This is from the seventh book Little Town on the Prairie in the chapter 'School Time Begins Again'

These are Almanzo's thoughts when he walks Laura home for the first time (and the few times after that).

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to the brilliant author Laura Ingalls Wilder

Ever since people started talking about these revival meetings one question has remained in my mind. Something I just cannot seem to shake. Should I ask to walk Laura home? I have thought about her quite a bit since I gave her that ride to school. I cannot seem to stop thinking about her. Every time I have seen her she seems more than just Mr. Ingalls' daughter and more like someone I could possibly want to know better. I watched her as she nearly spelled down the entire town, watched her as her eyes seemed to sparkle when she watched all the different happenings at the schoolhouse, I even could not help myself from watching her when Cap and the other boys tried to take Laura and some other girls on a sled down Main Street. She always seems so bright and cheerful, always ready to laugh. There seems to be so much intelligence behind those eyes.

Now that I am at the revival meeting, I still cannot make up my mind. I would love to walk her home, but then that may cause trouble between me and Mr. Ingalls. It also lets all the others know that I am interested in Laura, at least enough to want to walk her home. Yet to have another opportunity to talk with her is too great an opportunity to just let pass by. I will, I will ask if I can walk her home. Forget everyone else; I want to know more about her. I told myself that there would be a next time for us, and this is that next time.

I hear Reverend Brown shouting something, but now that I have made up my mind all I can think about is him finishing so I can talk to Laura. I don't want to miss her and her family leaving. Perhaps I should make my way to the door so that I won't miss them when they leave. I know Mr. Ingalls does not like these types of sermons so I know they will be leaving right away.

I see her! The family is making their way around the folks rushing towards Reverend Brown. Do I call out her name or should I be more bold and take her arm? No, too bold will scare her, I'll just ask to see her home.

May I see you home?

She seemed so surprised. I wonder if she did not see me before? I thought she had, but maybe she was thinking of other things. She did not say no, so I guess I can safely assume she means I can.

She seems almost nervous. She did not seem this way when spelling down nearly the entire town. I hope that I don't make her nervous. Perhaps I should start the conversation? Maybe she is simply waiting for me to explain why I would want to walk her home. I spent so much time worrying about asking her or not, that now I don't know what to say to her!

Anyway, there's no blizzard

The weather? She brings up the weather? Although that is better than saying nothing like me.

No. This is a nice winter, not much like the Hard Winter.

Well that wasn't much of a conversation, and now I have run out of time to say anything! We're at her door and I didn't say much at all!

Well. Good night. I'll see you tomorrow night.

Right, tomorrow, I'll be able to try this again tomorrow!

Good night.

Well that did not go terribly at least. Mr. Ingalls did not stop me from walking Laura home and Laura did not say no. I just have to think of something to say to her next time so that I can learn more about her. I do want to learn more about you Laura Elizabeth Ingalls, for you are a person who has truly captured my interest in a way that has never happened before.

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