I've always wanted to write something like this for one of my favourite pairings and I'm glad I sat down and did it. It took me about a week to finish this and I'm quite proud of this.

Title: Into the Dark

Fandom: Transformers

Continuity: G1

Pairing: Jazz x Prowl

Rating: NC - 17

Summary: Prowl travels to the Dark Parts in Kaon in search of his split spark twin that was taken from their home when he was barely an orn old. However Bluestreak, not knowing the entire truth of his heritage is frightened and Prowl is left in a dangerous area of Cybertron. Not all things will go well...

Warnings: Mech/Mech sex, sticky sex, mentions of sparkbonds, Carriers, smut, explicit explanation of first time. Don't think this counts as dubcon but there is influence of aphrodisiacs on an innocent.

Chapter Notes:

Nanoklik - 1 second

Klik - 1 minute

Breem - 8 minutes

Joor - 1 Hour

Cycle 18 Hours

Orn - Day

Metacycle - 6 years

Vorn - 83 years

"..." Talking

"..." Comm. line

Thoughts or Emphasis on a word

~...~ Medical Hardline

::Sweetspark:: Spark Bond/Creation-Creator Union

Extra note, I placed Wheeljack and Ratchet as Prowl's creators for the fun of exploring a new angle to the story. Besides I think having Prowl as a twin of Bluestreak is cute and having Sunstreaker and Sideswipe as older brothers will explain their teasing in the series. Prowl may be OOC in this story but remember he is basically just out of his youngling frame ― he's still very young and innocent.

Depending on the response to this oneshot there may be a sequel.

Well that's all the notes I can think of for now, thanks for reading.

"Come forth my fellow mechs, come forth and lend me your audios. For this orn I will tell you of the secrets that ravage the lands of Cybertron. The secrets that younglings were protected against and young mechs were never warned about. In the days that Vector Sigma still ruled the lands of Desperation and Darkness. The Fallen Lands of Kaon. Nemesis Prime, Lord High Protector Vos and the founder of the Illegal Sciences: Gama Spire were rulers that forced Cybertron into the Dark Ages; they were also the ones that brought the darkness to our streets. There was the discovery that amongst us walked those who lived with the Curse... A Curse brought to these lands by failed experiments and innocent sparks―."

Prowl, a noble mech from the High Towers of Praxus, sat with his doorwings against the back wall of the Energon Bar ― hiding his vulnerability as best he could. He was now in the Dark Parts, the most dangerous part of Cybertron without his beloved carrier there to comfort his uncertainty. Only half of his audio was listening to the story that the minstrel mech was spinning in the background. The rest of his attention was fixed on his cube of high grade. He sipped at the potent Energon, grimacing at the taste. He had yet to get used to it. The electrifying tang lighted across his glossa before it slid stutteringly down his intakes, Prowl shuddered at the feeling let out a low hum of displeasure. He could never understand how his Carrier loved the stuff.

His immaculately sown travellers cloak was rubbing against his doorwings when he fluttered them out of distress. The sensation of the cloak against his doorwings was pleasantly welcome, the material was warming his armour satisfyingly and efficiently when a gust of cold wind was admitted through the newly opened doors of the Energon Bar. Light blue optics snapped up at the entrance of the mech and the young Praxian gave small welcoming smile. Wishing again that Carrier Ratchet hadn't needed to attend a Medical Conference a few decikilometres from here. He really could use the support of one of his creators; he was barely out of his youngling frame and his innocence was well known...

"Lord Prowl?" Said mech nodded in affirmation, his doorwings giving another flutter that went mostly unseen by others. Gesturing for the mech a few kliks older than him to join him ― Prowl fought hard to contain his distress and fear from observing optics. It was easy to slip on his high society facade when it was strictly business but when it became personal Prowl found hiding his emotions was a lot more difficult than he thought possible.

"I'm Bluestreak! When I received your summons I was surprised that you would want to meet me. I mean it's not like I was expecting it but it was a bit unexpected. I'm just a plain merchant mech I don't know why you would want to see me. It's rare to see a noble in the Dark Parts though; especially one of your standing I ―."

"Hush Bluestreak, have a seat." Prowl smiled indulgently at his guest, one again motioning for him to join the table. Prowl could feel his uneasiness being expressed by the rigidness of his doorwings when the younger of the two of them slid into an empty seat. When he felt a touch of comfort drift across his Creator-Creation Union with Ratchet Prowl immediately relaxed a bit more. Gratitude drifting back through the connection as an answering message.

"You should be careful here in these parts Lord Prowl. It's dangerous, those who walk the night are haunting our streets and threatening to destroy our peace, they hunt nobles specifically the ones that are considered part of the Royal Caste and the Counc―" Bluestreak was once again hushed softly by Prowl's raised servo for silence. Prowl couldn't afford to scare the young mech off, no a youngling late in his stages of development, just like him. His split spark twin he reminded himself harshly. Bluestreak was important to the kin, to their House and most importantly to him...

"I know of the dangers of me travelling here;" Prowl gave a small smile of reassurance. His spark jumping happily at his other half. "Carrier and Sire are only several decikilometres away from here. They're my protectors beloved Bluestreak just as I am their creation. That however has little relevance as to why I'm here Bluestreak."Prowl smiled at his newly discovered brother. He had been searching for vorns upon agonizing vorns with his creators and had never found any leads to his older twin but now that he had found him, Prowl felt happy. The empty hole in his spark rejoicing at the newly found contact with his lost twin. Being the youngest of his creators four creations Prowl hand always been lonely and when Bluestreak had been stolen from their shared berth as a several orn old sparkling Prowl had been shattered, his emotional growth stunted and socially awkward. It had taken several hundred vorns in tracing down Bluestreak only to find that his brother had been taken into the working class side of Cybertron. The place where nobles should never be taken. It is said to be where most of them disappeared never to be seen again.

Even if this trip caused him harm Prowl was happy he got to at least meet his older brother again. The one he shared so much with but knew so little from; they were the sparklings of the family and also the second set of twins. He was the youngest and only Sunstreaker actually had the right to be called a Lord. Although Prowl was a Carrier like Ratchet and his presence in the Dark Parts was even more risky, he was extremely happy that Carrier Ratchet had allowed him to come along and venture off to meet his brother that orn. Knowing that his carrying status and Ratchet's over protective Creator protocols had nearly prevented this.

Taking another sip of his high grade; Prowl forced himself to relax with a vented sigh. A servo rested across his spark chamber in a gesture of self comfort and protection ― something he had picked up from his Sire. No other mech really understood that symbolic touch but Prowl knew they didn't usually meet Praxian mechs so it was understandable. He had found his split spark twin, a bond which had been silent and half broken his entire existence. His processor was getting faint just from thinking about it.

"Bluestreak I'm here to take you home." Prowl could no longer hold back his own intentions, his servo reached forward for Bluestreak's as he cupped the younger mech's servo within his ― his desperate yearning for touch shooting across his emotional programming. Placing a gentle kiss on Bluestreak's servo joints in a promise of rebuilding their brotherhood.

"I've finally found you my beloved brother. After vorns and vorns of searching with Creators; I've finally found you Bluestreak." Prowl said in a soft but emotionally uncontrolled voice. He hid his sudden sharp hurt well when Bluestreak pulled back from his touch as if he had been scolded. His doorwings drooped a tiny bit, betraying the spark deep ache that swept across him. The touch of a rejected bond. Turning light blue optics away to the side in shame. Prowl didn't want to see the disbelief and rejection reflected in his brother's optics anymore.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about L-Lord Prowl. I-I can't be your brother. I'm j-just a merchant! I-I can't be a noble. I-it's impossible! I-I'm sorry sir b-but... I-I need to go." Prowl felt his spark breaking, how was he going to prove to Bluestreak that he truly was his brother? The colour of that chevron could not be mistaken, it was the colour of his House, his twin. Nor could the grey and red frame be mistaken as anything but a mixture between his Carrier and Sire's frames. Feeling put out and in pain Prowl leaned back against his chair; ignoring the painful flex of his doorwings on the back of the chair. Disappointment and sense of failure spun through his processor, a palpable touch of his state. He watched with sad optics as his brother once again disappeared from his view and essentially his life; a raised servo wanting to grab hold of that last connection before his servo dropped uselessly at his side. It was done, Bluestreak was gone.

