All I Ask Of You

Digidestend Angel

Summary: This is the sequel to Love At First Sight. Beck and Cat have been married for 3 years. Now something's changed: Cat's pregnant. Is their marriage strong enough to face these challenges?

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Chapter One

I Wouldn't Mind

Zona Hotelera, Cancun was the definition of paradise for a wealthy, young married couple, who decided to take breaks in their acting and singing careers and breakaway from the busy schedules and constant photographers bombarding them every moment of every day. It was October 12th, 2017. The weather was gorgeous, perfect. No one was around, since the beachfront home they lived in had a private beach with a few neighbors on each side of their large home. The white sand beach, clear blue ocean, and lovely yellow sun took the couple's breath away every time they woke up.

Who were these two we're speaking of?

None other than 25 year old Beck Oliver -actor, stunts double, director, and author- and his wife of 3 years, 24 year old Cat (Valentine) Oliver -actress, singer, and songwriter- that's who.

Beck Oliver was on his iPad3 with his sunglasses shading his eyes and only dressed in a pair of swim shorts that went to his knees and a skin-tight tank top over his build torso. He was busy looking through websites when his wife came outside, where he was. Cat –Valentine- Oliver looked at her distracted husband and smirked. She silently took off her spaghetti strap halter top and short-shorts, revealing her light pink bikini suit before ruffling up her hair a little with her hands and then walked slowly over to the still-distracted man.

Cat cleared her throat a little and that's when Beck took his attention off his iPad and looked up to his young bride, who was standing before him, only in her bikini. "Well, hello there." Beck said coolly as he put his iPad next to him on the couch while Cat took her spot on his lap, straddling him. "What do I owe the pleasure of seeing you like this?"

Cat giggled as she put her hands on his shoulders. "You married me, dear. You get this for free."

Beck nodded. "You have a valid point." Cat smiled as she leaned herself in and met his lips gently. She put her hands through his wild, brown hair and massaged his head with the tips of her fingers, while he put his hands on her thighs. After a minute, she left his lips and continued her journey from his chin, jaw line, and then to his neck, kissing him with butterfly kisses. "Oh, Cat." He groaned as she pecked his sensitive spot that only she knew about.

Cat maneuvered her head so she could move to kiss the other side of his neck, but her eye caught something while doing so and it made her gasp and stop what she was doing. "Why are you looking at Teacup Puppies For Sale websites?" Cat asked in her high voice, leaning back and looking to Beck, who looked agitated. "Wait…my birthday is coming up in a few weeks…" Cat gasped again. "Are you getting me a puppy for my birthday?" Their second puppy, Dopey, died of a tumor the year before, leaving them devastated again, but they overcame it again together. Beck thought it would be a decent time to get another puppy.

"Yes, Kitten, I am." Beck forced a smile, his mind completely on another situation. "Now let's discuss that later because we were just in the middle of something very important."

Cat giggled. "I'm so sorry, Beck, but now I'm too excited!"

Beck raised an eyebrow. "Does sex with me not excite you anymore?"

"Oh, Beck, don't be such a crabby cake!" Cat pinched his cheeks and left his lap.

"Whoa, where are you going?" Beck asked, reaching for her to pull her back, but she was too quick.

"To swim!" Cat smiled. "I'm so antsy now, I should probably swim it off."

As Cat took off running to the water, Beck clenched his fists. "I married a damn good tease." He let it go as he watched his wife from their house on the beach. He smiled. Paradise, indeed.

Later that night, Beck came out of the shower, after washing the ocean water out of his hair and off his body, walking up to his queen size bed he shared with his loving wife. He smiled gently at her when she was sitting Indian style on her side of the bed, staring at her fingernails. He crawled into the bed, admiring her sexy nightgown, and kissed her neck. It startled her for a quick second, but then she moaned. Beck smirked against her neck. "I want to finish what we started earlier." He told her. Cat shivered at the longing in his voice. He put his hands on her hips and suddenly lifted her up and onto his lap as he leaned against the bed frame, sitting up. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled away. "Cat?"

Cat bit her lip.

Beck lost it then. "Cat, you've been acting weird for the past week and I'm sorry if this offends you, but it's pissing me off. What's happening to my wife?"

