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This word play had been going on for some time and every one had had enough. The Headmaster office was full. All of the Weasleys were there as well as most of the order. Harry had been ambushed and 'persuaded' that he needed to go and see the Headmaster straight away. Hermione huffed.

"Come on, Harry, you know that Hermione is right and you will eventually do what they want, you might as well turn around and talk to them about it now."

"Oh I will, will I, Ron? Thanks for your support here, 'Mate'!"

Harry shoulders slumped slightly as he suddenly realised that at this moment he didn't have any support. Everyone in that office wanted him to conform to the Headmaster's wishes. Sirius was gone and he had defeated the Dork Lard only a month ago. He was still tired and aching from that experience.

All the fifth years had just finished their O.W.L.S, when Harry had been tricked into going to the Ministry. After the battle that took place in which Sirius died and Harry had 'with shear dumb luck' managed to defeat Voldemort.

He had been starting to make plans for the summer and his future. He was even contemplating not coming back next year when he suddenly found that his mail was being blocked, both in coming and outgoing. He also found out that his friends were Dumbledore's lackeys first and foremost.

Harry took a deep breath. Calmly he said, "I will make you a deal, Ron, since you are so convinced, as to what will happen. I will turn around, but if I see or hear anything from that interfering, manipulative, back stabbing ignoramus that has the title of Headmaster. I will hex him seven ways to Hades and back again. Is that understood?"

"Now, my boy…"

The room suddenly seemed to be short of air as magic crackled over its occupants.

"Is that understood?" Harry repeated slowly in a low almost dead voice.

There was a great deal of bluster, huffing and shushing behind him followed by the opening and closing of the door. Then silence.

"He has gone, Harry." Hermione declared in a superior voice before huffed again when Harry didn't immediately respond.

Slowly Harry turned and looked at the collected assortment of people in the room.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

Nobody spoke or was willing to make eye contact with Harry, until after a savage elbow to the ribs Ron stepped slightly forward.

"Well you see, Harry, it is like this even though Sirius emancipated you and you have finished off He Who Must Not Be Named, the Headmaster decided that you need to finish Hogwarts, so he had the Wizenigot change the law so you have to." Ron blurted out. (*)


"Really, Harry, there is nothing else," Hermione said, elbowing Ron hard in the side.

Harry just looked at her, "I never thought that after all that we have been through that you would take the side of that old goat, Hermione, does our friendship really mean that little to you?"

Looking around the room at the Order members who had stayed, very few would meet his gaze. "So, there is something else then? Which one of you will grow a backbone and tell me the truth?"

"He has also decided that for the 'greater good' that you should be married to a nice 'light' witch. If you are not at the very least in a relationship that is on a very intimate footing then he is going to set up marriage contract and use the Ministry and the Wizenigot to back it." Ron gabbled quickly.

"Thank you, Ron it is nice to know that I at least have one friend in this room."

"Now that is not fare, Harry, I am your friend – I just think that it would be best for you to do what the Headmaster wants."

Harry blanked Hermione and turned to Ron, "is there anything else that I should know?"

"I think that there is a time limit on this."

"What do you mean, Ron?"

"I think that the Headmaster said that the Wizenigot but some restrictions on the order, the Headmaster has to prove that come 6pm tonight you are not in a relationship."

"Does he really? Well then I had better get busy. I am sure I shall see you later, Ron."

With that he left the room and swept down the stairs from the Headmasters office and into the school below. How he had managed to keep his temper up there he would never know.

As Harry stormed through the corridors looking for a way out onto the grounds as quickly as possible, a ripple of wild magic followed him. The castle seemed to glow in his wake. The stone work and windows sparkled, the suits of armour shone brightly as they stood to attention, even the paintings straightened and glowed as centuries of dust and dirt disappeared.

It wasn't long before Harry ran into someone – literally. As he rounded the corner he smacked into none other than ….


(*) Read the Headmaster doing it in another story – I think it was after Harry had been falsely put in Azkaban (as if there is any other way!) I believe tha it is called 'do not meddle in the affairs of wizards'.

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