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It has been two years since the clone wars began and so far it doesn't appear to be close to be over. Both sides have taken their war all over the galaxy. This war has spread from small planets with little populations, to large planets with a larger population, and better resources. This war has caused even some neutral planets to choose a side, or be taken over.

But now if the war wasn't bad enough to deal with, there is a new threat that is spreading across the galaxy. This new threat has been attacking many ships from slave traders to Republic cruisers. Both sides of ships have been getting attacked by this new threat, which many are calling a "phantom ship."

The survivors described the ship as coming out of space with glowing green eyes. The eyes looked evil as it charged at the ships. The ships fired back, but the eyes kept getting closer and closer till it hits the it's target. It somehow pierced into the side of the ship and caused major damage. The people onboard get to the escape pods and escape just a few minutes before their ship explodes. Now the senators of both sides are discussing about capturing or destroying this "phantom ship". But the question is who will go after the ship, and will those people come back alive in one piece.

Outer rim (normal pov)

Deep in the outer rim a Republic cruiser was heading towards a planet to drop off supplies and weapons for their troops. Normally the ships would have some backup, but the admiral of the ship, Admiral Adam Pierce thought it wasn't far and that they can get the supplies to the planet without any trouble. The admiral has heard many rumors about some kind of 'phantom ship' attacking ships deep in space. Admiral Pierce didn't believe in such a story thinking it wasn't real.

Admiral Adam Pierce was raised in a high class family. His family has been in the military for years. They have been in many great wars and Adam was determined to be like his past ancestors. All who have become famous during the wars they were in and the historic moments they were apart of or created. He joined the war to not only help bring order to the republic, but to also be remembered as well like his past ancestors. He was going to do that and he wasn't going to let some 'phantom ship' get in the way of him being remembered.

He was looking out through the viewport when one of the clones approached him. It was clone commander Wolf who had his helmet off revealing a long burn scar coming down across his left eye. Admiral Pierce respected the clone and knew he has been in many fights. He knew the clone like many wouldn't be remembered by name. At least by the politics or the people, but at least the admiral would remember the clone and all the men involved in the war as well.

Wolf approached the admiral and stood in attention, "Admiral we received a message from General Adi Gallia. She is asking how our progress is going getting to the rendezvous point."

Admiral Pierce sighed in annoyance. He didn't hate the Jedi, but didn't like how they were given the rank of General and their own battalion of soldiers in this war. To him the Jedi have no experience in war, they're plans including the ones like Anakin Skywalker's plans involve in the deaths of so many clones, and to top it off they get children involved in the war. Like Skywalker's padawan who was 16 right now, but she was so young when she joined the war. Pierce has a daughter and he knew he would never expose her to war, especially at the mental damage it can do.

"Contact her and tell her we are almost to the planet. It won't take us long to drop the supplies, though I wish the chancellor would stop sending me on missions like these and send me to ones involving fights against the droids," Admiral Pierce joined the republic's army a six months ago. He became admiral thanks to his family's reputation, but since he joined the only battle he was in was a space battle. However, the fight wasn't long and he didn't do much since he was working with Skywalker in the mission.

"I know what you mean sir. Ever since I was transferred here with my men we haven't received much action. But who knows sir, after this mission we might get a chance to get a proper mission," Wolf said confidently.

Admiral Pierce smiled at the clone and nodded, "I might ask the chancellor to get us a different mission after this. Heck if he does I'll show the Jedi there are different ways to gain victory without killing all your men."

A clone trooper ran up towards the men, and he looked worried.

"Sir it's here."

"What's here, trooper?" Pierce asked wondering what has gotten the clone so scared.

"It's the phantom ship sir, it's here," Pierce groaned, knowing this would be a waste of his time.

He ran behind the clone and the clone showed him where the ship was. Pierce looked into the screen and was shocked to see what it was, "No way, it can't be," there it was. Out in the middle of space were two glowing green eyes. He could have sworn the eyes were looking right at him. Evil eyes, they looked at Pierce, frightening him. He was taught not to show fear, but for some reason he deathly feared those eyes.

"Admiral it's heading this way, shall we open fire?" Wolf said snapping the admiral out of his trance when he saw the eyes were heading towards them. They couldn't see the body of where the eyes were connected to, but the admiral knew to aim for the eyes.

"Y-yes open fire and take out this phantom ship now!" the men all went to battle stations as they open fired at the eyes that approached them at high speed. The clones shot off the cannons and turrets, trying desperately to slow, or even stop the ship. Despite the blasting, the eyes kept coming. They hit their targets the blasts, but it didn't destroy the phantom, nor did it appear to be slowing down, "Keep firing dammit! And take it down!"

This was the first time the admiral was fighting an enemy he could see, but couldn't take down. He kept firing at the eyes, but they kept getting closer and closer. He tried to think of a different way, but for some reason when he looked at the eyes he couldn't focus. He lost his confidence and his way of thinking until.

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