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-Chapter 3: Wasn't I supposed to be lucky?-

'Gil, you have to wake up!'

'Wake up Gil-kun!'

'It's past midnight you guys...' Ko-Gil mumbled back in his futile attempt to go back to sleep. 'If you want to talk to me then we can do it in the morning…'

However, Yuuno didn't give up as he continued to urgently speak into the boy's mind. 'You have to wake up! A Jewel Seed activated just now!'

'…Jewel Seed…?' The boy inquired as his drowsiness began to fade away.

'Umm… if you are tired then you can rest Gil-kun. I'll try to take care of it myself-'

'Nanoha!?' Ko-Gil instantly slapped his cheeks in order to drive away his drowsiness. 'I'm wide awake now!'

'But you must be tired from going around the town looking for Jewel Seeds the whole day…'

Hearing the girl's concerned voice, the boy sighed to himself. 'I will be fine even if I don't sleep for a couple of days. Besides, you were with me too Nanoha, if I get to rest then you should be able to rest as well.'

'But if we do that, the Jewel Seed will-'

'So we just have to take care of it together.' Ko-Gil told her as he got off of his bed. 'Where did the Jewel Seed get activated?'

'At our school. Yuuno-kun and I are going there right now.'

'Hurry Gil!'

'See you guys there then.' Ko-Gil replied before using the Gate of Babylon to quickly change into his casual clothes and then jumped out the window of his apartment... which happened to be on the 15th floor.

However, despite the height that he jumped off from, the blonde boy was able to land on the ground with ease.

"But man... why do I have to get up at this time of the night..." Ko-Gil grumbled as he checked the time on his cell phone to see that it was 2:30 AM, a time when all the good children should be sleeping. However, there wasn't much he could do about it since he couldn't possibly leave a Jewel Seed alone either.

Thus, after letting out a big yawn, he started dashing towards the school.

"Haah… let's get this over with…" The boy told himself as he attempted to motivate himself... but failed to do so and simply sighed in irritation.

'Nanoha, I'm at the school.' Ko-Gil informed the girl as he ran past the entrance to Seishou Elementary.

'I'll be there soon, just hold on.'


After hearing the girl's reply Ko-Gil looked up at the building in front of him and froze. The blonde boy blinked as he recognized the monster on top of the school building. How could he not when the monster was exactly the same as the first Jewel Seed monster that he and Nanoha came across before, the one that wasn't very solid and was able to regenerate even when cut into pieces.

However at the moment, he didn't really care much about that and only had one thing in his mind.

"Don't you know that kids should be sleeping at this time of the night?" The boy asked in an irritated tone as he took out a giant hammer from the Gate of Babylon, one so big that he was barely able to carry it using both of his arms. "Surely, you can't expect me to forgive you for waking for waking me up right?"

As if in response to his voice, the black monster jumped high into the air and dove towards the boy… only to get smashed to the ground by the giant hammer, creating a giant crater on the school ground.

"I'm not done with you yet." Ko-Gil grinned as thunder clouds appeared in the sky and lightning began to gather into his hammer. "Take this!" He shouted as he unleashed thunder (and his anger) upon the monster… and all that remained of it were only a few small chunks of it.

"Hmm… was that a bit too much?" The boy wondered to himself as various swords, spears, axes, halberds, hammers, and arrows appeared around the boy before shooting toward the monster's remains, effectively keeping those pieces from returning to one piece.

To be honest, Ko-Gil knew that this was probably overdoing it. However, he didn't really feel like holding back all too much against the Jewel Seed monster this time. After all, before Yuuno woke him up to inform him of the Jewel Seed's activation, Ko-Gil was enjoying a dream where Hayate didn't need wheelchair anymore and he was playing with her at his theme park. And while the boy didn't blame the ferret for waking him up, he was still annoyed that the Jewel Seed had interrupted his pleasant dream.

As he was thinking that, a voice interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Gil-kun, I'm here!"

Ko-Gil turned to see the girl running towards him. "Nanoha, I'll leave the sealing to you!" He told her as he stopped the barrage of swords and allowed the black blobs on the ground to come together in one spot.

"Okay." Nanoha replied as she pointed her staff at the monster. "Lyrical Magical, Jewel Seed Serial XX! Seal!"


Just like many times before, the pink ribbons shot out from Raising Heart and wrapped around the monster, glowing for a bit before turning into a small Jewel Seed.

"Haah…" Ko-Gil yawned as he watched the familiar sight of Jewel Seed getting absorbed by Raising Heart. "Now that that's been taken care of. Let's go back home, Nanoha…" He told the girl as he turned away from the huge crater that was scorched black.

He wasn't going to bother fixing that up since people will believe that the damage was caused by a lightning and as for the various holes and marks on the ground caused by his projectiles, people will probably think that some kids dug up the ground as a prank… or at least that's what he hoped would happen.

"Okay…" Nanoha replied back weakly as she followed after the boy.

"Good job you guys." Yuuno congratulated the two kids as they walked past the school entrance. "You guys should take a rest when you get home."

""Okay…"" The two kids answered in unison as they stumbled away from their school.

"Hey Nanoha…"


"Shouldn't you return Raising Heart to its jewel form?" Ko-Gil asked as he pointed at the staff that the girl was dragging along.

"Oh… you're right…" Nanoha muttered as she noticed that she was indeed walking around with a staff in her hand.

"Are you okay Nanoha?" Yuuno asked the girl as he watched her struggle to keep her eyes open.

"I'm fine, but… I'm just a little tired…" Nanoha muttered before collapsing to the ground.

""Nanoha!"" Both Yuuno and Ko-Gil rushed over to the girl.

"Are you alright?" The blonde boy immediately checked her neck for pulse…


… only to hear her snoring lightly.

"… She fell asleep?" Ko-Gil muttered in disbelief before sighing. "You can't sleep here Nanoha…" He tried to wake her up by gently shaking her but she gave no sign of waking up.

"Nanoha has been looking for Jewel Seeds after school for a week without much rest so I guess it's only natural for her to be this tired..." Yuuno commented as he changed Raising Heart back to its Jewel Form.

Ko-Gil nodded in agreement. "That's true. Not to mention it must be exhausting for her to use magic since she isn't used to it yet."

Yuuno blinked in surprise after hearing the boy's answer. "So you have noticed as well?"

"Well, it's been only a week since she started using magic after all. No matter how talented she may be at magic, there's no way she could be used to it yet." The blonde boy answered back as he gave up trying to wake Nanoha up and picked her up in his arms gently in an attempt to not disturb her sleep. "By the way, can we take a break from Jewel Seed hunting tomorrow? Wait, I meant today since it is past midnight right now."

"Ah, you mean to hang out with your friends?" Yuuno asked as he recalled Nanoha talking about cheering for the soccer team that her father coaches with her friends last night.

"That too, but our sleeping beauty here needs all the rest she can get." Ko-Gil replied with a smile. "Besides, we already got 5 out of 21 Jewel Seeds so it would be fine to rest for a day right?"

After looking up at the boy for a moment, Yuuno nodded in agreement. "Yeah… Nanoha probably won't be able to go on if she doesn't take a rest soon."

"It's settled then. After a good night's rest, we are all going to relax today! But first things first, let's drop off Nanoha!" Ko-Gil exclaimed to himself as he ran to Nanoha's house with Nanoha in his arms. The sooner he dropped off Nanoha, the sooner he can go back to sleep after all… and perhaps Hayate might appear in his dream again.


"Five… more… minutes…" Ko-Gil quickly pressed the snooze button on his alarm clock after deciding that he deserved more time to sleep.

After all, it was past 3AM when he got back home after dropping off Nanoha.

Not to mention today was Sunday, so he wanted to sleep a little more.

However, as he tried to go back to sleep, he was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone. Lifting his phone up, he saw that it was a text message from Suzuka.

'I hope to see you at the soccer match today Gil-kun!'

A smile slowly formed on the boy's face as he read the message from his classmate.

