightly that Harry wrapped his arms around him, just to offer him additional support and comfort, to try and reassure him that he wouldn't be moved.

Blaise went to get the little potted flower and Leolin's gold eyes widened in utter joy as he caught sight of it. He let go of Harry's shirt and reached out for the orchid, which was a beautiful pale pink colour.

Harry held Leolin on his lap, not moving him so that he could feel secure in examining the orchid without the fear that he would be moved.

"Do you like it, Leolin?" Draco asked.

Leolin looked up sharply at the noise, but he went straight back to the flower in his hands.

"We'll take that as a yes." Max said with a smile.

"Do you want tea, Harry?" Blaise asked him.

"Oh…" Harry looked around as if only just noticing that he didn't, in fact, have a cup of tea already made and in reaching distance. "Yes, I do. I can't believe I haven't already had a cuppa."

"I've got it, Blaise." Max insisted, but Blaise went into the kitchen as well.

Harry held Leolin, who held his little orchid, and he smiled at Taren. The baby was still on Draco's chest, sleeping soundly.

Farren had finished his rusks and he was playing with a wooden ship. Harry watched him contently for a moment, until Blaise came into the room with his tea…it was in a new mug, one that had the name of the zoo emblazoned across it with various pictures of animals.

"What's this?" He asked, smiling, even as he took the mug and took a careful sip away from Leolin.

"You really didn't think that we'd be satisfied with you not having a memento from the zoo, did you?" Draco asked him with a smirk.

"I said I'd be happy with the photos." Harry protested.

"We don't care, now you have a mug too." Max said, dropping over the settee and giving Harry a kiss. "We'll get the photos developed as well. I know I took some great pictures yesterday."

"I did too." Harry said with a smile. "Thank you for the mug, and for everything else. I loved yesterday so much."

"Even though you're paying for it today?" Blaise teased.

"I don't care. Though, I still can't believe that you left me in bed for so long. It's no wonder that I'm feeling so sore."

"You needed it." Blaise waved off. "We had everything else in hand."

"Blaise is right." Max told him. "We did a lot yesterday and with you being pregnant, we really would rather it if you rested for today at least."

"Oh, I plan to." Harry assured him. "It feels strange that I haven't seen Nasta today, though."

"He'll be home soon enough. When the kids wake up and start swarming you'll just look up one moment and he'll be here."

"Our kids aren't bees." Harry teased.

"I was thinking more like wasps." Max laughed.

"Definitely wasps." Blaise agreed.

"Oh, shut up." Harry said, rolling his eyes.

He took another sip of tea, watching Leolin use the gentlest touch ever to stroke a pale pink petal. He could be so tender and gentle when it came to plant life compared to how he treated other people and even him, given that he was arguably Leolin's favourite person.

"Has he had any outside time today?" He asked.

"We had a bit of a moment this morning." Max admitted with a grimace. "There was a bug in the kitchen because the windows were open and Leolin was so fascinated with it, he was letting it crawl on him and he was actually really happy…until it went onto the table and Calix squashed it with his cup."

"Oh no, how did he react?" Harry asked, his arm tugging Leolin closer to his chest.

"I think absolute meltdown doesn't quite cover it." Blaise told him.

"You should have called me!" Harry said, getting upset.

"I took him outside, Harry, and he calmed down." Draco assured him.

Harry gave Leolin's head a soft kiss and then stroked a hand through his black hair.

"We will need to be more vigilant with this in future." He told his mates.

"We can't always predict such things, Harry." Max told him gently. "We can't save every bug that flies into the house, but we can try to teach the kids not to kill them unnecessarily."

Harry nodded, frowning. It was all they could do really. The kids were very young still, but now was the right time to start teaching them not to hurt living creatures, especially if it would prevent Leolin from having one of his epic meltdowns.

Harry hardly noticed the afternoon flying by once the kids had woken up. They all wanted kisses and cuddles and attention as he'd missed the morning with them, so he got himself onto the floor to play with them and he barely noticed that it was getting on for evening until Max called the kids for their dinner.

"I've laid out all of their pyjamas." Blaise told them, coming into the kitchen.

"Taren's ready for his bath." Max told him, the newborn slung over his shoulder, having just been winded.

"I'll sort him now, out of the way." Blaise insisted. "He's been sleeping so well since that trip yesterday, he no longer needs Daddy Max's shoulders."

Max chuckled. "I might be able to get a bit of sleep, then!"

Harry wondered how long that was going to last, even as he encouraged Regan to eat his vegetable pasta. Max had given them all a slice of garlic bread and they had finally found something that Calix would willingly stay in his booster seat to eat.

"I think he's in love." Max chuckled, watching Calix eat the garlic bread.

"Make sure you put a heart next to garlic bread in his food diary, Max." Harry laughed.

"Oh, a heart?" Max asked, a teasing lilt to his tone.

