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I also do not own Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Now enjoy the story.

-Introduction -

Holy Grail War.

It was a bloody ritual where 7 magi called Masters summoned 7 heroes of legends called Servants and fought to the death to obtain the omnipotent Grail.

The 5th Holy Grail War was fought in Fuyuki City, where the Servants and Masters fought together and against each other… and in the end, one man emerged victorious against all odds. His name is Emiya Shirou.

However, this story does not take place in Fuyuki City, nor is the victor of the Holy Grail War the protagonist of this story.

This story takes place in Uminari City and the protagonist is someone who could be called the villain during the 5th Holy Grail War.

A story of how a sword spamming boy meets a beam spamming girl and their adventures together…

"… and so Mahou Shounen Ko Gil is about to begin!" the blonde boy exclaimed in excitement.

-Chapter 1: Beginning of a New Epic?-


"Haaah…" Ko-Gil yawned as he awoke to the sound of the alarm clock pointing at 7 o'clock. "I guess it's time to get up…" the boy had gotten up from his bed and quickly dressed up for school.

After dressing up, he went to the kitchen. "Hmm… Perhaps I should cook Japanese for breakfast this time." Ko-Gil wondered to himself as he started donning the apron and taking out the necessary ingredients from… the Gate of Babylon. It truly was convenient to not have to carry around stuff or walk to the fridge to get the ingredients.

"Alright! The miso is done." The blonde boy smiled happily to himself before tasting the soup. "Not as good as Shirou nii-san's… but I should be able to beat him soon at this rate!" Ko-Gil commented as he carried over the food and set them on to the table. Cooking became a hobby for Ko-Gil after he became friends with Emiya Shirou and it was one of his goals in the future to surpass the older chef.

"Hmm I wonder how the others are doing back in Fuyuki…" He wondered as he began eating his meal. It has been over two months since Ko-Gil has moved out of Fuyuki and started living in this apartment by himself. The reason that he was here was because he has decided to establish a water park in Uminari city and was watching over its construction. "Getting to be away from Master is just an extra bonus." After all, Caren can be scary when she's angry and staying away from her was one of the reason he decided to build a water park over here.

Little more than a year has passed since the end of the 5th Holy Grail War and due to an accident of tremendous scale caused by a certain stingy magus named Tohsaka during one of her experiments, Fuyuki became a place where as long as there was a possibility of something happening, it will happen. That's why Servants and Masters who should have been dead were now once again living in this world.

The only participant of the 5th Holy Grail War that was still dead was Kotomine Kirei and it was because there was no possibility for him to make it through the War (unlike the others, he would have died even if he did succeed in his sinister plot). As their Master was no longer alive, Caren became the new Master of Ko-Gil and Lancer.

Since, Emiya Shirou had destroyed the Grail, the Servants no longer had a reason to fight amongst themselves and were leading a peaceful life with their masters (like Saber and Rider) or away from them (like Ko-Gil and Lancer).

As for Gilgamesh… "My master doesn't let me do what I want so it feels like I'm being treated like a kid. If so, then I'll just become a kid. Muhahahahaha!" after proclaiming that, the King of Heroes drank the elixir of youth from the Gate of Babylon and became a child. 'How could he be so irresponsible?' not even Ko-Gil could understand just what was going through his older self's mind as he drank the potion of youth.

Yes… this young boy who was thinking about all this as he ate was the one and the same person as the arrogant King of Heroes. Gilgamesh.

"Ah! I guess it's about time." Ko-Gil muttered to himself as he put away the dishes and then picked up his home-made lunch box and his bag before walking to the place where he gets on the school bus.

The school bus came on time like usual and Ko-Gil got on it.

"Good morning boss!"

"Hello boss!"

"Hello… and please just call me by my name..." Ko-Gil pouted as few of the boys in the bus greeted him. 'This is why I don't like having a high charisma rank…' Ko-Gil sighed to himself as he walked towards the back of the bus. "Hello Nanoha-san, Suzuka-san, Alisa-san!"

"Morning Gil-kun!"

"Good morning."

"Hi 'boss' hahahaha!"

"Uuuuu… please don't make fun of me Alisa-san." Ko-Gil complained as he took a seat next to Alisa.