'I'll see you there Suzuka-san!' Ko-Gil quickly sent back a reply as he jumped off his bed. After all how could he roll around on bed when his friends were expecting him? Ko-Gil thought to himself as he started changing his clothes… until his phone informed him of another text message.

'Gil! You better come to the soccer game today!'

"Huh, that was unexpected." The boy blinked his eyes in surprise as he read the new text. He knew that Suzuka was kind enough to tell him to come but he didn't expect Alisa to send him a text as well.

As he pondered on how to respond to this new text, a mischievous cat smile formed on his face.

'Of course Alisa-san! I want to see you there too.'

Within a few seconds, the girl sent back another text message in response.

'Don't get me wrong! It's not like I want to see you or anything. It's just that Nanoha's father asked us all to come and cheer for his team and it would be rude to not go.'

Ko-Gil chuckled as he read the girl's response. After all, he knew the girl didn't really mean it when she said she didn't want to see him and from the text, he could tell that he was able to embarrass her.

"Well, I should get going now." The boy had now finished changing his clothes and started to head towards the soccer field.

Today, he was going to watch a soccer match with his friends, eat good food at Midoriya, tease Alisa a bit more, and most importantly, he and Nanoha were going to be taking a break from Jewel Seed hunting. Ko-Gil smiled to himself as he thought about everything he was going to do.

It seemed like today was going to be a good day.

"He's just so cute!"

"I know, right?"

'Should we stop them?' Nanoha asked Ko-Gil telepathically as she watched Yuuno squirming uncomfortably while Alisa and Suzuka petted him.

'Well, I don't think they will hurt him so it should be fine.' The boy told her as he took another bite of the strawberry cake in front of him.

'If you say so…' Nanoha didn't seem convinced but continued to watch as her friends continued to play with the ferret.

"By the way… what did you think about the match today?" Suzuka asked as she let go of Yuuno and allowed Alisa to take the ferret for herself.

"Ah, they played really well. Even Shirou-san seemed surprised at how well his team played." Ko-Gil replied as he continued to enjoy his cake.

JFC Midoriya was the soccer team that Nanoha's dad coaches and in order to celebrate today's victory, Shirou Takamachi was treating everyone at his cafe.

"Really? I thought the other team didn't play well at all." Alisa commented as she continued to stroke Yuuno. "I mean they lost by 8 points without scoring even once. They are probably one of the worst teams I've ever seen!"

"Hmm… if that's the case then you must be really horrible at soccer games Alisa-san." Ko-Gil replied to her as a mischievous cat smile appeared on his face. "After all, I'm pretty sure that I scored more than 8 times against you when we played last week."

"W-wait, I told you to forget about that! I only had that game for two days that time and-"

"And it was my first time playing that game as well." The blonde boy's smile grew wider as he recalled the event. "I believe that I beat you by twenty seven to zero-"

"That was a fluke!" Alisa shouted at him as she pointed the ferret she was holding at the boy. "There's no way I could have lost that badly! If we played again, I wouldn't lose against you!"

"Are you saying that you wish to have a rematch with me, Alisa-san?"

"Of course!"

"Be careful Alisa-chan…" Suzuka tried to calm down Alisa as she watched Yuuno being swung around by Alisa. However, the blonde girl seemed to have forgotten about the ferret completely and continued to glare at her opponent.

"Then I shall gladly accept your challenge… is what I want to say but weren't you going to go shopping with your dad today Alisa-san?" Ko-Gil asked, causing Alisa to blink in surprise.

"Oh yeah… but I can go shopping with him some other time…"

"That's not good Alisa-san…" Ko-Gil sighed as he shook his head. "I'm pretty sure that your father was looking forward to spending time with you."

"I think you should go with your dad as well." Suzuka nodded her head in agreement.

"Uuu, I wanted to play though…"

"I want to play with you too Alisa-san, but it seems like all of us already have plans for today. I mean you are going to go shopping with your father, Suzuka-san is going out with her older sister, Nanoha is going to relax at her house and there's something that I wanted to do today. Therefore we should separate for today after finishing our snacks and play some other time."


"Then how about this?" Suzuka asked as she turned to her three friends. "You guys can come over to my place tomorrow and we can play together while eating snacks!"

"There's no way that I'm going to refuse that offer Suzuka-san!"

"Yeah, sounds good to me."


Suzuka smiled as all three of her friends agreed to her suggestion immediately. "It's decided then."

"Oh, looks like they are done celebrating over there as well." Alisa pointed at the members of JFC Midoriya as they started leaving the café. "Now if only Gil would hurry up and finish his cake, we would be able to go do our things…"

Ko-Gil frowned for a bit before putting another piece of cake into his mouth. "There's nothing wrong with trying to enjoy a cake, Alisa-san."

"But aren't you taking way too long to finish a slice of cake?"

"Isn't it fine? Besides, there's still some time before Suzuka-san and your drivers come to pick you guys up." The boy argued back before resuming his task of finishing the cake.

"Yeah but…" Alisa paused for a moment as she tried to come up with a response before a smirk appeared on her face. "… if you keep this up, Nanoha's mom is going to notice you."

Ko-Gil flinched before picking up his fork again. "Ah, but she should be busy serving the customers right now…"

"And all those guys that were keeping her busy are leaving you know." Alisa's smile grew wider as she pointed at the now nearly empty Midoriya café.

"Don't scare me like that Alisa-san…"

"Oh, look! She's waving at us!" Alisa shouted, causing everyone at the table to turn to see that Momoko Takamachi was indeed waving at them from inside Midoriya.

"Ahahaha... Sorry but I just remembered something." Ko-Gil declared as he got off his seat and started running as fast as he could away from Midoriya. "I'll see you guys tomorrow then!"

"Ah, wait!"

"Where are you going?"

Alisa and Suzuka tried to call him back but the boy simply waved at them before disappearing from their sight. "Ahahaha… I didn't think he would run away like that." Alisa laughed nervously as she turned to see Suzuka frowning at her.

"You shouldn't have done that Alisa-chan..." Suzuka scolded the blonde girl as she pointed at the half eaten cake that the boy left behind. "We still had time until our ride came so there was no need to rush him you know?"

"W-Wait! I didn't think he was that scared of Nanoha's mom." Alisa tried to come up with an excuse as she looked towards Nanoha for help. "Did you know that Gil was scared of your mom Nanoha?"

"Eh?" Nanoha, who was looking elsewhere at the time, turned back to her friends when her name was mentioned. "Ah, yeah…" Nanoha responded to Alisa's question before looking back at a pair of boy and girl walking away.

"I guess this should be far enough…" Ko-Gil muttered to himself as he looked back the way he came from. "I was originally going to leave before I got noticed by Momoko-san but I guess this is fine too." After all, even if he did get noticed by Nanoha's mom, he was still able to avoid getting hugged by her.

Though to be honest, it's not that he disliked hugging itself. In fact, if someone like Hayate told him that she wanted to hug him, he would be delighted… but being hugged by someone who squeals 'He's so cute! He's so cute!' for several minutes was far from a pleasant experience.

"Speaking of Hayate…" The blonde boy pulled out his cell phone and then dialed a number.


"Good afternoon Hayate-san!" Ko-Gil cheerfully greeted the girl over the phone.

"Ah, Gil-kun!" recognizing his voice, Hayate responded back cheerfully. "It's been a while. How have you been?"

"Hmm, I guess I had been a little busy recently…" Ko-Gil admitted as he recalled the times he went around the town looking for Jewel Seeds. Due to helping out Yuuno with Nanoha, the boy hadn't been able to spend any time with Hayate for the past week. "How about you Hayate-san? Do you have something planned for today?"

"Ah, I'm at the hospitial right now."

"You are at the hospital!? Are you alright? Is there something wrong?"

"It's just for a medical checkup so you don't need to be worried Gil-kun." Hayate explained as she tried to reassure her friend.

"Ah, is that so?" Ko-Gil breathed a sigh of relief after listening to her explanations. "Then would you like to have dinner with me after your examination ends?"