"We have to make sure we document just how much he clearly loves garlic bread." Harry said with a grin.

"Calix, do you want another piece?" Max asked, showing him another slice of garlic bread.

"Yes, Daddy, please." Calix said, already reaching out for it.

"Eat a bit of your pasta first." Max coaxed.

Calix scowled, but he did pick up some pasta with his hand and jam it into his mouth.

"Do you not want to use your fork, Calix?" Harry asked.

"No fork, Mummy." Calix answered.

"Pick the battles." Draco said, almost to himself, as he helped Eva and Ave eat.

Harry knew that the table manners of their kids, as well as their overall appearance, grated on Draco at times. He had been raised by strict, pureblooded parents and he was an only child. All he could remember of his childhood was being presentable and eating with the correct silverware, so seeing how messy babies ate was eye-opening to him. He was getting better and he didn't insist on table manners while their babies were so young, but it helped that they were going straight into the bath afterwards.

Dinner was mostly done with, as Max handled the washing up, and the rest of them handled bath time. Harry was reading a story to Eva and Ave, while Draco and Blaise bathed the remaining kids, who would then be taken down for some quiet play for an hour before being taken to bed themselves.

His girls had two stories before they fell asleep, Ave near the beginning of the second book and Eva near the end. He stood carefully from the rocking chair and placed one twin, then the other into their separate cots, before going back and tucking them both in and giving them a last kiss.

He closed the door gently and he took a breath, smiling, as he went back downstairs. Farren had already been taken to bed, as he hadn't had a nap he usually went to bed earlier. Calix was still charging around, as always full of boundless energy that made Harry jealous.

Leolin was still awake, scowling at everyone with his new little orchid held between both hands. Harry went to take him from his bouncer and sat on the settee with him. Taren was already asleep, up in his cot, so Leolin was feeling more secure and less combative.

"Right, lovers, I have lasagne for dinner, with what garlic bread Calix has left us." Max joked.

"I can't believe how much he ate." Harry chuckled, snuggling with Leolin. "He even ate half his pasta with garlic bread bribes."

"It's certainly one to remember for future meals."

It was almost seven when they heard the floo flaring in the other room, signalling that Nasta was finally home from work. All of the kids were now in bed, even Leolin, who had refused to be parted from his new orchid, so they'd had to tuck the pot into his cot with him.

"Right on time, lover. Dinner's in half an hour." Max said from the kitchen. Harry heard the rumble of Nasta answering, but couldn't make out the words.

A moment later and Nasta came into the family room and he looked exhausted. They'd had a long day yesterday and it had been another long day for Nasta too.

"Come and sit down." Draco encouraged.

"Did Max offer you tea?" Harry asked, even as Nasta chose to sit next to him.

"He did. He's getting me one now. How are you, Harry? I didn't get to see you this morning."

"No one saw me this morning." Harry said with a laugh. "Thanks to a certain someone's orders, I was left in bed until one in the afternoon."

"You must have needed it." Nasta said, throwing an arm around him and tugging him into a cwtch.

Max came in carrying a tray which he placed down on the coffee table. He handed Nasta his cup of tea but left everyone else to get their own.

"Dinner's in half an hour or so." He told the rest of them. "How was work, Nas?"

"Hard." Nasta replied shortly, before taking a deep drink. "I hardly had time for my breaks we were that busy and the paperwork piled up again. I'll be doing that for the next month!"

Harry turned and snuggled into Nasta properly, smiling up at his top dominant as he looked down at him with his own smile.

"How were the kids? I hate coming home after they're in bed."

"They've been fine. The only new developments we had today were how much Leolin loved the orchid from the zoo…we had to leave it in his cot with him to stop him from screaming." Blaise said.

"…and we have found something that Calix will sit and eat with no complaints."

"Oh, really?" Nasta asked. "What was it?"

"Garlic bread." Max laughed.

Nasta laughed and they could all but see the tension draining out of him as he just sat quiet and drank his tea. "I do hope he had more to eat than just garlic bread."

"We bribed him with it to eat his pasta and he had half a plate, Nas." Harry said with a grin.

"That's wonderful, I'm glad we've found something that he actually really enjoys. But, how have you been, Harry? No issues from yesterday? Our baby still perfectly alright? I heard you calling in the afternoon."

Harry nodded. "I was a little sore when I woke up, which is why I called. I wanted a cuddle and some help with the stairs, but I'm not sure whether it's from yesterday or just staying in bed for so long that made me so sore. Maybe both, but I'm feeling fine now, more than fine, I'm so happy."

Nasta turned his head to kiss him and Harry hummed happily.

"Our baby?" Nasta pressed.

Harry shook his head. "Fine, Nasta, as far as I can tell. I haven't been sick today, but I have been resting a lot. I've mostly been on the floor, playing with our babies."