Severely trembling servos brought overly warm high grade to his lips components and Prowl sipped at the potent fuel; not caring that it may hurt him later. The flashes of panic and pain assaulted his processors, he had been there that night when Bluestreak had been taken. Had watched with coolant tears in his optics as he was pushed offline by his panic before his little brother was stolen from their very home never to be seen again. Until now...

Shuttering his optics against the pain and guilt he felt creeping through his systems, Prowl couldn't understand why this was affecting him more than he thought it would. In a moment of fear and uncertainty Prowl couldn't help but reach across his bond with Ratchet ― just to make sure he was lovable and not a stoic puppet of emotionally stunted growth. The moment he reached out across the bond it flared and was opened fully. He could feel his Carrier's concern flood through his systems in a touch of relief and palpable distress. That alone was enough to make Prowl relax and let down his emotional walls. Love, the love only his Creator carried for him, the feeling of utter belonging.

::Prowl? Sweetspark? What's the matter?:: Ratchet's voice drifted across their Union and Prowl felt himself stiffen again, his doorwings hiking up into a sharp V at the love that flooded the bond. A tinge of pink stretched across his faceplates in embarrassment that he accepted Carrier's love so easily. He couldn't show any outward change, it was improper and Prowl fought hard to reign in his wayward emotions. The calming emotions that flooded through him made Prowl's doorwings flutter a bit before they settled into a more comfortable position on their hinges. Ratchet always had a calming effect on him; he no longer cared that the back of his optics were beginning to sting with the signs of coolant tears.

::He left Carrier Ratchet, I don't know what to do to convince him...:: Prowl schooled his outside appearance to look stoic and uninterested but it was faltering. His happy little world was falling to pieces, his spark was I pain and his intakes hitched because of it. He always showed emotion to his family but that orn Prowl was truly afraid. He was barely out of his own youngling frame, he wasn't ready for this kind of strain. His spark wasn't ready. Another deep sigh travelled through his intakes as Prowl finished the last of his high grade with a large gulp.

::We have a lot of time to get him back Sweetspark. Now get to your Inn my love; I can feel your exhaustion. I'll be there next orn.:: Prowl nodded, his body suddenly feeling heavy and out of place. His pedesteps swaying slightly at the exertion but he dutifully ignored his spinning processor. It wasn't uncommon since the last twelve decaorns of adjusting to his new frame. Yet, the feeling of wanting to suddenly purge was something new. Shuddering at the feeling Prowl tried to keep himself from sinking to his knees in despair. The rejection he felt against his twin bond was now very painful. Prowl was unused to rejection on spark level and not even his Carrier's gentle pulses over their bond could stop it.

::Recharge Prowl, it'll only do you good. I'll help you convince Bluestreak of his identity once I get there.:: Prowl nodded solemnly, his connection with Ratchet had always been much stronger than with his Sire as Prowl knew that their Carrying capabilities made their bond almost unbreakable. Carrier Ratchet and Sire Wheeljack had never shown him any rejection and the new emotion he felt himself dealing with was exhausting.

::Okay Carrier, I'll go back to my Inn for some recharge. But don't you forget to refuel.:: Prowl reminded the obsessive Medic. Prowl came to a stopping just outside the Energon Bar to admire the expanse of the stars glittering above him. His Carrier indigent huff made a small smile curl across his lip plates, he wasn't stupid and could feel his Carrier's own system exhaustion. Prowl tilted his helm upwards to admire the skies he so rarely got to see in their full glory. His travelling cloak swayed in the slight breeze, the cold of the evening air spilling across his frame and wracking a shiver through his body.

::Peaceful Recharge, Sweetspark. I'll see you soon.:: Prowl nodded and sent back the same sentiment. His gratitude the last thing drifting across their bond before he gradually closed it. He knew that Ratchet was still busy at the conference and didn't wish to disturb his Creator anymore than his over fraught emotions already had. So instead of locking his emotions away Prowl closed the bond tightly and locked it for the time being, now his Carrier wouldn't feel his emotions and he could allow them to fester in his processors. Something Carrier Ratchet always warned against but Prowl never obeyed when he got like this.

The feeling of his energy reserves suddenly draining left Prowl sitting on a patch of crystal grass unsteadily. His processor refused to stop sending mixed signals across his motor function, all Prowl could do was hope and wait for it to pass. The foreign feelings making him shiver in terror, could someone have done something? His arms folding across his spark chamber in mimic of how his creators often used calmed him when younger. Heat crept across his circuits and built a painful charge that was attacking his Battle Computer and swept as a deep ache across his CPU. Prowl whined, his helm clutched in his servos.

Why did it feel as if something was terribly wrong with him? Even his advanced Battle Computer was having a tough time not shutting down at the sudden exhaustion and pain ripping across his spark. Making sure that his bond with Ratchet was shut tight against his sudden influx of pain, Prowl pulled his knee joints closer to his abdomen and rested his chevron against his knees. A soft cry left his lips, it was searing through his Energon lines. The curled position he now found himself in was causing more of that uncomfortable heat to spread through his systems and ignite a feeling he had yet to ever experience. Shaking his helm to try and clear the sensation Prowl frowned deeply, it was almost as if a haze had settled across his processor and he couldn't do anything to dislodge the sensations that crept across his systems. The pain was unbearable when his spark was calling out for the twin bond to be completed but that nightly orn it felt a bit worse than before. A low moan erupted from his vocalizer as he brought his pedes closer to his body, his entire form was trembling at the sudden influx of uneasiness. Uneasiness he didn't want his Carrier to find out about.

"Am I truly so unlovable? What have I ever done wrong Primus?" Prowl mumbled uncertainly, wincing when the pain in his spark grew more intense. The sheer force of the feeling that was slamming across his sensor net forced Prowl to offline optics, his sensitivity to light was now searing an cache across his processors that he had yet to ever feel. However it was the excruciating heat of a building electrified charge that flitted across his internal systems that left Prowl feeling unsteady and pure terror. His equilibrium was failing him, his spark was tearing itself apart and his emotional programming was on a fritz. A crash was imminent and the uncomfortable feeling was already slamming across his circuits. A single thought raced through Prowl's processor, utter shock and pure panic following his realization. Could it really be?

A whining keen spilled from his vocalizer, the sensations racing across his processor was worse than before. A sudden cry erupted into the night air ―he had been drugged.



Prowl onlined to skittering sensation of gentle touches running across his sensitive plating. The touches were so soothing and gentle that Prowl's pounding spark slowed to a more gentle pulse of acceptance. Who was touching him so lovingly? His back struts were pressed against very soft berth coverings and he arched into the touches slightly; his processor had yet to have caught up to his situation. Prowl wasn't sure if he should be panicking or relaxing, those touches were not something he had ever felt before. The conflicted signals were close to sending him into another painful processor crash. Prowl shuddered heavily when servos trailed across his helm and teased his red chevron; a small moan flitted from his vocalizer.

"W-Who?" Prowl felt panic starting to affect his body as an indication from his static lined vocalizer. His spark was fighting with him even now as his processor decided that the touch was welcome. He automatically pressed into the touch ― disillusioned that it was his only a gentle touch.

