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Summary: Nono, his parents, and the Arcobaleno are all dead. Trapped in a future that's falling apart, Tsuna must fight with both himself and the dreaded Millefiore famiglia. Sequel to Hacker.

Chapter 1: Reborn Missing

Tsuna watched in fascination as pink smoke surrounded the spot Reborn had just been standing in. He knew the Arcobaleno had been looking for a way to break whatever curse kept them in their diminutive bodies, and this would let him see if they succeeded.


Tsuna waited for the smoke to clear… only to see nothing.


Tsuna swallowed nervously at the empty space Reborn left behind. He knew there was only one reason why someone wouldn't switch places with their future self and that didn't bode well for the Sun Arcobaleno. It left Tsuna with one frantic question.

Who could kill the strongest hitman?

Tsuna pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath before looking at the children. I-Pin and Fuuta were looking at the spot Reborn had been standing in with blatant worry, the seriousness of the situation seeming to dawn on them as well. Lambo, on the other hand, looked ready to panic, fearing he was in trouble, but was doing a good job at holding in his tears.

"Lambo." Lambo started and looked at Tsuna with wide panicked eyes. "I'm not angry."


Lambo sniffed and cautiously move forward to retrieve the Ten Year Bazooka, but Tsuna grabbed it first.

"No, but I need to check this and make sure it's working properly, okay?"

"R-right, Tsuna-nii." Lambo sniffed again but didn't argue as Tsuna slung the bazooka over his shoulder. "Be-because Reborn should have been switched, right?"

"That's right." Tsuna knelt down and gently patted Lambo's afro. "How about you guys go and play with Akira while I wait for Reborn to come back."


Tsuna's smile disappeared as the kids hurried back into the house. He hadn't said anything to Lambo about it, but the look he'd seen on Fuuta's face was enough to let him know the older child had noticed it as well.

Ten minutes have already passed.

Tsuna turned around and started making his way to Kyoya's house; it was where he had most of his tools stashed. As he trudged down the street, the implications of Reborn's disappearance began to assault him.

Reborn from the future not appearing probably meant the Sun Arcobaleno had died at some point in the next ten years, which, however unlikely, was very possible considering his profession. Reborn not returning could also be attributed to the future Reborn being dead, as there was no one to switch with the time limit could become skewed. But Tsuna doubted that was the case, nothing was ever that simple when involving the Ten Year Bazooka.

It was the other possibility that was making his insides go cold and clench with a horrible sense of guilt. If Reborn's disappearance had anything to do with the modification's he'd made to the bazooka… who's to say the same thing couldn't have happened to Lambo? Maybe the modifications had caused the bazooka to malfunction; trapping Reborn in a future he may or may not be dead in.

"Damn it all."

Tsuna sped up his pace as he reached Kyoya's street. When he got to the house, he didn't even bother knocking. Kyoya wouldn't be home for a few hours and Tsuna didn't want to waste time arguing with the maids. Besides, he had a permanent room for whenever he stayed at Kyoya's.

He immediately got to work stripping down the purple Bazooka, in a hurry but still careful and marking all of the details. Every wire was checked for connection, every screw was checked for tightness, and all of the other little components were checked for proper placement and balance.

Tsuna poured over the intricate piece of technology for close to two hours before he put it back together and set it on the queen bed. He sighed dejectedly as he went over the two scenarios again, carefully weighing all of the evidence and all of the possible options.

The Ten Year Bazooka was working perfectly.

Reborn not switching with his future self and being gone for more than ten minutes could only mean one thing, future Reborn was dead.

Unless there was technology that could keep someone from the past in the future, or prevent the switch. As far as Tsuna knew, such technology didn't exist and likely wouldn't serve much purpose. Everything seemed to just keep going back to Reborn being…

"Damn it think!" Tsuna placed his elbows on his knees and rested his face in the palm of his hands. "How did this happen and what can I do about it?"

Tsuna got up and began pacing up and down the length of the room, his right elbow resting on the palm of his left hand as his he held the right hand up to his chin. He went back over every scenario, how it happened and why, trying to think of a way to get Reborn back to the present.


Tsuna nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of the large bang. He almost thought the bazooka had gone off, before realizing the noise had come from outside. A quick look out the window confirmed a car had backfired.

Tsuna sighed and slouched back down on the bed, mentally exhausted from the situation. He leaned back, making a soft thump as he laid on the bed, feet still dangling of the edge. He placed his arms over his face, blocking out the glare of the florescent light.


He jumped again, but not as badly this time.

Car needs a tune up. He thought absent mindedly. He allowed his attention to wander, hoping his subconscious would present him with a piece of the puzzle he'd missed. Old clunkers like that need to be looked at all the time. Guy should get with the times.


Tsuna's entire body stiffened as an idea started forming in his mind, a bad idea.

