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My name is Isabella Swan, but no one calls me Isabella unless something is wrong. To most people I'm just Bella. My twin brother, Antonio, who absolutely MUST have a nickname for me all to himself, is the only one allowed to call me Izzy. Of course, I suppose I am no better, considering I am the only one allowed to call him Nio, while everyone else calls him Tony.

We both have extremely dark brown hair, made darker by the invisible strands of black throughout it. We also share the same dark brown eyes and, contrarily, pale skin. Anyone who sees us can tell we are related, we share many of the same facial features. We are both reasonably tall; Nio is about 6'2", and I am about 5'8".

We are also both multi-lingual. We know Italian, Spanish, English, American Sign Language, and Quileute, the language of the Native American tribe that resides on the reservation near Forks.

We actually do have what some call "twin telepathy", but it actually goes much farther than that. Nio and I can not only speak to each other telepathically, we can also feel everything the other is feeling. We only talk aloud when others are present; we both prefer the privacy of our minds. This connection can be severed, but we only do this when one or the other is seriously hurt or injured, to spare the other pain. It's only happened once.

My brother is a complete goof, but can be serious when the occasion calls for it, and is loyal to a fault. He is my very best friend, and the only one I can always count on. We know each other better than anyone (which makes sense considering we have been together since before we were born) and tend to keep to ourselves whenever we are around other people.

We are both artists in our own rights. Nio is extremely gifted in paper and canvas work, while I prefer music as my medium. Music is the one way I can channel my emotions without hurting anyone. I play music every minute I can, no matter what I am doing, and when I am playing, it is extremely difficult to get my attention. Nio loves to poke fun at me for this, even though his art elicits the same behavior in him.

My brother and I were born in Italy, and were kidnapped just after. If I sound rather calm about this, I am and I am not. I hate the fact that my brother and I were torn from our parents, effectively breaking their hearts; but if we had not been kidnapped, we would be dead.

See, I know all about super-naturals, Vampires, Werewolves, Shape-shifters, all of them. In fact, I interact with them quite often. I am tied to almost all of the super-natural races in some way; a few of the shifters are my blood relatives, and a few of my ancestors became vampires. I am sure you are wondering why this matters, what it has to do with kidnapping being necessary to my health.

So I will tell you a secret about my brother and me, something no one else knew until we moved back to Forks. Just this one secret; everything else will be explained as my story goes on.

Even though we do not belong to any of the three aforementioned super-natural races…

We are not human.

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