"hahaha I was just kidding." The blonde girl apologized to the unhappy looking boy before starting to talk about the project that they had to do for school today.

These three girls were few of Ko-Gil's close friends who actually called him by his name. When Ko-Gil transferred to Seishou Elementary two months ago, he quickly became popular among his classmates. He was treated like a leader among them despite the fact that he just wished to be treated as a friend, which is why these three girls who treated him as a friend rather than as a boss became his close friends.

As he joined in on the conversation, Ko-Gil hoped that these days would continue.

"The future, huh…?" Nanoha wondered to herself as she ate her octopus shaped sausage. "You three have already pretty much decided, haven't you, Alisa-chan, Suzuka-chan, Gil-kun?"

"In my family, both my father and mother are company managers…" Alisa replied while holding up her rice ball. "… so I'll have to study hard and succeed them in their positions. That's the plan at least"

"I really like machines and stuff, so…" Suzuka answered while chewing on some rice. "I've been thinking it'd be nice to go into engineering…"

"As for me…" Ko-Gil thought about what he should tell them. "… I want to remain a child in the future." He answered them as he ate the teriyaki chicken that he cooked this morning.

"""Huh?""" All three of the girls looked at Ko-Gil with wide-eyes.

"…umm did you just say that you want to remain a child?" Alisa asked to make sure she didn't mishear him.

"Yup. I'll never grow up!" Ko-Gil answered enthusiastically. For him, just the thought of growing up into that arrogant man was depressing.

"…You shouldn't joke like that Gil-kun…" Nanoha chided the blonde boy until she saw the frown on Ko-Gil's face. "… you were serious?"

"Yes. I was serious Nanoha-san." Indeed, any normal person wouldn't want to become such a narcissistic jerk like his older self was after all. Ko-Gil thought to himself as he nodded his head in approval.

"But that's not possible Gil-kun." Suzuka scolded the blonde boy. "… and we were talking about our future occupations."

"Oh. Then I am going to become a successful businessman." Ko-Gil told the girls as he picked up his chopsticks again. Though to be honest, Ko-Gil was already a successful businessman. Ever since the end of the 5th Holy Grail War, Gilgamesh had been investing his large amount of fortunes and no matter what he did, the money seemed to come to him. Perhaps having an A rank in luck made it so that whatever he did, he was successful at it.

"I think it's great that you all know what you want to do in the future…" Nanoha told them and tried think about what she wanted to be in the future.

Ko-Gil noticed that the girl was deep in thought. "Will you be taking over your family's cafe Nanoha-san?"

"Un, that's one thing I could do in the future, but…" Nanoha stared down at the ground with a look of dissatisfaction on her face. "I think there's something else that I want to do… I just don't know what it is yet…"

After taking a look at his trouble friend, Ko-Gil tried to reassure her. "You will definitely find something you want to do in the future Nanoha-san." She was still young after all.

"But I don't have any special talents or…"

"I'm sure you will be fine Nanoha-san." Ko-Gil reassured the girl with a smile on his face as Alisa and Suzuka nodded in agreement, and then his smile turned into a mischievous cat smile. "I mean if you are worried about your future than what are the people who have lower grade than you supposed to do?"

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean!" Alisa shouted at him as she picked up a slice of lemon from her lunch box.

"Did I say anything to offend you Alisa-san?" Ko-Gil asked the blonde girl.

"Uuuu. Are you trying to make fun of me just because your grades are higher than all of us!"

"That's not it at all, Alisa-san." It's simply payback for that time you teased me in the bus today. Ko-Gil thought to himself as his cat smile grew wider and wider.

"Liar!" Alisa threw the piece of lemon at Ko-Gil but the boy managed to dodge and started running away from her. "Get back here Gil!" The blonde girl shouted out before starting to chase the grinning boy.

"You two, stop! Alisa-chan calm down! And you too Gil-kun, why can't you be more mature like usual?" Suzuka tried to stop the two blondes but her efforts proved to be futile.

"Stop running away!"

"Only if you stop Alisa-san!"

"A-Ahaha…" Nanoha could only laugh weakly as she watched them run around before deciding that she needed to stop them.