"Good, that's what I wanted for you."

"We do know how to look after him." Max said, rolling fond eyes.

"I know how to look after myself." Harry cut in.

"You know we didn't mean it like that." Draco told him.

"We like looking after you when you're pregnant." Blaise said, coming to sit beside him and giving him a kiss, then kissing Nasta.

"Don't start anything, dinner's in fifteen."

"Definitely not long enough for anything good." Harry chuckled.

"Exactly, so stop winding me up." Max told them.

"I think we're winding Nasta up more than anything." Blaise said.

"I'm too tired for anything." Nasta answered. "Though I wish I wasn't."

"See, he doesn't even want your attentions!" Max told them, but he was grinning widely.

"Oh, I want their attentions, I just can't do anything about it." Nasta laughed.

Harry laughed himself, but wrapped an arm around Blaise.

"Just me and you then, Blaise."

"What about me?" Draco asked.

"Of course you're invited, Draco." Harry assured him.

"If we were going to do anything, I think we should have done it before Nasta came home." Max said.

"Are we serious about this?" Blaise asked.

Harry considered it seriously. He shook his head. "I'll have to count myself out. I think I'm still too sore for anything, though, like Nasta, I wish I wasn't."

Max sighed heavily. "In that case, dinner and a snuggle on the settee, lovers."

"There's that film we wanted to watch." Harry pointed out.

"Oh, I picked up popcorn this afternoon." Max said.

"Ooo, popcorn!" Harry almost whined.

Max gave him a grin. "More cravings?"

Harry shrugged. "Maybe. We'll have to find out."

"Let me go and check on dinner. We've got salad, chips, and garlic bread to go with it."

Harry was getting hungry and his stomach rumbled, making Blaise and Nasta look at him. He shrugged helplessly.

"Baby wants Daddy Max's cooking." He said with a grin.

"Have you eaten today? You would have missed breakfast and lunch."

"I had a late breakfast and then I snacked a lot on fruit through the afternoon." Harry assured Nasta. "I did eat the last pear, though, sorry."

Nasta smiled at him. "I don't care about that."

"Max said something about a smoothie." Harry pointed out.

"Only because it was overripe and none of the kids wanted it while it was 'mushy', I'm glad that you decided to eat it, Harry. I don't want you to stop yourself from eating something for such a reason."

"I did tell him that." Draco said.

"Good, keep reminding him." Nasta said teasingly, giving Harry a squeeze.

"You'll all be sorry when I eat all your favourite snacks." Harry huffed.

"We might moan a bit, but we won't care, Harry." Draco told him. "You're carrying our baby. Even if you weren't, we wouldn't begrudge you anything."

"I love you all." Harry declared.

"Before you all go around declaring love and whatnot, dinner is ready." Max told them.

"Ooo, food." Harry said, turning and trying to leave the settee only to have Nasta pulling him back into a kiss.

Nasta stood and carried Harry to the kitchen, setting him down by the table.

"Thanks for the lift, love."

Dinner was their quiet time. Max always made a delicious meal for them, and even if he didn't and they had the occasional takeaway, they were always quiet over dinner, as they ate and relaxed.

Harry didn't move after he'd finished. He was so full and feeling so good that he didn't want to move.

"Come on, you." Max said with a smile. "The dishes are doing themselves, Blaise is sorting the tea, let's get you comfortable on the settee."

Max carried him into the smaller living room, which was more intimate and cosy. The fire wasn't lit, but it was too hot anyway being summer, despite that it was getting late. Max set up the TV and got the film ready. Blaise brought in a tray of drinks, they all had a cup of tea and a cold drink too. Harry went right for his honey tea in the zoo mug.

Nasta had gone to change into something more comfortable and to grab a quick shower. They weren't waiting for him for very long. Harry had barely settled himself down and Nasta was back in the room with them.

"Come here, love." Harry said, holding his arms out to Nasta, who settled next to him and they pulled one another into a cuddle.

"Did you miss me?" Nasta asked, sounding amused.

"It felt strange not seeing you at all today. I didn't like it."

"I'm sorry, Caru. I had to pull a twelve-hour shift because I made myself unavailable yesterday."

"I understand, I just didn't like not seeing you."

"I'm here now and I'm not letting you go today."

"Good." Harry said, snuggling in and taking a sip of tea.

Max set the film up and then joined them on the settee, sitting between Blaise and Draco, who was on Harry's other side.

It was peaceful, Harry loved nights like this, but of course it didn't last. Taren was still only four months old and he woke very frequently. They heard him shuffling over the baby monitor and Max paused the film while Blaise went to go and fetch the baby. Draco headed to the kitchen to boil the kettle for a bottle and Harry stayed right where he was with Nasta.

Draco brought the bottle into the room and passed it to Harry, and Blaise came in not long after with Taren, who was fussing and whining.