"Umm I don't think that's a good idea…" Hayate tried to refuse politely. "I mean the examination will end at around 8 pm so..."

"Hmm... I suppose you would be pretty tired after the examination." Ko-Gil nodded his head in approval. "In that case then I guess we can't-"

"W-Wait, that's not it." Hayate interrupted her friend as she tried to explain what she meant. "It's just that I would feel bad if I made you wait that long for me…"

"You don't wish to make me wait?" The blonde boy repeated the girl's words before letting out a laugh. "You don't need to worry about that Hayate-san. Besides, it's the privilege of the ladies to make the guys wait."

"I still don't want you to wait for me that long…"

"But it's been a while since I last saw you so I really want to hang out with you today."

"Then how about this?" Understanding that her friend wasn't willing to change his mind, Hayate tried to come up with a compromise. "Since my examination is going to take a while, you can eat dinner first and when the examination ends, we can hang out afterwards."

"But you are not going to be able to eat anything during the examination right?"

"I guess not… but-"

"If that's the case then I'm fine with waiting for your examination to end before going to eat together."


"You really don't have to worry about me Hayate-san. Besides, I really want to eat together with you!"

"… It seems like I just can't say no to you." Hayate sighed as she gave in to the boy's insistence. "Let's eat dinner together then Gil-kun."

"Alright!" The boy shouted in joy, causing the girl to pull the phone away from her ear. "It seems like today's my lucky day!"

"There's no need to exaggerate you know?" Hayate told him shyly.

"I'm not exaggerating at all Hayate-san." Ko-Gil told her in a serious tone. "Any guy would be happy if they can eat together with the girl they li-"

But before he could finish his sentence, a sudden surge of magic made him freeze on the spot.

'What the heck was that!?' The boy wondered to himself as he looked around to see where the source of magic was coming from however he froze when a voice suddenly interrupted him.

'Gil-kun, there's a Jewel Seed!' Nanoha's urgently informed him as she spoke to him telepathically.

'A Jewel Seed?' Ko-Gil asked while still looking around for the source of magic.

'Yes, a Jewel Seed activated just now.' Yuuno answered back, making the boy realize something.

'Let me confirm something…' The blonde boy asked while looking in the direction of where the magic was being released from. '…did the Jewel Seed activate in the middle of the town?'

'Yeah.' Nanoha answered him, confirming the huge amount of magic that the boy was sensing right now was coming from a Jewel Seed. 'Are you there already? I'll get there as soon as possible-'

'No, I am not there yet… but are you sure that that's a Jewel See-' Ko-Gil tried to ask but was interrupted once again before he could finish asking his question.

"… Gil-kun?" Hayate asked with a hint of concern when the boy remained quiet for several seconds. "Are you there?"

Hearing the girl's voice, Ko-Gil remembered that he was still talking to someone on the phone. "… Ah, yes I am here." The boy replied back while feeling embarrassed for having forgotten about Hayate. "Well, looks like I have to go now and you probably have examination soon so I'm going to hang up now. Call me when it's over so I can go pick you up. Okay?"

"Okay. Then I'll call you later." Hayate replied back cheerfully as she hung up the phone.

"Now then… I guess I should go check out what that was." Ko-Gil muttered to himself as he returned his phone into his pocket.

'Gil-kun, are you still there?' Nanoha asked when the boy hasn't said anything for a while.

'Yeah, I'm here.' Ko-Gil replied as he scolded himself for having forgotten about Nanoha this time.

'Oh okay, but what were you going to ask?'

'Right, I was going to ask you if that was really a Jewel Seed.'

'Yeah it is.' Yuuno answered this time. 'Is there something wrong?'

'I'm not really sure but… doesn't it feel different from the previous ones?' Ko-Gil asked as he started running in the direction of where the magic was being released.

'Now that you mention it…' Yuuno paused for a moment as he tried to see if what the boy said was true. '…the amount of magic being released by this one feels a lot stronger than the others… Perhaps the Jewel Seed has bonded to a person this time.'

'A person?' Nanoha asked this time.

'Yes, if someone puts their strongest feelings and wishes into a Jewel Seed, it releases its maximum power.' The ferret explained, causing the boy to shake his head in annoyance as he understood what Yuuno said.

'Right… Jewel Seed can grant wishes…' Ko-Gil commented as he decided once and for all that every artifact that are said to grant wishes seem to be flawed. 'Well, where are you right now?'

'We are leaving my house right now.' Nanoha answered him

'Then I can probably get to the Jewel Seed before you guys. I'll try to do something about it until you get there.' The boy told them as he began to run faster while hoping that this incident will not ruin the day.

Unfortunately for him, Ko-Gil didn't realize how wrong he was when he thought that the Jewel Seed might ruin his day.

After all, there was no way that it was going to ruin his day...

…since it already did.

After a minute of running, Ko-Gil frowned as the ground beneath him began to tremble.

"This doesn't look too good…" Ko-Gil muttered to himself as he took a glance at the people who were running past him while screaming. After all, people running away while screaming were never a good thing.

The sight of all these people only made him hurry on towards the Jewel Seeds in order to minimize the number of people getting involved with the incident.

"Well, at least I seem to be going in the right direction-" He told himself as he continued to rush past all the people running away in fear.

The ground shook more and more as he got closer to where the Jewel Seed was before he was finally able to see what was causing everyone to run away.


Of course, people wouldn't normally run away from a bunch of trees. However, anyone with common sense will realize that something was wrong when trees were sprouting from the ground in mere seconds.

Trees tore through asphalt and concrete as they grew as tall as office buildings and spread without limit, already having consumed 5 blocks in the town in deep foliage.

As he watched the plants getting closer to him, Ko-Gil tried to answer some of the questions that popped up in his mind.

How was he going to take care of this, how could he minimize the amount of innocent people getting involved and lastly… how unfortunate could he be?

"A Jewel Seed of this scale had to activate in the middle of the city, on the day that I decided to take a rest from Jewel Seed hunting…" Ko-Gil grumbled as he tried to remember if there's anything he has that can help him out in this situation. "Wasn't I supposed to be lucky?" The boy complained one last time before deciding on a course of action.


"This is horrible…" Nanoha muttered as she looked down at her town from the top of a sky scraper. It had taken her and Yuuno some time to get on top of the building and by the time they got there, the trees have spread around half the town.

"This is certainly worse than I had imagined." Yuuno nodded in agreement as he peered down at the still expanding trees. "I guess the Jewel Seed really did react with a human."

Nanoha gazed down at all the destruction caused by the ensuing plants before turning towards the ferret. "Do you think Gil-kun is alright?"

"I'm pretty sure that he's okay. He's strong enough to take care of himself after all." Yuuno tried to reassure her while hoping that he was right.

To be honest, Yuuno didn't have much clue as to how strong Gil was or what his abilities were exactly. Yuuno knew that Gil was strong after watching how well the boy was able to handle all the previous Jewel Seeds. However, he always had this feeling that the blonde boy was holding back during those times since Gil never seemed tired or fatigued while Nanoha always seemed to be exhausted after sealing a Jewel Seed.

Of course, it's understandable for Nanoha to be tired since she is still getting used to using magic, which is the reason why Gil agreed to restrain the Jewel Seeds and give chances for Nanoha to seal them in order to reduce the amount of strain on Nanoha.

'If only I was fully recovered, then these two wouldn't need to deal with Jewel Seeds …' Yuuno thought bitterly to himself before Nanoha interrupted his thoughts.

"I guess you are right." Nanoha nodded her head in agreement. "Then what should we do now?"

"Ah… To seal it, we need to get close to it. So we have to find the place where it sprouted from. But it's going to be difficult trying to find it when it has grown this much..." Yuuno told her as he gazed at the ever growing trees around them.

However, Nanoha paid no attention to what the ferret said as she gripped her staff tighter and Raising Heart responded to her as if it was able to understand what the girl had in mind.

