Lost Souls

by MM

disclaimer: I receive no monetary compensation nor do I own the rights to the characters from either Hawaii 5-0 or NCIS. I just insist they'd make a kick-ass team if they ever worked together. As always, I'll return them all to their respective sand boxes.

A/N: As I am on spring break I was able to write freely. But once April 16th comes its back in the teaching trenches and I'm not free until June 15th. I'll continue! Thanks for your patience!

Chapter 1: The Set-Up

A dead sailor. Found in a sleazy motel room. HPD looked over the evidence and followed through. No idea of who did the deed, but the man was eviscerated and left spread eagle on the roach infested bed.

The ME found a strong paralytic still on board although did not stop the pain the man must have felt. The leads led nowhere.

Eight days later. A second dead sailor. Same MO. HPD was completely stumped. The detectives called in Naval Intelligence. Who in turn sent out a request for similar cases from various law enforcement agencies.



"Hey, Zivers, think that hot shot profiler will be around?" Tony Dinozzo teased his colleague as they tucked items into the overhead compartments. They were traveling coach and even before they took off the ex-cop was being extremely annoying!

"Come on, Tony, leave her alone," Tim McGee sighed and made sure he was sitting between the two.

Why, he didn't have a clue. Before Dinozzo could retort the grey-haired leader growled.

"Enough! I don't want to hear any of you whining!" he said firmly. "Especially when we'll be trapped in here with civilians over 10 hours!"

"More like 14; we have a lie down in Phoenix," Ziva David said.

"Lay over," Tony and Tim chimed in together.

"Whatever," she groused.

"And I can answer your question, Tony," Tim shifted to get comfortable. At least they had the first row hence a little more leg room. "I emailed Chin and let him know we were coming over."

"You mean the 5-0 geek?" Tony snipped.

"Detective Kelly," Ziva jumped in to side with McGee.

"Alright, you, switch!" Gibbs slapped the back of Dinozzo's head and pointed to the seat he had been assigned on the inside middle section. With a disgruntled scowl he sat down and made a show of securing his seat belt.

"You tell him why we were coming?" Gibbs asked staring at his computer expert.

"No, no, I just let him know we were coming over on business and we might be able to get together for a drink or something," Tim hastily explained. "I mean, I know we're going to be busy but, I thought, we, uh."

"Right, McBabble, a drink or something," Dinozzo interjected. "You just want to see his geek... toys..." his voice trailed off after a laser glare silenced him. Gibbs normally held his cards close to his chest, but given his 2IC's crankiness he let a couple show.

"I have already requested 5-0's help," he said. "Especially Detective Williams."

"Profiling," David said knowingly.

"Figure with 24 unsolved case files he might see something new," Gibbs allowed. "We meet with the Governor tomorrow morning. He will have 5-0 there."

"So, we land around four this afternoon..." David gave McGee a small grin.

"Ok, I give up," Gibbs pretended exasperation. "Do your text thingy and see if they're up for drinks or dinner or whatever!" He turned towards Tony.

"That meet with your approval, Dinozzo?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's great, maybe we can get some of those froo-froo drinks with umbrellas," he sighed. He actually was pretty excited about going to Hawaii. All those bikinis! But this was work and he'd be stuck with his team. Not the ideal situation especially since he figured they'd be sharing rooms. Shaking his shoulders he settled into his seat.

Fortunately the first leg of the trip and 'lie down' were unremarkable. They perused files and made notes. Tim's phone chimed the second hour out from Phoenix. He grinned as he tapped on the screen.

"Chin says they're free tonight," he reported to his team. "Said they'd come to our hotel if that's alright." Looking over his half-frames Gibbs grunted an agreement.

"Aston on Bishop," he allowed. He watched fingers flying sending the info.

"Wow, he said that's right by the Palace where they're based," McGee grinned. Less cranky Tony leaned over.

"So you can see the toys," he said, this time in a much nicer tone.

"Hey, Kono offered surfing tips," Tim read.

"oooh, Kono, surfing, bikini!" Tony said blissfully. This drew three nearly identical glares.

"Tell Chin," Ziva directed.

"Done," McGee said. "And he said the ME is personal friend." This drew a snort from Gibbs who quickly composed himself.

"Enough play, back to work!" which happened with alacrity.


"So, do I get to drive MY car?" Danny Williams glared at his smirking partner. "We're not working, just sayin'." Steve McGarrett looked like he was considering the request.

"Naw, take too long to adjust the seat and mirrors," he decided. Behind them the cousins were laughing.

"Actually, we should just walk over," Chin pointed out helpfully. "Reduce our carbon footprint." This drew three pointed looks.

"Availability," McGarrett pointed out.

"Emissions," Kelly threw back.

"Carpool?" Kalakaua suggested.

"DRIVER!" Williams sprinted to the Camaro easily beating the Navy Seal.

"SHOTGUN!" Kono gleefully jumped into the front seat. With a lot of grumbling from one tall tattooed Lt. Cmdr. And suppressed snickering from an older detective.

"Everyone buckled up?" Danny asked with fake sincerity.

"Yups, other boss!" Kono was still grinning. Two buckles clicked in the back.

"You got it, bro," Chin settled back.

"Just wait," Steve said darkly. The car zipped back and then out of the lot heading for the Aston.

"Figure Hukilau will do," Chin suggested. "Food's decent and there's enough 'hawai'ian' there for the east coasters."

"Yeah, I agree," Danny said. "Not too touristy, but we can get a round of umbrella drinks for fun."

"ooooh! I want da mushrooms and pot stickers!" Kono exclaimed."

"Ahi poke," Steve inserted.

"Yuck, raw fish!" the Haole made a face. "Pig nachos!"

"I love tapas!" Kono sighed. "So many good choices!" The car slid into the self-park at the Aston. It was amusing to watch McGarrett extract himself from the back seat. They proceeded to walk into the lobby and were pleased to see the NCIS team lounging comfortably. Being the gregarious one, Danny waved and called out an aloha.

For a few minutes there were greetings and hugs, handshakes and bumped fists. The group headed to the near by sports bar. There was some teasing as Ziva made sure she was seated by Danny.

"We are kindered spirits," she pointed out. "We're both the aliens at our jobs." Snickering, Tony chimed in.

"Yeah, always figured you were from outer space," he grinned.

"Actually, we're both 'Haole'," Danny stated decisively. "Which is a good thing far as I'm concerned!" Amicable laughter surged through the group as menus were opened and options weighed. Soon a large tapas order was made as well as a call for a round of mai tais.

Gibbs had managed to snare the chair to William's left. Of all the 5-0 team he felt most comfortable with the brass Jersey native. Plus some of the stuff that was ordered he wasn't sure about. If Danny ate it, then it must be safe!

For two hours they caught up, discussing interesting cases and things they'd been doing. No one brought up the reason why Gibbs' team was in Hawai'i, figuring the morning would be soon enough.

By 7:30 the DC contingent were all yawning. It had been a very long day and bed was sounding good. As the group broke up Steve made an attempt to get the car keys away from Danny and failed rather spectacularly. At least his long legs beat Kono for shotgun!