Those five words, those five blasted words, were enough to make Mako look like a fool.

"Admit it, you like me."

No, it wasn't the words. It was the person who said them. She made him look like a fool. She said them so defiantly, so confident. She thinks he can't help but fall for her. She's so conceited.

The look in her eye when she said that made him want to shiver or punch something. Or both. The smug sideways smile, the devious glint in her gaze, they drove him crazy. She drives him crazy. He curses himself for letting her have that effect on him.

Right after those five words, he did his best not to panic. He put on his best you're-an-idiot face and rolled his eyes. But nothing could distract her from the blush gracing his cheeks. Her smile widened when she saw this.

"Me? Like you?" he said as coolly as he could. He didn't want to laugh; that might hurt her feelings. But time was running out for a good reaction to the simple sentence. It was now or never. Would he finally divulge his deepest secret to the one person it involves? Or would he brush it off and save that for another day? Would he ever tell her?

These thoughts ran a million miles a minute through his head as he fidgeted with his scarf. He wouldn't look her in the eye. She cocked her head and raised an eyebrow at him. I'm waiting, her gaze taunted. Maybe the absence of his answer was all she needed to hear. Maybe he wouldn't have to tell her after all.

"Sure. Sure, I like you." He couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. Oh well, he spoke, so now he had to go along with what he said. He started to walk away from her, wearing a superior smile.

"Sure?" She started to chase after him, but he wouldn't turn around. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Whatever you want it to mean, sweetheart." He could've laughed at how strange that sounded. But he was proud that, this time, she didn't have control over him. She was still chasing him (chasing him!), yelling at him to "come back here and give me a straight answer!"

In due time, he thought to himself. In due time.

A/N: Okay, so I know this probably won't be how the actual story plays out on the show, but I saw part of it in the commercial and loved it! Hope you liked it!