"Area Search"

Raising Heart glowed as a magical circle appeared below Nanoha, before hundreds of beams began to shot out.


"This is harder than I thought." Ko-Gil let out a breath of sigh as he looked around to see that the trees have spread out even further.

At the moment, he was having trouble trying to determine where the Jewel Seed was and the fact that he was bad at sensing magic didn't help much either.

Perhaps if he was summoned as Caster, he might have found the Jewel Seed by now since Casters are known to have no equal when it came to detecting magical energy. However, since he was summoned as an Archer, a class which is known for being the worst at detecting magic along with Saber and Lancer, it was no wonder that he was still having trouble locating the Jewel Seed.

Of course, it wasn't that he couldn't detect magic at all but he probably couldn't tell if a Jewel Seed activated or not unless it was within 100 meters from him, which was the reason why he had to rely on Nanoha and Yuuno in order to find out if a Jewel Seed activated or not in the past…

Still, the fact that he was able to detect this Jewel Seed from far away showed that this Jewel Seed was releasing much more magical energy than any of the previous Jewel Seeds that he came across before.

"At least I seem to be going in the right direction…" Ko-Gil concluded as the amount of magic he felt increased, probably due to him getting closer to the Jewel Seed.

However, as he tried to continue searching for the Jewel Seed, he paused as he saw a flash of light pass by him. "Hmm?" Wondering what that flash of light was, he turned around to see Nanoha releasing hundreds of pink lights all over the town.

"Wha…?" The boy couldn't hide his surprise at what he saw the beams being spread all across the city. "… Judging by the way those beams aren't damaging the surroundings, perhaps she is trying the survey the area?" He tried to figure out what his friend was doing before a thought struck him.

"At this rate she might start flying in the sky and shoot laser beams like Caster-san." Ko-Gil laughed to himself before stopping as he imagined Nanoha raining down laser beams from the sky. "… actually that's a scary thought." The boy shuddered at the image in his head before shaking his head to clear the thought from his mind. After all, there were more important things to do.

"Well, I guess I should meet up with her." The boy decided as he came to the conclusion that it was probably going to be easier to find the Jewel Seed with Nanoha and Yuuno's help since he knew that they were better than him at detecting magic.

However, as soon as he tried to go to her, he saw it from the corner of his eyes.

A boy and a girl were enclosed inside a barrier on one of the trees.

Upon closer inspection, Ko-Gil realized that the boy was holding on to the Jewel Seed in his hand.

"…." The blonde boy was speechless as he stared at the Jewel Seed that was in plain sight before frowning in irritation. "If it was so easy to find, then I didn't need to go around trying to detect it…" He complained one last time before heading towards where the Jewel Seed was.

However, despite what he said, his frown was quickly replaced with a smile. "… Still, I guess it's good that I found it now instead of later on." After muttering to himself, Ko-Gil quickly jumped across the roofs towards the source of all the trees.


"I found it!" Nanoha exclaimed out loud as she opened her eyes.

"Really?" Yuuno could not hide his surprise as he as he stared at the girl with a look of astonishment. After all, for someone like Nanoha who only found out about magic a week ago to perform magic that even he could not do was incredible. 'As I thought, Nanoha really is talented isn't she?' Yuuno wondered to himself as he began to think that he no longer had anything left to teach the girl.

However, as Yuuno was thinking that, his thoughts were interrupted by what the girl said next.

"… and Gil-kun is heading straight towards it!" Nanoha told the ferret as she nervously bit her lips.

"That's reckless!" Yuuno shouted as he wondered just what the blonde boy was planning to do. After all, Gil told them that he was not a mage and could not use magic like they could, so Yuuno was pretty certain that Gil didn't have any way of sealing the Jewel Seed without his or Nanoha's help.

"Could it be that he doesn't know that the Jewel Seed is over there?" Nanoha asked Yuuno as she tried to recall something that the boy told her before. "I'm pretty sure he told us that he couldn't detect the Jewel Seeds like we could."

"Maybe." Yuuno replied to her before calling out to the boy who was recklessly approaching the Jewel Seed. 'Gil, you have to stop! You are heading towards the Jewel Seed right now!'

'Yeah, I know.'

Gil's immediate reply surprised Yuuno. 'If you know then what are you trying to do right now?'

'I'm going to take care of all the trees right now, so can you guys get over here in order to seal the Jewel Seed?'

'Just wait for us to get there-' Yuuno tried to stop the boy but was interrupted by Nanoha.

"All we have to do is seal it right?" The girl asked as she stared off into the direction where the Jewel Seed was.

"We have to get closer in order to seal it." Yuuno tried to tell her but Nanoha shook her head in disagreement.

"We can do it!" Nanoha declared loudly before looking down at the staff in her hands. "Right Raising Heart?"

"Shooting Mode, Set Up." As if in response to the girl's words, Raising Heart changed shape and wings of light sprouted from it.


'Hmm… this is getting annoying…' Ko-Gil thought to himself as he sliced through yet another wave of branches. However, even as he was cutting through the thick foliage, there seemed to be no end to new branches taking over the place of the ones that were cut down.

The boy found out the hard way that the closer he got to the Jewel Seed, the trees seemed to grow more rapidly… to the extent that he couldn't advance anymore without cleaving through dozens of branches, only to have them grow back again and obstruct his path once again.

If the Jewel Seed had activated somewhere else other than the middle of the city, he would have been able to just destroy it completely without many problems. However, that was not the case and the boy sighed once again as he looked around at all the trees covering him.

"This wouldn't have been a problem if I could dematerialize like other Servants…" The boy complained as he thought about how convenient it would have been for him in this situation if he didn't incarnate. After all, if he could enter spirit form, then all these trees wouldn't be all that much trouble for him. However, when he attained flash and blood, he had also lost the ability to dematerialize.

Of course, there were benefits to being incarnated such as being able to use prana more efficiently as well as be able to act and fight without a Master (though he can't disobey his Master due to Caren's command seals).

"Still… if the trees are this thick, then perhaps…" Ko-Gil mumbled to himself before realizing something. "…other people won't be able to see me from below..."

As he came to that conclusion, his shoes were replaced by a pair of golden sandals with wings. "I really should have done this from the start." The boy told himself as he soared up above the trees surrounding him. "Now all I've gotta do is-"

'Gil, you have to stop! You are heading towards the Jewel Seed right now!'

'Yeah, I know.' Ko-Gil stopped in midair as he replied back to Yuuno.

'If you know then what are you trying to do right now?' Yuuno asked him, confusion evident in his voice.

'I'm going to take care of all the trees right now, so can you guys get over here in order to seal the Jewel Seed?'

'Just wait for us to get there-'

Yuuno tried to stop him but the boy paid no heed to what his friend said as he resumed his flight towards the Jewel Seed. "Sorry Yuuno but I really need to get rid of all these trees now." Ko-Gil muttered an apology while pulling out a jagged dagger out of thin air. "Just get over here as soon as you can."

With that, he shot several Noble Phantasms down towards the branches that were in the way before diving down towards the Jewel Seed. "This is the end!" Ko-Gil shouted out as he brought down the strangely shaped dagger towards the Jewel Seed.

The dagger easily pierced through the barrier surrounding the Jewel Seed's hosts and the moment it came into contact with the Jewel Seed, there was a bright flash of red light followed by a great rush of magical energy flowing out from the point of contact.

And all the trees disappeared as if they were never there before.

"Guess that took care of the trees." Ko-Gil gave a sigh of relief as he grabbed the pair of boy and girl before they fell down. "As expected of Rule Breaker I suppose."

After all, Rule Breaker is a sword of betrayal and negation that nullifies any magic in the world. Just as the boy intended, all the trees that have been created by the Jewel Seeds have been negated by the dagger.

"So all that's left is the Jewel Seed…" Ko-Gil frowned as he stared at the Jewel Seed that was floating in the air, still glowing slightly. While Rule Breaker may have managed to stop the trees, it didn't seal the Jewel Seed.