"Oh, I know that sound. He wants his Daddy Max back." Harry teased, even as he took the baby and offered him the bottle teat.

Taren drank greedily, but he whined every time he took a breath and Harry knew it was because he wanted Max…or someone as equally large, like Myron, to snuggle him.

"Well, that didn't last." Max sighed, but he looked at Taren with soft eyes. "I had a night off, at least."

"We should take him out a bit more." Harry teased.

"Maybe a few trips to the park." Nasta chuckled.

Harry finished feeding the baby and then handed him over to Max for him to wind, and Taren happily splayed out over those broad shoulders.

"He's so happy." Draco chuckled.

Max continued rubbing Taren's back. "He really is. Face it, lovers, I just have the magic touch."

"Oh, I more than know that, lover." Harry stressed teasingly, giving Max a wink. "Then I think that all of you have the magic touch in one way or another, how many kids do we have now? Baby number ten on the way."

Harry patted his belly and then laughed as several hands reached out to do the same.

"We're certainly virile." Blaise smiled.

"I only have one baby." Draco said softly.

"So do I." Blaise said with a shrug. "Unless you'd forgotten that Braiden is my only biological child."

"It doesn't matter." Harry assured them. "We'll revisit this conversation when we're one hundred and we can tally up how many kids we have then. We're just getting started. I'm still a teenager."

"Oh, yes, for all of another month." Draco chuckled.

"Doesn't matter. I am still a teenager and none of you are."

"Nasta, it's been so long since I was a teenager." Max joked. "I'm not sure I remember it, do you?"

"I'm not sure. I think Silver Arrow brooms were popular back then."

All of them burst out laughing, as the Silver Arrow broom range had been popular in the nineteen-twenties, and Taren let out a squawk of displeasure.

"Sorry, sweetheart." Max cooed, shushing the baby and patting his back with large hands.

"Are we still going out for our anniversary?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Draco told him.

"It's all in hand, Harry. Richard and Myron are coming over to look after the kids and Alexander said he'd come over for a bit too." Nasta said.

"We're doing so much this month." Harry said with a smile. "I like it."

"I thought you were a homebody?"

"Oh, I am." Harry assured Blaise. "But I like doing things with my family too."

"We love giving you new experiences too. Now that you've had a chance to rest and sleep, how was the zoo?"

"I loved it!" Harry said empathetically. "I only wish I hadn't been pregnant and had more energy to enjoy everything. I would have liked to have seen the aquarium, but I was just too tired by the end."

"We'll go to a proper aquarium, Harry." Nasta told him seriously. "It'll be bigger and better than a zoo aquarium too."

Harry grinned happily at that and he settled himself back on Nasta. "I love having these new experiences. I have been to a zoo before, but…as I said, it wasn't a good memory for me, but this was!"

"I put the camera film in to be developed." Max told him, even as he swayed with Taren, trying to get the baby back to sleep. "It should be ready soon, then we can go through the photos and find all of the good ones."

"I can't wait to do that, either!"

"You're meant to be calming down so that you can sleep." Draco said.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I'll still be able to sleep, Draco. I just can't help being excited. I want those photos."

"They'll be here soon enough, love." Max assured him. "Now, this little man has gone back off, so let me go put him back to bed and we can finish this film."

Harry snuggled back into Nasta and when Max came back down, they put the film back on and managed to watch the rest of it.

Once it was over, Harry got carried to bed by Blaise while Nasta locked up and Max took their cups to the kitchen and set them to wash themselves.

"Are you tired?" Blaise asked him.

Harry nodded. "I know I slept late today and didn't get up until one, but I needed that to recover from yesterday. I am actually tired and I will sleep. I'm hoping that I'll be up at my normal time tomorrow…and feeling better."

"We hope that you're feeling better too." Draco told him, giving him a kiss and then heading for the bathroom.

Harry didn't care about washing himself, so he got straight into his pyjamas and he went to check on Taren in his bassinet. He smoothed the blanket over his baby and gave him a gentle kiss. He gave Taren a last soft touch before he went to their ensuite and he nudged in next to Draco just to brush his teeth, and then he was climbing into bed and stealing the best spot, the very centre.

He was still rustling around, squirming, when Max and Nasta came into the master suite.

"Of course you took the best spot." Max chuckled in a whisper. He was holding a bottle ready for Taren, who would wake up in about an hour for his next bottle.

"Naturally." Harry said with a grin. "This is my spot!"

"I'm going to shove you out of it now." Max declared.

"Don't you dare!" Harry told him.

"He won't." Nasta assured him, giving Max an elbow.

"As if I would!" Max chuckled.

Harry yawned and shuffled about in the bed again. Draco joined him and then Blaise, leaving the outside of the bed for Max and Nasta. Harry was asleep before either of his older mates joined the bed. He vaguely remembered waking up when Taren cried for a bottle, but with how quickly Max dealt with that, he fell asleep again quickly.

