A Very Unlucky Friday the 13th

Me: Yay! I'm finally updating!

Percy: Why?

Annabeth: Because she wants to, Seaweed Brain!

Percy: Why?

Nico: Forget it, Annabeth. He's hopeless.

Percy: Am not!

Thalia: Hey Kelp-Head! The Author is making the beginning in your point of view! This'll be hilarious!

Me: Please just do the disclaimer already so we can get on with it!

Percy: Fine. Cecilia/Me-MowtheAssasin514 does NOT own PJO and the Warriors.

Percy's POV In Cabin 3: The Poseidon Cabin

It all began when I woke up as a cat. I just woke up on a certain morning, which happened to be Friday the 13th, and I of course, having some of the worst demigod luck in history, got turned into a cat. I opened my eyes and yawned. I tried to stretch my arms. Tried to. I realized that I couldn't. And that my hands looked black and furry. I quickly looked around the room, which looked a lot bigger than usual. After looking around, I checked what was different about me. My teeth were sharper than before. I had a tail and had to walk on all four legs. I ran to the mirror to see things that I couldn't really see. I had raven black fur( a bit shaggy and not too long) and thankfully still had my sea-green eyes. 'I wonder if Annabeth would recognize the cat I am now. He would probably freak out or start laughing at me. Probably.' I thought to myself. The door was slightly open. I trotted outside, accepting the fact that I'm now a cat. 'At least I'm not a guinea pig' I thought. Things like this occur when you're least expecting it. It just makes me hate being I'm a demigod, though it does have some perks. I soon got outside. Camp looks much bigger when you're the size of a cat and you are one. While lookin' around I spotted another cat coming out of Cabin 6, the Athena Cabin. The cat, which I assumed was a she, had a sandy, golden blonde pelt that glowed in the sunlight. 'Pelt? Since when did I start thinking like a cat? Oh, right. This morning' I thought. The she-cat was staring into space, deep in thought. I had a glance at her eyes. 'Oh Gods' I thought. Those eyes were grey. Stormy Grey to be exact. They were the eyes I learned to love. Those eyes belonged to Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, and my girlfriend. I have no idea why but for some reason, I thought it was funny. Real funny. So I did the natural thing, I started laughing my butt off. My laughs sounded like a sort of meowing laugh. She heard me laughing, turned her head to me, and started staring. "Hey Wise girl, you know its rude to stare" I said then continued laughing. She blinked then asked, "Percy?" in a (At least it was) surprised voice. "Aww, Annie can't recognize her own Seaweed Brain" I said with fake hurt and just to annoy her I added, "For the first time she doesn't know something!". That sure ticked her off. I thought she was gonna punch me but we were cats so she couldn't. Annabeth smirked (If cats could smirk) before saying, "I may not be able to punch you" she said as if she were reading my mind, "but I could always bite or claw you to pieces!" she said, right before leaping on me. We playfully wrestled on the ground, ending up with her winning. "So…..How do we turn back to normal?" I asked her. "We also have to find out who even caused this in the first place." She replied. And at that, we were swallowed by a wave of light.