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All I Ask Of You

Digidestend Angel

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Chapter Thirty-Two


Everything was a blur for 30 year old Beck Oliver. He didn't sleep at all the night before. How could he? This was one of the most dreadful days of his life. He didn't know it would ever come…but it was here and he had to face the reality of the fact his little man was going to be going to school today…the big kindergarten. Pre-school wasn't bad at all, because it only lasted a few hours. But this lasted all day…his son was 5 years old and grown up into a smart boy, who was so mature for his age.

He was ready for kindergarten.

Beck wasn't ready for him to go to kindergarten.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and he dared himself to turn to see who it was. He attempted to smile. His oldest son was dressed in casual clothes with sneakers on his feet, which he learned to tie himself. 5 year old Nathaniel smiled brightly to his father. "What's up, dad? Do I look cool or what?" He spun around so Beck could check out the whole outfit. Nathaniel grabbed his sunglasses and put them over his eyes. "I'm awesome, huh?"

Beck chuckled lightly. "You're so conceited."

Nathaniel frowned. "AM NOT!" He paused. "Wait, what's conceited mean?"

Beck rolled his eyes and returned to his newspaper and coffee.

His three year old twins came down next and he turned to them again. He raised an eyebrow. "Why are you two still in pajamas?"

Julian, who had wavy brown hair and pale skin color, along with his father's eyes, grinned. "Mommy said we're going to have a lazy day with her!"

"YEAH! A lazy day!" Anthony shot back, sticking his tongue out to his father. He had thin brown hair, eyes of his mother, and pale skin. He was the spitting image of Cat.

"Anthony Ray, what have I told you about sticking your tongue out at your father?" A soft, tired voice scolded as she came down the stairs. "Nathaniel Beckett, no sunglasses on in the house. And Julian Matthew…uh, stay cute."

Julian squealed. "Yes, mama!" He shouted as both Nathaniel and Anthony pouted.

Now Beck stood up with a true smile, watching his glowing wife come down the stairs carefully.

Cat smiled to her sons.

"Mom, it's not our fault Julian is such a goody-two shoes!" Nathaniel shot a glare to his younger brother, who glared back.

"YEAH!" Anthony agreed. "Goody-two shoes!"

Julian began tearing up.

Cat came down with a little girl in her arms and she smiled gently to her youngest son. "Don't bully your baby brother you two." She scolded the other two as she leaned down and kissed Julian's head. She stood back up and looked to her husband. "Did you eat breakfast?"

Beck shook his head. "Nah…I'm too nervous."

Cat giggled. "Well I'll make breakfast. Everyone get seated at the table."

The two year old girl held onto her mother's neck tightly. "I want to help, momma!"

Cat smiled, patting her daughter's back. "Alright, Anastasia. Let's go make daddy and brothers' breakfast."

"YAY!" 2 year old Anastasia Jadelyn cheered.

As Beck helped his sons into their seats, he couldn't help, but admire the 5 month baby bump on Cat's stomach. They already found out it was another girl. They were going to name her Cathleen Victoria. Beck shook himself out of his thoughts when he saw Nathaniel over by the shelf that was about his level now. He sighed. Nathaniel always seemed to stare at the sacred picture…of Andre. Beck's best friend was killed in a car accident at the age of 28…Nathaniel took it hard as well.

Andre and Jade were married and had a baby girl…Jade hadn't moved on since as she raised her daughter as a single mother, and she was honestly doing quite well.

Robbie and Tori were married, but currently were working on adopting since Tori found out she couldn't conceive.

It wasn't heaven and paradise with Beck and Cat either. Cat had a miscarriage about the year ago. She didn't want to try for another baby, for it hurt so much and the depression was killing her, but oops? She was pregnant and healthy so far. Anastasia was battling Leukemia, which hurt Beck deeply. He wished he could see his daughter with some color in her sickly pale skin and hair on her bald head, but he hoped one day he would. One day, she may heal from this…he hoped. Only time will tell.

He went over to Nathaniel and pat his head. "Hey, bud." He said softly, but Nathaniel didn't respond. "Getting a smile from Uncle Andre before school?"

Nathaniel shrugged. "I just want to hear his voice again. He was always so cool."

Beck held back his tears and bit his lip. "Yeah, he was." He sighed. "Come on, mom's about to bring out breakfast."

Nathaniel nodded. "Kay-kay…hey, dad?"

"Yeah, son?" Beck responded, helping Nathaniel into his chair.

"Do you think Uncle Andre is my angel?" Nathaniel innocent asked.

"Definitely." Beck smiled and kissed his son's head.