Certainly, the Jewel Seed wasn't releasing as much magical energy as before but if it was left alone, it was sure to cause problems again… which was the reason why the boy was waiting for his friends to come and seal it now.

"Get over here soon Nanoha…" Ko-Gil muttered as he turned towards where he last saw his friend… and was engulfed in pink.

And just as suddenly as it occurred, everything went back to normal.

"Wha!?" The boy blinked in surprise as he saw a familiar scene far away from him.

The Jewel Seed that was in front of him had flown to where Nanoha was and was absorbed by Raising Heart, which told him that the magical artifact had been successfully sealed… from several miles away.

"… Are you kidding me?" The blonde boy wondered to himself as he saw his friend change back into her normal clothes. "She was able to seal it from all the way over there? Then doesn't that mean that there really was no point in me doing all that…" He let out a sigh before a bitter smile formed on his face. After all, that meant that everything was over now.

"… Well at least it would have been nice if that was the case." Ko-Gil complained to himself as he gazed down at the destruction caused by the Jewel Seed.

The trees may be gone now but the ground below had been torn apart and majority of the buildings in the area had cracks and holes in them. Not to mention with an incident of this scale, there were certainly going to be quite a bit of casualties.

However, the thing that the boy was most concerned about at the moment was how to cover up the incident. After all, if this was left alone, there was very high chance that Mage's Association or Church would come to investigate, which wouldn't fare all too well for the city and its inhabitants.

Of course, he could just report to the Church about the Jewel Seeds and they would most likely be willing to take care of everything for him… and in fact, he would have done that already if he didn't know anybody in this city. But since he knew that involving the Church would most likely endanger Nanoha and his other friends, he wasn't going to depend on them. Which meant that…

"I guess I'm the one who needs to take care of it then…" He grumbled as he flew over towards the nearest sky scraper and dropped off the two children that he was holding onto there.

After that, he pulled out his cell phone. The first thing he was going to do was contact the local news station and have them give out false information, something along the lines of what happened just now was an earthquake.

Of course with an incident this big, the boy was quite certain that there was going to be people who witnessed it and some of them probably won't be tricked when the news says that there was an earthquake.

Still, for those who haven't seen the trees probably will believe it when the news told them that what happened was an earthquake, not to mention for those who were in the area where the trees grew, the foliage was blocking the lights so they wouldn't have been able to see it well either. Not to mention a lot of people probably took cover during the whole incident, believing that the tremors were due to an earthquake.

"Also, nothing remains of those trees so even those people who saw them probably will doubt what they saw earlier and might be inclined to believe that an earthquake occurred." The boy tried to reassure himself as he tried to convince himself that he can still take care of the situation. However, no matter how he tried to reassure himself, he knew that he was probably going to spend the rest of the day covering up the incident.

"So much for taking a rest." He sighed in a depressing manner as he gave up on the thought of fooling around for the rest of the day.

However, he stopped as he realized that he had been forgetting about something very important.

"Oh yeah, I was going to have dinner with Hayate-san today!" Ko-Gil recalled his promise with his friend as he suddenly became motivated to finish his work as soon as possible. After all, he wasn't going to miss out on a chance to be with Hayate-san. The boy thought to himself as he started to dial a number on his cell phone… least he was going to but the sight of Nanoha walking away dejectedly in the streets below changed his at

"Well… I guess it wouldn't hurt to go talk to her for a bit." He decided as he put away his cell phone and headed towards where Nanoha was.

"It's all my fault…"

"Don't say that, it wasn't like you could have done something." Yuuno tried to reassure Nanoha but the girl shook her head.


"Good work you guys!" Ko-Gil congratulated them as he ran over to where they were. "Man, I never would have thought that you would have been able to seal it from that far away. You're amazing Nanoha!" He complimented the girl but stopped once he saw the look on the her face. "What's wrong?"

"It's all my fault…" The girl repeated what she said earlier with a sad face. "I saw him put the Jewel Seed in his pocket but I thought that I was just seeing things…"

"Anyone can make mistakes Nanoha-" The boy tried to reassure her but the girl shook her head.

"I could have stopped all this from happening but…" Nanoha told them regretfully while looking around at all the damage caused by the Jewel Seed. "… but because of my own carelessness, the town became like this- ow!"

"Okay, that's enough grieving from you." Ko-Gil scolded her as he pinched her cheeks. "I told you that anyone can make mistakes. There's no need to blame yourself for this."


"Besides, the one who ultimately caused this was that boy earlier. After all, Jewel Seeds responds to wishes and what happened just now was the result of the Jewel Seed granting that guy's desires… so you don't need to feel bad since it's entirely that guy's fault."

"Still- owowow sdop please id hurz…"

"You really are stubborn aren't you?" Ko-Gil sighed in defeat before letting go of the girl's cheeks. "Then how about this? If you still feel bad after all I have said, then all you have to do is make sure that something like this doesn't happen again right?"

"Eh? What do you mean?" Nanoha asked him while she rubbed her cheeks.

"What I'm trying to say is that you just have to make sure you don't make a mistake like this again in the future." The boy told her before frowning. "Also next time, please tell me if you come across situations like that. You can trust me you know?"

"Yeah, that's right Nanoha." Yuuno agreed as well. "You can always rely on us."

"… Okay." Nanoha agreed before bowing her head. "And I'm sorry Gil-kun…"

"… How many times do I have to tell you that you don't need to blame yourself for this-"

"No, it's not that." The girl interrupted him before continuing. "I'm apologizing because I ended up bothering you today."

"Hmm… what do you mean?" The boy cocked his head to the side as he tried to understand what she meant.

"We decided to rest today but because of my mistake, you couldn't rest anymore… Not to mention you were the one who suggested that we take a rest today but couldn't due to my carelessness…"

"…Oh boy." Ko-Gil sighed again as he massaged his temples. He briefly wondered if he should tell her that the reason he wanted today to be a day of rest was because he was worried about her well-being. However, he decided against it as he believed that doing so will only make the girl apologize all over again. "Okay, that's enough apologizing for one day… Also, I really think that we should head back home now." The blonde boy told them as he stared at the sun setting in the distance.

"Yes, we really should rest for the rest of the day." Yuuno agreed as well as he jumped onto Nanoha's shoulder. "Let's go back then Nanoha. Also, Gil can I ask you to walk Nanoha home?"

"Ah, that's okay, Gil-kun should also go and take a rest-"

"Well, it would be bad manners to let a lady go home alone when it's getting late so allow me to accompany you." Ko-Gil told her as he started walking towards Nanoha's house. "Also, I will be fine so you don't need to worry about me Nanoha."

"Alright." Nanoha gave up as the boy continued to insist on walking her home.

After that, Nanoha was silent as she walked home while pondering about today's events.

However, a few minutes later, Yuuno broke that silence.

'By the way Gil, can I ask you something?' The ferret asked the boy telepathically.

'Yeah, go ahead. After all, the reason you wanted to walk together with you guys was because you wanted to talk with me right?' Ko-Gil responded back telepathically.

Yuuno blinked in surprise at the boy's answer before nodding his head in confirmation. 'Yes, you are right. Then let me ask you this. Were you the one who took care of the trees?'

'Oh, so you noticed?'

'Yes. Though it didn't seem like Nanoha noticed because she sealed the Jewel Seed right after you took care of the trees… But that makes me wonder, how were you able to do that? I'm pretty sure that you told us that you couldn't use magic so-'

'So you are thinking that either I lied to you about me not being a mage or something like that?' Ko-Gil asked, getting a nod from Yuuno. 'I see… I can sort of understand how you came to that conclusion. However, as I have told you before, I'm not a mage.'

'Then how did you do that just now?'

'Hmm… let's see.' Ko-Gil wondered to himself as he thought of how to explain to his friend. 'Basically, I possess countless number of ancient legendary weapons and magical artifacts. Many of which possess unique abilities of their own and just now, I happened to use one of them that could nullify the effects of Jewel Seed… or something like that.'