::Carrier? R-Ratchet? W-what's going on?:: Prowl wailed with an internal sob. Dimmed optics finally cycled open and immediately Prowl started when a bright blue visor of another mech invaded his vision. Prowl's intakes hitched as he flinched back from the touch skating across his chest plates. The movement and sudden realization of what was happening caused a rush of pain through his CPU as his Battle Computer warred with his logic. He was being molested, molested by an unknown mech. Oh Primus! Was he going to be violated? A whimper of static passed through his vocalizer.

His spark now once again hiking up in its pulse, the sudden fear that slammed through him was pressing against the Creator-Creation Union he had closed before, desperately seeking comfort. A whine of pure terror escaped his vocalizer when those touches got closer to his most intimate interface equipment. The next touch was against his extremely sensitive doorwings and Prowl couldn't help but lean into the touch, even when he tried to keep telling himself he didn't want this. That seemed to snap his Battle Computer out of its haze and dimmed, frightened optics took in the room where he now found himself in. It was lighted dimly, that was one thing that his captor was considerate about. The dull ache in his processor could have been a lot worse with the increase of light. The light itself was only coming from several lit crystal candles and a small roaring ion fire in the hearth; the smell was heady and also comforting. Prowl thrashed under the touches when he felt his strength begin to return. When Prowl started to shift off of the soft berth he soon felt strong servos pushing him back onto the soft coverings. With his processor spinning wildly Prowl didn't know if he should scream and give up or fight back...

"Lay back, mech. Ya've been out o' it for sev'ral breems." Prowl wanted to bite, claw and scratch his was free against those strong servos holding him down but now that he managed to assess his systems with a simple diagnostic scan it told him a foreign substance was working through his Energon lines. It was causing his motor functions to cease listening to his commands, it also forcibly was onlineing his interface protocols. Protocols that had been locked away...

Screaming errors scrolled across his HUD display. His Energon pump was over taxed, hence the rapid spark pulse he felt and the heat building through his inner circuits. That in turn made Prowl's systems very unstable and highly sensitive to small touches. Calling out to Carrier Ratchet again Prowl felt pain spike though his spark when his bond seemed to remain closed and unresponsive.

"Nggh! W-wha―." A clawed finger pressed against his lip components, the sensual touch did not go unnoticed by Prowl. He had been warned against things like this. The mech's free servo lifted to tease his red chevron gently and against his best wishes Prowl was slow relaxing and even welcoming the touch.

"Feelin' a bit better now?" The voice was gentle, the accent lilting and Prowl nodded. The intimate touch set Prowl's Energon lines on fire with artificially induced desire. That's when he felt it, the sudden terror exploding across his body and slamming against his Creation bond. Prowl whimpered; his sensor net was enveloped in one that was calm and reassuring. Those skating touches were meant to both calm and arouse him. Where was his reassuring bond with his Carrier? Why was it so hard to get through? Prowl could only feel the barest of a touch across their bond and it was closed so tightly that he wasn't sure that even his frantic and explosive emotions could get across the bond now. It wasn't working as it should.

"Hush litt'e mech. Some idiot glitch fed ya narcotics and lef' ya to fend fer yerself. The effects 're still rav'ging ya systems. It won' fade if ya don' lay still or it'll only get worse. The more ya move the more tha' aphrod'siac 's spread'ng." Prowl balked at the words, realization hitting his systems and his fuel tanks were seeking to purge its contents. Prowl then uncharacteristically arched into the touch of the stranger when sly clawed fingers traced his sensitive neck cabling. Prowl was stopped from screaming bloody murder in his terror when he suddenly relaxed completely. His spark was winging in its chest, happy that the touches were to gentle and caring. No one had cared for him like this except his Creators.

"W-who are you? W-what happened?" Prowl asked near the edge of external hysteria, his vocalizer had nearly ceased completely. Screw his stoicism, this wasn't the time to act like he had no emotions. The sudden flare of an uncomfortable heat surge spread across his circuits and the Praxian noble flinched inwardly and outwardly. The shushing noises of his comforter settled his systems again. Being stubborn Prowl ignored the mech's advice and forced himself into a sitting position; his doorwings scraping painfully against the wall behind the berth. He hid his pain very well.

"Ya can call meh Jazz. Who're ya litt'e noble?" The accent whispered across Prowl's audios pleasantly as Jazz ignored his attempt at escape and leaned closer to Prowl's now sitting form. Plopping down on the berth next to Prowl, Jazz hummed a hauntingly familiar lullaby. His servos gentle but never stopping in their ministrations. Prowl felt a heated blush of embarrassment spread across his cheek plates; only now realizing the compromising situation he found himself in. Turning his head to the side in shame Prowl tried again to push hard against his bond with his Carrier, he had no idea what to do in a situation like this. All Prowl knew was that he needed to get into contact with Ratchet but he was so ashamed at what had happened and what needed to happen. He had always hoped that his first would be th―.

"Answer litt'e mech. Focus! Ah ain't gonna hurt ya or take ya against yer will..."


"Ah see, well Prowler ya shoulda stayed 'way from this place. The Curs'd Ones 'ave been after nobles fer vorns Prowler. Ah also see ya ain't listening ta me abou' keepin' still. Ya're going ta hav' ta get rid of the charge building in yer circuits before ya fry. Is yer lover close by?" Prowl shivered as another arc of charge fritzed across his systems, the feeling foreign but not entirely unpleasant. The mech's voice was so smooth and convincing that Prowl ― against his wishes ― leaned into his touch.

"N-no. C-Carrier is though; h-he's sixty d-decikilometres away." Prowl managed to get out before a long and low moan erupted from his vocalizer as Jazz's claw like fingers pinched a sensitive cable across his neck. Jazz nodded and enjoyed the fleeting trust that was building between them. Prowl was surprised when he saw understanding swirling in the depths of that attractive visor, this mech knew what he going through. The gentle soothing touches stopped as the saboteur pulled away. His back turned on Prowl in a show of trust in showing a random mech his most vulnerable spot and also gave Prowl some privacy. Prowl was stunned his vocalizer stuttering a small sound he wasn't even sure he could make himself.

"Contact yer Carrier Prowler and talk ta him. He needs ta know and Ah need ta help ya, it can't keep build'ng like tha' it'll fry yer circuits." Prowl managed a faint nod, a hiss escaping his vocalizer when another surge shot through his circuits. A cube of midgrade was pushed into his servos as Jazz smiled at him. That smile curling into a satisfied smirk when he saw Prowl glare at the cube in suspicion.

"It ain't poisoned, Prowler." Jazz teased his guest. "That aphrod'siac is mufflin' yer bond. Try harder to reach 'im. Ah'll be 'way fer a few kliks so ya can come ta a decision." Prowl nodded, bringing the cube to his olfactory sensors to sniff at the contents. His actions got a small musical chuckle from Jazz and Prowl relaxed. The taste was the same as any fine mid grade and Prowl hummed in pleasure, this was the part that always gave away his age. He liked the softer mixes of Energon.

After the door hissed shut Prowl found himself alone in the large room. Heeding Jazz's words he started fiddling with his Creator-Creation bond in earnest. Trying twice as hard to force open the link. A sharp pain erupted through his spark and Prowl cried out softly when he felt something give inside of him; the rejection of Bluestreak shattering his comfort. Gripping at his spark chamber Prowl found his servo scratching at his chest plates absently in hopes of relieving some of the pain now spreading through him. The sudden snap of the bond had both his spark and processor reeling at the same time. The sensation made his processors giddy and his tanks threatened to purge again.

::P-P-r-wl?:: The reply that snapped across his bond was fuzzy and difficult to discern. Prowl found it even more difficult to form an even reply through the haze of pain. The sudden influx of his pain from his spark chamber shot through the bond and Prowl tried to hold it back but his control had completely slipped. Now even more guilt washed across his strange emotions; he didn't want Carrier Ratchet to feel his pain in such a way.


