Chapter 12 – Love Comes in Small Packages


One year later

If someone told me a year ago how much my life had changed I would have never believed it. I also would not at any time change it because I can truly tell you that I have everything.

I met the woman of my dreams and within a year I am happily married. What I am not telling you yet is that Bella, my wife, gave birth to fraternal twins four months ago.

Sara and Brian

They are a source of happiness as well as sleep deprivation. They look the spitting image of both of us. Brian has Bella's beautiful brown hair, but he has my green eyes. Sara has my hair, a mixture of brown and red, and brown eyes. I like to think that they have similar personalities but a month ago my mom and dad decided it was time to move to be closer to their grandchildren. Bella and I were smart when it came to getting a house that had a mother in law unit. Since they have moved to Portland, they have been watching the twins while Bella and I get some much-needed downtime. Sara and Brian are starting to get some of their personalities which I think is awesome.

I truly love my wife. I love all various versions of sex we have.

We can fuck each other senselessly.

We can also make love to each other sensually.

Tonight is different though. I decided to surprise my wife, the day of our anniversary; we are going to re-discover each other. I am a romantic. Jasper teases me about this daily. Tonight we have the house to ourselves. I have drawn a bubble bath for us. After the bath, I will take her to our bed, and completely give her a full massage. I do not expect sex from her tonight.

Tonight is about re-discovering each other through touch. We are a family, and I love them all.


I thought the love I had for my husband, Edward, would always remain the same. It changed in the most beautiful ways I could imagine. Sara and Brian have added to that love. I love watching them grow.

They are four months old now. I took three months maternity time off with them. The last month, I came back to work but only on a part-time basis. Because of that, I have watched them learn. I would ever be able to survive with the amount of sleep that I have gotten, but I did.

Truly, I love watching them with Edward. I love the look on their faces when he comes home from work. The love I have for him has grown so much in each single interaction he has with them. I also love that Carlisle and Esme are closer to us.

Tonight is our one-year anniversary.

I know that Edward is planning something special but, in all honestly all I want is quality time with only him.

I shouldn't be surprised when I walk into our bathroom do I see our tub full with bubble bath. This makes me smile. From behind me, I can feel Edward's hand's wrap around my waist.

I can tell that he is completely naked behind me. He slowly he turns my body towards his and undresses me. I used to be self-conscious about my body, especially after giving birth. I still am a little but Edward has told me countless times that it doesn't matter to him. He has said that my new curves brought him a family.

We sit next to each other in the tub for what seems like forever, but I know it's not because we would turn into prunes. While Edward gets out of the tub, I stand up to follow him, but he stops me and dries my body with a towel.

He carries me to our bed, and I lay on my stomach. His hands all over my body is something I will never take for granted. He relaxes my body until I can feel like I can fall asleep

He joins me in bed, and we face each other.

We look at each other and in this moment, I know what he is feeling. We don't have to say the words out loud.

We love each other, and that will never change.


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