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Doctor Keller wandered through the infirmary doing one last check before she left to go get some much needed sleep. It wasn't a typical check on each patient. Dr. Cole had come on duty more than an hour ago and she'd be doing a traditional check of each patient shortly. Jennifer just wanted the assurance that everyone was snug in their beds.

It'd been an exhausting couple of days and she hadn't done more than catch a few minutes of rest at her desk since Atlantis had attempted to break free of the Replicator beam. Most of that time had been spent in surgery saving Doctor Weir and the rest of it had been consumed with an excruciating amount of stitching. The one downside of Atlantis being so beautiful with its turquoise colors and stained glass was the amount of lacerations that had occurred due to broken glass.

Word had come more than eight hours ago that the Odyssey had found them drifting in space, and then about two hours ago they'd heard that the Odyssey had rescued Sheppard's team and was already most of the way back. She'd been devastated to hear that Doctor Weir had given her life to buy the team time to escape. Jenn was sure the tears would come later, when she wasn't so tired… when she finally had the ability to think. She'd been operating on adrenaline for so very long, that once she'd gotten the news the Odyssey was on it's way back to Atlantis, she'd felt the weight of sorrow and exhaustion hit all at once. It felt as if her body had been waiting for the news and now that she knew they weren't going to die in the vacuum of space and that Evan would be home soon, she was allowed to finally give in to her body's demands for sleep.

Just thinking about seeing Evan soon, brought a brief smile to her lips. She was glad that she hadn't had to worry about him. She'd known he'd landed safe aboard the Odyssey once the city had been airborne. Jenn did feel bad that he'd undoubtedly been worried sick about her and the fate of Atlantis. She'd been able to bury herself in work and push her own worries to the back of her mind as she reassured others, drawing comfort in knowing that Evan was safe. These kinds of situations couldn't be helped here in the Pegasus and Jennifer was sure that they'd both spend plenty of days and nights worrying about each other. She prayed that in the future they continued to find their way home safely.

Jennifer stifled a yawn as she rounded the corner in the infirmary and the last three beds. The entry to the infirmary was within sight. She looked toward the nurse's station and gave those on duty a short wave before stepping out of the infirmary, ready for sleep.

Lorne tried to raise Jennifer on the radio once he'd beamed down to Atlantis, but Marie informed him that his wife had taken her radio off once she'd heard everyone was safe. Marie didn't need to tell him that Jenn had probably worked most of the time they were apart. The nurse had informed him that his wife was getting ready to leave the infirmary and to rest before her next shift.

Evan leaned against the wall just outside the entrance to the infirmary, the sense of deja'vu was strong. Three months ago he'd lounged in this exact spot waiting with uncertainty for Jenn to emerge. It was with a confidence born of a bit more time and better communication with the woman he loved, that he stood, anxiously waiting for her appearance.

When they'd not found Atlantis at the rendezvous point, Evan had never felt more panicked. With all of the things that could go wrong in the Pegasus, Lorne knew his fears were justified. His inability to help in the search for Atlantis had put him in a position to do nothing but dwell on the long list of what if's for what felt like ages.

What he did discover was that he didn't wish Jennifer safe on Earth, but rather safe with him. It was a surprise he hadn't expected.

A sudden intake of breath to his right pulled Evan from his thoughts and he turned to find Jennifer standing and staring at him. He pushed off the wall to go to her, but stopped short when he saw the tears beginning to flow down her cheeks.

"Jennifer?" he asked with concern as he advanced more slowly. "Are you alright?"

Jenn nodded her head, not trusting her voice.

"Are you regretting deciding to stay?"

She took a steadying breath, "No, I'm just so very glad to see you."

Evan pulled her into his arms and held her tightly. He stroked her back, allowing her to cry for a moment. "I'm glad to see you too," he replied, allowing a little humor to invade his voice.

Jennifer pulled back and smiled up at her husband, "Are you off shift?"

"Yes ma'am. Briefing in about four hours. McKay should have the city ready to move again by then." He reached up and wiped a few lingering tears from her cheek.

"I need sleep badly," she admitted, looking away as she said it.

Evan used her chin to pull her gaze back toward his, "I already heard that you worked through several shifts while I was away." He had a hard time making his words sound like a rebuke while holding her so close.

Unable to turn away she cast her gaze downward, "I have trouble sleeping when I'm not sure where my husband is."

"Like having me on a short leash, eh?" he chuckled. Lorne released her, but kept his arm around her shoulders, turning and making his way toward the nearest transporter.

"I can see the benefits of an actual ball and chain," she laughed back, her arm now around his waist.

Evan leaned in as they walked and kissed the side of her head affectionately as he pulled her in closer. "Let's get you home, Mrs. Lorne."

The End

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