Three days later Harry was very excited to be taken on a dinner date by all of his mates for their anniversary. He was dressed in a suit, which had been too tight to fit him until Draco had cast a complicated charm that had eased the stretch a little. The back-to-back pregnancies had left him a little fuller than he'd been the last time he'd worn this outfit back in April and he was pregnant again too. He really needed to be fitted for a new suit entirely, but for one night, he'd manage.

He heard Myron's deep voice from downstairs and he hurried to finish getting dressed and he rushed to go and greet him.

"How are you, Harry?" Myron asked him.

Harry smiled and went to hug him.

"You look a little tight, there." Richard told him.

"Don't you dare upset him, Dad!" Max said angrily.

"It's a good thing, care bear!" Richard insisted. "If any of you need to put on a little weight, it's Harry."

"It's the back-to-back pregnancies." Harry said softly. "Draco had to charm them to be a little bigger, but I need a new suit. It'll do for now, though."

"I'll take you to be fitted properly if you'd like." Myron offered. "I haven't seen enough of you or my grandchildren lately. It's no excuse, but I've been busy at work."

"We like spending time with you all." Richard added as Harry opened his mouth to argue. "We prefer that you're sick of us than not seeing you enough."

"Oh, fine." Harry relented with a sigh. "But only because you're family."

"Of course." Myron said, hugging him a little tight. "How is our unborn grandchild?"

"Being good! So I want to eat my body weight before the morning sickness creeps back in." Harry laughed.

"I'm at least pleased to hear that the baby is being cooperative enough that you can enjoy your night out." Myron said.

"Truly? That is really good to hear."

Harry turned and smiled to hear Alexander's voice as the man came into the living room.

"Yeah, I really enjoyed myself at the zoo and now we're having date night, I like it."

"You'll have to tell us all about your zoo trip soon. I would love to see the photos you boys took too." Alexander told him.

Harry smiled. "Max has put them in to be developed, they should be here soon."

"Did you get a gift?"

"I wasn't going to get one for myself, though I made sure to get one for Leolin, but the guys didn't like that, so they got me a mug with the zoo's name on the front. I love it."

"You had to have a gift to commemorate the day, Harry." Blaise told him, coming over to kiss his cheek, looking gorgeous in indigo dress robes that matched his eyes.

"I agree with Blaise on this matter, Harry. You need to start getting gifts for yourself and not just your children." Myron told him.

"I'm still not all that comfortable with getting things for myself." He admitted.

"We will buy you things until you are." Blaise insisted.

Harry smiled and gave Blaise a soft kiss.

"Are you all ready?" Nasta asked, walking in wearing a black suit with a dark blue shirt. He looked gorgeous, as he rarely wore a suit, and he was still fixing his cufflinks into place.


"Right, the kids are all in bed, but Leolin went down for a danger nap and hasn't had his last feed, so he's likely to be up in the next hour to have that and he'll stay awake for a bit, but unless he realises that Harry isn't in the house he should go back to sleep soon after. Taren had his last feed and will be awake in three hours for another, but we might be back by then." Max reported.

"Take your time, we have all night." Myron assured them.

Harry took Nasta's arm and they said their goodbyes. Harry allowed Nasta to Apparate them both and they arrived at a very upscale restaurant. It was muted, understated, but Harry could just tell that it was fancy from the decoration, how large the windows were, and how much foliage was around the entrance. This was not somewhere he would have picked by himself, but he knew that Blaise and Draco, at least, would be very at home here.

"Do you like it?" Nasta asked him, as he joined the literal queue to be seen by the Maître d. Harry had never known any restaurant that was so fancy that you had to queue up to get in before. Needing reservations, yes, but queuing up for their reservation? No.

"Just how expensive is this place?" Harry asked worriedly.

"You deserve it." Draco assured him as he came to stand behind him with Blaise and Max.

"We all do after the year we've had." Blaise muttered.

The staff here were efficient, and they were soon at the front and Nasta was giving the details of their reservation and they were seen to their table by a hostess, who saw them seated and supplied with menus.

"I like it here." Harry decided, looking around. They weren't quite hidden from view, but there was so much foliage around them that it felt like they were lost in a forest or something. It was a little distracting, but when he focused on just his table, on just his mates, he found he actually liked feeling separated from all the other diners.

"This place is on the same level as The Garnet Swan, but it was always overlooked due to the voracious media campaign that The Garnet Swan undertook." Draco told him.

"Was on the same level." Blaise reminded. "The Garnet Swan is about to go into foreclosure, no one wanted to eat there anymore after how they treated you, Harry, so people started to boycott it. Your name does still command respect, Harry, the public wasn't happy with how you were treated there."

Harry rolled his eyes. "It was nothing to do with the restaurant or the food, it was that damn hostess. It should have been dropped after she was fired for her behaviour."