Thus, for the rest of the lunch period, the four of them ran around the roof top.

Of course, none of them were able to finish eating their lunch.

"Hey, wasn't Gil really awesome during dodge ball today?" Alisa asked the other three present as they walked towards the cram school she attends with Nanoha and Suzuka.

"Yeah, he was." Nanoha agreed and Suzuka nodded her head as well.

"I think Suzuka was the one who was really awesome when she grabbed those balls coming to her." Ko-Gil redirected the praise to Suzuka.

"Th-That's not true…" Suzuka denied the compliment humbly.

It was after school and Ko-Gil was walking the girls to their cram school. While he didn't attend the cram school with the three girls, it became a habit to escort them and make sure they got to the cram school safely. After all, he enjoyed spending time with them as he watched over them.

"Ah, it's this way!" Alisa told the other three as she ran up ahead and stopped in front of a path through the forest. "This is a shortcut to get to cram school faster."

Ko-Gil wondered if he should tell them that it was dangerous for them to be walking through such a path but decided that it would be alright as long as he was with them.

As they were walking through the forest, Ko-Gil was thinking about what he should cook for dinner today as he walked behind the girls before he noticed that Nanoha had suddenly stopped.

"Is anything wrong Nanoha-san?"

"Ah, it's nothing." Nanoha reassured the blonde boy before starting to walk again.

However, not long after…

"Nanoha-san?" Ko-Gil noticed that the girl had stopped once again and he was beginning to get worried if there was something wrong.

"Nanoha?" The other two girls became aware that their friend stopped in her track as well.

"Didn't you just hear something?" Nanoha asked them as she began to look for the location of the sound. "Something… kind of like a voice."

Ko-Gil's eyes narrowed as he began to suspect that there was something going on right now. He didn't hear anything and Alisa and Suzuka said that they didn't hear anything at all.

Suddenly, Nanoha started running into the forest, surprising the other three who were with her.



Alisa and Suzuka didn't seem to know what was going on and started to chase after Nanoha.

Looking in the direction that she was running towards, Ko-Gil looked for whatever it was that caused Nanoha to run like that. Due to the keen eyes that came with being a Servant of the Archer class, Ko-Gil was able to see the small creature that Nanoha seemed to be running towards. "Hold up Nanoha-san!" He quickly ran up next to the girl and started running towards the creature along with Nanoha.

When Nanoha and Ko-Gil got to the small creature, they could see that it was a ferret that appeared to be bruised up. The ferret appeared to have heard their footsteps as it raised its head to take a look at them, revealing a necklace with a red gem attached to it.

"Nanoha, why did you run off like that?" Alisa and Suzuka caught up to the two of them and when they saw the injured ferret, the girls started to panic about what to do.

Ko-Gil pretended to reach into his bag and pulled out a piece of cloth from the Gate of Babylon. Then, he wrapped the ferret with the cloth to keep it warm. While doing so, Ko-Gil wondered if this ferret was the one that called out to Nanoha… assuming that the girl heard something and if so, how was it able to call out to her.

"For now we have to take it to a hospital!"

"Not a hospital, a vet!" Suzuka corrected Alisa.

"Umm… is there a vet around here?" Nanoha asked while keeping her eyes on the ferret in Ko-Gil's arms.

"Yeah I know of a vet near here." Ko-Gil answered her. "Let's go!" he told the girls before running to the vet at a pace that the girls could follow.

"So, is it a ferret?" Alisa asked while staring at the creature that was now bandaged. "I wonder if it's someone else's pet…"

"If it is a ferret, it's certainly a unique one." The doctor answered her as she walked over to where they were standing at. "… and it seems like some sort of jewel is on its collar."

"It woke up!" The girls became excited as the ferret lifted its head and started looking around. Once the ferret spotted Nanoha, it stared at her intently.

"It's looking at you…" Suzuka muttered in a soft voice.

"Nanoha, you are being stared at." Alisa urged Nanoha to pet the ferret.

"Ah, yeah…" Nanoha slowly extended her hand towards the creature and after sniffing her finger for a while, the ferret licked her finger.

