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The figure limped out of the forest, shaking violently, mumbling incoherently. Tattered clothes hung loosely on his injured body, remnants of some unknown, violent battle. A battle he had clearly lost. Starfire whirled around, eyes wide. "Hello? Is someone there?" She held up her hand, summoning glowing green energy that lit up the immediate area. Immediately, Starfire gasped, eyes widening in horror and shock. "Robin!" she cried out softly, voice barely working in her surprise and sudden dread.

She rushed towards her injured friend. Scarily, he barely reacted, other than mumbling a bit more rapidly. "Robin! What is wrong?" Fear filled her voice; this was not the Robin she knew. Even when his mind had been corrupted by the dust from Slade's mask, he hadn't been left mumbling and shaking. Bleeding, bruised, and close to death, but not…broken. But Robin had returned, broken. He had been gone for weeks; where, Starfire wasn't sure. He had just…disappeared one day. They had all looked, everywhere they could think of, and everywhere they couldn't. Cyborg ran scans to search for him, and Raven meditated, struggling to find his mind. All to no avail.

Yet he was back now, all of the sudden, just when the Titans had been about to give up hope. But he hadn't returned as the Robin he had been when he disappeared. Starfire shakily pulled out her communicator, holding Robin's trembling frame close. He felt so weak… "Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven…I-I found him," she said, a small tear beginning to trickle down her cheek.

Cyborg looked grim. Beast Boy was unusually quiet, and, well, Raven was always quiet, but this time even she looked a bit scared. Starfire had tears streaming freely down her cheeks now as she waited. "When will he be better?" she immediately demanded.

"Star…he might not get better," Cyborg said softly. The words hung heavily in the air. Raven turned even paler, if possible. "No…" she murmured "What?" Beast Boy squeaked out, ears drooping. Starfire's reaction was the worst, as her Starbolts responded to her fear, blowing a hole through the wall behind her.

"What do you mean he will not get better?" she demanded, refusing to accept the fact. "He is Robin! He has to get better!"

"His injuries are healing, but…his mind isn't," Cyborg explained, each word dragged out of him reluctantly. "I don't think there's anything we can do. We can fix the injuries on the surface, but there are scars running deeper than that. We can't fix those."

"He has to get better!" she repeated forcefully. "There has to be something we can do! We cannot just stand here and do nothing!"

"Starfire!" Raven said loudly. "We can't do anything. I've been trying to get into his mind, see if I can help. There's barely anything left. He'll find a way back, or he won't. We can only hope."

"I must see him!" Starfire said, eyes narrowing in determination. She still refused to accept the fact that he might not get better, that there was nothing that could be done any more.

"He needs to-" Cyborg was cut off by a death glare from Starfire, whose eyes actually began to glow green. He backed off quickly, holding up his hands in surrender. "Fine. But remember that he needs to heal." Starfire barely paid attention, charging into the small, sparse room Robin was currently in. Starfire pressed a hand to her mouth as she looked at him.

Cuts marked his body; most were bandaged, but a few were still visible. One eye was swollen shut, and his costume was still ripped and little more than tatters. His arm was propped up in a sling, broken or sprained, along with one of his legs, and he had some broken ribs. He was hooked up to a few monitors that crowded the space beside his bed, and an IV stand was next to him. Starfire stood there, frozen, unable to comprehend what she was seeing.

This couldn't be happening. Robin was…Robin. The person laying on the bad was shattered, broken, barely resembling Robin at all. What had happened to cause so much damage to the almost unbeatable Titan? Starfire rushed forward, floating hesitantly beside him. She took his left hand, his right arm in a sling. "Robin…" she whispered in a tear-choked voice. This was much worse than she had thought.

"Robin, you must come back. I need you…the Titans need you. You are our leader. You cannot just be defeated like this," Starfire continued, her voice beginning to grow in volume. "I had almost given up hope of ever seeing you again. You cannot be lost right when I have found you!" Starfire squeezed his hand gently, careful not to hurt him more.

Slowly, barely noticeable, Robin's hand tightened around Starfire's. She glanced up at him, green eyes wide and hopeful, shining with lingering tears. She squeezed his hand again, but he did not return the gesture like before. Had it really happened, or was it just a result of her desperate hopes? For Robin's sake, she hoped not. Staring at his battered face, Starfire refused to believe that she had imagined it. "Come back, Robin," she murmured.

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