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Last Time

The next thing that Harry noticed was the man himself. He was tall at approximately six foot three and was very muscled for such a slender body; he was not wearing a shirt. Scales done in bottomless obsidian and a deep dark amethyst were scattered over the man's wings, olive scales picked out over his bare, tanned skin that Harry could barely make out. His hair was as black as his scales and was chopped into layers that just covered his ears. His face was smooth and strong, angular and exotic looking. His slanted indigo eyes were cold and hard, but filled with warming lust as they devoured as much of Harry's skin as they could, lingering on his face and especially at his neck.

This man took the breath from Harry's lungs, took the oxygen from the very air around him and as Harry took a deep, shuddering breath, the Dracken opposite him made his move.

Chapter Two – Shifted Perspectives

Harry moved instinctually as he threw himself to the side to avoid the Dracken who had leapt at him. He kept moving and he dodged the trees and bushes with an almost feline grace. He could hear the other Dracken behind him, crashing through the same undergrowth as him, and god help him, but the other Dracken was much faster than he was.

Harry refused to slow down, even with the other Dracken gaining on him and growling like a thunder storm, he'd run until his legs gave out on him and even then he would crawl away from this man. He would not give in meekly without some sort of fight.

With his breath coming in short, painful bursts of air, Harry tried to lose his assailant by cutting to either side of himself randomly, but the Dracken following him just moved with him easily, keeping pace and following just a hairs breadth from his back and it was then that Harry got the sinking suspicion that the other Dracken was just playing with him, that he was enjoying the chase through the forest and he didn't see any possible way in which he could lose Harry, so he wasn't trying too hard.

Putting on a burst of speed, even though his chest already felt like it was on fire, he weaved through a tightknit group of trees, getting a slash to his cheek and numerous pricks from thorns in an unseen bush that he'd trampled through, Harry stumbled and tried to make up for his mistake by jinking left very quickly, avoiding a large boulder, skirting around a tree that was oozing a dark liquid before jumping over a large puddle, it was as he was doing the last that Harry was suddenly seized around the waist in mid-air and the added weight sent him crashing to the forest floor. A harsh growl and large hands squeezing around his throat kept him still and silent as the other Dracken sniffed around the back of his neck. The book that he'd read several times since his inheritance had not mentioned this at all!

A strong, muscled tongue licked a slow, sensual line up the spinal cord in his neck and almost instantaneously Harry's mind set changed. His instincts were telling him that this Dracken wasn't going to hurt him, that if he had meant him any harm he would have bitten into him and not merely licked him. The other Dracken was vying for his attention. This Dracken was a possible mate.

Harry didn't know if this frightened him or aroused him, so he settled for being a terrifying mix of both. He had found out only three months ago that he was a Dracken; he couldn't have a mate already! It was far too soon.

Harry quivered in fright as the Dracken continued to lick and lave his neck with his tongue, tasting him, marking him with the scent of his saliva.

Was this how his Mother had felt when she had first realised that his Father was also a Dracken and a possible mate? Had he pursued her immediately? Had her will been strong enough to hold him away for a whole year? Harry didn't think his will was that strong, not when the only thing that he wanted in the world was lying on his back, licking at him gently.

Harry tried to roll over, he wanted to look into the eyes of the man who was doing such sinful things to his body, but the hands that had loosened to rest around the base of his neck tightened into a punishing grip.

Harry whined and stilled once more, but he shifted his body to try and convey to the other Dracken that he only wanted to turn over.

"Hush little one, I'll take care of you. Just stay still." The other Dracken purred. His voice was deep and smooth, like velvet honey. There was just a hint of an accent, but it was too light for Harry to pick up on exactly what it was.

The tongue came back to find a spot behind his ear that had Harry's body jumping in excited surprise and a dark chuckle fell from the other Dracken's lips.

"You've been driving me wild with your intoxicating scent for two months. I couldn't find you; I would follow the scent only to meet dead ends or a class in session. I tried sniffing you out at meal times, but you have been avoiding me, Prezioso."

Harry shook his head as much as he was able to and long fingers that tangled through his messy mop of black hair stopped him as they tugged harshly.

"Yes, you have. Why else would you run from me? I don't like being avoided or run from, Prezioso."

Harry had no clue what Prezioso meant, but he knew that tone of voice. The other Dracken was angry and annoyed with him. He shrunk in on himself and whimpered.

