Author's Note: My first NorxDen story! =DD Lets hope this turns out well!

Warnings: M-Preg, cussing, rated M just incase

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Denmark leaned back in his chair, scrolling down through his yahoo emails.

"Prussia, Italy, England.." He named them off quietly under his breath as to not disturb Norway who was reading on his bed located on his side of the room.

Both had been left to share a room in the new home that belonged to all five Nordics.

He watched as the Norwegian blonde brushed his bangs to the side and couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked. Turning his fiery green gaze back to the computer, a new email caught his eyes.

Clicking on it warily, as he spotted it was from France, his eyebrows furrowed questioningly at what was written.

From: Bonnefoy, Francis

To: Densen, Mathias

Subject: Ohohohohohohon

Ohohohohohon, You've never told me you and Nor were so close ;DD



Clicking on the link with slight hesitation, Denmark nearly fell out of his chair in surprise.

"Hvad fanden-ohohohohon.." The blonde stated looking more closely with a smirk, unaware of a certain Norwegian blonde who had walked over in curiosity to see what had surprised the Dane so badly.

The last thing Denmark had expected was a hard smack against the back of his head. "The hell," Mathias exclaimed, turning quickly in his chair to see an irritated male glaring at him.

"What the heck are you looking at, Danmark!"

Denmark turned and fiddled shakily with the mouse until the window closed while stating clumsily, "I-I didn't mean t-to! It was from Fr-France!"

He readied himself for another slap but instead Norway was staring at him through a narrowed blue gaze, his arms crossed making him look rather sexy..

No, stop thinking like that! The blonde scolded himself mentally as he watched him cautiously. A mad Norway was never a good Norway..

Silently, the blonde turned and walked back to his bed, laying down and picking up his book once more, remaining silent still. Denmark shifted uncomfortably in the awkward silence as he watched Norway.


"What," came a stony reply.

Getting up and walking over, the blonde Dane sat at the edge of his bed, watching Norway for what seemed like an hour, reading and flipping a page every now and then.

With a sudden impulse, Denmark pulled the book from Norway's grip, closing it quietly and tossing it to the ground, much to the protest of the blonde Norwegian.

"Hey, I was reading that! What, you think I should look at those po-" He was cut off as Denmark's lips smashed against his in a long kiss. As the shock ebbed, Norway started kissing back.

The Norwegian blonde allowed the blonde Dane to push him down onto his back as he broke the kiss for breath, their lips almost touching.

Norway blinked open his ice blue eyes to the blinding morning light. As his gaze adjusted, he glanced beside him, aware of the unusual presence of warmth. Denmark lay beside him, fast asleep. He looked so peaceful, and so…Denmark.

He stated to himself with exaggeration at the end as he noticed the goofy smile that was still on Denmark's face somehow. How does he stay that way when he's asleep? The thought crossed Norway's mind as he shook his head.

A rare smile crept to his face as he leaned back once more and turned onto his side to watch Denmark. Raising one hand and brushing the blonde Dane's scraggy bangs from his face, he looked at the peaceful expression on his face.

For some reason, I have no regret..I should, but I don't.. The thought crossed his mind as sleep tugged at his still drooping eyes. Allowing the shadows to engulf him, he fell asleep once more, his hand sliding from Denmark's forehead to the soft pillow below Mathias's head.


Hvad fanden – What the hell

Okay guys! First chapter, what do you think? Sry for anyone OOC attitudes, due to the little screen time they had, I just went by the actions of Norway and Denmark Cosplayers. Any constructive criticism is helpful =)