::PROWL? Wh-t's g-g-oin-g o-n?:: Another gasp travelled from Prowl as he fought to dampen the suddenly open bond. His Carrier's sudden worry and terror was making this worse for him than it should be.

::R-Ratch? -ot dru-g-ed. A-Aph-odi-iac.:: Prowl winced when something started pushing at their bond again, it was threatening to snap. Fighting with the sensations rushing through him and the bond Prowl felt torn and afraid now. He was so hopeless, there was nothing more he could do...

::Frag Prowl! -on't be a-le to get to you in, da-n it al to Pits! Pr-w-w-l! N-e-d to interface R-I-I-GH-T now. ―uilt -ch-a-rge -urt y-y-ou. K-kill y-u..::


::No Prowl! Ca-n-t l-los y-yo P-rr-w-l ! M-dic-l o-rd-r. Be th-re as s-oo-n as I can.:: The connection slammed shut abruptly from interference and Prowl screamed his Carrier's name across the now useless bond. There was no answer for him, his Carrier hadn't given him a solution to the problem...

For the first time in vorns Prowl felt totally helpless, the burden of his first interface hanging on his shoulder and his inexperience was making this worse. Tears of bright blue coolant gathered in his optics, the emotions amplified by the pain and heat that kept rising. His cooling fans had already kicked in and the last scrambled words over their bond left Prowl feeling everything more intensely. Ratchet had practically ordered him to interface, but who? Who would knowing that he was inexperienced, pure of spark and affected more by this aphrodisiac than they would ever know?

Another flash of hopelessness charged across his emotional core and Prowl let out a single wail of anguish, nearly doubling over when his spark decided to torture his already over fraught emotions.

The plop, plop, plop of his helpless tears falling onto his own armour was the only sound in the room besides his hitching intakes and the crackling of a crystal fire.

"J-Jazz? Jazz?" Prowl called out tentatively; hoping that his silent plea in those words was heard. Wishing that it was understood.


Jazz waited outside the door, one pede pulled up to his knee joint to rest against the wall behind him. Leaning with his back against the smooth metal he contemplated what he was about to do. Damn it! It had been hundreds of stellar cycles since he had come online, he was one of the late successors of the Spec Ops of Kaon. An almost perfect agent as the professor that designed his programming claimed. He was also the last to still carry the curse of silent assassination. He carried his own guilt and shame to last more than his entire eternal life because of that. Biting his bottom lip plate he tuned his highly sensitive audios to the sounds inside the room he had left mere kliks ago. He hated the fact that he had to soil another innocent, hated that there was nothing he could have done to have stopped this from happening sooner.

He could hear every little whimper and whine of fear that Prowl made; a melodically sound he wanted to bottle and never let go. Just as his spark was dancing in its casing the moment he had laid optics on the young Praxian. The scent of Prowl still clung to his servos from where he touched Prowl, it was just as intoxicating as the first time he smelt the distinctive scent. Pure, sweet and a sharp smell of ion; it was both innocence and the underlying scent of a rare Carrier.

Jazz had spotted the Praxian when he passed by the bar purely by accident. This plane of the Dark Parts was his hunting territory and the young mech had been laying on the crystal glass like a perfect meal spread just for him. Prowl's form was curled in on himself, trembling and shivering with the excess of too much spark energy and the distinctive feel of potent aphrodisiac curling around his form. Jazz snarled at the one who would dare feed a mech of such standing such a potent mix. The Praxian was barely settled into his first adult frame and one never gave it to them, they were so innocent. Jazz wanted to dig his claws into the one who had given an aphrodisiac to a Carrier as well, somemech had wanted to make the youngling a breeder. That alone could have caused the young mech to seize and his spark to fade completely. After a trauma such as this a Carrier could be damaged enough that they would never be able to carry a sparklet of their own.

Cursing his pure spark and need to protect the more vulnerable of mechs; Jazz pulled the smaller frame into his arms and carried him towards his home. He was contemplating just leaving Prowl there whilst he went on a rage spree but something stopped him. Compassion and sympathy flooded through him as Jazz looked upon those pained features; Prowl was calling out to him, begging for help and acceptance. Jazz's spark couldn't refuse. A harsh tug at his spark that wanted nothing more than to help in every way he could. Plus that sweet scent of innocence was grounding him completely; he wanted to claim Prowl for his own and never let him go.

"Man, just wha' did ya get yerself into Jazz." The saboteur admonished himself, his helm resting against the wall and his sensitive sensory horns trained on the room behind him. He knew he wasn't supposed to get attached to anyone but he couldn't help it. He wanted Prowl. He was well aware of what that drug did to mechs with a Praxian frame, he had seen it firsthand even and Jazz didn't mind that he was helping but he would be stupid if he hadn't noticed the terror in those optics and the fear Prowl displayed when he had onlined. Plus the little noble was both a new adult and a Carrier. He had hoped that Prowler had at least someone he could trust to help him with this but he had been wrong, only a Carrier that was too far away to comfort and help the young mech.

A sigh drifted from his vents tiredly; there was no way he was going to be able to feed from this one. Not that he needed to feed yet but the mere thought of having Prowl writhing beneath his form was enough to send his processor into pure lust and not only for claiming the smaller mech. Those doorwings were just as graceful and expressive as the rest of Prowl; a side which Jazz was sure not many mechs ever got to see.

'Jazz...' The sound of his name falling from those innocent lip plates had Jazz growling lowly and possessively. Pure lust racing up his spinal struts and threatening to overwhelm him completely at the mere thought of Prowl spread beneath him driven by lust and want. Snapping his attention back to the room with a jerk of his helm, Jazz realized that the breathy whisper of his name hadn't been his imagination. Another uncertain call of his designation had Jazz opening the door before he stepped inside.

Anticipation. Lust. Possessive Instinct. Innocence. Jazz shivered as innocent optics were one of the few insane things that greeted him inside. One observation from his visor told him that Prowl had come to a decision and the way those beautiful blue optics were looking everywhere but him told Jazz the type of decision that had been made. The heated Energon flush on those beautifully arched cheek plates was also telling enough, Jazz smiled. Prowl knew what he wanted but was afraid to ask for it and ashamed to admit to it. That was ok, Jazz wasn't here to ridicule the Praxian, he was here to help. With tentative and careful steps Jazz moved closer; his pedesteps light and unthreatening as if he was approaching a wounded turbofox. It just wouldn't do to scare Prowl now, it would break the little trust he was now being granted with. The younger mech was placing all his trust in a stranger and Jazz would make sure that he didn't betray that fickle feeling. In a gentle move Jazz curled his left servo over Prowl's dropped chin and nudged his faceplates upwards.

"Look at meh, Prowler." Jazz implored gently; shivering when those beautiful blue optics flashed beautifully. Prowl was trembling beneath his fingers, swiping his servo joint across wet lip plates Jazz whispered words of comfort and reassurance. Visor and optics collided in a show of understanding, acceptance, respect and tenderness. Jazz flashed a reassuring smile to the young noble mech and leaned closer.

"Ya need ta relax Prowler. Tensin up ain't gonna help ya, it'll only make it worse. Ah ain't gonna hurt ya, Ah promise." Running a finger beneath Prowl's optic Jazz collected a stray coolant tear before capturing another one that fell afterwards. Seeing Prowl so distressed and visibly shaken prompted Jazz to hum a soothing tone. Placing a gentle kiss on the top of that gleaming red chevron Jazz scooted Prowl forward with firm but careful servos. Slipping in behind Prowl, Jazz settled there, his chin component now resting on black and white shoulder plates.

