Title: Lunar Paths (A trilogy)

Part 1: Paths of restoration (part two of three)

Chapter 4: Love and Beauty Awakens

Crossovers: This is not really a crossover, but PGSM (Live action Sailor Moon) and Manga Sailor moon are mixed together in this.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon in any form (anime, musicals, live-action, manga or anything else officially sailor Moon) is copyright of Takeuchi Naoko-sensei, TOEI animation, and other companies.

Quote of the day:

Making a choice is not easy. But if you have to make one, make the right choice.


Minako awoke first. It was in her bed, in her home. It was a nice weekend, a wonderful Saturday. She yawned and blinked blearily. She was so comfortable…

Then, she blinked in horror and her eyes went wide.

"Usagi-chan!" She exclaimed.

She suddenly jumped up and looked at a slumbering Artemis who was at the foot of her bed. She woke him up by furiously shaking him.

"Artemis! Wake up! Please! This is urgent! Wake up!"

Artemis awoke and yawned in confusion. Then, his eyes too widened.

"Minako?" He questioned.

She nodded and tears brimmed in her sapphire blue eyes.

"I… I died… didn't I? I failed her! Eternal Sailor Moon… she had to suffer so much…" Minako spoke. She somehow remembered being in her body but unable to control it. In the end, Eternal Sailor Moon had no choice but to destroy them all.

Artemis sighed. "I died too…"

Minako blinked at him, with teary eyes.


Artemis sighed. "It's a long story but to cut it short, she… Usagi… watched Luna… Diana and… I… we three… we died in front of her eyes." Artemis sighed, as he recalled the blank-eyed Usagi staring…

Minako gasped and let out a tiny choked sob.

"I… I see."

After that, Minako ruminated fro a few minutes. Then, she stood up with determination in her voice.

"We need to call the others and have a meeting. Then we can decide on what to do."

Artemis nodded.

Minako let out a small sigh and called everyone. To her utter shock and horror, Usagi did not answer. A worried Luna did. Luna said that Usagi had been missing for 24 hours, according to the Tsukino family. Minako communicated that piece of information to everyone else, which agreed to meet at the Fruits Parlor Crown café.

Minako then got changed into a simple short-sleeved black dress and a pair of blue sandals. She had a blue handbag and took her transformation item. Then, she left her room. Artemis followed. She ran out of her house after saying a rushed goodbye to her mother. As soon as she entered the Fruits Parlor Crown café, she received many relieved hugs, especially one from Rei.

Mamoru looked very upset and sighed. "Why is Usako missing?" He asked worriedly. It was the question on everyone's minds.

"She called on our powers, didn't she?" a soft voice spoke.

Rei looked at the origin of the voice. It was Hotaru.

"Do you know something? If you do, tell us. I can't sense our princess anywhere." Rei asked.

Hotaru smiled sadly.

"Yes, but we failed…Using our powers overloaded her very being and caused her to vanish."

" No. We have not failed yet." Setsuna spoke.

Hotaru looked at her.

"The future still has Chibi Usa and Diana. As soon as Artemis and Luna returned to life, so was Diana. Diana was returned to her rightful time, as was Chibi Usa. Chibi Usa is Usagi's daughter. If Chibi Usa still exists, then hope exists for now."

" for now?" Hotaru spoke.

Sailor Pluto nodded and then, she clicked her fingers.

In a tiny holographic form, Chibi-Usa appeared with four other sailor senshi behind her. The four were the Sailor Quartet and they had horrified looks on their faces.

Chibi Usa yelled, "I am fading in and out! I will cease to exist!"

Ami was quiet and she looked at the holographic pink-haired child. She was horrified as she viewed the girl's body fading in and out.

Ami also noticed another disturbing thing. Neo Queen Serenity was on her knees and her features seemed transparent.

"No…" King Endymion whispered. He was horrified.

"Yes, however time is fragile. If we want to get her back, we need to move quickly."

Minako nodded as she heard everything. A memory entered her head then.

She recalled being in a white and vast expanse of fog and white...

She was facing a mysterious woman who was garbed in white.

"Why? What is this? She saved us! You said that we could all leave. Why can't she… our princess, leave?" Minako asked.

"She is weak. Her starseed is on the verge of nonexistence..."

"But… she wants you to go. Live with hope."

the ethereal woman who was garbed in white spoke softly and sadly.

Then she recalled shouting a desperate "No!"

She had been shouting as her very being was sent screaming from that place, without her dearest friend… her princess.

She clenched a fist. She would save Usagi. For her princess and friend deserved life as well.

"However, some of us will need to guard this solar system and protect it." Mamoru spoke.

"I… I will protect it."

"As will I."

"I will be steadfast in my duty."

"I will not let our princess down."

With that, Makoto, Hotaru, Rei and Luna were relegated to being the guardians of the universe, while Mamoru, Minako, Setsuna, Ami, Michiru, Haruka and Artemis became the ones who would bring Usagi back to Earth.

Meanwhile, in the future, half of the sailor quartet was arguing. Chibi Usa was so angry that she had walked off. Sailor Vesta had run after the angry Chibi Usa. Sailor Pallas was sighing and looking away from the two arguing girls.

Sailor Ceres was yelling at Sailor Juno. "Don't you get it? Your attempt at levity was stupid!"

Sailor Juno was irritated. "So, you are a perfectionist. Do you want everyone to be glum? Is that it, Ceres? Tell me! Ceres, is that what you wish? Is that it?"

Sailor Ceres sighed and spoke calmly, trying to speak pacifyingly. "No, but you made our princess mad!"

Sailor Juno sneered. "So, it was not on purpose fusspot! Get over yourself!"

Sailor Ceres nearly snarled. She spoke coldly. "Get rid of that attitude problem Juno!"

Next up:

"Why is she pushing us away?" "She is… sad."

"Don't ask such dangerous questions!"

Sailor Venus growled.

"Her daughter in the future time is vanishing and you say our questions are dangerous? We need answers, damn it!"

Tuxedo Mask yelled.

Her life hangs in the balance. We need many supporters… as many as we can.

To their shock, the whole council of sailor senshi stood up.

"You have our support."

"We will support her."

"She must live!"

"In fact, we shall send a troop of sailor senshi to Earth to help your senshi to guard it."