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Fire x Ice Chapter 13

*Denmark's Question*

The blonde Dane sighed lightly as he listened to Norway chat in a quick fashion to Iceland as he handed the blonde bundle over to his younger brother.

"I promise Lukas, she's not going to die."

The Icelandic male's statement seemed way too exaggerated for the Norwegian's liking but the nation decided not to comment on it. Instead, his ice blue gaze shifted to Sorina once more.

Denmark smirked lightly. Ever since Sorina came, Norway constantly kept him with her, giving Denmark the hunch on why Sorina hardly ever liked being out of her 'mother's grasp. Mathias finally just shook his head and walked over to his boyfriend and the rather flustered looking Icelandic male. Then again, you'd be flustered too if your sibling was nagging at you about a child.

Putting his hands on the Norwegian's shoulders, Denmark slowly talked him into walking farther away.

"Come on Norge, geez, you're acting like a girl."

…yeah, I never said he had the best persuasion skills. Norway shot the Dane a glare.

"Excuse me?"

Mathias passed as he, for once, actually thought through that statement. Aw shiiiit, this is NOT how this night is supposed to go! He groaned inwardly, though keeping the dumbfounded expression on his lightly tanned facial expression.

"W-what? I said we better hurry up before it gets too dark…"

The blonde Dane stated, voice slightly stumbling across the words as he thought the excuse up on spot. Lukas watched Mathias carefully before shrugging lightly.


With that, the two nations left the home.

Iceland shook his head lightly, holding Sorina carefully as he watched the two leave the home. His pale violet gaze switched to the small female. He loved her. He really did. But every time he saw her, Russia's threat rang in his head...

"Nice try Emil, but next time: try a different tactic. As for protecting Norway, that's sweet. It really is. Sadly, I'm not one for sappy scenes. So, I'll see you around, da? Maybe pay Lukas a little visit as well..."

He breathed deeply. Anger. He couldn't help but feel slightly angered at the child in his arms. His pale gaze traveled along the little girl's facial features before stopping on the beautiful blue gaze.

You. You're the reason my brother's in possible danger.

Sorina yawned lightly, squirming around in Iceland's arms in an attempt to get more comfortable, unaware of the tense situation. Iceland paused a moment longer before sitting the small child in her crib and watching as she gripped the closet of the three stuffed animals in there. A small puffin.

Norway sat in the passenger seat, looking out the window with a clouded expression in his ice blue gaze. He hated the idea of leaving Sorina alone but Denmark did state a good point a few hours back. The blonde Norwegian had left Iceland alone when he was little and he turned out just fine.

Sure, he acted coldly, smelled like fish, and had a slight tendency to storm out of the room when things got irritating or embarrassing, but those are just tiny quirks…maybe…

Oh god, what if Sorina turned out like that?!

Norway bit his lip lightly only to turn his attention to Denmark as the messy-haired blonde parked on the side of the road. That would surprise most people, but the scenery immediately told the blonde nation where his boyfriend had stopped. Near a small lake where the five Nordics had spent their time at the beginning of the Kalmar Union. You know, before everything took a bad turn.

He climbed out of the truck and glanced questioningly at the blonde Dane who had a childish grin playing on his pink lips. He obviously had something planned…

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