"Shhh, relax Prowler." Jazz soothed, sly servos skimmed across sensitive neck cabling before hooking around the intricate buckle of Prowl's travelling cloak. Placing a chaste kiss on a delicate audio Jazz released the catch quickly. The soft material pooled in his lap before Jazz let it fall to the floor. A slight smirk decorated Jazz features as he pulled Prowl flush against his chest plates. Chuckling when those doorwings brushed against his chest in an exciting and nervous flutter. Jazz hummed encouraging, allowing his servos to travel over sensitive plating and doorwing panels. Jazz enjoyed the way those graceful doorwings pressed into his touch for a firmer caress. Jazz indulged his lover; his engine purring with excitement at Prowl's frame heating more at his ministrations

"Ah! W-Why...h-he-help m-me... Nggh...Jaaazzz!"Prowl moaned loudly. Jazz hummed pleasantly at Prowl's reaction as his claws dug into sensitive hinges. Allowing his glossa to snake out and trail over a warm audial component he chuckled when Prowl's cheek plates flushed a deeper pink. Dropping his voice an octave to purr seductively, Jazz encouraged Prowl to enjoy himself.

"Don' hold back, Prowler. Yer voice 's beautiful just like the rest of ya." Prowl keened, his vocalizer crackling with static.

Prowl squirmed when he was pulled more firmly into Jazz's lap; all the sensation was so new to him ― so pleasurable and he never wanted it to stop. Sharp claws dug into his door panels and Prowl yowled at the sudden influx of pain and pleasure, back struts arching more into the touch rather than pulling away from the pain. He never expected the mixture of sensations to feel so good. Prowl keened in want, Jazz really knew how to work him into a frenzy.

Whining loudly Prowl shuddered when those teasing touches and chaste kisses turned more intentional and more explorative. It was also causing his plating to ignite in an uncomfortable heat of a static charge, his internals felt like they were slowly fritzzing with the same treatment. It was barely several kliks that Prowl was in Jazz's presence and his HUD was already displaying new protocols that his interface panel was requesting his catch release. He overrode the code afraid of the pain he knew would come with his first interfacing session.

Prowl jumped slightly in fright when Jazz's claw like servo traced the transformer's seam of his interface panel. Jazz's other servo teased his headlights and the dips and swells of his sensitive bumper as a distraction in offering Prowl more time to get used to the intimate feeling. The warnings flashing across his HUD caused a small noise of distress to spill from Prowl's vocalizer.

"Nahah!" Prowl yelped when sharp denta nibbled along a sensitive Energon cable on his neck components. The influx of sensation sent Prowl's intakes hitching painfully and his cooling fans whining loudly. His own servos scrambled against Jazz's white thighs to try and ground himself from the helpless feeling that spread across his processor. He had to fight with his logic at the loss of control and it was unduly causing him some pain now just as the heat across his circuits was making Prowl squirm in Jazz's lap.

"Tell meh 'bout yer Carrier." That deep seductive purr reverberated across Prowl's audial and he arched back. His doorwings now trembling as the strange sensation of a heavy charge settle across his internals. His servos were scratching the saboteur's paint as Prowl fought an internal battle with himself.

"W-Why J-Jazz?" Prowl managed through his pleasure hazed processor. Jazz's engine rumbled directly against Prowl's doorwings and the vibrating movement caused a cry to erupt from Prowl.

"'Cause Prowler, I want ta know who I'm goin' te have te deal with later." Jazz purred into Prowl's audial, sly lip components curling around the end of a gleaming red chevron before sucking the sensor rich appendage listlessly. The reaction he got nearly had Jazz losing his own tight rein on his control. Jazz moaned softly at the mere thought of burying his spike in that virgin valve. His own plating was heating up uncomfortably. With Prowl leaning against his frame so submissively and mewling in his pleasure was making Jazz run hot. It was the look of pure abandonment on those innocent features that caused a possessive growl to rise in his vocalizer. His soothing humming had now stopped to be replaced with hitching intakes and hums of encouragement. Jazz was taking his time exploring Prowl's unusually sensitive frame.

"Ghah! J-Jazz! P-p-please!" Jazz had to fight hard with his instinctive programming to not pin Prowl to the berth and ravaging him so completely that Prowl forgot everything but his designation.

"Tell meh 'bout yer Carrier." The sudden demand made it more difficult for Prowl to focus, his processor was split between the pleasure he was feeling and the subtle terror that streaked across his emotional core.

"H-he's the H-head M-Medic for the...Nggh...P-Praxian H-hospital. G-g-entle b-but understanding, p-p-protective! Ghah! Jazz! Please!" Prowl found that his begging was ignored and clever fingers pinched his thigh plating teasingly; Prowl arched back ― he was sure his black and white paint was now stained with transfers from Jazz. Forcing him to continue. "I-I'm h-his y-youngest! y-youngest of t-two sets of s-s-plit s-spark twins!" Prowl tried his best to sum up everything that Jazz asked but Jazz's more intimate touches against his interface panel was making it difficult to gain his senses back to himself. His EM field was pulsing wildly against Jazz's more controlled pleasured one. It was a processor dizzying experience for Prowl. No one had ever gotten him to be so revved up from only tactile contact.

"So beautiful Prowler."

"Mfffhp!" Prowl's surprise was muffled when his helm was yanked back by his chevron and lips covered his own, a glossa pushing into his mouth made Prowl squirm at the uncomfortable angle. Prowl moaned into the intimate kiss, it was dominating, gentle and also very arousing. All his thoughts and convictions about the situation faded by the sudden rush of a charge across his circuits. Prowl's optics shuttered of their own violation as his glossa was pulled into play, the strokes and caresses of Jazz's own glossa was making mewls of pleasure slip from his vocalizer. He wanted more. More of that crippling pleasure...Sensor nodes lighted up against his door panels as sly servos slid against the panels with a magnetic pulse.

After a klik of the intense sensations Prowl's tense doorwings slumped to a more accepting and relaxed position; the tense cabling in his neck released and a swarm of different sensations streaked across his circuits. His interface panel was overheating with his pure need. When a claw like finger traced across the white panel and tapped at it suggestively ― Prowl nearly screamed when the tactile sensations became just too much. Sparks of a blue charge arched across his armour plating; his panel slid open without his consent. The strange feeling of lubricant leaked from beneath his valve seal made Prowl mewl and arch back. Heat spread across his Energon lines in embarrassment and anticipation. Prowl cried out when his internal components were overwhelmed with pleasure induced charges that made him go rigid in pure unadulterated bliss. Prowl cried out a muffled scream into Jazz's mouth. A glossa retracting from his mouth component and now ravaging his red chevron pushed Prowl over the edge. A silent scream echoed in Prow's audial, the heat dispersing across his plating made Prowl's entire frame erupt in heat and a pleasantly overwhelming static tingle.

"Ya're doin' good Prowler, ya need ta let go of the charges as they come but don' tense up. Yer interfacin' systems needs ta be overwhelmed 'fore the aphrod'siac really starts ta set in. The more charge ya disperse now, the less it'll 'urt later." Prowl barely heard Jazz, his own engine gave a satisfied hum and whine at the delicious afterglow of his released charge. His first overload, his first tactile overload. Prowl cheek plates were flushed a deep pink now as his intakes struggled to regulate his rapid breathing. The pressure that he had felt on his spark from before seemed to lessen a bit.

"Ready fo' more Prowler?"


Ratchet nearly drifted off of the road with a harsh jerk of anger; his horn blaring at the grounder taking his time in front of him. He needed to get to his sparkling, his precious Prowl could be in serious danger and yet he had yet to feel more of that desperate terror from before. Tires squealed on the winding road as Ratchet rushed ahead.