"Hmm…" Ko-Gil stared at the ferret intensely with his crimson eyes and the ferret turned away as if to avoid his gaze. He was very suspicious of the little creature ever since it seemed like it was able to call out to Nanoha back in the forest and even though he was no magus, he could sense some amount of mana from the red jewel on the ferret's collar. 'A mystic code perhaps…' Ko-Gil thought to himself as he continued to observe this tiny animal.

"Ah you shouldn't do that Gil-kun, you are scaring it…" Suzuka tried to stop Ko-Gil from frightening the ferret.

"Heh~ could it be that you are jealous of the ferret, Gil?" Alisa asked with a smirk on her face.

He obviously wasn't going to tell them what he was thinking about at that moment, but he wouldn't lie to them either. "I don't necessarily want to become a ferret…" Ko-Gil turned to Alisa with a cat smile on his face. "…but I wouldn't mind if you treated me as well as you are treating the ferret, Alisa-san."

"W-What are you saying you idiot!" with that, Alisa turned her back against Ko-Gil.

At that moment, the ferret turned away from them and curled up. "I think it would be a good idea to let it rest, so why don't I watch over it for you four until tomorrow?" The doctor suggested.

"Yes! Please do!" The four kids all replied at the same time.

"By the way… isn't it time for you three to get to cram school?" Ko-Gil asked them after looking at the time on his phone.

"Ah that's right!" The girls, remembering that it was almost time for cram school to start, frantically ran out. "Well then, Doctor, thank you very much! We'll be back tomorrow!"

As the doctor waved at them, the four of them ran to avoid being tardy.

"What should I make for dinner tonight?" Ko-Gil wondered to himself as he browsed through the meat section in the supermarket. After the girls barely made it to the cram school, he bid them farewell and went to the supermarket to get the ingredients for dinner.

"Ah, Gil-kun!"

Ko-Gil turned to see a girl in a wheelchair coming towards him.

"Hayate-san, good evening!" He greeted her with a smile.

The name of the girl in the wheelchair was Hayate Yagami. Ko-Gil first met her when he came to this supermarket two months ago and became friends with her ever since.

"Let me help you!" after slinging his shopping basket over his arm, Ko-Gil went over to where Hayate was and started pushing her wheelchair. "So what do you need to get?"

"Hmm, let's see… I was thinking of beef teriyaki but since pork is on sale today…"

"In that case, this looks good." Ko-Gil interrupted her while reaching for a pack of beef.

"Gil-kun, wait! Since pork is on sale today we should get it instead of…" Hayate tried to stop the boy with a troubled expression on her face.

"But you wanted beef teriyaki right? You should get what you want." Ko-Gil told her as he put the beef in the shopping basket. "Besides, I'll be paying for it so no need to worry about the cost." He told her with a smile.

"You don't have to…" Hayate tried to convince the boy to reconsider but he would not change his mind.

"Don't worry about it Hayate-san." He reassured the girl and then started pushing the wheelchair again. "Is there anything else you need?"

In the end, Hayate gave up trying to convince him and they went around the supermarket for tonight's ingredients for dinner.

"… and that's the last of it." Ko-Gil said as he put the soy sauce into the shopping basket and then pushed the wheelchair to where the cashier was.

"Thank you Gil-kun." Hayate turned towards Ko-Gil and thanked him. "But you don't have to pay for me all the time."

"Don't worry Hayate-san, you are my friend after all." Ko-Gil reassured her as he pushed the wheelchair out of the supermarket and towards Hayate's house.

"Do you want to eat dinner together Gil-kun?" Hayate turned towards Ko-Gil and asked him when they got to the entrance of her house.

The blonde boy thought to himself for a few seconds. "If you are fine with having me as a company, then I would be happy to."

"Come in then!" She told him as she unlocked the door and went inside. Hayate was a girl who lost her parents and was living by herself. When she found out that Ko-Gil was living by himself as well, she invited him to eat dinner together from time to time.

"Pardon me!" Ko-Gil said politely as he entered the house. "And no I won't let you cook by yourself." He told Hayate, who was about to tell him to relax in the living room. Knowing that Hayate was a girl who didn't want to be a bother to others despite being in a wheelchair, he couldn't just watch and let girl cook by herself while he relaxed. Thus, he pulled up his sleeves and went to the kitchen where Hayate was preparing to cook as well.

