A Very Unlucky Friday the 13th

My 1st story about Percy and the Warriors! This is set two moons after Firestar's Quest and after The Last Olympian! And sorry I couldn't post this earlier with school and all that…. Now on with my story!

Sandstorm's POV

As I woke up one morning, the scent of the nursery filled my nose. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my precious little kits, Squirrelkit and Leafkit. Squirrelkit had a fiery orange pelt with green eyes just like her father, Firestar, and also had a bushy tail like a squirrel. Leafkit had a tabby pelt and amber colored eyes. I had named her after Spottedleaf, our former medicine cat, after she had helped me save lives of the warriors of Skyclan, and of course Leafstar, after the current leader of Skyclan,as a rememberance of the journey to that had brought a lost clan back together and brought Firestar and I closer than seemed to be sleeping soundly, so I had decided not to wake them up. I quietly slipped out of the nursery and looked at the sky. It was almost sun high and a hunting patrol had just left. Camp was stirring. The elders were sunning themselves in the warm new-leaf sun light, while two apprentices, Spiderpaw and Shrewpaw, were cleaning their den. A couple of warriors were snoring away in the warriors den.'Four moons 'til I move back there and kits would be 'paws by then' Ithought as I silently sighed to myself.I knew that I could never keep them from becoming apprentices but I, of course, would miss their tiny, warm bodies pressed next to mine. I walked to the fresh-kill pile and took a mouse, then sat by the entrance of the nursery. The gorse tunnel had started shaking as a hunting patrol arrived. I heard a hiss through the entrance whose voice, which no doubt, came from Graystripe, the deputy of Thunderclan."Quiet or you'll scare all the prey from here to Fourtrees!" he hissed, his voice sounding really cold. I wondered who he was talking to, until they came in. Out came the patrol, but there were four cats. Four cats with one of the strangest appearances I have ever seen.

So, how do u like it? I'll be putting some OC characters and there will be some parts I just made also a SUPER SORRY that it's so short. Hope u like it! I don't really care if u say anything bad 'bout it. Next Chapter's gonna be what happened 2 the PJO gang and stuff. I'll probably update next week. These things are harder than u think they r, u know? Thanks 4 reading!