Deciding that time was no longer an option, Ratchet switched on his emergency lights, red and white flashed in his own distress as Ratchet made no move to slow down. There was still two joors left before he would arrive in the small Cybertronian town situated in the Dark Parts and for Ratchet it was still too long. The pain and fear he had picked up from Prowl in their short talk was unbearable, unbearable for a Carrier to know that his creation was suffering so. His processors were already searching for the most painful form of revenge he could take against the one that gave his sparkling narcotics. He had heard rumours of what nobles were usually exposed to here in the Dark Parts and the legends of the Cursed Ones was still very much believed in but Ratchet knew better, although compelling evidence pointed to the fact that the nobles were targeted for political reasons to anger Iacon and other major cities more often than not. It was almost like they were using provocation tactics but affecting the lives of the innocent. His innocent creation!

Wheeljack was already having a fit across their sparkbond; the anger was driving him insane and the palpable fear was enough to make his wheels skid across the tarmac. It wasn't helping in calming him down at all.

"Damn it all to the Pit!" Ratchet swore, hastily overtaking another grounder who occupied the road ahead of him. He didn't have time to analyze the political standpoints of torturing nobles, he was a fragging Medic for Primus' sake! Not a politician. Grumbling about the situation he now found himself in with his bondmate Ratchet just prayed to Primus that the mech that was helping Prowl would not hurt him. If he did then the Hatchet's famous temper would cause havoc through the small Cybertronian town. Starting with the one who had actually thought to feed his beloved sparklet aphrodisiacs. It was enough that Prowl was blaming himself for Bluestreak's rejection of his offer and Ratchet cringed, that was another thing he had to sort out. Prowl's split spark twin probably had no idea what his walking out on Prowl had done to the youngest of their family. If they lost their twins again because of this Ratchet would drag the Prime into this, mind you he wasn't opposed to bringing this to Optimus' attention anyways.

::Almost there Prowl, I'm almost there. Hang in for a few joors.:: Ratchet implored over the connection, not knowing if Prowl had heard him or not. He sent a pulse of calming concern through his side of the bond and hoped that Prowl would allow himself to take some comfort in what he was offering. Yet knowing his sparkling Ratchet was sure that Prowl was too stubborn to accept comfort, most likely thinking this was his own fault for some reason. A sigh vented through his system and Ratchet strained on his wheels to move faster and faster, but to him it felt as if he would never be fast enough to get to beloved in time. Another series of curses flew from his vocalizer, the whine of his sirens doing little to aid in his rush.


Assertive but knowing servos pressed Prowl against the berth soundly, the added feeling of restriction making the young noble arch and moan into the touch. Prowl, out of trusting habit, spread his pedes more to cradle Jazz against his pelvic plaiting. It was his acceptance of what was to come. The sensations that the unexpected touch from Jazz's servo cradling his helm made was enough for Prowl to dim his optics and purr in comfort. Only Jazz's lazy smile and blue visor was what he was able to make out now. His still sealed interface components rubbing against Jazz's closed interface panel was pleasurable in its own way and just when Prowl's embarrassment heightened and he was about to close his open panel Jazz hushed him and pressed a comforting kiss to his chevron. Prowl moaned and squirmed slightly under the ministration.

"So beautiful Prowl, Ah want ya all ta m'self." Prowl moaned when Jazz slid a glossa over his chin and teased the corner of his lip plates. Prowl found his lips parted despite his internal protests, the slick feeling of a passionate kiss wiped about all of Prowl's misgiving about kissing and being intimate. With the way that Jazz kissed, the young noble tactician couldn't help but give in to the fight for dominance. With his interface panel still open, white thighs shimmering in a sheen of silvery blue lubricant of his own release a mere breem before left the saboteur in a desperate desire for more. No, Jazz found himself coveting the young Praxian noble so much that he was considering baring his spark.

"Drink litt'e Swee'spark." Jazz crooned when those dim optics trained on him. He could see the exhaustion that the narcotics were causing and he frowned in sympathy. The Kaon native sighed and pressed a cube of mid grade into Prowl's servos, motioning for him to drink it. It would keep the Praxian's systems from overtaxing themselves with new sensory input. His visor flashed brighter when he noticed Prowl relax into the berth more. It wouldn't counter act the narcotic but it would stall its effects for a few more kliks.

"See Prowler, tha' drug had been designed fo' inducin' as much pleasure as possible. It can ravage yer systems for an entire cycle and only hard 'facing can disperse the effects. I'm no' lyin' ta ya Prowler, somemech wanted to violate ya, rape ya and claim ya all for themselves 'fore killin' ya later. It 's not a pretty drug used fer pretty intentions..." Jazz's words echoed loudly in Prowl audial receivers, his frame trembling at the implications of just what had been said. Prowl jumped at Jazz pulling him into an embrace, his doorwings fluttering nervously behind him before going rigid as the unbearable heat clouted his systems again. A muffled moan into Jazz's shoulder plating the only indication of his oncoming discomfort. Strangely enough when Prowl laid his audio against Jazz's spark chamber he felt his systems relaxing at the spark pulse so close to him. A gentle servo dishing out sensual touches against his trembling doorwings made Prowl tense up for different reasons.

"'M sorry this had ta happen ta ya Prowler, nomech deserv's somethin' like this." Prowl whined when those assured servos pushed him back against the berth, butterfly kisses so light that they were mere tickles across Prowl's sensor net made Prowl press more into Jazz. The pleasant tingle across his plating was already making him seek more of that blissful caress.

"J-Jazz? W-W-hat's happening?" Prowl chocked on his words as gentle touches became much more suggestive and when they left a burning trail of arousal in their wake. Jazz merely pressed a soothing kiss to Prowl's chevron.

"Ah need ta release yer seals otherwise tha' drug will no' fade." Prowl shivered in apprehension. "Yer interfacin' components needs ta be stimulated internally, it cannot be don' withou' breakin' the seals." The young Praxian noble knew what Jazz meant with those words and frankly the only thing he felt was apprehension and strangely excitement. He had always hoped to give his seals to someone he loved and respected, he was saving himself for that one mech but now that the choice had been taken from him Prowl whimpered. His helm turned away as shame shimmered in his optics, he didn't know how to approach this subject, he emotional growth had always been stunted. It wasn't that he didn't like Jazz, what frightened Prowl more was the fact that he wanted Jazz to have him and it wasn't the narcotics in his systems that was overwhelming him. In the end Prowl gave in to the desire flitting across his internal circuits. He gave his consent by pulling Jazz closer to him, their spark chambers scraped together pleasantly and pressed an inexperienced kiss on a sensory horn. Pulling the appendage into his mouth and swirling his glossa around the tip. The moan that it pulled from Prowl made him smile in triumph, at least he knew he could affect Jazz in the same way that the Kaon native did to him.

"Ah won' lie te ya, it's goin' te 'urt Prowler. Ah'll try 'nd start with yer spike firs', it'll ease ya into it." No matter how much Prowl wanted that digit now circling his sealed valve to sink deeper he was still being held firmly against the berth and his bucking hips were easily controlled. The loss of control made Prowl whine, the fraught ache deep inside his valve made Prowl arch into exploring servos. It was then that he became aware of the strange pressurized feeling against his spike's compartment seal. A skittering touch of a glossa against one of Prowl's headlights had Prowl yelp before pleas spilled from his vocalizer unbidden of his embarrassment. He wanted, needed to feel more!

The initial building charge in preparation of overload was now rapidly heating his systems and it was happening much more rapidly than before. Cooling fans whirred to life and the Energon blush decorating his cheek plates darkened. Prowl's doorwings quivered against the soft berth when a clawed digit teased the seal across his valve before moving and pressing against seal across his spike. Prowl cried out inevitable when Jazz had sidled down his frame sensually and moved down to press a glossa against his spike compartment. The melodically seductive chuckle that caressed Prowl's audios caused another tremble to wrack through his systems.