"Oh, no, I understand, Prezioso. You didn't know what you were doing, but you will learn. There will be no more running from me, will there?"

Harry shook his head and he was rewarded with the hand that had clenched into his hair loosening and massaging his scalp instead. It felt amazing.

"Can I see you?" Harry asked bravely, hiding his fear and strengthening his voice so that the waver wouldn't be heard.

"Of course you can, Prezioso. I would love nothing more than for you to gaze at me for hours on end."

Harry cautiously turned onto his back so he was chest to chest with the Dracken on top of him. He looked deeply into those indigo eyes. They were so familiar, but the face was unlike anything he had ever seen before. It was hardly surprising; he didn't look anything like Harry Potter when he was in his Dracken form, why would this person look the same as he did in his human form?

"You are so beautiful, Prezioso." The other Dracken told him softly, running those long, elegant fingers over his cheek.

Harry really looked at the other male lying on him. He was so handsome it was unreal. High cheekbones, chiselled nose, strong jaw, those slanted indigo eyes and a sensual mouth that was curved over deadly looking fangs that were just a little longer than his own.

"Do you like what you see?" The indigo eyed Dracken asked him cockily, a smirk curving that mouth more.

"Yes." Harry answered in a whisper.

A moment later his mouth was seized in a harsh, bruising kiss that left him speechless and unable to do anything other than to fully submit to his mate, because there was no doubt in his mind that this Dracken would now be his dominant mate. Harry was too desperate for love, too desperate for any sort of affection that he would only be hurting himself if he tried to hold himself away from this Dracken now, after what they had done here tonight.

He was not as strong willed as his Mother and his childhood and poor upbringing had left him craving for any sort of love or attention, this man could give him his dream of a family and Harry would take it with both hands.

"What is your name, Prezioso?"

"Harry." He answered without pause. "What's yours?"

"I'm Blaise; I shall assume that you came into your inheritance either this summer or in very early September as you were not here last year. Or should I say that you weren't inherited last year?"

"That's right." Harry answered. "I came into my inheritance during the summer."

"I have been a Dracken for a year already; I turned seventeen on October the twelfth."

His mate was older than him by ten months; his mate had been a Dracken for over a year already. Any questions that Harry had, his mate would likely be able to answer them for him. He felt safe and comforted as his mate, Blaise, explored his neck and face with his fingertips, staring at him as if he were the most amazing thing that he'd ever seen in his life.

"You are very strong, Prezioso, there will likely be others vying for your attention. I will share you only with the minimum number of dominants that you need to impregnate you with our children, I will not allow you to have a harem of men. I will not be pushed aside nor be ignored because you have so many men around you that you do not have enough hours in a day to spend time with us all."

Harry looked up into the enraged face of his new mate and he lay completely still as Blaise's claws came dangerously close to his throat.

"I don't want a harem." Harry whispered out honestly, staring into Blaise's eyes unwaveringly, willing him to see the truth in them. "I just want a family."

A rough kiss to his lips answered Harry's statement and Blaise's hands slipped around his neck to lift his head for a better angle.

"That was the right answer, Bello." Blaise exclaimed as Harry tried to regain his breathing. "I will not be disgraced by having a whore for a submissive mate."

"I'm not a whore!" Harry bit out harshly.

Immediately Blaise's claws dug into the back of his neck and Harry cried out in pain.

"You do not speak to me like that, Harry. As your dominant mate, as your protector and the future Father of your children, I will be respected."

"Respect is earned and not freely given." Harry answered strongly, but he kept his voice placid.

He would not be an inferior person to his mate just because he was a submissive Dracken. They would go into this as equals or Blaise could go away and leave him to find another dominant mate, one who would treat him as an equal and not just someone to order around. He'd had more than enough of that at the Dursleys.

Blaise smirked and licked his cheek slowly as he retracted his claws to leave his fingertips caressing his neck once more.

"I have a strong mate." Blaise whispered, almost to himself. "So strong and so stubborn. You are perfect for me, Prezioso."

Harry felt pleasure fill him as his mate praised him. He confidently lifted his arms to wrap them around Blaise's broad shoulders and Blaise smirked down at him.

"Never be afraid to touch me, Harry. You will never be rejected from my body."