After eating dinner while complimenting each other's cooking skills and watching evening television shows together, Ko-Gil bid Hayate farewell as he headed towards his apartment.

On his way to his place, he received a text from Nanoha saying that her family allowed her to keep the ferret and they should go pick it up tomorrow. Nanoha seemed like she was happy to be able to keep it so he texted her he was glad for her.

However, he wasn't sure if he really wanted Nanoha to take care of it. After all, normal ferrets probably can't call out to people when it was injured and it was also strange that it had a mystic code with it. The fact that it seemed to have called on Nanoha for help and had that red jewel which seemed like a mystic code with it, he couldn't say that it was a good idea to let Nanoha take care of it.

After thinking for a while, he decided that he would go check out the ferret even if it was a long detour.

After walking for a while, Ko-Gil got to the block where the vet was however, as he walked closer and closer, he could sense a great amount of magical energy coming from the vet.

'Don't tell me it's the ferret!' he thought to himself as he swiftly ran to the vet… only to find Nanoha at the entrance of the vet. "Nanoha-san?" he asked the girl who was silently looking at the building.

The girl seemed to have heard him and started to look towards where he was until-


A loud crashing noise came from the building. Soon afterwards, the ferret jumped out of one of the windows and started to run towards one of the trees near the building. However, a large black thing suddenly came out through the wall and jumped towards the ferret.

As it hit the tree, the ferret jumped… and landed into Nanoha's arms.

"W-What's going on?" Nanoha asked as she looked at the monster that just tried to attack the ferret.

And then…

"You… came for me."

… the ferret talked.

"It spoke!" Nanoha shouted in surprise. On the other hand, Ko-Gil glared at the ferret in annoyance since it seemed like it was the ferret that called Nanoha here. However, he soon decided that it wasn't the time to be worried about the ferret as he turned to look at the monster in front of them.

"Let's go Nanoha!" Ko-Gil lifted the girl and started running away while carrying her in his arms. He knew that it was a bad idea to try to fight the monster in front of a normal civilian like Nanoha. After all, it's bad to reveal the existence of magic to a normal person. Not only that, he didn't know the capability of this monster and if it was able to take him by surprise, Nanoha might get hurt or worse… Deciding that he was going to deal with the thing after he got Nanoha away from the monster, he began to put distance between them and the monster.

"W-Wha!" Nanoha let out a sound of surprise as she was being carried away from the vet. She always knew that Ko-Gil was one of the most athletic among her peers. However, she didn't think that someone was able to run as fast as the blonde boy was running now and definitely not while carrying her and a ferret in his arms.

"I'll get you away from here Nanoha!" He told her while looking back from time to time to see how far he has gotten away from the black creature.

As they got away from the monster, the ferret turned towards Nanoha. "Please lend me your strength!" the ferret asked while staring at her with its small green eyes.

At this point, Ko-Gil was wondering whether or not he should just grab the ferret and throw it at the monster. He was pretty certain that he could hit the monster with the little animal from this distance.

Unaware of the thoughts going inside the boy's head, the ferret continued on. "Use my power… my magical power!"

"Magic…?" Nanoha asked the ferret in her arms.

Considering the fact that the whole point of Ko-Gil running away with Nanoha in his arms was to keep her from getting involved with the world of magic, he was getting very VERY angry with the ferret. So angry that he didn't notice the monster coming down from the sky until it was right on top of them. "Woah!" He quickly jumped to the side in time to see the monster create a crater where they were at just moments ago.

"W-What do you want me to do?" Nanoha asked the ferret while staring at the crater made by the monster.

"Take this." The ferret replied while holding the red jewel to her.

"It's warm…" Nanoha stared intently at the shining red jewel.

"Nanoha-san… I don't think that's a good idea-"

"Hold that in your hand, close your eyes, and focus your mind." The ferret interrupted Ko-Gil's attempt to stop the girl and instructed Nanoha on what to do. "And then repeat what I say."


"I, who has accepted this mission…" The ferret chanted.