"S 'nnocent litt'e Prowler. Yer goin' ta nee' ta relax now." Prowl nodded but agreeing to it and actually doing it was another story. His spark was pulsing wildly in his spark casing in anticipation, warning scrolled across his HUD. He couldn't even bring himself to scowl and frown at the endearment that Jazz had adopted since meeting him. His processor was too caught up in the latent pulses of pleasure. Prowl arched when that insistent pressure of a claw pressed into the seal more firmly. The sensor nodes were heating up inside of him and another rush of lubricant was released from a small gap in the seal around his valve. The action staining his white plaiting in more of that silvery blue lubricant.

The sight of Prowl spread so erotically in front of Jazz was enough to make his intakes hitch, he had never thought that Prowl could look so beautiful in the throes of desperate passion. He sighed contentedly when Prowl's servos began pawing at his sensory horn to provide Jazz more pleasure, not that seeing the little Praxian like this wasn't enough.

"Prowler? This needs ta happ'n naturally. Take yer time, it'll 'urt for a few astroseconds but it will fade, Ah promise." Prowl was barely coherent; all he was aware of was the slow swipe of Jazz's glossa over his seal before he suckled at that barrier eagerly. Prowl keened loudly, his back struts arching painfully as his doorwings were pulled from under him in a perfect bow. The pressure behind the seal was now painful and that brought Prowl's processors crashing around him, when Jazz continued the erotic ministrations Prowl practically screamed when something inside of him crumbled. Protocols activated, programming was executed for the first time and Prowl promptly whimpered pitifully when he felt the tear. In a flash of pain and slight relief Prowl's spike released for the first time.

"'S beautiful jus' like the res' of ya." Jazz purred and Prowl shuddered pleasantly when Jazz nuzzled his newly revealed virgin spike. The touch of soft lip components against the sensor laden tip had the Praxian nearly screaming in pleasure. He had never felt something so intense, never felt as if his world was crashing around him and nothing would ever settle the desperate ache that spread like an ion fire across his circuits. The gentle messaging servos against his hip plating eventually eased Prowl's over taxed systems. The new sensations were driving him insane but Jazz knew what he was doing and Prowl sighed, his doorwings relaxed and drooped into his back and his tensed cables quickly settled into a tranquil hum of pleasure.

Jazz chuckled at Prowl's innocent reaction, a sly smile that went unnoticed by the noble had Jazz pulling the virginal spike into his mouth components. His glossa sneaking out to taste the drop of transfluid that gathered at the tip and promptly moaned at the sweet taste. Prowl really was innocent in every single way conceivable. The action making him hum around the pressurized spike appraisingly. He could not express enough just what an effect Prowl had on him. The bitter taste of Energon also alerted him that Prowl was fine, the break had gone well. It meant the pain should be fading now and with the way Prowl was arching off of the berth with quivering doorwings made Jazz shudder in his own anticipated pleasure.

Easing Prowl into a more intricate play of manipulating pleasure Jazz expanded his sensor net, imploring the young noble to do so as well. Prowl's expanding EM field was uneasy and tentative but with every brush Jazz gave a reward and soon the Spec Ops agent shuddered when Prowl's EM field pulsed excitedly against his. The single brush of a wild uncontrolled sensor net was enough for Jazz's own cooling fans to spin at their fastest setting. Every pleasure enriched touch of prowl made Jazz's thoughts become more incoherent. It was a teasing bliss for Jazz to override his imminent sympathetic overload when Prowl keened his second stimulated overload that orn. With Prowl's innocence Jazz wasn't surprised when Prowl's overload seemed to take him by surprise, the sweet taste of transfluid exploding down his throat made Jazz swallow reflexively and the action caused Prowl's to keen louder.

"Nggh!...'M...Sorry!" Prowl whined, his vocalizer spitting static and his quivering form refused to settle after the abrupt overload. He hadn't been expecting it, hadn't been prepared for the heated feeling that had suddenly assaulted his spark. It felt like his spark was now constantly pressing against his spark chamber in a need to get out and connect to something. Prowl felt coolant tears streak down his cheek plates in mortification of what just happened and the intensity if his unexpected overload. He wanted badly to beg for forgiveness for not having better control of himself.

"Shhh Prowler. 'S alright." Jazz cooed as the apprehension in Prowl's EM field changed rapidly. Jazz sighed softly, the typical mortified reaction of an inexperienced youngling. Crooning at Prowl to calm him down and ignoring his own throbbing arousal pressing against his panelling provided quite a challenge. Jazz moved gracefully and speedily to pull Prowl into his lap before he was whispering sweet nothings into the Praxian's audial receiver. His servos charging with magnetic pulses as he rubbed tense doorwings, the action soon lessening Prowl's sudden flash of embarrassment and fear. It was understandable, the young noble had been thrust into this situation with no idea of what's had been happening to him and now he had to give up his coveted Pure Sparked seals to a stranger who only wished to help.

"Better?" Jazz asked; nuzzling Prowl's tense neck cable. His teeth nibbling at the sensitive cabling to counteract pleasure to the painful heat he felt pressed against his own plating. When Prowl nodded shakily and Jazz picked up on the nobles trembling form he gave a sigh of relief, the drugs was fading. It wouldn't be long now, one more overload and Prowl would be stabilized. With his own Medical programming Jazz ran a quick scan to make sure Prowl was alright, the results were normal except for an overly erratic spark pulse and Prowl's processor was running hot. He would prepare a mixture of Energon and medical grade to ease the processor ache Prowl was sure to have after an exhausted recharge.

"M-make it stop!" Prowl keened, a searing touch of arousal once again streaking through his systems. He was tired now that his distress had faded and all the while Jazz had yet to let him go, that feeling alone was what made Prowl place all of his trust in the older more experienced mech. He felt like a sparkling curled up in the other black and white mech's lap, his audio resting against Jazz's spark chamber and his servos curled around his hip plating as he clung to the only source that grounded his spark at the moment. It was a wonder that his Battle Computer had not yet crashed with all the conflicting emotions he was feeling.

Prowl did not protest when black servos flipped him so that one of Prowl's pedes sat on either side of Jazz's hip components. For the first time Prowl found himself playing shy again, his face plates were so close to Jazz's lip plates and it took every last bit of Prowl's own desire and want to initiate an innocent kiss. He didn't protest when Jazz's servos curled around his hips and pulled their bodies into close contact. The sound of screeching metal barely heard by either party, Prowl was too caught up in pleasure and Jazz was too focused on the mech that was undulating in his lap to an enticing rhythm that only he could hear. Those doorwings fluttering erotically behind the young Praxian noble almost never stilling at all.

Jazz groaned when Prowl unknowingly ground their interface panels together and he really had to fight with his instinctual programming in order to not hurt him. In a move ― testament to his ops training ― Jazz had Prowl pinned to the berth beneath him, his servos tracing every single sensitive sensor node he could reach. His own processor was getting hazy with want. He had always been able to restrain himself in situations like these before, it was a requirement of his training to not break because of pleasure, but now all Jazz wanted was to lose control with the beautiful mech giving himself over to his ministration with complete abandonment. Jazz knew he wasn't going to last long, knew that the impossible tight, wet virgin valve was going to bring so much pleasure that he was afraid Prowl's circuits wouldn't be the only ones that would fry.

"Prowler?" Jazz gripped those moving hips to still them, a stray law teasing the rim of Prowl's valve that was already slick with sweet smelling lubricant. "Ya need ta relax, Ah cannot take this on' slow. It'll only increase yer pain and this way it'll hurt more but fade faster." Jazz implored his lover to listen, there was no need for him to be caught by surprise. He waited for Prowl's consent and watched with a half dimmed visor as different emotions spread like wildfire across those attractive features before he was gifted by a nod. Purring in praise Jazz nuzzled that graceful red chevron and watched with eager optics as Prowl seemed to fall apart at the seams.

