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The sky was painted in gentle shades of pink and orange, the sinking sun reflected beautifully on the rippling waters below. Robin stared down at the scene, cape fluttering around him in the breeze. Slade was defeated, the team was okay, and the nightmares were slowly beginning to become less frequent, though they still snuck up on him. They probably always would. Light footsteps headed towards Robin, but he didn't bother turning around. He knew who it was.

Starfire slipped her hand lightly into his. "Dick?" she asked. When no one else was around, she had begun to use his real name more frequently, and Robin found that he didn't mind. He glanced at her, slipping off his mask to reveal his bright blue eyes. "Hmm?" he responded.

"You are okay, yes? You are getting better?" Starfire asked, gesturing to his scarred arms. Robin knew she also meant deeper than that. "I'm getting better," Robin responded carefully. "But I don't think I'm completely okay." Starfire nodded, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Robin turned, a red flush creeping into his cheeks as he met Starfire's eyes. He gave a small smile, knowing that even though he wasn't completely healed, that was okay. He was making progress, and that's what mattered.

Even though the scars would probably never heal, looking at Starfire, Robin knew she had managed to save him from falling.

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There was still something he had to do. Ever since his conversation with Starfire in which he revealed his identity, the urge was persistently nagging at him. Robin was unable to ignore it anymore. Slipping away to his room, he pulled out a communicator he had never truly forgotten. Activating it with a light touch, he hesitantly spoke into it. "Batman?"

"Dick?" The response was edged with surprise and disbelief, clear in the way his adoptive father had neglected to use his hero identity. Robin swallowed. "Yeah."

"Are you okay? I heard what had happened," Batman finally asked after a somewhat awkward silence.

"I'm fine, Bruce," Robin assured him. Words from the conversation echoed in his mind. "Without that…without him…I don't think I could've gotten over it." Robin had almost forgotten that, until those memories had resurfaced.

Not too long later, Robin was greeted by a familiar sight. Batman. Robin stood, waiting for the older vigilante to reach him, a bit tense and awkward. All of that faded as Batman met his gaze. "I missed you," Robin blurted out, the words slipping out of his mouth before he could fully think them through. An awkward silence filled the air for a moment and Robin stared at the ground.

He glanced up as strong arms wrapped around him, Batman's fatherly side apparently becoming dominant for a moment. Robin hugged him back, noting how safe he felt, how this felt like home. "I missed you too, Dickie," Batman whispered. The two vigilantes stayed like that, unwilling to break this precious moment.

Just like that, they were father and son again.

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