"Well, it wasn't." Blaise told him. "The Garnet Swan is soon to be no more and The Shining Garden has slid straight into the gap left."

"It really is a garden here, too." Harry commented as he looked around at the foliage hiding them and their table from the rest of the people in the restaurant. "What if we needed to hail down a waiter? They'd never see us."

"How are you feeling?" Nasta asked him, a little forcefully, as he made sure they knew that he was changing the subject. "Is baby doing okay?"

Harry nodded and patted his belly. "Yes. We're okay and there's no hint of any sort of queasiness or cramping. I can't wait for our scan, though."

"That's coming up soon, isn't it?" Draco asked eagerly.

They were finally going to get to see their tenth baby, Draco's first baby, for the first time and they were all excited about it.

"Next week." Harry said as he opened his menu. "Just after Alayla's birthday."

"That's on the nineteenth." Max said.

"Our scan is on the twentieth." Harry added, even as he perused the menu. "So no overdoing it at the party. Oh, is Alayla even having a party or is she going out with her friends again?" Harry asked curiously, looking up at Max.

"She has plans with her friends, so there's no chance of any of us overdoing it or not making it to that scan, lover." Max told him.

"We've gotten her a gift?" Harry asked.

"Yes, it's already wrapped and ready." Max assured him, reaching over and giving his arm a gentle squeeze. "You don't need to worry about a thing, Harry."

Harry gave Max a smile and patted the hand on his arm before he turned to his blonde mate. "Draco, is this the place that did the really nice pork loin dish?"

Draco nodded. "Yes. Did you want to recreate the conception of our child?" He teased.

"Does that include the literal conception after dinner?" Harry asked, waggling his eyebrows.

"For you, of course."

Harry laughed but looked back down at the menu and he found the dish that he'd eaten in front of their fireplace, when their child had been conceived, and he realised that he did want it again.

Despite Harry's fears that the waiters wouldn't be able to find them through the jungle, they were tended to incredibly well and despite a small mishap, where Harry had to bat some leaves from his hair, he was enjoying his time out with all four of his mates for their anniversary. He was missing his babies, Taren in particular as he was so young, but he could manage one evening. A little time away from them made him appreciate the loudness and the carnage of a house full of babies all the more. He did enjoy being out with his mates, but at home with his babies is definitely where he'd always want to be.

They were served incredibly quickly, Harry wondered how they'd even had time to cook any of the food it came out so quickly, but none of his mates seemed concerned, not even Max who knew exactly how long each item would take to cook, so Harry started eating. It was even more delicious than he remembered and his piece of pork was so soft and tender that it almost melted in his mouth without the need to chew it.

He finished his plate before his mates, which was a first as he was from a family of really big eaters, but he was slightly dismayed to find that he was still hungry and he started sending forlorn looks to his mates still eating.

"Harry, I'm finished. Try a bit, do you like it?" Blaise told him, cutting up some of the pasta he'd ordered and holding out the fork to him, tempting him and letting him see if he liked it.

"You're sure?"

"Yes, Bello."

Harry took the food from the fork and then he just took the fork and the plate.

"You're really hungry today, love."

"Must be all these damn plants everywhere." Harry teased Max, even as he finished off Blaise's plate.

"Still no sickness?"

"Nope." Harry said easily before shoving another fork of pasta into his mouth.

"You can order another plate if you're that hungry." Draco assured him.

Harry shook his head. "I want some room left for dessert."

"Are you going for chocolate again?"

"I want cake. I hope they have chocolate cake here."

"If they don't, I'll go out and buy you a chocolate cake." Max told him. "I love seeing you eating."

"You're a feeder, Max!" Harry accused.

"I really am." Max agreed. "I love cooking and I love watching you all eating my cooking."

"We'd noticed. I'm going to have to start making use of our at-home gym." Blaise said.

"We can spar a little." Max said, giving him an obvious wink.

"Yeah, a little bit more sex should do it." Harry laughed.

"Always one to lower the tone, Harry!" Max teased him, shaking his head in fake disappointment. "Here I was offering to spar in the gym and you have to take it to bedroom activities!"

"I'd rather have more sex in bed than roll around the gym mats." Blaise cut in, reaching forward to run his thumb over Harry's lower lip.

Harry gave a small lick to that thumb and watched as Blaise's indigo eyes lit up with arousal.

"We are in public." Draco cautioned them.

"We're literally cocooned in plants and no one can see us." Harry argued.

"I refuse to have sex in public!"

"We're not asking you to join us." Blaise told him.

"Settle down, the both of you. Let us have dessert first, then we can go home to our lovely, large bed." Nasta told them, inflecting a little of his top dominant power into the words to make it more of an order.

"I changed the sheets this afternoon." Harry purred to Blaise. "They're all fresh and crisp."