"Wait, are you telling me that you possess Lost Logias?" The ferret blurted out as he couldn't hide his shock.

"W-Wha, what are you talking about Yuuno-kun?" Nanoha who wasn't involved in the telepathic conversation between the other two looked at her friends while looking confused.

"Ah…" Realizing that he had spoken out loud, Yuuno looked apologetic. 'My bad Gil.'

"Hmm… you don't need to apologize. It wasn't like I was trying to keep it a secret either." Ko-Gil tried to reassure Yuuno while smiling gently. "I mean the only reason that I haven't told you about it before was because you didn't ask me."

"Wait… haven't I asked you before?" Yuuno asked back while trying to remember the conversation from before.

"You asked me how I made those swords appear… not what those swords were." Ko-Gil told him honestly with a bright smile on his face.

"Are you telling us that you own a bunch of lost logias!?" Nanoha who finally started to comprehend the conversation asked out loudly as she couldn't hide her surprise.

"Only the finest." The boy answered her while grinning broadly, causing the other two to gape at him in shock. "Oh, and looks like we are here."

While Yuuno and Nanoha were still gawking and the blonde boy, they had reached the Takamachi residence. "Well, I gotta go now so tell your family that I said hello." Ko-Gil told them before turning away.

"Ah, hold on Gil-kun." Nanoha who broke out of her stupor called out to her friend. "Don't you want to stay for dinner? I'm sure my family would want to see you."

"Nah, I really should get going now… Thanks for the offer though." Ko-Gil declined as he walked off. After all, he really needed to cover up the incident today by making a few phone calls… not to mention Nanoha's mom was bound to be home at this time of the day. The boy shivered at the thought before remembering something. "Oh and make sure you take a rest for the rest of today Nanoha!" He instructed her as he walked off.

"Alright then I'll see you tomorrow at Suzuka-chan's place!" Nanoha told him as she watched him disappear into the distance.

After saying his farewells to Nanoha and Yuuno, Ko-Gil had contacted the local news station in order to cover up the incident and after receiving a call from Hayate that her examination was over now, he was now on the way to the hospital where she was waiting for him… or at least that's what he was going to do until a phone call interrupted him.

"Huh. That's rare." The boy muttered to himself when he looked down at his phone and saw who the caller was. "Why would he call me now of all times?" He wondered to himself as he answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Ah, is that you Gil?" A familiar voice that the boy hasn't heard for a while came through the speaker.

"It's been a while nii-san." Ko-Gil politely greeted the caller. "How have you been?"

"Oh, I'm fine but how about you? Are you alright? How is everything up there?"

"How is it over here? Wait, don't tell me… you are calling me about what happened on the news?" The boy frowned as he deduced the intent of the caller.

"Yeah, the news said that there was a big earthquake in Uminari City. It seemed like it caused a lot of damage and casualties there so I was wondering about how you were and how things were up there."

"I see… as expected Emiya Shirou I suppose. Always worrying about others as usual I take it?" The boy chuckled before continuing. "It's good to see that you haven't changed at all nii-san."

"Hmm… for some reason it sounds like you are making fun of me…"

"Not at all, I was just stating facts." Ko-Gil denied the accusation while laughing.

"Hey, aren't you being rude? I was really worried you know?" Shirou complained to him, causing the boy to frown in return.

"And I just told you that I wasn't trying to make fun of you. Also, I don't think that you need to worry about me all that much… or could it be that you are underestimating me nii-san?" The boy asked in a sweet voice but it sent a shiver down Shirou's spine.

"That's not it at all. I did think that you would be all right but I still wanted to make sure. I mean there was a big earthquake there right?"

"I see… it really does seem like you were worried about me. Thank you, nii-san!" Ko-Gil expressed his gratitude as he smiled happily. "However, you're wrong about one thing nii-san. There certainly were a lot of property damage and there were probably some casualties as well but there wasn't any earthquake in Uminari City today."


"Huh?" Shirou froze for a few seconds as he failed to comprehend what the boy just told him. "What do you mean there wasn't any earthquake?" The magus demanded as he tried to figure out what child Gilgamesh meant.

"Exactly what I mean, nii-san."

"But on the news it said that there were a lot of damage and casualties-"

"Which were not caused by an earthquake." The child answered back cheerfully, making Shirou frown in confusion.

"Then what happened?"

"Hmm… let's see. There was this magical artifact that activated in the middle of the city, which caused a forest to rapidly grow and it caused quite a bit of damage to the surround area." The kid explained. "Ah, but it has been taken care of now so you don't need to worry… though there's a couple more of those things remaining."

"W-Wha…" Shirou was speechless for a couple of seconds as he tried to comprehend what the boy just told him. "So you are saying that it's possible that what happened may occur again?"

"Well, I can't say that it won't happen again…"

"… In that case let me help you in any way I can."

Shirou offered his assistance-

"No way."

-and was declined immediately.

"W-Why not?" The magus asked in an irritated tone. "I know that I might not be all that helpful but-"

"It's not that nii-san. I'm pretty certain that you will most definitely be helpful…"

"Then all the more reason I should help you." Shirou tried to convince the boy. "Not to mention I do owe you so…"

"…Thank you for the offer nii-san, but you don't need to concern yourself with this case. After all, I don't think it's a good idea to let you get near those things since something worse might happen if you got in contact with these things." Ko-Gil politely declined the offer as he explained to the older male why he was refusing him.

Certainly the boy thought that Shirou would be able to detect a Jewel Seed better than he could. However, he was afraid that if Shirou got into contact with a Jewel Seed, something worse than what happened today might occur.

Something along the lines of swords sprouting out of nowhere all over the city... The very image of which would make anyone cringe.

"I see… I don't really understand but if you are saying that then it must be true." Shirou gave up as he sighed dejectedly. "Still if you ever need my help, you can ask me. I do owe you a favor after all."

"Hmm… alright then I'll ask for your help when I need it. Also, I'll do my best to make sure something like what happened today won't happen again so please don't worry anymore." Ko-Gil told him as he tried to reassure the older male.

"Who are you talking to Shirou?"

"Oh, is that you Saber?" Shirou greeted his Servant as she approached him from the side. "I'm talking to Gilgamesh right now."

"…Gilgamesh?" Saber frowned the moment she heard that name.

"Ah, it's the child one." Shirou hurried told her after seeing her negative reaction to the name.

"Child one…?" Saber asked before her face turned serious all of a sudden." Could it be that… he's throwing another feast?"

"Gil-kun's throwing another feast?" Taiga who had been in the living room at the time joined in as well. "Tell him he's always welcome here."

"Indeed." Saber nodded in agreement. "Tell him that he can come over whenever he wants to Shirou."

"You guys…" Shirou sighed at the sight of Taiga and Saber excitedly talking about what they want to eat. "We weren't talking about that you know." He told them, causing them to look dejected instantly.

"Oh, is that you Saber-san? Taiga-san?" Ko-Gil asked as he recognized their voices over the phone. "I'll treat you guys when you guys come over here."

"Shirou, have I told you before that I have always wanted to go visit Gil once?"

"Alright, let's go visit Gil-kun tomorrow!"

"Okay, first of all there's school tomorrow so you can't go Fuji-nee. And secondly, we can't just barge into someone's house to get food… not to mention the fact that you guys are trying to be fed by a little kid." Shirou scolded the two of them as they continued to speak about what they want to eat happily.

"Ara, what could you guys be talking about?"

"Ah, Caren you came back." Shirou greeted the newcomer as he tried without success to calm down the two females who continued to discuss about food.


Ko-Gil quickly hung up the moment he heard that Caren was there. After all, the reason he even left Fuyuki City was to get away from his oppressive Master. If Caren were to find out where he was, she will without a doubt come after him... and if he were to get caught by her then… The boy shivered as he hoped that Shirou wouldn't reveal the location of where he was hiding to others… especially Caren.