Harry nuzzled into Blaise's strong neck now that he had been given the go ahead to touch his new mate as much as he wanted, loving the silky skin under his nose and cheek.

"You are endearing, Bello. Are you still hungry? I interrupted your meal and I need to prove my worth to you as an adept hunter. I will catch us something."

Blaise stood up and pulled Harry easily to his feet, dusting him off, letting his hands linger upon Harry's body, before he gave Harry a sweet kiss to the lips.

"Stay right here, Prezioso. I will be back very soon; I am a very skilled hunter."

Blaise was gone in a blink and even with his new eyesight, Harry only saw a streak of black and purple reflecting in the moonlight. Harry wanted to move into the hollow of the tree to his left, he didn't feel comfortable out in the open where any predator could stalk and attack him, but his dominant had told him to stay still, he didn't want Blaise's claws back in his neck again and that book had said that dominants punished their submissives harshly for doing anything wrong.

Debating with himself, Harry weighed the pros and cons carefully, before deciding that his dominant would rather have an alive mate when he came back rather than an obedient dead one and he crawled into the hollowed out tree.

The rotten inside was warm and Harry snuggled down in the decaying leaves, wrapping his wings tightly around himself for warmth and protection. He found himself thinking idly that this would have been the perfect spot to nest if it was a bit higher up. As Harry realised the train of thought he was on, his eyes snapped open and though he couldn't see it, his face had taken on a look of abject horror.

This was the hundredth time that he had caught himself thinking about nesting and having children since his inheritance three months ago, but it was the first time that he had pictured those children as a perfect blend of himself and Blaise. He swallowed. He didn't know Blaise at all, only that he was a dominant Dracken and that Harry considered him a good, strong and capable mate. That was it, other than his mate went to the same school as him, was in the same year and his birthday was October the twelfth. He knew nothing else about him and Harry refused to have children with a stranger.

"Prezioso? Where have you gone to, Harry?"

Harry crawled out of the hollow tree and found himself being crushed to a solid chest. Expecting punishment, Harry did not expect to be pushed in front of a huge, mouth-watering, stallion. Blaise sat behind him and Harry tensed up for discipline again, only for Blaise to start grooming him, gently pulling the leaves and twigs from his hair.

"Eat up, Prezioso, before your meal bleeds out and goes cold." Blaise urged him.

Harry carefully cut a piece of flesh from the stallion and offered it to Blaise first, who chuckled and shook his head.

"This meal is for you, little Harry. I have eaten my fill."

"I can't eat all of this by myself." Harry told him, not even thinking of mentioning that the reason for that was his summer starvation.

"I wouldn't have expected you to. I caught the biggest animal that I could find to prove to you that I am more than capable of providing food for you and our future young." Blaise told him with that damnable smirk, still picking bits of woodland out of Harry's nest of hair.

Harry sunk his teeth into the bloody meat and moaned lightly, Blaise stiffening behind him. Large, muscled arms wrapped around Harry's shoulders and he was yanked backwards and into a passionate kiss, Blaise licking and lapping at his bloodied lips and chin.

This time, Harry fought against Blaise, moving his mouth and tangling their tongues together. Blaise growled, but he didn't punish him, so Harry took it that he wasn't doing anything wrong and twisted in Blaise's arms to press up closer to his dominant mate.

It was Blaise who broke their kiss and pushed him again towards the stallion, urging Harry to eat until he couldn't anymore. With all the bits of twigs and leaves gone from his hair, Blaise settled for running his fingers through it and stroking the silky skin of Harry's neck.

When most of the stallion was gone and Harry was so full that his stomach had distended and all he wanted to do was sleep, Blaise stopped playing with his skin and hair and instead he wrapped Harry gently in his arms, rocking him softly and cooing to him.

"We can't sleep out here. People will notice that we aren't in our dormitories." He said sleepily.

"Relax, Prezioso, do not fret so much. I will take care of it. No one would dare ask me where I have been and those that do dare, are friends who know better than to ask in the first place."

Blaise had inadvertently reminded him that he now had no friends to track his movements and he frowned, before he snuggled into Blaise's warmth. Blaise was the only one he had now.

Blaise smiled softly down at his sleeping submissive. Harry was so beautiful, so fragile looking, but he had seen his mate take down that doe, his mate was deadly too; beautiful and dangerous. The way that he had used his claws to tear out the throat of the doe, how he had pounced on her as she had been grazing unexpectedly, how he had torn at her with his fangs, the noises he had made as he had devoured her flesh.

