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Erik was standing with his arms crossed tightly over his chest against our bedroom door, a small frown on his face as he watched me read the letter in my hand. I suppose he expected it held a plea from my ex-husband to come to France and I was having second thoughts about staying here in America.

I decided to keep him guessing longer than necessary, just to teach him a lesson, and set the letter down on my vanity before looking up at myself in the mirror and reaching for the small box of hair pins to my right.

Erik cleared his throat behind me, but I did not turn and could hardly keep from smirking.

"Christine," he began, expecting me to tell him everything.

"Erik?" I asked innocently as I fixed my hair.

"Would you please tell me what the letter said? For goodness sake!"

I giggled and turned in my seat, catching him rolling eyes. "You are too unsure of yourself, my darling. Imagine Raoul taking me back into his life in the state I'm in." I ran my index fingers in vertical lines over my flat stomach and stood to join him at the door. "No, he merely sent me a letter to confirm our marriage is all over, legally now, and that he's doing a lot better with business and...certain...additions since returning to France. That's all."

"Trying to convince you he is good enough to finally deserve you." Erik muttered bitterly. I laughed and wrapped my arms around his shoulders, standing on my toes so it was a little easier.

"He also wrote in a pleasant little surprise, as well. Apparently Meg accompanied him back to Paris. She's gotten herself a position back in the opera's ballet and he said she seems a lot happier. There's another letter there which is to be given to Madame Giry. From Meg, I expect."

"They have been spending time together?"

"Scandalous, I know," I snorted, kissing him quickly and lowering myself to flat feet again. I shrieked happily when I felt his arms wrap around me and wrench me back in his direction, but he let me go immediately when I raised my palm to press against my lips and had the chamber pot for me quicker than was possible.

"I'm sorry," I gasped after being sick. I left the room to dispose of my mess and found him waiting for me in the kitchen with a glass of water, which I took with a small thank you.

"I am sorry." He said sadly as he watched me drink. I lowered the glass and nodded, messing with his mind once again.

"Yes, Erik. You should be. How dare you do this to me?" he seemed to be struggling to come to the conclusion of whether I was joking or not, so I took his hand to save him the trouble and he looked at me, worried.

"Christine, if something happens to you -"

"Nothing will happen to me, Erik. Gustave's birth went as smoothly as any other, except for one small mishap with Raoul, and this child's will be the same."

"What if it looks like me?" he spoke so quietly I almost didn't hear him.

"Erik!" I cried loudly. He looked up as if he had been burned and I shook my head. "Look how perfect our son is! Do you really think there is a huge risk of such a thing happening?"

"There is a risk, Christine," he reminded me.

"Yes, I know." I agreed and leaned against the counter, pressing my hands over my stomach. It was rather difficult to believe this was really happening when there was no evidence yet to show for it. Erik had been absolutely wonderful the last few weeks since we'd been given the news, and I knew he would continue to be. I also knew he would continue to worry until all of this was over and in front of him.

"But, Erik...even if we do have a child with a face like yours, do you really think its life will be anything like yours? People did not understand like they do now. The world is getting better every day. I turned to face the window in the kitchen and waved to the scene we could see. "Look how beautiful your park is! Especially in the snow...and all of the people who work here are no different from you! To be perfectly honest, there are many that are worse-off than you are. Our live is perfect now, remember?"

He hugged me tightly, resting his chin on top of my head and his hands rubbed my back gently. "My life is perfect now," he said quietly. I heard the other bedroom door open behind us and Erik spoke without moving. "Good morning, Gustave."