"Hmm… maybe I shouldn't have told nii-san about where I was." Ko-Gil wondered to himself before shaking his head. After all, he was pretty certain that Shirou wasn't the type of person who would sell him out or at the very least he probably had enough senses to at least keep Caren from finding out where the boy was… even though Shirou wasn't really good at lying either…

"Ah, I shouldn't worry about this." The blonde boy shook his head to clear the thoughts away. He had other things to worry about at the moment. "Like the dinner with Hayate-san." He reminded himself as he decided to stop worrying about his Master for now and go pick his friend up.

"Ah, Hayate-san! Sorry I'm late." Ko-Gil apologized the moment he saw the girl waiting for him in front of the hospital. "How was your exami-"

However, he was cut off before he could finish his question.

"Gil-kun, are you alright? There was an earthquake wasn't there?" Hayate asked in a worried voice as she rushed over to the boy on her wheelchair.

"As you can see, I'm perfectly okay…" The boy replied back with a smile before frowning. "Hold on a minute… that should be my line you know? After all, you were the one who had a medical checkup." He scolded her but in his mind he was grateful for the girl's kindness. Compared to his Master, this girl was very caring and kind hearted… almost to the point that it would be rude to Hayate-san to even compare the two of them.

"Are you sure?" Hayate asked as she inspected the boy from head to toe.

"Yes, I'm fine." He reassured her before turning the question back to her. "How did your check up go Hayate-san?"

"… the same as usual." She told him in a quiet voice.

"Ah… I see." The boy muttered back as he understood what she meant.

There was no improvement.

Her condition hasn't gotten worse but hasn't gotten better at all.

"Well then… what do you want to eat Hayate-san?" Ko-Gil asked her as he tried to quickly change the topic.

Hayate have never admitted before but the boy was able to tell that Hayate didn't really think that she could recover and didn't really like to talk about her condition either. So after hearing that her condition hasn't improved, he had decided to stay away from the topic until her next visit to the hospital.

Unaware of what her friend was thinking about, the girl quickly cheered up as she thought about what she wanted to eat. "Let's see… how about we try something new?"

"Something new? As in you want to go eat out and eat somewhere?" Ko-Gil asked as he took out his phone. Since the two of them usually ate at Hayate's place, he figured that what the girl meant by something new was to go try a new restaurant in town. "Tell me the place and I can reserve the place for us tonight-"

"Reserve…? Wait a minute Gil-kun, that's not what I meant!" Hayate frantically turned around in her wheelchair as she tried to stop her friend. "I was trying to say that I've got a new recipe that I wanted to try." She told him before grinning proudly. "I'm confident that I can even beat you with it."

"Hmm… Was that a challenge Hayate-san?" The boy grinned back at her as he put away his phone.

"Yup, for the past week I've been practicing the whole time to surpass you Gil-kun!"

"I see… it does seem like you are confident, but don't think that you were the only one who had been improving Hayate-san!"

The two of them grinned playfully at each other before breaking out into laughs.

"Oh yeah, can we go visit the market before we go back? I need to go pick up some groceries for dinner."

"Sure, I need to get some ingredients myself." He replied to her as he pushed her wheelchair, before chuckling to himself. "Still… I guess I'm still pretty lucky."

"Eh? What do you mean? Did something good happen?" Hayate asked him curiously.

"Hmm… well to be honest, I had always been quite lucky in the past. But ever since Caren-san became my Master, it felt like my luck had been going down the drain." The boy admitted as he recalled all the unfortunate events that happened from the moment the scary woman became his Master till then before shaking away those thoughts.

"Master?" Hayate repeated the unfamiliar term before realizing something. "Umm… who's Caren-san?"

"Caren-san?" Realizing that Hayate probably wouldn't know what a Master is, he tried to explain in a way that she can understand. "Hmm… I guess you can call her my guardian…" Though he said that, he couldn't suppress his sigh as he couldn't recall her ever acting like a proper guardian even once.

"Oh, so she's just your guardian…" Unaware of what was going on inside the boy's head, Hayte breathed a sigh of relief after hearing his answer.

"But… it looks like luck is still on my side since I get to be with you Hayate-san!" The boy admitted as he smiled happily.

"I-Is that so…?" Hayate quickly turned her face forward in order to hide the blush that was growing on her face. "… I feel the same as well…" She mumbled to herself quietly, so that her friend won't hear her.

After that, the two of them continued on silently… until Ko-Gil stopped all of a sudden.

"Gil-kun?" Hayate asked him as she turned around to see what was wrong.

"Don't you think that that might look really good on you?" Ko-Gil asked back as he pointed a dress that was on display.

"Do you think so?" Hayate turned to take a look at the clothing before immediately turning back to him. "N-No way! There's no way that would look good on me."


"Yeah… I don't think that I'd look good in it…" Hayate told him, however the way she turned her gaze back to it told the boy all he needed to know.

"Should I get it for you Hayate-san?" The boy asked as he started to push the wheelchair towards the entrance of the clothing store.

"Huh? Why?"

"Because it seemed like you wanted it." He answered her in a matter of fact tone. "So obviously, I'm going to get it for you-"

"It's fine Gil-kun. Let's just go to the super market…" Hayate told him before turning away from him. "…Geez, you never listen to me…" She mumbled to herself with a little pout on her face.

"Ahaha… alright, I got it. Let's just go to the supermarket then." Ko-Gil obeyed as he decided that he was going to get her that dress some time later… before stopping as he felt someone gazing at him.

'Hmm?' The boy looked up to see what was staring at him and found a pair of rubies staring back at him.

On top of one of the sky scrapers, there was a girl standing over the edge of the building, her blonde hair and cape fluttering in the wind as she gazed down at the ground below.

And he saw that she was wearing black underneath.

'Wait, that's not her underwear.' Ko-Gil tried to reassure himself that he wasn't staring up a girl's skirt as he realized that he really wasn't staring up her skirt.

For one thing, the "skirt" that the girl was wearing opened up in the front and appeared to more of a decoration than an actual skirt.

And the girl was wearing a tight bodysuit of sort so what he saw wasn't actually her underwear.

Ko-Gil thought to himself as he tried to convince himself that he wasn't a pervert and that he had no intention of staring up her skirt.

After reassuring himself, the blonde boy continued to look up at the girl in curiosity… and after a while, decided on two things.

First of all, Ko-Gil had decided that the girl was very beautiful.

Her long blonde hair that was moving along with the wind, her ruby like eyes that was looking down at him, and her slender body that the leotard was clinging onto…

In fact, it would have been a lie to say that the boy didn't find her attractive in the slightest.

But more than that, the boy had decided that the girl appeared to be very… suspicious.

After all, people don't usually wear a cape and a body suit in the middle of the night. (Unless they were cosplayers)

And despite the fact that she was very pretty, the way that the girl seemed to be staring emotionlessly at him, as well as the way even her staff that she was holding onto had an eye that was staring at him… was beginning to creep him out.


Fate, who was on a mission to collect all the Jewel Seeds that had scattered over this unadministrated world, had arrived in this city about an hour ago and was searching for the lost logias on top of one of the sky scrapers.

However, as she was gazing down at the streets below in her search for Jewel Seeds, she found a boy who stood out from the rest of the people that were walking on the ground below.

He was a blonde boy around her age who was walking while pushing the wheelchair for a girl… and Fate couldn't turn her gaze from him.

She didn't know why the boy caught her attention. Certainly, the boy was very charming with hair that was glimmering in the darkness as well as a pair of crimson eyes that appeared to be very unnatural. However, Fate felt that there was more to it than that when she felt that she was drawn towards him despite not knowing anything about him.

Yet, when the boy suddenly stopped walking and stared straight at her, she came to a conclusion.

He was very suspicious, Fate Testarossa thought to herself as she continued to gaze down at the blonde boy who was staring up at her.

After all, this planet shouldn't have any mages and at this distance, the people below shouldn't be able to see her in this darkness. In fact, at best they would see her as a dot.