Blaise shivered and groaned lowly. Harry would be the end of him. He had only met one other submissive Dracken since coming into his inheritance last year, a spoilt girl who had believed that she was the only submissive Dracken in the world. Her parents had ruined her, all three of them believed that she should have the strongest, most powerful, handsome dominant with the largest wings; they had called all dominant Drackens to their manor house in Toulouse to meet their daughter.

Needless to say that whilst she was a very beautiful girl on the outside, her insides were rotten, she had treated the dominants that had come to greet her into the Dracken lifestyle like dogs that should bow down before her and beg for her attention.

Blaise wouldn't forget Miette Amarante Solange for a long time. She had been so despicable that dominants, including himself, had just upped and left. She had ended up with a dominant so desperate for a mate that he would have taken just about anyone.

He fully believed that it was her karma coming back to punish her for being so spoilt and arrogant. He looked down as Harry's breath hitched, but his submissive just turned his head further into his stomach and cuddled closer.

Blaise knew exactly who was in his arms, but he couldn't bring himself to care. The moment he had seen those startlingly beautiful, emerald green eyes, he had known who was in front of him, because there was only one person in Hogwarts with eyes so stunningly green as the ones he was looking at. Harry Potter.

He knew he was going to have one hell of a war to overcome when the word got out that there was an unknown, unmated submissive among them, but he was willing to fight to the death for his mate. Harry was worth it, he would die a thousand times in agony for Harry and that was only after knowing him for a single night.

He knew that he was breaking the rules, knew that he would be punished for not informing the Dracken Counsel immediately that there was a submissive Dracken in his vicinity, but from the first lungful of Harry's light, chestnut scent, he had wanted the Dracken for his own.

He didn't want to give every unmated Dracken in the world a fair chance at winning Harry, he wanted Harry for himself and no one else would be getting him. At least, not until he had firmly established himself as Harry's mate, then he would have to let Harry chose more dominants in order to get him pregnant. Though not one more than was needed to get a clutch of babies.

Harry snuffled in his sleep and Blaise smiled down at him again. Harry was so adorable and endearing. He was natural and sweet, unlike Miette. Blaise could already envision himself having several clutches of children with Harry, all of them sweet and just as endearing as their Mother, where with Miette all he had been able to think about was the spoilt spawn she would create. That was if she ever fell pregnant in the first place, there was a rumour travelling around the Dracken community that she had slept with human men before her inheritance just because she didn't want to go through the body altering pregnancy nor the pain of labour.

Blaise looked to Harry's flat belly. It would look gorgeous rounded and ripe with his children. He growled in pleasure and wrapped his arms more firmly around Harry. Submissive male Drackens were so rare that every dominant would come to see Harry, would try to get his attention and become his mate. Blaise couldn't allow that, not when dominants outnumbered submissives by twenty to one, there weren't enough submissives to go around and the longer a dominant Dracken was without a mate, the more vicious and desperate he got as his instincts screamed at him to breed a clutch of children to boost numbers.

Blaise didn't want to end up like that, he wanted a large family. He wanted clutch after clutch of children with Harry, only with Harry.

Harry woke up warm and comfortable in an unfamiliar bed. He blinked before he sat up and looked around, every muscle tensing and his senses on high alert. That is until he looked at where he was. He was obviously in the Slytherin dormitories, the copious amounts of green and silver and the excessive use of snakes attested to that, but what really made him calm down was the scent of the unfamiliar person lying in the bed with him. Blaise.

This must be what Blaise looked like without his Dracken features. He was just as handsome, still as strong and unshakable, still broad shouldered and he still had the powerful, yet slender body. But his scales were gone leaving behind flawless, olive toned skin. His wings were gone and Harry lamented the loss of such beautiful appendages.

Lying back down, Harry watched as Blaise slept. His dominant looked so strong, even as he slept, those broad shoulders raising and falling with each breath, his face just as unemotional when he was asleep as he was when he was awake. Blaise's mouth just wasn't made for smiles.

A bed creaking had Harry looking over his shoulder to a gap in the green hangings around the bed. A shock of white blond hair had Harry making the final connection his brain had been waiting for. His dominant mate was the best friend of Draco Malfoy. The Draco Malfoy who hated the very air he breathed.

