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Lima, Ohio Aftermath

The storm finally pushes through and the sun is shining with a cool NW breeze. The streets were blocked by trees trunks and branches. Telephone poles, cars, roof beams, roof tiles, and other debris block the streets that were critical in getting essential emergency equipment into the town and help with search and rescue. The cell towers that were around and in Lima were either knocked down or damaged enough to where the towers were not working due to their being no power being supplied.

Meanwhile at McKinley the situation goes from bad to worst. Unknown to the students the second floor is on the verge of collapsing in on itself after the second tornado hit. Up on the third floor students and teachers try to figure out what happened. Since the power was out in the school no one got electrocuted. The collapse also caused the sprinkler system to leak water from ruptured pipes just above the roof tiles. One such cracked pipe is currently dripping on Quinn. Water slowly drips onto Quinn's forehead causing her wake up after the roof of the school collapsed. The cool water is from the sprinkler system. Quinn slowly tries to wake up after being hit on the head by something hard. She does not remember what hit her. She tries to recollect before she lost consciousness where she was and who she was with. She is aware that she is trapped in a pocket. She lifts her head and smacks it against a thin metal beam.

"Shit!" rubbing where she hit her head. This will leave a bruise, she thinks to herself. She then does a self- assessment for any broken bones. No broken bones so far as she can reach without moving her legs. Quinn carefully tries to move both legs and is able to. But as she does her knees bump up against something hard. "Crap!" Well I can't move my head up very far or for that matter my knees, she thought to herself. Quinn then tries to think before she goes into a major panic attack. My cell phone that is in my schoolbag is still at my desk, wherever that would be now. She groans.

Quinn rethinks her situation and tries to remember where in the classroom she currently is. The darkness does not help the situation one bit. She is aware that she is on her back. How she got in that position is beyond her. If I move to the left inching where I think there is a wall, then I think I will have a good reference point. She is now doubting herself if she will get a reference point. She starts to slide ever so carefully to her left making sure that she does not lift either her head or her knees. After moving a foot to the left her hip bumps into something soft, movable. She jerks her hips back but not too far. With her left hand she extends it to where she thinks she last felt that soft and movable lump. Her fingers make contact with what seems to be a sweater. Carefully she tries to inch towards where the sweater is. Quinn reaches out with her left hand again and makes better contact with said soft object. Her hand then touches something soft but bra clad breast. RACHEL! Quinn thinks to herself. But how can she confirm that this is in fact Rachel. She has no flashlight with her, and her cell is at her desk.

Quinn now has to try to remember those last moments before all this happened. She removes her left hand from where it was and moves it to Rachel's shoulder and keeps it there. If in fact this is Rachel. I will need to either touch her face to confirm or touch the sweater on where their usually is an animal of some sort, Quinn thinks to herself.


It was during third period AP English that class was getting boring for Quinn and for that matter Rachel. Quinn was sitting right behind Rachel annoying the diva with whispered insults, kicking her chair. Rachel just ignored the irritating blonde ex-cheerleader.

About thirty minutes into the period the first tornado hit the school, students got up from their seats and headed towards the inner wall of the school away from where the tornado hit. By chance Quinn and Rachel were in the standard tornado position next to each other. Not ten minutes later the second tornado hit and shortly after that the roof collapsed showering ceiling tiles, metal roof beams and the sprinkler systems onto the students. At the time after the first tornado hit Quinn and Rachel sat up from their positions when the roof collapsed and a metal beam hit both Rachel and Quinn on the head knocking them both out.

End of flashback

Quinn wondered what time it was. She had no inkling since she did not wear a watch and depended on her cell phone for the time. Off in the distance she could hear students yelling where they were on the third floor. Quinn could hear Puck but it was faint. She did not think that she had the strength to yell for the others to find her, or for that matter get to her. Then she got an idea and hoped that whoever was next to her had their cell phone with them. She carefully removed her left hand from the other girl's shoulder and scooted down to where she could search for the very thing that might save not only her life but the girl who is lying next to her.

Quinn estimated or tried to estimate where the girl kept her cell phone. She better have it on her and where I think she has her phone, Quinn thought. Quinn reached with her left hand and felt the other girl's midriff. She inched her hand down until she got to the waistband. Quinn hesitated; she did not want to intrude on the girl's most intimate areas of her body. So what do I do now? Do I proceed to look for the cell phone or not, Quinn thought. Yes I do. I have several things I need to confirm and I will not rest until I have that phone in my hands. If there is a phone in her pockets and it is charged, Quinn continues to think to herself. Quinn starts to move her left hand along the girl's right hip and… BINGO! Quinn felt the phone in the pocket of the girl's pants or skirt, Quinn could not confirm. She slides her hand into the pocket and slips her fingers around the device and pulls it out trying not to drop it.

Quinn now has to fumble with the phone in the complete darkness to turn it on. Fortunately for Quinn this model was the same as her own phone. She switches the device on. Thank god for the light in an otherwise dark part of my life so far, she thought. The first thing she checks is the time. "Oh shit, it's already 2 p.m." She tries to piece together the timeline and nothing comes. She then goes into the contact list of the phone's owner and her mouth just drops when she reads the names on the list.

Yep, another cliffhanger for those who hate them. :D

AN: Remember Quinn is in total darkness. She has to do everything by touch.