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M is for Memories

Rogue was beyond pissed. The worst part was, she didn't even know why. And that made her even more pissed. The problem was, she had a whole bunch of people in her head making problems for her. Usually, all the psyches in her head were kept in their own little locked room in the back corner of her mind. That way, she didn't have to deal with them unless she wanted to. Sometimes, however, they leaked through a bit. Especially around certain triggers. Jubilee had brought Rogue along for moral support when she'd gotten her first tattoo. Rogue had almost leapt out of her chair and stabbed the artist with his tattoo gun before getting a grip and politely excusing herself. It took her nearly two hours until she figured out that it was Magneto's response to that tattooing process that made her flip out. Which had ticked her off since she'd wanted to get one done herself.

She figured out that Bobby was deathly afraid of bees when one landed on Gambit's shoulder and she punched him in an effort to kill it. Gambit had looked at her with wide eyes and arms raised in an 'I surrender' gesture. The worst was probably when she'd recently absorbed Pete along with some of his more…carnal desires. The next time she looked at Kitty was during a staff movie night. When she glanced at her friend, the image of her in blue lingerie that Pete recently bought for her overtook her. Rogue choked on her popcorn and had to run out of the room, suddenly extremely aroused and blushing furiously. Gambit had given her so much shit for that.

But now, Rogue was furious. Illogically furious. While Kitty and Rogue were making sandwiches for lunch, Kitty started humming a song under her breath. Rogue didn't know it, but the Wolverine in her head sure did. She didn't know why he hated it, but rage surged through her as soon as Kitty was three notes in. Her hands clenched around the bag of bread, mashing the last few pieces. Kitty glanced over and stopped humming.

"Rogue…are you okay?" she asked cautiously.

Rogue forced her fingers to relax and let go of the bread, but she couldn't make the adrenaline fueled fury stop. She nodded and made a beeline for the door. "Just…" she pointed to her head, "this."

She heard Kitty's answer of, "Oh," before she was out of the kitchen. She ignored the curious stares she got in the hall and focused on getting to her room without biting someone's head off. She didn't even notice that one of the people she'd brushed by was Gambit. He called her name but she didn't seem to hear him. He did see her head down and one hand on her temple, which gave him a pretty good idea of what was going on. He turned right around and went to the kitchen, running into Kitty.

"Hey Gambit, Rogue's having a-"

"I know," Gambit said, rummaging through the cabinets.

"Hey," Kitty said, and Gambit turned just in time for her to throw him a jar of Nutella.

"Merci," Gambit said. He left a few moments later with the Nutella, a bag of Funyons, hot chocolate, and cornbread. He made a detour to his room and grabbed a candle he and Rogue had bought when they were on holiday in Fiji. He didn't bother knocking, knowing if she was in a mood it wouldn't matter if he knocked or barged in, either would irritate her. So he just walked in and locked the door behind him. He might get away with invading her space, but anyone else was easy prey.

When he came in, Rogue was on the phone. "Logan," she said tersely, "you owe me a steak dinner." Silence for a minute as she listened. "Why? Because I can't hear Kitty whistling "The Way You Look Tonight" without wanting to break her leg. Don't you fucking growl at me, you giant testosterone, it's not my stunted emotional capacity that's the cause of this and it's either a steak dinner or you spend Thursday shopping with me for lingerie and tampons. In bulk." The threat apparently worked because Rogue said, "You're damn right," and hung up.

In the time she'd been on the phone, Gambit had lit the tropical, citrusy candle and set the Nutella, Funyons, and cornbread down on her bed. He carefully took the phone from her hands and replaced it with the hot chocolate before she had the chance to snap at him. She took a deep breath, inhaling the smell that brought her back to Fiji. Sunbathing on the private beach, kissing Gambit in the ocean, luxuriating in the feeling of her skin sliding across his. When he looked up at him, the rage was leaking out of her face, replaced with irritation, confusion, and sadness.

"I love you," he said simply. He leaned forward, arms on hers, and kissed her forehead. "Tres belle," he whispered, lips ghosting over her skin. Rogue let out a satisfied breath and leaned into him, letting him rub her back and nuzzle her until he reluctantly pulled away. "You should drink that before it gets cold."

"Thanks," she said. She retreated to her bed, followed by Gambit who opened the bag of Funyons. He munched on a few before passing them to her with the jar of Nutella.

"You know that's disgusting, yes?" Gambit asked when she dipped the Funyon into the Nutella.

"Says you," she answered. "To me, comfort food."