"I, who has accepted this mission…" The girl repeated.

"… upon the ancient contract, command you to release your power!"

"umm… upon the ancient contract, command you to release your power!"

"Wind in the sky… Stars in the heavens…"

"Wind in the sky… Stars in the heavens…"

"And a resolute heart…"

"And a resolute heart…"

'I got a bad feeling about this…' Ko-Gil thought to himself as he jumped backwards to avoid the monster again.

""…beats within my chest!"" The ferret and the girl started chanting in unision as the jewel started to glow much brighter than before.

""This magic in my hand…""

""Raising Heart, Set Up!""

"Stand by, Ready, Set up." A mechanical voice came from the jewel… and Ko-Gil suddenly found himself blinded by pink light coming off of the jewel.

"What in the world!" Ko-Gil exclaimed out loud. After all, there was no way that he would not be surprised when such a large amount of magical energy started pouring out from the jewel.

"Such great magical prowess…" even the ferret seemed to be impressed. "Now focus, and begin to picture things in your mind! That which allows you to use magic, the form of your magical staff. And that which will protect your body, a strong armor!"

"Umm… uh…" The girl concentrated for a moment. "I-I'll go with that for now!"

"Woah!" Ko-Gil shouted yet again when he found that not only did a staff appear in the girl's hands but her outfit changed as well into white clothes that resembled the school uniform while he was carrying her.

For the first time in his life, a girl transformed into a magical girl in his arms.

"It's a success…" the ferret muttered.

Meanwhile, Ko-Gil came back to his senses and looked down at the girl in his arms. 'I can understand the staff part but what part of her outfit is an armor?' he wondered to himself without saying it out loud.

Well at this point, there was no need to hide his abilities from the girl any longer.

"Wait here!" Ko-Gil told her as he put the girl down and ran towards the black monster.


"That's reckless!"

Both the girl and the ferret yelled after him. After all, how could they have known who he really was?

As the blonde boy ran towards the beast, space seemed to warp around the boy and a moment later, a large axe was in his hand.

As Nanoha and ferret watched with wide eyes, Ko-Gil threw the axe at the monster. As the axe spun in the air, it cut through the monster and cut it in half.

However, the monster began to reassemble each other and then jumped at Ko-Gil.

Ko-Gil jumped to avoid the creature and realized his mistake. It seemed like the black monster was going after Nanoha instead of him.

He immediately put a shield in the path between the monster and Nanoha. However, it seemed to be useless as the monster's body made contact with the shield, it continued on forward by moved around it. "Nanoha!" Ko-Gil screamed as it seemed like the girl's death was only a moment away.

"Protection." A mechanical voice came from Nanoha's staff and created a barrier around her.

As the monster crashed into the barrier, itwas sent flying and scattered into many pieces… only to move back together and become one again.

"This isn't too good…." Ko-Gil commented as he gazed at the creature almost returning to its original form.

"W-What should we do?" Nanoha asked the ferret while looking at the monster reassembling itself. To the girl, it must have been a gruesome sight.

"We need to seal it." The ferret told the two of them. "and Nanoha should be able to do it if you buy her some time."

"… Alright, I'll buy some time for her." Ko-Gil replied before raising his hand, summoning several swords and spears this time. As he brought his hand down, the weapons shot out to skewer the monster and turn it into pieces again.

While, Ko-Gil was keeping the monster from regenerating, the ferret was telling Nanoha how to seal.

"If you attack and seal it, it will return back into a jewel seed." Ferret explained.

After nodding that she understood, Nanoha turned to face her staff. "Jewel Seed, Seal!" Nanoha yelled with confidence in her eyes.

"Sealing Mode, Set Up." The staff responded before wings of light sprouted out from it.

Seeing that Nanoha was ready, Ko-Gil stopped shooting at the monster and watched to see what Nanoha was going to do.

As the monster tried to reattach itself again, some lights shot out from Nanoha's staff and wrapped around the monster like ribbons. As the monster was being restricted by the pink light, the Roman numeral XXI appeared on its forehead.

"Stand by, Ready." The staff seemed to be telling Nanoha now was the time to seal the monster.