Cat smiled gently to him as she leaned in next to his ear. "She's pregnant." She whispered and then kissed his cheek before leaning back up. Beck went into shock with his jaw dropped. After a full minute, Cat frowned. "Beck? You need to say "congratulations" or something along those lines before I pack my bags and go move in with Jade in Cali." Cat told him in a warning tone.

Beck's head snapped up and he was grinning. "I'm going to be a dad?"

Cat smiled again and nodded.

Beck let out a dry laugh. "I'm…I'm going to be a dad!" He sat up suddenly, almost making Cat fall backyards, but he put his hands behind her back and brought her to him in a hug. "We're going to be parents!"

Cat wrapped her arms lightly around his neck and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Yes, yes, we are." She leaned back and leaned her forehead against his. "So you're happy?"

"More than happy." Beck even looked teary eyed. "I'm going to be a dad. Damn. I'm lucky. I have such a perfect wife, live in paradise, and now I'm going to be a dad." Beck let out a chuckle. "I'm a lucky son-of-a-gun."

Cat kissed his lips softly before he kissed back with a bit more force. "I love you." She whispered as she caught her breath after a few minutes.

"I love you too." Beck said, his eyes still glassy, but no tears fell. "I'm so happy. Thank you so much, Cat." But then he froze again. "Wait…you're pregnant." He sighed deeply. "Okay, we need some rules."

Cat giggled as she left his lap and laid down on her side of the bed, while he laid back down, taking her into his arms. "As expected from you." She said once she was comfortable on his bare chest. Ever since she was hit by a car –saving a friend's life- in their summer before college started, he had been so protective of her, and it wasn't even funny. She didn't mind though. What happened to her put him through a load of trauma that probably still haunted him to this day. She understood. They had been together since they were 14 years old. Who could lose the love of their life after all that time? No one could blame Beck for wanting to shield Cat from danger and harm. And now that she was pregnant, meaning she was 10 times more fragile than usual, he was going to make sure she was sheltered and safe…more than usual.

Beck went into a serious mode. "No jogging or swimming without someone there with you anymore. No spicy foods or anything alcoholic. The second you start showing, we're going to buy you maternity clothes so you can be comfortable. Stay off your feet as much as possible. Don't climb those stairs unless I'm around to help you up and down. No cleaning high places or reaching for the top shelf." Beck let out a breath. "I'm home all the time as well, so we're good. What about a doctor?"

"I went to go see her this morning." Cat said in her velvet voice. "She said I'm right on track. I heard the baby's heartbeat today too."

"How far along are you?" Beck asked in a curious tone. "We make love constantly, so it's hard to decipher."

Cat laughed. "I'm 5 weeks along."

"Ah." Beck nodded. "The drunken night at Andre's when we went to visit last month. Explains how this happened in the first place since I use protection after all."

"Except for that one night." Cat sighed. "I'm still happy though."

"Me too." Beck kissed her head. "I love you so much, Cat. I'm going to take care of you and make sure you're well protected during the next 8 months. Nothing will hurt you or bother you."

Cat smiled as she turned her head to look at him. "I wouldn't mind that. A relaxed pregnancy? Sounds pretty fabulous to me."

"Weren't the others betting money on when we would have our first baby?" Beck questioned.

Cat nodded. "Yes, they did indeed. Jade said we would get "a bun in the oven" after our honeymoon. Andre said within the first year. Robbie said we'd wait a few years, like 3 or 4. Tori said it'd be 5-10 because of how busy we were before we took a break."

"So Robbie won."

"He won 3,000 dollars."

"They each put in 1,000 dollars into that bet?" Beck asked in surprise. "Jeez, we sure did miss that one."

"You missed that one." Cat poked his chest. "You were on a tour when we were discussing it."

"The summer before junior year of college?" Beck asked. Cat nodded. "That was one of the worst summers ever."

"Why's that?"

"I didn't see you for 3 whole months." Beck said, tightening his hold on her. "I missed you."

"And to think, ever since then, we haven't left without each other." Cat smiled. "It's me and you. Forever and always."

"Yup. Forever and always." Beck leaned his head on Cat's. "You're such an angel, Cat."

"I'm your angel."

"You're my girl."