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On the Case Chapter 1 Bella's POV

I walked into work and slumped down in my chair. "Hiya beautiful" Morgan smiled. "Hi Morgan" I smiled. "Where's your dad?" Emily asked me. "I don't know probably just leaving the house" I said. As if my dad heard us talking he walked in. "Hey dad" I smiled. "Hey baby" he said.

"Hey hotch we were just talking about you, we were wondering where you were" Spencer said. "Well I was running a bit late" he said giving me a pointed look. "Hey it weren't my fault I lost your gun" I defended myself. Everyone chuckled. "Okay, whatever you say, well I guess its better than you getting shot again" he said. "Hey, I have only been shot twice" I chuckled, walking up to the others. "Shot twice" Garcia choked out. "Yeah I have been shot twice, once in the arm and once in the leg" I told them.

I heard several gasps and I turned around. I choked on the air and stumbled back into Morgan. "Hey baby cakes you okay?" Morgan asked me. I just stared at the five people in front of me.

It took a few steps towards the five people. "You can't be here" I blurted out. "Why cant we? We work here we are starting today" Rosalie spat out. "Dad, out of these who are on our team?" I asked my dad. "Emmett and Alice Cullen" he said. I let out a sigh of relief.

"Bella are you okay?" JJ asked me. "Yeah, I'll be okay JJ" I reassured her. "Well here are your slips, if you can follow me to your working rooms, Emmett, Alice you are already with your team so you can stay here" JJ said handing each of them a slip of paper.

When the others left Alice came up to me. "Bella, I am so sorry that Edward left you me and Emmett haven't talked to him since he left you" Alice rushed out. "Its okay, I am still fine with everyone except Edward and Rosalie" I told her. She squealed and gave me a hug. When she let go I was being pulled into a big bear hug by Emmett.

"Yay, I have my Bellsy back" Emmett said letting my go. I laughed at him. "Guys these are my friends Emmett and Alice, Emmett, Alice, this is my family. My dad SSA Hotchner and then theres, Morgan, Garcia, Prentiss, Rossi, Reid and then the blonde that just went with the others is JJ" I introduced them. "Hiya" everyone said at the same time.

"Guys we have got another case" JJ said coming up to us. We all walked into the round table room, as I like to call it. We all sat down and JJ got the information up. "There has been five murders in the last two weeks in Ohio, they are all girls with long brown hair, around five foot, and skinny" JJ told us. "How do you know that they are related?" Reid asked her. "Well they all have been repeatedly raped, and stabbed five times in the abdomen as well as having there throat cut open, plus they were all dumped in lakes, ponds, pools anything with water in it" she told us.

"What are the names?" I asked. "Rachel Carlson, Becky David, Kate Richards, Shauna Rees and Holly Trueman" she said. "Rachel was 18, Becky was 21, Kate was 17, Shauna was 19 and Holly was 24" Garcia said. "So the age varies from around 17 to 24 and they all look kind of the same" I said.

"Hey they all were adopted when they were younger" Garcia added. "Well I guess we are all going to Ohio" my dad said standing up. "Garcia try and find any other resemblance's between the victims" Rossi said. "On it, and Bella honey bee be good on the plane" Garcia said. Everyone chuckled and Emmett and Alice looked confused. "Don't worry, my dad will be there this time" I smiled.

We all got on the plane and Morgan picked me up. I squealed really loudly and that made him laugh. "So baby cakes, how do you know the new agents?" Morgan asked me. "I met them in Forks" I told him. He nodded his head and let me go.

"Bella can we talk to you a minute?" Alice asked me. "Yeah sure" I said going to sit by them. "Can I ask you a question?" Emmett asked me. "Yeah" I said. "Why did you call Hotchner dad?" he asked me. I sighed. "Me, my mum and my little brother had to go into hiding, but the man that was looking for us found us and killed my mum, so me and my little brother had to split up and go in to different hiding spots. Charlie let me stay with him so I changed my name and pretended that he was my dad. Then we you all left, my dad rang me and told that the man looking for us was dead, so I moved back in with him and my little brother and started my job" I told them. "Oh my god, I am so sorry Bella" Alice said. "Don't worry its fine" I said.

I didn't realise that I was crying. "Bella are you okay?" my dad asked me. "Yeah dad I'm fine" I said. He walked up to me and I hugged him. He rubbed my back and whispered soothing words in my ear. I took a step back and wiped my eyes. "You okay now?" my dad asked. I nodded my head.

"Hey baby cakes come here" Morgan shouted from his seat. I shook my head and walked up to him. He pulled me onto his lap and I squeaked in surprise. "You know that you not alone and that you have us all right, and if you are upset about your mum you can come and speak to any of us" he whispered so only I could hear him. I nodded my head and started to cry again. I cried for my mum and what she went through.

When I stopped crying I said sorry but everyone understood what I was going through. My phone rang and I checked the caller ID. It was an unknown number but I still answered it.

"Hotchner" I said. "Um … is Isabella Swan there?" a woman asked. "You are speaking to her" I said. "Oh hello, my name is Sue Clearwater your dads girlfriend" she said. "Pardon?" I said confused. "I am Charlie's girlfriend, I was just ringing to say that um he was shot on duty last weekend, I am so sorry" she sniffled. "Oh, thank you, I have to go" I said and hung up.

I just stared at the phone. I know that Charlie wasn't actually my dad but he was like my uncle. "Bella, Bella, Isabella" my dad was calling me. I looked up at him and he sighed in relief. "I need to make a phone call" I said. I dialled in Jake's number.

"Bells, how are you?" he asked. "How come you never told me about Charlie?" I asked him. "Well you ran away" he sighed. "Ran away, I never ran away I had a new job" I fumed. "Well that never helped anything now did it cause now he's dead" he spat. "Are you seriously blaming me?" I shouted. "Well I wouldn't leave my dad for a job" he said. "Well I am not you and Charlie told me to go and get the job" I said. "Well now he's dead and it's your fault" he spat. "Fuck you Jacob Black" I shouted then I hung up.

"Bella what was that all about?" Spencer asked me. "Charlie's Dead" I mumbled. I heard Alice gasp. "Who's Charlie?" Emily asked me. "The man that I stayed with, he had become like an uncle to me" I told them. "So who's this Jacob Black?" Morgan asked. "Well he was one of my best friends but now he blames me for Charlie's death" I sighed.

Everyone was quiet for a minute. "So have Garcia found anything new on the case?" I asked changing the subject. "No not yet, we will have to see what else we have got when we land" Rossi said. "Hey anyone want to play a game of rummy with me?" Reid asked us. "I will" I said getting off of Morgan's lap.

The rest of the plane ride went quite well after that. After two games of rummy I decided that I wanted a break so I went and sat on my own thinking things over.

When Edward left me I remember being all zombie like and also on top of that I was worrying about my little brother Jack and my dad. Then about two months later my dad rang me telling me that I could come home. When I told Charlie he was over the moon for me and glad that I looked much better. The nightmares about Edward still haunt me but I try and look on the bright side. When I got home to my dad he said that he could get me a job with him so I accepted and then I joined and came apart of the team. Then two years later I finally got over Edward but then he has to walk straight back in to my life with his family. Then I get blamed for Charlie's death. I guess my life is just one big jumbled up mess.

The pilot informed us that we would be landing in two minutes. We all couldn't wait to land and get this case done. That's the best part of my job saving lives.

When we landed we all got off of the plane and set up all the evidence. Tomorrow we were going to look at the crime scenes and interview the victim's families.

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