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Tiana flinched as a glass bottle went crashing to the floor. She halted her cleaning of the last table to rush to the kitchen in confusion. The restaurant had closed an hour ago and everyone had left save for her and Naveen who lived right upstairs. So, naturally, she was quite curious as to who was in her kitchen at this time of night. She barged into the kitchen-

"Mama!" - only to see her two-year-old daughter sitting on the floor; a small puddle of some sort of sauce leaking from a broken bottle on the counter that was dripping all over the small girl.

"What're you doin?" She asked, picking up the laughing child.

"I cook like Mama!" She cheered, clapping her sauce-stained hands. Her reaction caused a laugh from Tiana, who called down her husband.

"Faldi Faldonza, what happened here?" Naveen asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Our little chef had an accident." Tiana replied as her daughter recited 'Faldi Faldonza' over and over as best she could. Her recitation stopped immediately when her Naveen picked her up and planted multiple kisses on her cheek, during which she giggled.

"Could you clean up Evangeline?" Tiana asked.

"Sure thing," Naveen responded before giving her a chaste kiss. Evangeline closed her eyes and muttred, "Yucky."

"Let's go Mi Princeza," Naveen said as he carried her upstairs to clean her up.

"And this is you at your first birthday," Naveen pointed to the picture in the book he held, showing it to Evangeline who was looking with curiosity at, not the page he was showing her, but the next one.

"Wassat?" She asked. Her version of 'what's that', which she still found to difficult to say.

"It's your birth certificate." Naveen said, sliding it out. She reached for the delicate parchment and he let her hold it, though the words meant nothing to her besides scribbles on paper.

"Wow." She gaped, pressing the document to her chest and sitting down in her toddler bed. She yawned before laying down, the certificate still in her arms. Naveen kissed her on the forehead as her eyes closed, then turned off the light.

A crash woke Tiana and Naveen. They looked around the room groggily before realizing there was no damage. A little girl crying however got both of their attentions.
"Evangeline!" They exclaimed together before racing to their daughter's room. Even though it was dark, they could easily tell she wasn't in her bed.

"Evan, sweetie, are you ok?" Tiana called into the room.

"Mama!" They looked up to see Evangeline hanging slightly from the ceiling, another shadow grabbing her own by the nightgown she wore to suspend her. It was a very familiar shadow as well. The shadow tried to pull her out of the shadow's grip, but Naveen took her hand. He was caught by surprise and couldn't hold onto her for long, and he ended up grabbing her birth certificate as his hand slipped. A ripping sound ensued and he fell to the floor, Evangeline gone into the night.

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