Lost Souls

Chapter 24

incoming message:

hey hawaiian geek!: McGee

Tony :Kelly

How did u kno it was me?! :McGee

Come on, 'hawaiian geek'? :Kelly

"HEY! Get off my computer!" Tim McGee swatted at his partner's hands while hip checking the chair away from his keyboard.

sorry. tony is bored :McGee

figured. no case? :Kelly

cold cases. ok for me bad news for tony and ziva :McGee

"What'da mean, bad news for Tony?" Dinozzo blustered, trying to regain the keyboard. "Gimme! I was texting with the aloha state!"

"Is that Chin?" Ziva looked up from a stack of paper.

"Yeah, I texted him and McGoo stole it!" Tony grabbed at the keyboard. Ziva quickly tapped her own keyboard.

Hi, Chin! :David

Aloha, Ziva! :Kelly

"What! You're trying to take over MY conversation, too?" Tony whined, nursing a hand sore from being thwacked by a phone receiver.

"All you must do is use your own access," Ziva waved towards the senior agent's desk.

"Didn't want Gibbs knowing he was screwing off," Tim laughed. An imbedded picture of Williams gesticulating over a somewhat cowed McGarrett popped up.

Oh my, what did the cmdr do to upset Danny? :David

What doesn't he do?: Kalakaua

Hi Kono!: McGee

Hello, Kono :David

You wearin a bikini?: Dinozzo

Four different versions of 'Dinozzo' or 'Tony' filled the screen

Looks like yellow-orange print from the strap :McGarrett

Hey, Steve! :Ziva

Cmdr :McGee

Crap the boss! :Dinozzo

"Where?" both Tim's and Ziva's head popped up and scanned the bullpen.

"I meant McGarrett!" Tony said.

"You don't have to worry about the commander, Dinozzo," Gibbs said as he strode in, fresh coffee in hand. "It's Williams that'll slap you upside the head!" He thwacked his senior agent as he smirked at the caught in the headlights looks from his agents.

caught! :McGee

Say 'hi' to Jethro :McGarrett

"Steve says 'hi', Gibbs," David dutifully reported. The ex-marine hit his keyboard a few times.

McGarrett :Gibbs

Gibbs :McGarrett

"Holy crap! Who knew Boss could text!" Dinozzo said to no one in particular.

"McGee's been giving me lessons," Gibbs grinned. He started typing.

Anything goin on over there? :Gibbs

finishing up reports on a drug bust :Kelly

Danny's bouncing around worse than Tigger :Kalakaua

on expresso :Kelly

with a baseball bat :McGarrett

A variety of LOL's bounced across the screens.

What do you think you pineapple-eating neanderthal army-reject surfing pidgins are doing slacking off?! :Williams

"Shit!" Chin and Kono quickly ducked leaving just Steve looking like his hand was in the cookie jar.

"What did I tell you, Steven?" he glared across the war room. "No playing until your reports are done! I will NOT write them for you!"

Stevie's getting his butt served on a platter :Kelly He was under the war table with his cousin.

He's soooo busted!: Kalakaua She snickered.

Until the click of shoes came over and a hand was stretched under the table.

"GO TO YOUR OFFICES!" Williams scolded them.

"It wasn't my fault! Tony started it!" Chin grumped as he came out giving his smart pad to the 2IC.

"Chin made me do it!" Kono followed also surrendering her pad.

The feisty New Jerseyite glared his team back to their offices before he headed back to his, slamming the door behind him.

anyone alive: Dinozzo

Agent Dinozzo. I hear that I have you to thank for derailing my team. We have to file TODAY: Williams

*Dinozzo is offline*

*McGee is offline*

*David is offline*

Hey, Danny, how's Gracie doing?: Gibbs

With a paternal grin the Haole began texting with the NCIS MCRT lead.