"Breakfast is ready." Cat gentle, but cheery voice announced as she and Anastasia came out of the kitchen with a large plate of pancakes and Anastasia held a bowl of scrambled eggs.

Beck took the bowl from Anastasia and quickly put the young toddler in her highchair. "Cat, sit down. Let me do that." He ordered in a polite way.

Cat giggled. "No, no, I have it."

Beck wrapped an arm around her waist. "I love you so much."

Cat kissed his lips. "I love you too."

"EW!" Anthony cringed. "COOTIES!"

Nathaniel rolled his eyes. "Oh, get a grip, Anthony."

Beck groaned. "I just can't wait till they turn into teenagers." He said sarcastically, making Cat laugh.

Beck gripped the steering wheel of his 2020 Black Avalanche truck as Nathaniel was singing his favorite song in the backseat. He smiled. No matter the age, Nathaniel would always be in love with his mother's song "Put Your Hearts Up" and it wouldn't ever change. That song created a bond between Nathaniel and Cat at the first time he heard it in Cat's SUV when he was a month old on the way to his one month check up to the doctors.

Beck turned the corner to the Elementary Hollywood Arts. His heart raced. This was it, wasn't it?

But life's not the breath you take, the breathing in and out

Beck found a spot to park in front of the school and took a deep breath, still gripping the steering wheel.

Nathaniel looked to his dad with an eyebrow raised. "Dad? What's wrong with you?"

Beck chuckled. His son was always so blunt to get to the point. "Nothing." Beck took the keys out of the ignition and opened the driver's door.

That gets you through the day, ain't what it's all about

Beck gave a wave to Sikowitz, who was greeting the parents and new students to the school, since he was still principal. He opened the door to Nathaniel's side and the boy already ahd his seatbelt off. Beck helped him out of the truck and then Nathaniel put his little Spiderman backpack on.

Nathaniel was hyper. "Daddy, I'm so excited! This is the coolest day ever!"

Beck scoffed as he locked his truck and took Nathaniel's hand, walking up to the front doors of the school. "Yeah…best day ever…"

You just might miss the point trying to win the race

Beck reached the kindergarten class and met the teacher and everything. Nathaniel was smiling, but hanging on to his dad's leg. "Dad…wait…" Suddenly Nathaniel frowned. "What if no one likes me?"

Beck smiled as he leaned down to Nathaniel. "Hey…you are the coolest kind on this whole planet. Who wouldn't like you? Just remember that mommy's proud of you, your brothers are excited to hear about your day, your sister loves you, and…you're my son. My pride and joy." Beck kissed Nathaniel's head. "Okay, go put your backpack in your cubby that Mrs. Potter pointed to."

"You're picking me up after school, right?" Nathaniel asked him.

"You bet."

"Hi!" A little girl with red hair and pig tails came up to Nathaniel. "I'm Natalie! Want to be my friend?"

Nathaniel shrugged. "Sure!"

"Come on!" Natalie took Nathaniel's hand and began to lead him away.

Beck stood up about to leave the room…


Beck turned around sharply as Nathaniel ran up to him and Beck leaned down as Nathaniel jumped into his arms. "I love you very much, dad."

Beck let a tear slip out, but quickly wiped it away. "I love you, son. Have a good day."

Beck watched as his kindergartner ran back to his new friend…playing.

Growing up is hard to do.

Life's not the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away…

Beck left the room and walked down the halls of the school, smiling to himself.

He had to let go sometimes…now he had to let God take care of Nathaniel for him while he was at school.

Beck went back to the best day of his fatherhood life…

Beck stood up and leaned over to kiss her lips. "I love you so much, Cat."

Cat smiled. "I love you too."

Beck looked at his newborn son. "And I love you, Nathaniel."

"Here." Cat motioned for Beck to hold him. Beck looked nervous. "Beck, you need to. You haven't held him yet. What in the world are you afraid of?"

"Breaking him." Beck muttered. "He's like a porcelain doll. He's flawless and glowing."

"You won't break him or hurt him." Cat assured him. "Here you go."

Beck gulped as he reached over and carefully put Nathaniel in his arms, protectively. He bounced the baby up and down gently. "Wow…he's so light."

"And quiet." Cat sighed. "I hope that lasts."

"Don't get your hopes up." Beck told her with a grin.

"I know." She smiled. "Nathaniel Beckett Oliver. It just has a ring to it."

"It does, doesn't it?" He smiled to his son. "You're a true Oliver boy, that's right." Suddenly, he saw the ends of his lips curl upwards into a small smile. "He smiled at me." Beck said in awe. "He smiled at me."

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