Don't Fool with Mother Nature

Chapter 1: The Calm before the storm

A/N: Please be aware that I do live in NE Dallas. None of the tornadoes ever came close to my house. Yes, I do watch the weather when I can and keep myself updated. I was referring to the storms that happened April 3.

A/N1: I had a hard time with this chapter. I did not know how I wanted it to come out. So, please don't be mad at me. Writing is not my strong suite. Warning: There will be a lot of death in this story.

The residents were aware of the change in the humidity in the air and that the storm that ravaged DFW area were shocked at the devastation wrought on both cities. There were only two F4 tornadoes which both hit Dallas. The other four tornadoes came down as F3 and below. The tracks were ENE. Due to the extensive TV coverage there, no deaths were reported; there were injuries though due to flying debris. For the population of 1.2 million and expand that to 6 million in the surrounding areas of Dallas got off light.

Unknown to Lima, Ohio and to Glee kids several super cells formed to the south. One particular storm was forming a wall cloud along with the upper and lower wind sheer going crazy on the weather radar. The National Weather Service in Wilmington did issue a tornado warning for western Ohio. The local authorities in Lima acted on the warnings but the tornado sirens failed. The first of the F5 tornadoes to touch down about a mile from Lima headed towards downtown Lima. Storm spotters failed to spot the tornado as it was one of those that were rain wrapped.

The second and third tornado to hit Lima hit McKinley High. The first of the tornadoes an F5 knocked out all power in the building including the emergency generators. Structural damage to the high school was at best severe. Every window in the school shattered due to debris flying in the air. Students that were in the outside classrooms with windows tried to run for cover to the inner hallways of the school. Ceiling tiles and parts of the roof collapsed injuring students and teachers. Pens and pencils became dangerous missiles in which some were embedded in the wall, white boards, and some students. Without power Figgens could not announce to the teachers and the students about what is happening at that moment in time.

The second tornado did a glancing blow to the high school. It being a F4, it did not do as much damage as the F5 tornado did. The third story of the high school collapsed trapping students and teachers. Of the 1000 students that were in the school, 200 were trapped on the third floor. The stairwells were clogged with debris effectively trapping not only the 200 students but all 13…..

Yeah I know a cliffhanger, so sue me. Yeah, I know is it short but this chapter sets up the environment that the Gleekids are in and the state of the school.

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