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With that Victor renewed his kisses this time aiming for Harry's neck and rubbing his body more firmly against Harry. It was not long before either of them exploded against the other. Rolling off him, Victor pulled Harry into his arms. Gently he nuzzled Harry's face. "Harry?" Victor called to him. Slowly Harry opened his eyes and smiled up at Victor. Victor retuned the smile and pulled Harry in close.

A short time later Harry shot up, sitting up so quickly his head had narrowly missed hitting Victor.

"What is the matter, Harry?"

"What time is it? Does our relationship have to be registered? How do we prove that we are in a relationship?" Harry was by now pacing the room looking for the clothes that had come off during their heavy make out session. Feeling slightly sticky in places and very sticky in others; with a careless wave of his hand Harry cleaned both himself and Victor.

"They will just know, Harry, there is nothing for you to worry about. I think that you should tell me what has been going on."

After Harry had finished Victor pulled Harry into his arms and thoroughly kissed him. "Come on let's go and see what is happening."

Harry stalked over to the door and pulled it open. A very harassed looking Hermione Granger fell into the room and onto Harry.

Harry looked from Hermione to the door and saw that Hermione had made a keyhole. With a shake of his head Harry that she had spent all the time that they were in the room trying to find out what they were doing. Harry laughed and called to Victor, "What do you call a witch that listens at keyholes?"

Victor shrugged. Harry continued, "Hermione Granger."

Hermione was on her feet in seconds with her hands on her hips, "that is not funny, Harry."

"I am not really laughing, Hermione! Just what did you think that you were doing? Is it not enough that you have helped to nearly wreck my life?"

Harry stopped speaking; shaking his head at her he turned and walked away. Victor rushed to catch him up and held his hand as they walked with purpose to the Great Hall.

When they reached the hall Harry pulled his hand away and turned to Victor. "You are sure that nothing else needs to be done?" Victor nodded and Harry placed a kiss on his cheek. "Want to have some fun with them?" Harry asked nodding his head in the direction of the hall. Victor agreed as they went in.

On reaching the Gryffindor table they both sat and started their meal, ignoring those around them. Ron for once kept his mouth shut, much to Harry's relief. Hermione turned up late and sat as far away as she could. At the end of the meal Dumbledore stood, signalling to the Deputy Head to gain the attention of the students.

"This evening I have only one announcement. It is with great honour that I announce the engagement of two of our own, Mr Harry Potter and Miss Genervera Weasley. Both of you please stand so we can congratulate you."

As Dumbledore had started speaking Harry had reached out and taken Victor's hand from the table and placed it on his thigh, holding it tightly with his own. Victor gently squeezed Harry's hand in return. Harry then turned to Neville and started a conversation, pulling in the other boys from his dorm.

"Mr Potter, we are waiting for you."

Harry looked up; the entire hall was looking at him. "What are you all looking at me for?" Harry said.

Dumbledore looked down at Harry from the high table and said smirking, "we are waiting to congratulate you on your engagement, Harry."

Harry turned to Victor and said in a loud voice, "I didn't think that we were engaged yet. We're not are we?"

Victor shook his head solemnly and agreed saying, "that is right, we are not engaged but we are in significant relationship."

"Well that is all right then," said Harry leaning forward to kiss Victor in front of everyone.

"Mr Potter, just what do you think that you are doing? You know that you are to be engaged to Miss Weasley."

Standing Harry turned to the front of the hall, "No, Dumbledore, I did know that you had changed the law to make me stay in education. Someone else told me that you were trying to force a marriage upon me, without my consent, names were mentioned but I was unsure who the other participant was to be. As it is I find that your interference is no longer required. I am in a significant relationship with someone of my choosing. You will now leave me alone or I will pursue you through the courts and have a restraining order issued. Now that really would not look good for the headmaster of a school, would it?"

The people in the great hall sat in silence thinking over what had been said.

"What kind of a person uses the power of their station, in this case headmaster and head of the Wizengamot, to change whole laws just to fit their purpose, just to trap one person who has given everything to do what is right and now deserves some peace and quiet." As Victor spoke he stepped up to Harry and wrapped his arms around him. He continued, "I think that as you said education and did not specify Hogwarts, I should take Harry to Durmstrung with me. At least I know that no one there will try this despicable behaviour."

"Really," Harry said, "you would really take me from all this, take me with you?" Victor just nodded. Harry turned looking over to the people that meant something to him he raised an eyebrow, asking what they thought. In turn Neville, Dean and Seamus nodded their heads.

Slowly Harry turned his head further to look at Ron; Ron looked from his sister to Harry, taking in how happy and contented he looked in Victors arms. He to them he nodded with a smile. He mouthed 'good luck.' Harry smiled back at him and nodded as well.

"Well that settles it; I think that given the circumstances that I will leave now instead of the end of the week."

With that Harry pulled out of Victors arms and catching his hand pulled him out of the Great Hall. Harry turned and placed a time lock on the door that would allow them to leave quietly.

Catching Harry to him Victor kissed him for all he was worth. When he pulled back Victor noticed the Entrance way shone like new, Harry turned to see what Victor was looking at.

"Whoops," Harry said laughing, "that was all your fault," he smiled, "well you and your kisses."

Victor joined in the laughter as they raced up the stairs to retrieve Harry's things. The future suddenly looked a lot brighter in more ways than one.