Get with the times…


It was stupid; doing it would be too risky. Even if the bazooka was working perfectly, if he… he could be…


Tsuna got up and ran out of house as fast as he could.

"Why don't you let me take a look?"

The young man in his mid 20's, who'd been fiddling under the hood of a beat up old Datsun Bluebird P410, gave Tsuna a skeptical look as his handsome face twisted into a frown.

"Have experience with cars, shonen?"

"My uncle's a mechanic." Tsuna lied smoothly, showing no hint of deceit. "He taught me a few things about fixing cars. That Datsun has a 4 cylinder engine, right?"

Skepticism somewhat alleviated, the man backed up and allowed Tsuna to take a look at the rusted motor.

"She just started making that banging noise today." The man leaned in next to Tsuna, carefully watching every move he made. "Checked the oil, but that's about the only thing I know about cars."

Tsuna hummed in agreement as he pulled his Leatherman out of his back pocket and opened it up to the pliers.

"When was the last time you had it looked at?"

"This old hunk of junk?" The man snorted as he watched Tsuna lift the rocker cover. "What're you doing?"

"Checking the spark plug." Tsuna carefully set down the cover. "A car usually back fires when there's something wrong with the gas or old wiring causing a delayed or volatile start."

"Is it hard to fix?"

"Not really, but once it starts to go your better off getting a new car than dealing with all of the subsequent repair bills. Problems like this usually lead to other."

"Yeah, and then I'll invent time travel." The man scoffed and didn't notice the subtle tension in Tsuna's shoulders. "Then I can either tell my past self the results of sports games and races, or go to the future for the lottery numbers coming up. Then I'd have the money for a decent car."

"What if you got stuck?" Tsuna carefully examined the wiring; the Cylinder head put his inspection at an awkward angle. "You'd be even worse off then, wouldn't you?"

"Then I'd just have to settle for going to the future."

"What!" Tsuna jerked his head up, but quickly composed himself at the sight of the man's suspicious glance. "I mean… how would it make a difference if you went to the past or future?"

"Well." He scratched his chin and seemed to think of how to answer. "If I can invent time travel now, who's to say the machine wouldn't be in the future too, or someone else hadn't figured it out by the time I get there."

Tsuna said nothing as he carefully replaced the rocker cover and retightened the bolts, trying to absorb what the man had said. After a few moments of awkward silence, Tsuna sighed.

"The spark plug is completely rusted; it looks like some water got in."

"Damn." The man cursed and ran a hand through his hair. "I guess she really is done then."

"It's not that expensive, only about 500 yen." Tsuna closed the hood. "You should be able to get a few more months out of it before you should really consider getting another car."

The man sighed and reached into his pocket and pulled out a carton of cigarettes. Tsuna just watched as the man lit a cigarette, his face impassive.

"Well, thanks for the help anyway, shonen."

Tsuna studied the handsome man's face for a moment. He was obviously a foreigner, with his olive toned skin and impressive height. His wavy black hair was pulled into a low pony tail, only allowing a few strands to fall and frame his narrow face, accentuating the warm golden brown color of his eyes. Tsuna couldn't help but think the small beauty mark under his left eye was well deserved.

"You could go into modeling." Tsuna flushed slightly as the man raised an eyebrow. "I mean, your foreign features would attract some photographers. I know a few who say they like the "exotic" looking men of Europe."

"You think." The man seemed to ponder this for a moment before giving Tsuna a charming smile that made his flush deepen. "Maybe I'll take you up on that if you're willing to help out."

Tsuna quickly pulled out a card and handed it to the man, averting his eyes as he tried to get his flush under control.

"Here… call them and ask for Asami. Say Sawada Tsunayoshi recommended as a potential new model."

"That your name, shonen? Tsunayoshi?"


"Names Tyki." He held out his hand. "Tyki Mikk, or Mikk Tyki here."

Tsuna nearly swallowed his tongue as gripped the hand and recognized who he was talking to.

"You're… but you…?"

"The Earl cut me off for a year. Says I need to become self sufficient. This piece of crap is the only thing he gave me."

"Right." Tsuna ran a hand through his fluffy hair, trying to hold in the laugh that wanted to come up. "Funny how things work out."

When Tsuna made his way back into his room in Kyoya's house, his doubts were alleviated. While he hadn't intended to give Tyki's depressed musings much thought at first, the fact that the Noah family was actually heavily invested in time travel and wormhole research gave him a bit more security.

"Funny how things work."

He repeated as he approached the purple bazooka. Meeting a Noah certainly did seem like fate.

Tsuna sighed as he picked up the Ten Year Bazooka and pointed it at himself. No more doubts filtered into his head as he pulled the trigger, not noticing the head of red hair watching him from across the street as he was engulfed in pink smoke.

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