"Take yer time Prowler and tell me when yer ready." Jazz cooed when another flash of fear made itself known in those expressive optics. Prowl was pressing more into him but Jazz waited, he needed verbal confirmation even when those tentative presses against his interface panel was madding and arousing just as the itch across his plating to be buried in that heat was almost unbearable now.

"P-please Jazz! I-I can't t-t-take m-m-ore teasing!" Prowl finally managed to force from his fritzzing systems. More warnings were scrolling down his HUD and his processing core was threatening to overload with all the stimulating information that it was trying to process. So when he was pulled into fierce kiss he couldn't help but close his optics, the sensory information brushing against his sensor net was almost unbearable now ― he couldn't even keep his optics open any more.

There was no warning when it happened, the searing pain that erupted across his sensor net dragged a static scream from his vocalizer. This was unlike anything he was ever expecting, it wasn't worse but it wasn't better either. The sudden stretch to his virginal valve and rush of extra lubricant and Energon stung him from the inside. He had never felt anything like it and Prowl started when gentle claw like fingers wiped away at the coolant tears he didn't even know he had been shedding. The low melody that Jazz hummed into his audio soon had Prowl relaxing completely. The moment of penetration had left his processor reeling but now Prowl allowed himself the luxury to call upon his trust and rested his helm back onto the berth and his arching back struts he didn't even know were in an uncomfortable position fell back onto the berth.

Prowl couldn't describe it but when Jazz held still for him to stabilize and encouraged him to relax, Prowl could only come up with the sensation that now rushed through him as pure satisfaction at being so full. The way that Jazz's spike filled him made Prowl soon wiggle his hips in hopes of getting more of that satisfying bliss.

"So good Prowler, Ah'll take it easy." Jazz murmured before his engine revved when Prowl clung to him desperately, pedes wound around his thighs and pulled him closer. The expression of pure abandonment drove Jazz into action. Still mindful of his lover's inexperience and pain Prowl was most likely experiencing he took it slow, his thrusts building a steady rhythm of pleasure. The more he put into it the more Prowl became more animated in accepting and giving pleasure.

They soon were lost to the sensations of utter bliss. Prowl keened and whined in pure unadulterated pleasure, his back struts arching into Jazz. The charge he felt building inside of him was reflected in Jazz as sparks of blue danced between the two of them. The gentle thrust were driving Prowl insane with need but the slow build towards overcharge was so much better than the previous two.

"J-Jaaazzz! P-please!" Prowl resorted to begging for more sensation. He was being completely overwhelmed and was lost in his pleasure. Jazz, always the considerate lover, gave Prowl what he asked for and Prowl was soon constantly straining in pleasure. His doorwings quivering and fluttering with every thrust and touch. When a mouth closed around the tip of Prowl's chevron and magnetized black claw like servos dragged across his black and white doorwings Prowl screamed. His valve spasmodically tightening around Jazz's spike until he sent them both over the edge of bliss.

Spark pulses synchronized, systems integrated and pleasure was shared through all possible means. EM fields flared and expanded, only bliss to be shared and affection to spill over. It was all it took for both of them to completely lose it. Prowl never felt the almost crippling pain when Jazz accidentally bit down and caused dents to form on his chevron. But frankly Prowl couldn't care; the sudden charge from that unexpected twist of pain had him screaming until his vocalizer cracked and his processor was forced offline by the intensity of all the sensations.


Jazz's lazily dimmed visor observed Prowl's relaxed features from a safe distance, he relaxed in a chair and awaited the young noble's Carrier. Several joors had passed and Jazz was sure that Ratchet would be showing up soon, that name in itself sounded familiar and he just hoped that it wasn't who he thought it was. The old Spec Ops Medic with the same name had been the spawn of Unicron himself as far as Jazz could remember, the legendary Ratchet the Hatchet was the most well known medic around all of the Autobot forces and in its inception was said to be the Prime's personal physician. When Prowl turned in his recharge and curled around himself for comfort Jazz smiled, he was such a gentle spark. The sweetest spark Jazz had ever encountered.

"If I get my servos on the mechs that did this to my sparkling I am going to remodel them into service drones! FRAG IT! Prowl! Where are you?" Jazz chuckled at the irony, sending a data burst to the door he watched as it slid open. The mumbled curses that flew from the Medic's vocalizer was both astonishingly familiar and the several dialects of many cities was even more shocking, it seemed the Medic had been travelling if he had picked up that wide array of swear words in different languages. The moment Ratchet realized who was in the room those optics brightened in recognition before a sigh of relief left Ratchet's intakes.

"Oh thank Primus it was you Jazz!" Ratchet exclaimed and rushed into the room, his attention immediately on Prowl. Jazz said nothing, just stood to the side, cube of high grade in his servos as he waited for Ratchet to finish up on his scans. His visor flashed a deep blue when he watched with surprise as Ratchet leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on Prowl's chevron before pulling away with a lingering comforting touch and finally turning his attention to the mech in the room.

"How 's he?" Jazz asked. Quickly pushing the high grade into Ratchet's servos before the volatile Medic came after him. Giving a sigh of relief when Ratchet took the cube without protest and downed it in one gulp. Sorrowful optics that had seen too much looked at the Spec Ops mech wearily.

"He's fine Jazz, better than I would have expected him to be. You've had experience with this drug? You've refuelled at least twice and added a medical grade mix; he's going to be happy about that in the morning. The side effects would have been lessened." Jazz gave a hollow bitter laugh and nodded.

"Ah know it personally, 'ave seen it used and hate it. Prowler didn't deserve what was given to 'im. Nomech does, its jus' a pretence fer rape." Jazz noted his visor now fully trained on the sleeping Praxian. His memory core already branding this experience into his processors, he would never forget Prowl and even if they ended up in the fight for Cybertron later on. A sigh spilled from his vents as Jazz pressed a comforting servo on Ratchet's shoulder plates.

"I'm just glad you found him before it could have happened, it could have been worse." Ratchet admitted, his optics also now trained on his sparkling. Jazz nodded, that was about the most grateful he was ever going to see Ratchet. His spark was still calling out to the sleeping mech, something he hadn't experienced before but was happy that he did.

"Ah need ta get goin' Ratch. Work to do, mechs to kill. Ya know the drill. Look after Prowler fer me Ratch, if he wan's te contact me, ya know mah emergency comm." Ratchet nodded in dismissal, knowing that Jazz wasn't going to say more than that but Ratchet was sure that Jazz was going to go after the ones who had dared to try and hurt his little sparkling. He was surprised however at the tenderness in that brilliant visor as it trained on the youngest of his creations. A secret smile splitting his faceplates as he recognized the energy in the room, oh Jazz was in for a surprise. Ratchet had never thought that the playful but ruthless Spec Ops agent would ever have matching sparkmate but now he was sure. There was no mistaking the gentleness and tender expression. He had been much the same when he had met Wheeljack, was still even.

"Take care Jazz. Don't be a stranger come visit us in Praxus when you drop by, Prowl would love to see you again." Ratchet purred just as the saboteur disappeared out into the early morning sun.

Prowl rubbed at his optics sleepily, his entire body humming in satisfaction and sated enjoyment. A pleasant tingle crawling across his plating a stark reminder of the amazing night he had before. When he sat up he felt his traveller's cloak being wound around his shoulder plates for warmth and a gentle kiss placed on his chevron. The touch against the bruised metal making him flinch away slightly.

"C-Carrier?" He asked tentatively.

"Yes my Sweetspark. Now what do you say we go talk some sense into that infernal twin of yours?" Prowl nodded, his spark aching when Jazz wasn't there anymore. This time he couldn't hide his hurt and his Carrier cooed softly when the coolant tears truly started falling. He wanted what he had had that night before.

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