"Do you want to skip dessert?" Blaise asked.

"I love you, but no." Harry said and he heard Max laugh, Draco snort, and Nasta smothered a chuckle.

"Let him have some cake, Blaise. He's three months pregnant already." Max coaxed. "None of us should be encouraging him to miss out on food…besides, Harry is practically indecent with dessert, he'll rile us all up and turn us on like nothing else moaning over cake."

"I really want some cake, too." Harry said softly.

They had to behave then as their waiter came to check on them, clearing their dishes and the hostess came back with dessert menus.

The first thing Harry saw on it was a slice of chocolate fudge cake and his tongue peeked out to lick at his lips.

"I know exactly what you've just seen." Max told him.

"Deliciousness." Harry replied, scanning all of the desserts just in case, but his mind was already made up. He wanted fudge cake.

"We'll get you the cake." Max promised. "Is there anything else you want? You don't have to order just the one dessert, you can have as many as you want."

"I don't want to be sick." Harry said sadly.

"I won't eat all of my dessert, I prefer not to, so you can have the rest of it, if you want, Harry." Nasta told him.

Harry gave him a grin and bent forward for a kiss. "Thank you."

They each ordered a dessert, all of them something different, and Harry was excited to try all of them, as he knew that his mates would want to try feeding him.

His slice of cake was large. Much larger than he had been expecting, but he was not complaining about that as he stuck his fork into it and took the first bite. He hummed appreciatively, watched by his aroused mates.

"Do you like it?" Draco teased.

Harry gave him a grin. "Oh yes, it's delicious. It's not dry either. There's nothing worse than a dry cake. It's very rich."

"I don't like this." Max declared, pushing it away from him. "I thought it would taste different."

"What is it?" Blaise asked, even as he ate some sort of espresso dessert that he'd immediately picked out on the menu.

"I thought it was mousse, but it's custard. I'm not a fan of cold custard."

"We can swap." Draco offered, pushing the fruity tart he'd ordered at Max.

"Are you sure?" Max asked.

Draco took Max's dessert and tried it. "I like it." Draco said with a shrug. "So it doesn't really matter if we swap."

"Thank you, love. I like this one better."

Harry once again finished all of his cake before his mates and he stared at all of them until Nasta pushed half his dessert to him and Harry gave him a smile and tucked in. It was something that tasted of coconut and it was smooth and gelatinous, but Harry did like it and when he was finished, Max pushed a small wedge of raspberry and chocolate tart to him, the one that had been Draco's.

Harry ate that, but he declined any of Blaise's espresso dessert or any of the dessert that Draco had that had once been Max's, he was very full now and he felt like he just wanted a nap.

"Uh-oh, someone is sleepy." Max teased.

"I really am." Harry laughed.

"That's it, our night is ruined."

"You can just carry on around me, I don't mind." Harry said, smiling. "I've never minded if you've needed a moment together, even if I don't join in."

"You are very relaxed for a submissive." Nasta said softly. "There are some mateships where the submissive won't allow the dominants to even kiss or express any feelings of love towards one another."

"I couldn't live like that." Harry assured them. "I always wanted a family, a real family, and I feel that I have that now. Not just babies and baby daddies, but a family. I couldn't live in a house if you didn't love one another as well."

"We do love one another." Nasta told him seriously. "I speak for myself only, but I love each and every one of you and I love each and every one of our children."

Harry smiled happily as all of his mates declared love for, not just him, but each other as well. He meant it when he said that he couldn't live in a house where his mates didn't love one another.

"I chose perfectly." He said, smiling at them all and taking a drink of water in place of wine. Only Nasta had decided to have water with him, Blaise, Draco, and Max all had a glass of red wine.

"I have never been more happy than when you chose me." Max said softly.

"Well, strictly speaking, I didn't choose you, did I?" Harry teased. "But I was so grateful to find that it was you in that wardrobe and not anyone else. If I did need four mates outright, I would have always chosen you."

Max reached over the table and squeezed his hand. "I love you."

"Love you too, Maxie. Now, are we done? I have a small bit of energy left and I don't want to waste it."

"I'll go and settle the bill." Nasta said. "You head off and I'll see you back at home."

Harry went with Blaise as Nasta went to pay. He was apparated home and he went to find Richard and Myron to see if any of his babies were awake. The two were curled up with one another, drinking tea and cuddling a sleeping Taren.

"You two look so cosy." Harry teased.

"We are, couldn't you have stayed out for another hour?" Richard teased right back.

"Not if we want to have some fun tonight." Harry said, waggling his eyebrows.

"Harry, son, not in present company." Myron chastised.

"As your dad, I feel I have to encourage you to have all the fun." Richard contradicted Myron with a devilish grin.

"How has Taren been?" Harry asked as he clambered over Myron and looked down on his son.

Myron held him carefully, making sure he wouldn't fall and settling him in more comfortably.