"Lyrical Magical, Jewel Seed Serial XXI! Seal!" The magical girl shouted out as she lifted her staff.


Lights began to shoot out from the staff towards the monster, piercing through the immobile creature. The creature began to disappear and in its place, a blue jewel remained.

"That's a Jewel Seed." The ferret explained to them. "Touch it with Raising Heart."

The Jewel Seed floated towards the staff and once it made contact with the red jewel part of the staff, it got sucked in as if it was absorbed by the larger red jewel.

"Receipt Number XXI." The staff said in a mechanical voice and with that, marked the end of this battle.

Nanoha returned to her casual clothes and the staff became a small red jewel again.

"Huh? It's over?" Nanoha asked while looking around as if she still expected the monster to appear again.

"Yes, all thanks to you." The ferret told Nanoha. "Thank you." It thanked her once again before collapsing onto the ground.

Ko-Gil picked up the ferret in his left hand before looking off into the distance. "Hey Nanoha…"

"Y-Yeah?" Nanoha answered nervously while looking at all the damage done to the surroundings.

"We are getting out of here!" He told her before wrapping his arm around her waist and running off.

"Oh, okay!" Nanoha agreed as well as they fled from the scene of wreckage and craters.

Ko-Gil ran until they reached the park and he gently put Nanoha down on a bench.

"Are you alright Nanoha?" Ko-Gil asked her as he looked at her with concern in his eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine. How about you Gil-kun? I mean you were running the whole time…" Nanoha asked with equal concern in her eyes.

"I'm fine." He told her. When it seemed like the girl wasn't suffering from some sort of side effect from changing into a magical girl, he gave a sigh of relief and then looked down at the ferret in his hand.

"I'm sorry both of you…" The ferret seemed to have woken up and apologized to the two of them.

"Are you alright?" Nanoha asked while looking down at the tiny animal.

"Yes. Thanks to you, I was able to use my remaining magical power to heal myself." The ferret told them as he took off the bandages to reveal that his body has mostly recovered.

"That's great!" the girl smiled happily after noticing that the animal was no longer as wounded as it was earlier today. "Now can we introduce ourselves?"

As if embarrassed from forgetting to do even such a simple thing, the ferret quickly answered her "Ah, yes."

"I'm Takamachi Nanoha. A third-grade elementary school student. My friends and family call me Nanoha."

"I'm Yuuno Scrya."

"My name is Gilgamesh but my friends call me Gil. Nice to meet you." Ko-Gil told the ferret. "Alright now that we know each other…" He turned to Nanoha. "Nanoha, I know that it can't be helped since you got involved in this but don't tell anyone else about magic. Not even to your family or your friends."

"Um, ok… but is there a reason why I can't tell other people?"

"Well… it would be bad if other people got involved in this after all." Ko-Gil told her. '…and if the Church found out about this incident and got involved… I don't know what they might do to Nanoha.' He thought to himself as he decided to keep the Church from finding out what happened tonight.

"Oh alright." It seemed like the girl agreed that it was a bad idea to involve other people as well.

"I'm sorry both of you for getting you involved in this." Yuuno apologized once again while bowing down his head.

"I'm ok with this Yuuno-kun." Nanoha reassured Yuuno before turning to Ko-Gil. "By the way Gil-kun, can you tell me what did you do earlier? All kinds of weapons were appearing out of thin air!"

"That's right. I didn't know that this planet had magic users. Could you explain how you made all those swords appear as well?" Yuuno asked as well.

After sighing, Ko-Gil decided that there was no point in hiding anymore. "It's true that there are those who practice magecraft called magus in this planet. However, I'm not one of them and what I did wasn't magecraft by any means… though I can't say that I'm unrelated to magic." He paused for a bit before continuing. "…and from what you said just now… you are not from this planet?"

"Yes I'm a mage from Mid-Childa and I'm truly sorry for involving you guys in this… please don't worry because I'll take care of it from now on." The ferret told them however, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I want to help!" Nanoha told Yuuno.

"… and it would be bad if I left this alone." Ko-Gil told them. Indeed, if the incident became big enough, the Holy Church and the Magus Association would probably get involved and that could put Nanoha in danger. Not to mention he can't ignore this incident as an agent of the Holy Church. "Well we should get going and get some rest."