"Then why do you always want cornbread?"

"More comfort food."

"You know most women want ice cream or a chocolate bar or something."

Rogue glared at him. "Then feel free to go find some normal woman or some shit-"

He thrust the cornbread at her with a smirk. "I wouldn't know what to do with a normal woman anymore. I'd go to pick her up for a date with Nutella-covered Funyons and an oven-fresh pan of cornbread. She'd probably think I was planning on killing her and selling her to some weird southern cannibal restaurant."

Rogue snorted and accepted the cornbread. They ate in silence for awhile, Rogue's anger dwindling the longer they were together until she was left with just sadness. "You know, this really sucks," she said. She rested her head on his shoulder, sighing and inching as close as she could to him. Right then, all she wanted was to curl up with him and stop existing for awhile. To pretend that the world outside wasn't real, that the only thing in reality was her and him wrapped up together. But all too soon they were waking up and getting ready for another day. Rogue did what she always did; she stood up straight and marched out into the big bad world.

Then there was that one time that Rogue got mad at Gambit for something his psyche said. Kitty and Jubilee were sitting in the lounge, trying very hard not to look too delighted while they watched Gambit try to reason with Rogue.

"Rogue, I didn't say it!"

"You were thinking it."

"I was not!"


"I don't think you look fat in the grey dress!" Gambit insisted. He looked around to Jubilee and Kitty for help, but they violently shook their heads, refusing to get in Rogue's way. "Chère, you know I like teasing, I was probably just being a little ass-"

"Oh I know you're an ass," she said. Rogue was sitting in a wingback chair, snapping at Gambit over the cover of a book

"Rouge," Gambit said, exasperated. "I didn't say that! A snarky, tiny sliver of me that's trapped in your brain did!"

"You compared how I looked in it to how Danica wore a similar one," Rogue said, voice dangerous. Jubilee swore in the corner but neither Gambit nor Rogue looked at her.

"Who's Danica?" Jubilee asked.

"Danica," Rogue said, eyes never leaving Gambit's face, "is a supermodel Gambit slept with a few years ago."

"Shit, bro."

"You're not helping," Gambit snapped before turning back to Rogue. "Rogue, we both know you're a thousand times more stunning than her."

"Uh huh," Rogue said, flicking to her book's next page.

"Rooooogue," Gambit groaned, plopping into the chair next to hers. "Did you see why I dumped her?"

"Because you were done boning her?" Rogue guessed, eyes still on her book.

"Non," Gambit said, leaning over to bridge the distance between them as best he could. "I left her because she was dull. All she wanted was to be told she was beautiful, and didn't care about anything beyond what people thought of her. She refused to eat well and take care of herself, no matter what I said. And she didn't care about me."

Rogue finally looked at him then. "Then why would your psyche compare us?"

"Did you let him finish speaking?" Gambit asked.

Rogue glared. "Why would I?"

"If I had to guess what I was saying in your head, gods that's a weird sentence, I was trying to be cute and romantic-"

"By comparing me to your ex?!"

"By saying that no matter what frivolous similarities there are between you two, that you will always be the most beautiful, caring, feisty ass woman I've ever met, and even when life is hard, there's no one I'd rather struggle with more than you," Gambit said, eyes pleading.

"Aww," Kitty sighed.

"Too cute, may vomit," Jubilee added.

Rogue tried valiantly not to smile, but the corners of her lips were twitching upwards. "Your psyche is vehemently agreeing," she said.

"Because he loves the hell out of you, just like I do."

"Okay," Jubilee said, jumping up. "I'm gonna go drink some lemon juice to get this disgustingly sweet taste out of my mouth." Kitty followed, giving one more 'aw' before leaving.

"You're lucky you're a smooth talker, Cajun," Rogue said, taking his extended hand and crawling into his lap.

"Smooth talking, my ass," Gambit said. "That's for Valentine's Day cards and marriage proposals, this was me trying to convince my love how amazing she is."

Rogue snorted. "You can stop the whole wooing now, you survived the wrath, you're good," she said.

Gambit nuzzled his face in her neck, kissing her lightly. "It's not wooing, chère, it's just the truth."

"Jubilee is right, I'm gonna get cavities from your sweet crap, sugar," Rogue said, shaking her head. "I love you, too, though."

"So, no more blaming me for things that happen in your head?"

"You know, to anyone hearing that, you could sound like the biggest dick on the planet," Rogue said conversationally.

"I don't know about the entire Earth, but I'm flattered you think so much about my dic-"

"You work in a SCHOOL."

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