"He's been wonderful." Richard assured him. "Alexander only left twenty minutes ago, he was enjoying having a prolonged cuddle. We were too until you came home."

"I was getting tired." Harry explained.

"When is your scan?"

"Next week, on the twentieth." Harry said.

"Comfortable, Harry?" Max asked as he came in, already missing the tie he'd been wearing.

"Of course. Our dads always make sure I'm nice and comfortable!"

Max's smile softened as Harry called Richard and Myron dad, and Harry felt Myron's arm tighten around him in a hug while Richard gave him a forehead kiss.

"We love you, Harry." Myron told him.

"Love you too."

"How was the meal?"

"It was so delicious! I ate so much, and I ate the rest of Blaise's pasta, and then I had the most delicious cake for dessert and Max and Nasta gave me their desserts too!"

Richard laughed. "So you were spoiled, sweetheart?"

Harry nodded.

"Giving him a little wedge of tart doesn't count as spoiling him." Max refuted. "We're going to look after him so well now, him and baby number ten."

"I can't believe we have ten kids in such a small amount of time. If we carry on like this then we'll end up with more than three hundred babies!"

"You won't, Harry." Myron told him. "As you get older, you'll start slowing down."

"I'm not sure how to feel about that." Harry said honestly. "But, I honestly don't want three hundred babies either!"

"We'll deal with it when it happens, love." Max told him, stripping off his suit jacket.

Harry watched him, his tongue poking out a little as he admired how Max's muscles flexed as he moved.

"You're literally sat on our laps, Harry, sweetheart." Richard told him. "Close your jaw and wipe your chin. I mean, I know Max is a gorgeous specimen, he takes after his father, but have a bit of decorum."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You sounded like Draco then, saying big words like decorum."

Richard laughed, but Harry was fished out from between Myron and Richard by Max, who gave him a gentle kiss.

"Do either of you want a top up of tea?" Max asked. "How were the kids? Did Leolin give you any issues?"

"No, I don't want any more tea." Richard waved off.

"Neither do I. We'll be making a move soon." Myron echoed. "As for the kids, only Leolin woke, as you said he would, but we kept Harry's shirt wrapped around him, tucked that little Harry doll he loves into his arms, and he fed and fell back to sleep with no issues. He didn't even try to stay awake like you said he would."

"He's so adorable when he thinks Harry is the one holding him. He just snuggles in and he's so content. He didn't even open his eyes, did he, My?" Richard said, chuckling.

"No, he didn't even check that it was Harry holding him, he felt safe, smelt Harry's shirt, and he didn't even bother to check."

Harry smiled softly. "I'm glad he was okay. I know he can have his quirks, but I don't want to hold them against him. He's just different is all and he has different needs."

"He loves you just like we do." Max said with a grin, pulling Harry into another hug.

"Right, if you're going to start getting frisky, we're leaving." Myron declared.

"Thank you for looking after the kids for us." Harry said. "We really appreciate it."

"We like seeing you boys going out and having some date nights." Richard waved off.

"Our parents and siblings looked after our children when we needed a date night and we will do the same for you." Myron told them, before he stood and stretched with one arm, the other was securely around the tiny body of their four-month-old Taren, who was so clearly contented being splayed over such large, broad shoulders.

"Myron, Richard, thank you again for babysitting for us. I hope the kids weren't too much trouble for you." Nasta said as he entered the family room.

"No trouble at all, Nasta." Myron assured him. "Leolin didn't even give us any trouble."

"Good. Would you like some tea? Blaise is making up a pot now."

"No, son, we're heading off and letting you boys continue your evening." Richard said with his own eyebrow waggle.

Harry laughed, but readily accepted Taren as he was offered over. He snuggled his baby close to his heart and gave him a subtle sniff, not because he didn't trust Myron and Richard to have cared for him, but simply because his Dracken had missed him and wanted to take in his scent. He smelt of milk and the baby shampoo they used and it just settled something inside him and let him fully relax.

"Night boys. Night, Harry." Richard said. "Make the most of your endorphins and make some serotonin as you can't make any more babies."

Harry laughed a little too loudly and Taren squirmed in his arms. Harry rushed to hush him and settle him back down, still chuckling to himself.

Blaise brought in a tea tray and Harry saw the mug from the zoo on it, knowing that it contained his honey tea and he smiled. He had the best mates in the world and he loved them.

As he sat and sipped on his tea, his thoughts circling on how much he loved the life he had created for himself, he found that he wasn't quite as tired as he'd been with a full stomach in the restaurant and he started planning for some bedroom activities once he was done with his tea. He wanted to surprise his mates and he wanted all of them to have some fun. They hadn't done anything all together in the bedroom for several months now and he missed it. It was definitely past time to rectify this issue. Tonight, all five of them would be in the one bed…and all over one another, just as he wanted.

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