A/N: I decided to change this and make it three parts. DON'T WORRY! It's the same story but edited!

Part One: The Beginning

Two moons after the battle with the Dark Forest…

Bramblestar stood on the Great Oak with Mistystar, Blackstar, and Onestar. Silently, he lamented the deaths. Dustpelt, Squirrelflight, and so many more. He sucked in another sharp breath as he remembered Firestar. StarClan, why did Firestar have to be the fourth cat in the prophecy? He sighed.

Scanning the Clan cats below him, he saw many had a gaunt scared look about them, as if they thought the Dark Forest was about to attack them again. They shakily exchanged tongues and some merely crouched low and hissed at whoever approached them.

"Bramblestar? Bramblestar? Hello?" Bramblestar shook his head, clearing it of the nasty thoughts that roiled it. "It's your turn to recount who's died," said Mistystar.

He took a deep breath. Bramblestar edged along his branch until he could see the Clans more clearly, and they could hear him better. He opened his mouth and then closed it again. His mouth was suddenly dry. Good grief, what was he to do? Bramblestar gave his chest a quick lick and gripped the branch beneath him.

"Cats of all Clans! Why do we continue to be Clans if we have nothing to live for? Many cats have been lost, others injured, and some who will never recover from the shock of what they witnessed. Why are we still Clans? There is nothing left for us. Even the warrior code is nothing," he screeched. Many cats cried out it outrage. Some stared at him, their open mouths almost touching the ground.

"Who does he think he is?"

"Just because there was a prophecy about cats in his clans, does he think he can order us around?"


Bramblestar continued, despite all the words thrown at him. His amber eyes, like a blazing fire, looked down at the gathered cats.

"Even StarClan has abandoned us! They hardly helped us in the battle! Who cares about us now?"

Bramblestar held his head defiantly. He truly believed that StarClan had done nothing for them. They were just spirits. He gazed out at the crowd of seething cats.

Then a crystal clear voice called out, "I agree!" Everyone turned to stare at the cat who had said that. It was Brackenfur from ThunderClan. Brackenfur gave the rest of the cats a look of contempt. Gradually, a few cats gained looks of realization as they figured out he was serious and that Bramblestar was actually right. It seemed that about half of all the Clans were with Bramblestar.

"You can't be serious!" spat Mistystar. She hissed and prepared to pounce.

"What type of leader are you!" screeched Onestar as he too sided with Mistystar. They looked at Blackstar, their angry faces holding the slightest bit of hopefulness.

"I feel he is correct," murmured Blackstar. Mistystar and Onestar looked at him, shocked.

"If you continue to believe in this nonsense, then you are no longer a Clan cat. Clan cats follow the warrior code and believe in StarClan!" Onestar coldy hissed.

"I uphold my decision," said Bramblestar. The entire gathering was silent, the air crackling with tension. A few crickets chirped. One cat moved his paw. Then it was mayhem.