"Right. Let's talk about this later." Nanoha agreed as well.

"By the way, Nanoha, your family is probably worried about you if you are going around at this time of the night." Ko-Gil told the girl, whose eyes widened in realization.

"Ah! Do you think they found out that I snuck out?" Nanoha asked him while starting to panic a little.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure they did, but I'll go with you and tell them that you were with me. At least they will be less worried that way." He reassured her while starting to walk in the direction of her house. While it was going to be a detour, he wanted to make sure that she did get to her house safely.

"Wait for me!" Nanoha cried out before going after him and the two of them walked towards her house together.

-Chapter 1 End-

Tiger Dojo 1

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner…

You have been warned.

Taiga: "Hello! Is everyone doing fine?

For all of you who just finished reading the chapter 1 of this story, this is the assistance corner that solves all your problems in a flash, the Tiger Dojo!

So, first of all, I would like to ask what the meaning of this corner is! It totally destroys the mood of the actual story!

Answer, senior student!"

Ilya: "Osu! This dojo is the backstage that will give commentary and explain hard to understand things in the main story to fans of both "Fate" and "Nanoha". It can be said that this is the central foundation that supports the story itself.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to call this the main storyline of this story!"

Taiga: "Yes, well done. I think everyone's starting to realize now, but the dojo is an important part of this story.

Everyone, please don't be tricked by those fake heroines like Nanoha-chan that have large parts in the story, and make sure to read the Tiger Dojos that will appear in the future.

Now as for today's Dojo, we'll be discussing about the main character of this story, Ko-Gil. I'm pretty sure many fans of both "Nanoha" and "Fate" have no clue about who he is. Can you explain about him student?"

Ilya: "Leave it to me! Ko-Gil is a character that first appears in the sequel to Fate/Stay Night called Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. He is apparently Gilgamesh who drank the elixir of youth inside his treasury and became a kid.

While Gilgamesh was a jerk and considered to be one of the final bosses of Fate/Stay Night, as a kid, Ko-Gil is sweet, adorable, humble, smart, rich, perfect and he is very ashamed of how his older self was."

Taiga: "That's right! He is certainly a bit weaker than his older self but he doesn't seem to share the big ego that Gilgamesh has. Since he no longer has Gilgamesh's biggest weakness, even Shirou believes that Ko-Gil is more dangerous than Gilgamesh was."

Ilya: "That's about all that the readers need to know about him for the moment, right?"

Taiga: "True, more about him will be revealed as the story progresses and the story is just starting.

So, that's it for this time! I shall wait for you at the next practice!"

Ilya: "See you!"

Tiger Dojo 1 End

-Tiger Stamp 1 obtained-

Author's notes: Well that's the first chapter. Considering that this is my first fic, I probably never wrote this much before in my life! Special thanks to Shikyoseinen and lhklan for reading the draft and for giving me comments.

Anyways, the hunt for Jewel Seeds has started and Nanoha starts out the story with one of the most reliable person in nasuverse as her ally.

Also, some of you may notice that one of the girls who appeared will play an important role in the story later on. She seems to be introduced later in the story usually in other fics but it seems weird to just pop in a character all of a sudden (since she was supposed to be there from the start) so she's made an appearance this early in the story!

Another thing, the main character is called Ko-Gil to differentiate him apart from the adult Gilgamesh. While the characters in the story will call him Gil (to refer to kid Gilgamesh) I shall be using the name "Ko-Gil" to refer to him since that's how he is called by everyone else.

Hope the Tiger Dojo was more useful to you guys than the original one was in the VN. I mean I did make Shirou make choices that resulted in Bad/DEAD ENDs which were required to see them and I liked them but they weren't really helpful plot wise. In this story, Tiger Dojo will appear at the end of the story to explain and comment on what's happened in the chapter so that everyone can understand what's going on (and hopefully enjoy it as well). By the way, there will be special "guests" whose faces you will recognize appearing every once in a while and please note that apart from the important information that comes up in the Tiger Dojos, you shouldn't take what they say seriously.

That's about all I can think up at the moment so I'll end it with this…

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