Yet, Fate couldn't help but feel that the boy was able to see her. No, more than that, it almost felt like he was standing right in front of her and staring straight into her eyes.

Not to mention the way his blood red eyes seemed to be drawing her towards him while at the same time, his gaze felt so cold. Fate couldn't help but feel uncomfortable as the blonde boy continued to stare at her.


'Hmm… this isn't going to get anywhere.' Ko-Gil thought to himself as the staring contest continued between him and the mysterious blonde girl.

Finally, deciding that this has gone on for more than enough, he lifted his hand and waved at her while giving her a friendly smile, hoping to get a reaction out of her.


"Eh?" Fate couldn't help but be surprise as all of a sudden, the blonde boy started waving at her while smiling cheerfully.

'W-Why is he doing that?' The girl wondered to herself as she tried to figure out the boy's intentions.

However, her thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

'Fate, how is it going on that side?" Arf asked her telepathically, causing the girl to come back to her senses.

'I haven't found one yet.' Fate replied back to her familiar as she turned away from the ground below, ending the staring contest between her and the boy.

After all, there were more important things for her to do.

With that thought in mind, Fate resumed her search for the Jewel Seeds.


"…" Ko-Gil stopped waving his hand as the girl turned away and left his sight.

'She ignored me…' The boy couldn't suppress a sigh as he felt disappointed at the way the girl didn't respond to him.

'But still, she was suspicious.' He thought to himself as he briefly wondered who she could have been. 'The way she was dressed up was suspicious, her creepy staff was suspicious, and the way that she was staring at me was downright suspicious.'

As all these thought were going on in his head, he briefly wondered if he should chase after her to find out who she was-


-only to remember that there was someone else with him.

"Is something wrong?" Hayate asked as she turned around to look at him with a worried look on her face.

"Ah, don't worry Hayate-san." Ko-Gil tried to reassure her as he figured that she became worried about him when he became silent all of a sudden (while he was staring at the mysterious girl).

'What a blunder.' The boy thought to himself as he scolded himself for staring at some other girl while escorting Hayate.

Feeling guilty, he started pushing the wheel chair again. "Well then, shall we go?" He asked her while giving her a reassuring smile.

"Alright then." It would appear that the boy was able to convince her since she smiled back at him cheerfully. "Let's go Gil-kun!"

"As you wish milady." Ko-Gil replied to her politely as they went on their way.

To be honest, the blonde girl just now bothered him even now. However, since he was with Hayate right now and he decided that he was going to have fun for the rest of the day without worrying about anything, he decided to forget about the girl for the time being.

Thus, the two children headed for the supermarket, all the while trying to come up with a way to beat whatever the other will come up with for dinner.

-Chapter 3 End-

Tiger Dojo 3

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner…

You have been warned.

Taiga: "You liar!"

Illya: "Liar!"

*sends the author flying with an uppercut.*

Taiga: "How dare you lie to us and the readers!"

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Illya: "Wonder?"

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Illya: "Hmm… normally I guess that would be the case but isn't simply because the author likes me and wants to keep me around?"

Taiga: "Well… I guess he can do that since he is the author but isn't that going against canon?"

Illya: "It should be fine since apparently, Ko-Gil was the one who saved me."

Taiga: "He did? Wait, what do you mean by apparently?"

Illya: "I say apparently because I don't really remember much since I was unconscious during that time. But from what I was told, onii-chan begged Ko-Gil for his help when I was on the verge of death."

Taiga: "Oh, is that what Shirou meant when he said that he owed the kid a favor in this chapter?"

Illya: "I guess so. Ko-Gil got one of Touko's dolls and helped out with moving my soul to the doll."

Taiga: "Touko's doll? Isn't that thing really expensive!?"

Illya: "Hmm… Ko-Gil didn't think it was all that expensive."

Taiga: "Just how rich is that kid!?"

Illya: "Oh, and it seems like my body has resumed its growth after I transferred body. So I'll be able to make onii-chan mine soon hehehe."

Taiga: "Uwaah, stop grinning evilly you brocon! And what's up with this special treatment?"

Illya: "Isn't it because I'm special?"

Taiga: "Well, I'm not jealous because I got to appear in this chapter even though you didn't."

Illya: "Oh, then I guess you didn't know this but the author does plan to introduce me into the plot at some point… and there's a very high chance that you won't appear again in the main story."

Taiga: "What!? What do you mean I won't appear again!? I should go and have a talk with the author-"

Shirou: "Taiga, Illya! Dinner is ready!"

Taiga: "I'm coming!"

Illya: "Ah… she left. Then I should probably head back too.

Here's a stamp and I'll see you again next time!"

Tiger Dojo 3 End

-Tiger Stamp 3 obtained-

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At first, I was going to have Ko-Gil use something like the pipe that the piper of Hamelin used to lead the people in the city away from where the Jewel Seed was… though the problem with that was that doing something like that would basically reveal to everyone in the city that Ko-Gil wasn't normal or reveal the existence of the magical side of the world.

Another thing I had thought up was an artifact that Ko-Gil used in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia called the incense of soul returning, which he used to gather the enemies before obliterating them. As with the first idea, I was going to have him attract the people away from the Jewel Seed and the incense would have produced something like a mist that would help prevent others from seeing Ko-Gil… though the problem with this idea was that it didn't work on humans. (as the name implies, it works on souls not living humans)

Thirdly, I briefly wondered if I should just skip this event altogether and go straight into battle for Jewel Seeds against Fate. However, this was the event that made the hunt for the Jewel Seeds personal for Nanoha so I thought that I should keep it.

This incident also revealed to Ko-Gil how much power a Jewel Seed contains as well, which I thought would be important later on in the story.

As for other small details in this chapter, the hammer that Ko-Gil uses in the beginning was Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor (which I based off of the one in Prisma Illya Drei manga) and the winged sandals are the ones that Perseus uses in the Greek Mythology. I saw Shirou in other fics using artifacts and weapons that were not shown in the visual novel and I figured that I could do something similar with Gilgamesh as well.

Also, you have probably noticed but Fate Testarossa will now join in the scramble for the Jewel Seed (you guys probably know who she is if you guys watched Nanoha).

Oh and this chapter showed an example of Ko-Gil's A plus rank Charisma.

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Also, there was a bad end that I had thought up of for this chapter, something similar to the bad endings in Fate/Stay Night. (Such as Ko-Gil making the "wrong" choice and leading to a bad end.) Something along the lines of, if Ko-Gil didn't ask Hayate out for dinner, he would have gone after Fate at the end of this chapter. Which would have resulted in Fate attacking him in self-defense… and that would not have turned out well.

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Certainly he is a nice kid (apparently the people of Uruk thought that their king was a saint and that he was the greatest king ever… when Gilgamesh was a child) but he can be quite merciless against his opponents…

Also, the kid and the adult Gilgamesh doesn't share memories (though he can turn himself back into an adult whenever he wants to). Gilgamesh doesn't remember his childhood and Ko-Gil doesn't remember what a jerk he would become and it was said revealed in Fate/Extra CCC that as a child, Gilgamesh actually respected the gods (though he didn't really obey them) which would explain his higher divinity rank.

This is also the reason that Ko-Gil doesn't have much attachment to Enkidu and is capable of making "new" friends (he knows Enkidu as someone his adult-self befriended but doesn't have any memories of him. Certainly, he is thankful to Enkidu for being friends with him when he was an adult but doesn't really know him personally.)

Also, Ko-Gil wouldn't really know what kind of a jerk he is due to the lack of memory. However, as revealed in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, basically everyone who knew Gilgamesh before told Ko-Gil that he was the worst of the worst when he was an adult. Hence the reason why he knew what kind of a horrible person his adult self was and in chapter one said that his goal was to not grow up.

And as you can see from the chapter, Ko-Gil really isn't all that good at detecting magic so he will be relying on Nanoha and Yuuno most of the time when it comes to locating the Jewel Seeds (though knowing his luck, he may just end up where the Jewel Seeds are accidentally)

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