"Blaise!" The sleep roughed voice of Malfoy cut through the morning silence. "Blaise, get up! We have to get to the library before the Gryffindor beaver steals all the good books again."

Blaise's face crinkled as he was pulled from sleep, but he was too slow in answering the blond, who ripped the bed hangings open, only to leap back in shock when he saw Harry cuddled into Blaise's side.

"Potter? What the fuck are you doing down here?!"

Malfoy went to grab Harry's arm, but he was intercepted by another hand that gripped his arm. Harry felt Blaise press against his back as he sat up in the bed.

"Quit your yelling. I'm up. I think we all are." Blaise grumbled, looking around to see the face of Theodore Nott poking out of his own bed hangings.

"Fuck you being up, what the hell is Potter doing in your bed?"

Blaise wrapped his arms around Harry and pulled him in close to his chest.

"Isn't that obvious?" Blaise asked with a raised eyebrow. "Now leave him alone and go and get dressed, you take half an hour to get ready and I don't."

Draco opened his mouth, but a stern glare from Blaise had him grimacing and turning to go into the adjoining bathroom to get ready.

"I apologise for him, Harry, he is never at his best in the mornings." Blaise told him softly.

"Did you carry me here?" Harry asked with a small blush.

Blaise's sensual mouth curved into an irresistible smirk and he nodded once. "I did. I loved holding you close to me; you kept moving your head to place your ear over my heart."

Harry blushed again trying to control himself, but all he managed to do was blush harder. Blaise chuckled and stood up from the bed, throwing his arms behind him and over his head to stretch, his back cracking.

Harry did the same and started looking for his robes, it was a Saturday and there were no lessons, but he didn't have any other clothes.

"I will not permit you to wear the same outfit twice in a row, Prezioso." Blaise's voice whispered in his ear.

Harry turned around, his anger taking a place in his stomach. He was embarrassed enough to have been caught in bed with Blaise by Draco Malfoy of all people, but to be told that his clothes weren't good enough was pushing a very fine line.

"I can wear what I like!" Harry hissed.

"No, you cannot." Blaise answered sternly, his eyes turning to cold and harsh flint.

"Yes I can!"

Blaise's hand shot out and gripped Harry around the neck, his large hand squeezing tightly in reprimand. Sharp, delicate points put pressure upon Harry's skin as Blaise let his claws push through his fingers.

"You will wear a set of my clothing until you can get to your dorm room to change into a set of clothes that you didn't wear and run around a forest in yesterday. I will not see you, my mate, wearing dirty clothing." Blaise hissed.

Harry wanted to continue to defy Blaise, he didn't want to be a doormat, he wanted to prove that he was defiant and that he wouldn't quiver and give into Blaise's demands, but this relationship, mateship, whatever it was, was brand new and Harry didn't know how far Blaise was willing to go. He didn't want to be in pain and Blaise had compromised. He sighed and nodded carefully, very aware of the claws at his neck.

Blaise let go of his throat and pulled him into a hug instead, placing a lingering kiss to Harry's head. He pulled Harry over to the wardrobe beside his bed and took out a soft, navy jumper and a pair of designer jeans.

Blaise shrunk the clothes and, much to Harry's embarrassment, tried dressing Harry himself.

"I'm not a baby!" Harry told him angrily.

"You are my mate and I will look after you."

"But I don't need you to dress me!" Harry stated. "That isn't looking after me, Blaise. It's humiliating."

Blaise was confused. His understanding was that a submissive would relish having a mate dress them, it was seen as a dominant caring for his mate, but Harry was being defiant at every turn.

He sighed and held the clothes out to Harry, who snatched them with a glare. He had known having a mate would be hard work, what relationship wasn't? But he had never in his wildest dreams thought that his mate would be so stubborn and hard willed.

He supposed it came with having Harry Potter, the only person in existence to have survived the killing curse, the sole person to have destroyed the Dark Lord, as a submissive mate. He needed to decide what he wanted more, Harry as a mate, or his sanity.

Chuckling softly as he watched Harry shyly and bashfully shimmy into the tight jeans, Blaise decided that his sanity could take a backseat for once, Harry would be a perfect mate for him and he was willing to compromise to keep Harry happy, at least on the less important things.

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