Their Firsts

Prompt: First Holding Hands

"Thanks for inviting me out."

She smiled up to him. "It's okay. When I received your text, I already sensed that you were bored to the beat. Sorry, I didn't get to reply immediately."

He gently patted her on the back. "It's alright. You came for me, anyways. You saved my life."

Little did he know, the simple gesture sent a pleasant chill throughout her body. "No problem. Just treat me next time." She murmured.

"So you're suggesting another date?"

"Nope. Not every payback requires a date."

Her eyes wondered and saw an ice cream store.

"You can start with that" She said mischievously

"You're smile says otherwise. And what do you mean, "I can start from that"?"

"It means I will ask for more."

Later, Rukia now enjoys her ice cream and Ichigo does, too.

"Way to get angry with me." Rukia said. "Who knew that the Strawberry likes ice cream, too." She cooed jokingly at him.

"Shut up." he retorted. Rukia continued to tease Ichigo when she did not notice that she went further to walk the street and the cars are still moving and the green pedestrian light is still on. As fast as he could, Ichigo reached out and grabbed Rukia's hand, pulling her away just before a motorcycle hit her and rushed past her.

"Oh sorry-" she said.

"Jesus, Rukia! Be careful!"

Rukia looked up and saw Ichigo, his scowling face near hers. His tone of voice surprising her enough. Sure, she and Ichigo aren't that close enough… but his care and worry for her is really…

"Sorry." She mumbled as she hung her head.

"Jeez, that watch where you are going next time." Ichigo sighed.

As they crossed the street, Ichigo did not let go of her hand. Rukia still sensed the tension on his hand and to comfort him, she squeezed his hand gently to assure and sort of apologize to him for what she did. She also did the unthinkable, as she is a socially awkward person in the world: Rukia leaned her body closer to Ichigo as they held hands.

When they are in front of Rukia's office building, Rukia looked up at him again.


Ichigo sighed deeply and looked at her.

"Sorry." She said remorsefully.

"Look, I'm not angry, okay?" he said. "Judging by how you look, it seems like I am at the losing end here." He laughed.

"And you know what? I'm scared of letting you go…"

Rukia's mind sizzled and sort of had a shut down.

"W-what?" she stuttered.

"I'm scared of letting you go because who knows, you might get stuck in those elevator doors. You're such an accident magnet.



She sighed inwardly. What am I expecting?

"I have to go now." She said, smiling. "My boss would probably fire me."

As she turned to leave, she couldn't move again as Ichigo still held her hand. Rukia looked back and stared at Ichigo.

"You can… let go of my hand now." She said.

It seems like he's in a daze. "I'll take you home later?" he asked as he lets go.

"Yeah, sure." She said as she rushed inside the building, trying to forget what just happened and what she had been feeling since she met him for this day.

In a rush but I was satisfied. Are you?