Their Firsts

Prompt: First Date

Rukia is not unfamiliar about her surroundings. Being a Kuchiki, she has been entitled to lavish privileges such as their four story mansion where she lives with her Brother-in-law, official guardian and one of Japan's multi-billionaire, Kuchiki Byakuya. She also has a car, which was purchased for her by Byakuya and despite working and earning a reasonable salary, Byakuya still gives her weekly allowance and the value much higher than what she earned in a month.

So, Ichigo did not know what irked her the moment they stepped inside the five-star restaurant his godmother owned.

Ichigo's scowl deepened as he tried to figure out what worries Rukia as the said girl looked around the place. He already told her to order already but it seems like she did not heard him and continued fiddling with her eating utensils unconsciously.

"Rukia," Ichigo called a little louder and her violet eyes suddenly snapped to his direction. He breathed with ease as he was assured that Rukia is still in normal condition. Giving her an assuring smile, he pointed at the menu in front of her and said, "You can order now."

Laughing slightly, Rukia nodded and opened the menu. Ichigo noticed that she suddenly became shy. "Are you alright?"

Rukia's eyes wandered away from the menu and looked at Ichigo. "Yes." She answered.

"Are you sure?"

Rukia nodded. "Yeah. I'm just…" and trailed off.

"Yes?" Ichigo urged her.

But before Rukia can give him an answer, the waiter was already at the side of their table and asked for their orders.

"So, what were you going to say?" Ichigo asked when the waiter left.

Rukia laughed and coughed slightly. "I'm just… nervous. That's all." She smiled apologetically at him.

"Why?" the man asked. "Is it because of the restaurant? Are you uncomfortable in places like this? Is it too much?" Ichigo demanded, worried right now. It's their first date and he wanted to make sure that he did the right thing and most importantly, if Rukia is happy and satisfied.

Sensing the fret over her date's voice, Rukia immediately raised her hands in front of her and waved it. "No! Everything is alright!" she assured him and saw him eased immediately. "Don't worry, I'm used to stuff like this. Nii-sama always brings me to his business dinners and stuff like that so, this is really okay. It's just that no one has ever brought me to a place like this before. It's always Nii-sama."

"So you've never been on a date before?" Ichigo asked.

Rukia smiled weakly. "No." she answered. Ichigo's eyes widened. "But I had a few guys before who asked for a date but I denied them. Not really the type to eat out with random men." She excused.

"What about me?"


Ichigo smiled. "Aren't I a random guy? You just said you don't like to go out and have a date with random guys."

"About that…" She looked away and smiled. Ichigo was surprised with her expression and when Rukia turned to look at him again, her eyes had this sparkle. "It's probably because of your hair." She said.

"Excuse me?"

Rukia laughed. "Yes. It's cute. Orange… you rarely get to meet a person who has orange hair."

"O-okay." Ichigo murmured. She really is weird, just like what Ishida said. He picked up his wine glass and took a sip when Rukia said, "It's also your light."


"Your light." Rukia repeated. She sat up straight and leaned to the table to get near him. "You don't seem to understand. When I was in college, I majored in Art. One of my professors told me that everything has this "personal light", she added air quotes as she said the words. "When I met you, you know that time when I bumped into you and Orihime said that you were a close friend of hers when I was close to punching you, you actually had this light coming out from you when you talked nicely and decently apologized."

"I don't understand. I'm not an art major, like you. Sorry." And he took another sip of his wine.

"Come here." Rukia leaned forward and her hand reached towards his hair, ruffling his wild orange hair more.


As Rukia took her seat again, she asked, "You combed your hair, right?"

"Yeah, I did." Ichigo said as he tried to fix it back to its original look. "It's still unruly as it is. Why did you mess it up?"

"It's so not you." She said and she drank some water. Ichigo stopped fixing his hair. "Even though that you combed your hair and it's still as unruly as before, when I met you, your hair is actually much wilder than that." She pointed out. "I like that Ichigo met; The Ichigo that has a light that says "I'm Ichigo, holier than thou and does not give a fuck". Even though he apologized to me so politely." She said the last part in a teasing manner.

"You're a Kuchiki. You shouldn't say words like "fuck"." He said.

"Well, Kurosaki," Rukia said. "I'm not like those ordinary girls you had taken out on a date before."

You sure are.

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